You were AmazingSo there I was at work. Down on my knees weeding. Hot as hell and I was sweating like a pig. Weeding doesn’t require an immense amount of brainpower or concentration, so, as usual, my mind was wandering here and there. As is usual, it wandered to thoughts of you and what I would like to do with you. These thoughts brought on an amazing hard on, of course. As I moved to get the weeds, my work pants rubbed against my hard cock. In my mind, bursa escort it was you rubbing my cock. The end result was that I was getting harder and harder. I could feel the pressure building up inside and needed release. The hell with the weeds! There are more important things in life that need taking care of. I took off for home and got there as quick as I could.The best place would be the shower. I was filthy with sweat and dirt. I left a trail of clothes bursa escort bayan on my way to the shower where I turned on the water as hot as I could stand. Took the soap and started soaping my balls and my still hard cock. In my mind, you were there with me. You were on your knees sucking on my cock. One hand cupped my enlarged, sensitive balls and the other tickled my anus. Your tongue expertly circled the tip of my cock, my glans. As I thrust forward, escort bursa you sucked in my entire length. I wanted you to watch me cum, wanted you to see the result of how you affect me. Your hand encircled and jerked my cock with the right pressure and I exploded. My cum shot out and splattered your breasts. Five huge warm and sticky globs of cum slid down your breasts. You felt my cum on your nipples and rubbed it into your skin. All the time, you were squeezing my cock to get more and more cum out. As the last drop emerged, your tongue darted out and licked it off. You gave a final suck and I just about collapsed right there in the shower. And then you were gone.



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