Nowadays, everything out of the ordinary could be diagnosed as insanity and for this reason, I will be only be writing this to publish it anonymously, so that no one may ever really put my “insanity” against me. Nothing about my upbringing has been strange—I was born in a small suburb, my family was a little dysfunctional but never abusive, and I had enough friends while growing up, yet around the time I turned twenty, I began to have strange, reoccurring dreams. I believe reoccurring would be the wrong name for it, for the dreams would be different but I kept seeing the same man.

While I was in high school, I had a few boyfriends here and there, but the relationships never lasted for some reason or another, so I did not lose my virginity until after I had moved out on my own. I decided not to go to college and did a short course on mixology and got my bartending license, eventually getting a job at a nearby bar. The tips were good and overall, I did not mind losing sleep because I could sleep during the day. One night, towards the end of my shift, a man came in alone, sat at the bar, and ordered. He kept staring at me, and while I usually would not be one to get nervous while being watched, his intensity caused my stomach to churn. When I took his glass after he was finished, he asked for my name and after a little conversation, he asked me if I would mind if he waited until my shift was over.

That night, I took him to my place, and decided not to mention that I had never had sex and prayed that he would not notice my inexperience. I decided to lie back and let him do all the work. But when he entered me, it felt so painful that I thought I might cry, so I decided to get him on his back mersin escort so that I could control the tempo. I started off slow, rubbing my clit against his skin. The combination of the rubbing and penetration made the pleasure rise from the nerve endings all the way to my stomach. It felt like a powerful heat pad had been applied to my insides, and after fucking him this way for a little, I climaxed. After I was done, he looked at me, puzzled, and asked me to get on my back. He began to fuck me like a jackrabbit, and within a few seconds, he was cumming on my breasts.

After I had cleaned myself up, I asked him to leave, he did gratefully, and I removed the sheets which were now covered with too many fluids. I went to sleep naked on the also-naked mattress, with a blanket on top of me.

I drifted into sleep and in my dream, I was on a dirt path, which was lined with many tropical trees. The path seemed like any other path I could walk down in a small park, but off to the sides, the jungle seemed to extend for many miles. Up in the trees, there were monkeys, all of them eating from the plentiful banana trees. As soon as I looked at the bananas, I wanted one, so badly. The problem was that I knew that in order to eat a banana, I would have to fight off the monkeys or steal one without them noticing. My fear was overwhelming, I kept walking fast, down the path, unable to get close to the banana trees. The monkeys stared at me, their mouths full of ripe banana and I could not get a single piece.

I began to sweat, I kept walking faster and faster, and then suddenly, I came upon a man. He was tan and a little flushed from the heat. He was resting against a tree, with a bunch of banana peels on anamur escort his lap.

“Hello?” I said. He looked up, smiled, and stood up, letting the banana peels slide down his body.

“Hi, I thought you wouldn’t come. I was waiting out here for a while.” We began walk down the path again as I responded. “Did you eat before getting here?”

“No, I am actually a little hungry, is there going to be food?” He laughed.

“Yes, of course, and if I can’t find any, I’ll make you some.” We walked faster then and the path appeared to repeat itself, it was exhausting.

“When will we be there?” He looked at me puzzled and laughed, a real hearty laugh, and said:

“At night, of course.” Since he did not offer any more, I did not ask anymore and decided to just keep on walking. It was a dream, and I could only do what the dream decided I would do.

Finally, it was night, we had arrived at a beach, or rather, the beach arrived to us, out of nowhere. He took my hand, gently, and kissed my shoulder. He led me into a cave and told me:

“It’ll be safe here… what are you hungry for?”

“Surprise me.”

He got up and went away for a few seconds, returning with a silver plate with things I had never seen—a purple loaf, which I thought was bread, but when I took a bite, it tasted more like fruit with the consistency of cooked rice and white pebbles which tasted like chocolate.

After I finished eating, he grabbed the plate and put it down behind him. He began to rub my head, softly. I closed my eyes and felt as his hand moved down my face, then lower down to my collar bone. He traced it then sneaked his hand down my blouse and took a hold of my breast. He erdemli escort gently flicked my nipple and began kissing my neck. He moved his puckered lips up to my ear, kissed it, and then whispered:

“Is it working?”

I nodded but did not know what he was referring to. He put his hand under my skirt and began to rub in circles, each stroke making me wetter and wetter. He pulled it out again and in the dim moonlight, I could see his hands wet with something purple. He sucked on his own hand, then gave me some to try. It was sweet and it had small seeds, like that of a blueberry.

I began to kiss him now and placed my hand on his lap. His excitement was showing through the fabric. I pulled down his pants and when I put my mouth on it, I noticed that it was not moist, instead it was something else. I leaned away, so that the moonlight could show me what it was and when I saw, I could not believe it. It was a ripe banana, with the peel still on.

“Peel it, please,” he asked me. “I know it’s ridiculous, but it is just like this right now.”

I giggled and uncomfortably started to peel it. It was, indeed, a banana. “Now eat it,” he ordered.

I took a bite and then another and another—finally I had what I wanted! When I was done with the banana, I wanted more. I pulled away the old peel and when I did, a penis grew little by little, until I could see that it was at its full length. I slipped out of my skirt, lowered down on it slowly and began to ride it. Slowly, as he held on to small of my back.

I began to speed up and he guided my hips up and down on it. We were both moaning and sweating, and my arousal was close to its peak when a high-pitched sound echoed through the cave. I thought it was a bird and did not mind it, but when it echoed again, he lifted me off, apologized, and then ran away. I lied down on the sand, closed my eyes, and when I awoke again, I was back on my mattress. Naked and sweating.



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