XHamster Friend DesiresWanna be my friend? Then save me the embarrassment of denying your request for simple things. Besides.. some of these guidelines are kinda standard around here… so consider it friendly advice if you don’t happen to meet my personal criteria.These conditions are obviously subject to change and / or be enforced at any time – exceptions MAY be made. Reasons i might ignore these self-imposed rules? If you are close, willing, eager, and friendly, if you have read my profile, and examined my postings, if you want to be rl playmates, if you can host – all of these things grant positive consideration. ^^1. Empty profiles / content will be ignored. Not saying you need to be a porn producer… but even a favorites list of more than a couple of vids or pics will AT LEAST tell me what you are into, what kind of kinks you enjoy, what you actively seek out to touch yourself to. Its an canlı bahis easy thing. Take a moment, browse a bit, and ‘Favorite’ some of the porn that turns you on. We’d all like to see 🙂 “Selfies” are always nice ^^2. Not looking for a ‘chat only’ friend. If you only want someone to chat dirty while you wank, definitely not… i already have plenty of those friends. I probably won’t webcam unless we are VERY good long term friends… so if that’s what you are looking for, please, don’t bother.3. I AM looking for a close rl playmate. Someone non-judgmental, and loving. Someone who knows what the deal is and is curious. Someone that can host. We don’t have to be gf/bf, but perhaps even fuck friends is nice 🙂 Politeness and respect will always win points with me 🙂 ((Unless i don’t want you to be atm, hehe ))4. I AM looking for fellow sluts and whores who i can share kinky thoughts with, trade comments bahis siteleri about how much we love different porn… fetishes… kinks. I’d like to share my rl sissy progression and self training.5. I AM looking for fellow ‘favoritors’ and original posters to simply share our libraries with and enjoys each others perversions.6. I AM looking for people who understand it is desired and polite to comment on those things that arouse you and bring you joy and happiness.7. I AM looking for people who want to meet and empty their nuts into a willing slut. 8. I AM looking for someone who will treat me as the girl i am inside, while not being distracted that i don’t look the part.9. If you are the type that makes plans to meet someone… and then DOESN’T follow through… all the while KNOWING that some poor girl is waiting, traveling, knocking on your door…. please – save me the heartache. Rejection güvenilir bahis is bad enough.. but a simple message cancelling for one reason or another is only polite and considerate.10. Friend desires in preferred order by gender: a genetic woman or transgendered girl is number one, with sissy and fairy bois close behind, i wanna be able to share how i feel inside with someone who may understand; A gay/bi/straight male is good too. I realize this is my easiest option to get the cock i desire, and find myself being increasingly attracted to (real) men; I feel like a couple who wants to play is not the long term solution i am looking for… but i am certainly not going to rule it out. A former married swinger… i know couple scenes can be LOTS of fun; My least desire for a rl play friend would be a single woman. Not that this is a turn off, in fact, quite the opposite… it’s just, that’s not my goal at the moment. EXCEPTION: Dominant BDSM Mistress who enjoys feminization and sissification move to the top of the list ^^11. There is no restrictions on age / race / weight / looks. It is who you ARE that counts.



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