I opened my eyes; the room was much brighter than it should have been. A sudden shift of weight on the bed startled me from my slumber. Sitting up and looking past my feet my eyes settled on my assistant Becky. She was sitting facing away from me on the foot of the bed, scribbling on a notepad in her lap. Her back very straight with one leg crossed over the other at the knee, looking demure and feminine in her tan suit coat and skirt.

As I had sat up she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder, peering around the corner of her raven black hair as it fell around the sides of her face. Her body position displayed her slender petite frame perfectly. Her black hair was cut neatly into a bob, below which her delicate neck met her shoulders then her back tapered down to her small waist which sat nicely above her flaring hips and shapely bottom. Her shoulders were slightly turned so that I could just make out the slight swell of one of her modest breasts.

It was only for a moment, but I caught myself ogling my assistant again. It had been happening too often recently, I was trying to be respectful and professional, but the close working conditions were wearing down my resolve.

I snapped my eyes to her face. She was staring at my bare chest, her mouth was slightly open and her eyes open wider than normal, but other than that she showed no emotion. She wore an expression on face I could not read. Lust? Boredom? I really couldn’t tell what was going on in her head, but that wasn’t new.

Then she looked back down to the notepad as though nothing happen. What was she doing in my room, sitting on the bed? Normally she did not venture into this area of the house. In fact, this was the first time I was aware of.

Every morning I woke up at 6 am without the need of an alarm so I had gotten out of practice of using it. But not today for some reason, so here she was waiting for me.

“Good morning Bruce.” She said.

“What time is it?” I asked, trying not to let his eyes wander. But damn did she look good.

“Half past eight. You looked pretty out of it so I let you sleep in a bit.” Becky replied, turning and locking eyes with me. I felt like she was daring me to check out her body again.

“Eric and Jessica?” I inquired. Usually I got my kids up, dressed, fed, and off to school well before this time of the morning.

“I got them read and took them to school.” I cringed thinking about them riding in the back seat of the banged up toaster that served as her car. She glanced back down to my body for an instant and with a wry smile asked, “Are you getting up?”

I suddenly became very conscious of the fact I was only wearing boxers under the covers and worse, sporting a morning hard on. Luckily I was wearing something, more often than not I slept nude, but it did little to hide my ’embarrassment’.

“Sure, just give me a moment.” I responded. She sat there looking me in the eyes but not moving. “I need to get dressed.” I was stating the obvious but she still just sat there as though she was waiting for something.

When I just sat there for several very long seconds that seemed like minutes, she glanced down finally broke the silence, “Do you need me to assist with that too, or can you manage it on your own?” I wondered if she was referring to my woody or getting dressed. The sarcastic, but playful tone of her voice suggested it could be either.

“Hell with it” I thought. I got out of bed and boldly strode over to the master bathroom. Bathing in her gaze the whole way. Once safely inside the bathroom and out from under the weight of her leering eyes, I went into the adjoining closet and found a pair of fresh underwear and switch into them, then cleaned up and finished getting ready and dressed for work. I walked out of the bathroom and found the bedroom empty.

I went to the part of the house used as an office. It was a square room with two desks both facing the walls at 90 degrees from each other. Found her there in her usual place sitting facing away from me at a desk typing something. I took the opportunity to appreciate her figure again. Without looking my way she asked, “Are you ready to drive into the office?”

“Sure, let me get a cup of coffee and a bite of food and we can go.”

Still not looking my way, she pointed to my desk. There was a cup of coffee in a to-go cup and toasted bagel with cream cheese smeared on it. When I picked the bagel up, I was surprised it was hot.

“You are fantastic.” I stated.

“If you only knew.” she flirted back.

What has gotten into her this morning? She was definitely more playful than normal.

I walked up behind close behind her and reaching over her shoulder I dropped my car keys in her lap. “You drive today.” She shot me a million dollar smile. She really did love to drive my car and I knew it. My sport sedan was everything her car wasn’t: new, powerful, leather, and best of all in her opinion, a stick shift.

