You are in the best exotic dancing shape of your life and your regular public gyrations are making you horny as hell but you not getting nearly enough sex.

It all starts with a regular session at the gym / dance / exercise centre… A very attractive guy approaches, he had said ‘hello’ a few times before, and this time he smiles and tells you “you are a really beautiful woman and I want you… I mean want to take you out.” He was a little flustered but you couldn’t say no. So you give him your number. You talked for a few days and then agreed on a date. It goes well and after a couple of bars he suggests going to come back to his place? You whisper ‘ok’…

He takes you to his place and having a drink you find out you like the same music and films. You sit next to him on a huge sofa and he smells so very good you quickly thought about ‘first date?’ but try to control yourself. You feel your pussy getting warm, and just a little moist as your inner goddess start to tingle, throb and tango in your panties. You are getting very horny and turned on. You can tell he wants it too by the look in his eyes changing, as he went from just wanting you to needing all of you. You watch his pants grow without even touching him. You have never had a effect on someone like this before. you can feel the need and passion he was feeling just by watching him.

To cool off you get up, take a thin long thin elegant cigarette, light it up, walk to the open window bağlıca escort and lean on the sill looking out, blowing your smoke into the still warm evening air. He follows you and standing behind you, puts his arms around you from behind and gently starts to kiss your neck. You moan gently and can feel his erect manhood gently rubbing on your bottom and trying to work its way along your inner thigh. You turn your head as he kisses and nibbles your ears and neck. And very slowly your lips meet, gentle nibbling caresses at first which quickly turn into hungry urgent French kisses. He fondles and squeezes your breasts, deftly finding your nipples and his fingers dance all over them.

Your pussy is starting to yearn for satisfaction and you press backwards gyrating your wet pussy over his cock. Your kisses become more urgent and he lifts your skirt from behind and squeezes your bum, sliding two fingers over the hot and wet crutch of your panties, searching for your proudly standing inner goddess. He touches your clit and you gasp with delight, dropping your cigarette into the courtyard below.

Kissing him harder you push you bum ever so slightly backwards and open your legs. Your heart beats race and pound within you. He slowly peels your panties down, they fall to your ankles, and gently slides a finger into your soaking wet hole, your love juices are in full flow. You unzip him and release his cock, pumping it a few times bala escort making him gasp too, nestling the tip of his cock on the entrance of your love hole. You push back and he slides satisfyingly and deeply into you. You moan with ecstasy, and he withdraws, only to push back into you, he grabs your hips and you pull away and push harder back onto him. You can already feel your orgasm mounting and your knees go weak. He senses this and holds your hips more firmly shafting in and out with strong urgent thrusts. He reaches down and circles and rubs your clit with two fingers squeezing it between them which tips you over the top, sending you into a cascade of orgasms, one wave after another. After several you cry out ‘stop’ but he carries on pumping your pulsating pussy and flicking your bean until you cannot cum any more.

Still inside you he carries you back to the couch and lays you face down and starts kissing your neck again…

Lying on top of you he strips you and himself totally naked except for your stockings which feel so sexy when you rub your legs together or against him. He withdraws , rolls you onto your back and starts to nibble and kiss every millimetre of your body lingering for ages to lick and nibble at your secret Inner Goddess crease and prominently erect bumps.

His hot kisses on your neck and ears make your clit begin to pulse again and you wiggle against his hot-rod so the knob of his cock is deep ankara escort inside pressing right on your G-spot. You are groaning and gasping hot sex noises and every time your pussy twitches your G-spot gets massaged by his knob and soon you are slowly pumping and grinding against him again. You kiss deeply for what seems a lifetime and his kisses make you dizzy with delight.

Slowly you feel your breath quicken and your pulse is starting to race again, and sparks fly as he squeezes your tits and nipples, and you gasp loudly again as he mercilessly rolls your clit between his fingers and strokes the lips of your dripping wet pussy, your climax is building again and you totally explode when he starts grinding you hard and fast