I turned, grabbing my breakfast, we walked etimesgut escort out together.


I own a small company. When my wife left me with my 6 year old son Eric and 8 year old daughter Jessica to take care of I initially placed them in daycare while I was at work, but quickly realized that I would prefer to raise the kids myself and spend as much time as possible with them, especially while they were young. That could not be done if the bulk of their waking hours were wasted in the care of hired help. So, I decided to restructure my company to meet my new desire.

I gave Trevor, my protégé who had been with me from almost the start of the business the past seven years, a promotion to operations manager and trusted him to handle the day to day management of the office staff. I could then be free to work from home tend to the kids in the morning and afternoon. The middle part of most of my days were still spent in the office.

Trevor did a great job of running the office exactly the same way I had. In theory this was what I wanted, but almost immediately I saw what I couldn’t while I was in charge, that I had been strangling the company and its employees through micromanaging every aspect of operations. I was the reason it had quickly grown to its current size then failed to continue to grow over the past 5 years. My new mission was to restructure and get the company back to growing. Hopefully Trevor could learn what I was unable to: delegate and trust your subordinates.

With the challenge of handling the kids, working at the same time and coordinating with the office, I realized that I needed an assistant to work in my home office with me. I hired Becky to manage my emails, answer the phone while I worked, and generally help get work done. She was 23 years old, a recent college graduate, who still lived with her parents. She was of Japanese descent, a 5′ 2″, petite girl, with long slender limbs. I have to admit that part of the reason I chose to hire her was I thought she was irresistibly cute.

She had been his assistant for about 2 months, she worked out better than I could have imagined. Not only did she keep is business activities more organized than I ever did, she was good with the kids too. If I was in the middle of a call when one or both of the kids needed me she would manage to take care of them or at least keep them quiet and calm until I was off the phone.

Becky dovetailed perfectly into my world.

She picked up doing whatever task was needed around me whether it was personal or work related. She did not seem to mind at all, for her it was one and the same. She was there to assist me. There were even occasions when I would need to travel on business and she would stay over at the house and look after my home and the kids. Recently, it seemed like she had learned to understand me to the point that she could read my mind.

God, I hoped that she couldn’t read it too clearly. If she knew every thought I had about her, she would slap me.

I tried to keep our relationship on professional level. In the beginning I stole glance at her body time to time, but otherwise did not pursue her or touch her. As we grew comfortable with each other she started to flirt a bit, mostly double entendres. She would toss me a wink if she caught me looking.

In the past week she had grown more bold and open with her flirting and I reciprocated. I was starting to consider what the next move could be, hoping it ended up with us in bed.


When it was time to pick up the kids from school I was not ready to leave the office so I sent Becky out with the car to get them, then to come back to pick me up. This was not that unusual. She did it at least once a week. On the way home today it was a bit late so I offered to buy dinner for kids and her. She tried to politely decline but I wanted more time with her. I would not take no for an answer, besides I wanted to show my appreciation.

After dinner we went back to my house. She went in with us and stayed to watch TV with the family. This was new. She usually left soon after the workday was done.

I was sitting on the sofa, she was on the floor with the kids. I found myself watching her instead of the TV. She looked sexy as hell. As she leaned forward I bit on one arm with her legs folded to one side her flared hips and perfect bottom was turning me on. She poured some gasoline on the fire when she looked back at me and held my gaze and smiled softly. I gently pat the sofa cushion next to me and she got up and sat there but not close enough to touch at first.

After a few minutes Becky curled her legs on the sofa to the side away from me. This brought her a leaning a little closer to me. I instinctively wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she leaned into me. From this new position I could see down her shirt and inside one of the cups of her bra. Her small breast was on display and I could see her erect nipple. I knew I etlik escort shouldn’t be looking but couldn’t help myself. After committing the image to memory for later use ‘if’ I ended up alone in bed tonight, I turned my attention to the TV. I wondered if she noticed the stiffness in my pants.

We sat that way for a few minutes before we turned to look each other in the eyes. I was about to move in for a kiss when suddenly she put her feet on the floor and scooted away slightly. I loosened my arm around her. The heat that was building between us could not have been extinguished more completely if she had thrown a wet blanket over our laps.

She looked thoughtfully at the floor and said “I need to get home, it’s getting late and we have work to get done tomorrow.” She walked over and said goodnight to the kids. Neither wanted her to go yet. But she was set on going now.

With that I let her out the front door and watched her drive away. I had watched her hips sway down the driveway. As Becky got to her car she looked back and smiled. This was a little bit of a relief because she had gotten so serious and quiet when she decided to leave. I was really scared I had upset her with my leering and touching. She got in the car and waved before driving away, leaving me feeling emptier than I had in awhile.

I was more disappointed at the loss of the comforting way we had sat together than at losing the prospect of her spending the night.

I got the kids ready for bed and then put myself to bed after giving them their hugs and kisses.

I could not sleep. The abrupt ending to the evening replayed in my mind all night. I second guessed everything I had said and done the entire previous day. Knowing I had not behaved in a way that was normally acceptable between a boss and assistant, but she seemed to have been okay with my actions, if not inviting.

I lay all night wondering if I had chased her from my life and it really bothered me that she may show up in the morning and resign from her position. I wondered what was wrong with me, I was usually in control and confident in my actions. When I finally did sleep it was fitful.


“Time to move sleepyhead.” Someone was on the bed trying to push me out.

“What?” was all I could manage.

Becky, playing the part of the little bulldozer that could, was kneeling in the center of the bed next to me trying to forcefully dislodge me onto the floor.

“Damn time. I’ve been trying to wake you for five minutes. I was about to get a bucket of water.” That was the closest I’ve ever heard her to cussing.

She stopped pushing when I woke up but was still practically on top of me. I looked her over and couldn’t help notice how she was kneeling with her knees apart and brown slacks pulled tightly around her crotch.

I recognized the pants; they were my favorite. I loved the way they would hug her ass displaying the perfect round firmness of her bottom. I wanted to pull her down into an embrace but was unsure based on last night’s reaction.

Seeing her body had me hard in an instant and I was naked in bed this time. Worst of all, the blanket was no longer covering me. Between her push me and my rolling toward her to see what was going on, I had moved out from under the sheets.

She looked down at me with her hair cascading around her face. It was then I notice she was blushing to the point it was spreading to her chest.

We were both in a trance. She broke it first, quickly moving off the bed and walking into the bathroom. I laid there pulling the covers over my swollen manhood, wondering “what next?” I glanced over to the alarm clock, it was nine. I resolved to start setting the alarm again. My flawless internal clock had failed me twice in two days.

Becky came out of the bathroom with my underwear. I silently wondered how she knew where to look for them.

“Well are you to going to get dressed?” she asked from across the room. She held my shorts out with one hand waving them, taunting me. I held out my hand, indicating that I wanted her to hand them over or at least toss them to me.

She shook head side to side, “Come get them.”

Wow, not what I was expecting out of my otherwise shy assistant.

“You asked you it” I said under my breath. I stood out of the bed unashamed of my body, especially not of my large, hard member.

Her eyes went wide and did not meet mine. They stayed locked on my cock as she watched all of me bob toward her as I walked slowly over. If she wanted to look, I was not going to rush this. I wanted her to feast her eyes. Besides, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do once I got to her. Putting on the underpants was not one of the options I was weighing.

When I was halfway to her it seemed she sensed she was about to lose control of the situation. She suddenly tossed the garment in front of my feet. I considered just stepping over them and continuing on to her but based on the expression ankara escort on her face that seemed like a risky choice. She looked terrified.

This was curious to me. Obviously she was interested in me on some level and even willing to tease and play with me in an overtly sexual way.

Hell, she just coaxed out of bed knowing I was naked and turned on. We were way past the line of a purely professional relationship at this point. She was perfectly willing to put herself in positions for me to show interest, but it seemed whenever I was about act on the opportunity she presented she freaked out.

I stood over the underwear not moving, she stood staring at my body fixed to the floor wanting me to… waiting for me to… to do what? I wondered. I was certain if I moved another inch she would bolt out of the room.

After standing there trying to read each other for long moments, I had to know, “Are scared of me?”

“Yes” she was breathless.


“I’m not ready for this…” She paused, she didn’t seem happy with what she had said. She then corrected her sentence “I’m not ready for this, yet”.

It was a start. A frustrating start, but a start in my mind. I was relieved that she indicated there was some future there.

“Okay, but first I need you to call in and tell Trevor I’m not well and won’t be coming in today unless he really needs me.”

With that she sprinted from the room like it was filled with snakes (well more than just the one that was pointing at her) and I put on some jeans and a t-shirt and wondered what was going on in her head to make her so psycho. One minute she’s coming on to me to point that she asks me to come to her naked and two seconds later she can’t get away fast enough. Talk about running hot and cold.

When I got to the office area Becky asked with genuine concern “Are you sick?” I guess my being so sound asleep at this time of day was an indication that something of out of place.

“I’m okay. I just didn’t sleep well.” I decided to be a little more open. “I was just up all night worried sick about you.”

Her brow furrowed, a look I had not seen on her before, “Why would you worry about me?”

“When you left last night, you left so suddenly, I was afraid that I had offended you and that you may not want to come back.”

She looked a little flustered.

“And now I’m afraid that this morning I may have just made this whole situation even worse. I really don’t want to scare you off.”

Becky broke into a small weak smile. “I’m fine”

“Are you really?” I asked.

Her smile it grew across her face. “Don’t worry about me. I’m not too traumatized.”

Remembering, “Oh, did the kids get to school okay?”

“Yes. In fact, Jessica said she liked it better when I made breakfast for them and Eric seconded.”


She added “Probably just the change in routine is fun for them. I wouldn’t take it too personally.”

“And Trevor?”

“I didn’t make him breakfast or take him to school.” A sheepish grin spread across her face.

I think to myself, “I think I am in love.” That catches my attention. I had only been thinking terms of lust and sexual interest and yes a relationship of some kind but not love, not until now.

As I rode through my thoughts, Becky waited concentrating on my face. I think she was trying to read my mind.

When I came back to the present “Did you call Trevor?”

She put on a face of mock indignity “Of course, he said to take the day off. He’d call if any fires broke out. Why don’t you get some coffee? I’ll sort through your emails and see what needs attention.”

As I left the room, she called after me, “Bruce, I could use a cup too.”

When I came back, I almost dropped the coffees. She had taken off her blazer and was sitting there in her camisole and there was no bra. It was way too small for her and clung tightly to her slight curves. Between the pants clinging to the shape of her ass and the top not hiding anything either, I was not going to be able concentrate today.

I know I was gawking, but wow. I mean wow. I could clearly see her braless small pert breasts and nipples stretching the fabric of her shirt.

Did I say wow.

“Maybe I should put the blazer back on.” She said.

“No.” I immediately said clearly and firmly and maybe a little too loud. It was out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying.

Without saying a word, she obediently went back to work without touching the coat.

We worked through the morning and finished up by lunch. Being Friday we chose to close up for the week. I suggested we retire to the living room and have lunch in front of the TV. I followed watching her wonderful ass sway. I suspect the cruel minx was adding extra movement for my benefit. I was beginning to get very frustrated.

Before I had stolen glances, but the last couple of days she was obviously putting herself sexual display and I was enjoying the show. This line she had drawn because “she wasn’t ready yet” was going to have me climbing the walls. I thought I might lose control and just take her. Maybe that’s what she wants, I thought.

I left her in front of the TV with the task of trying to find something to watch. Not an easy thing to do midday on a Friday.



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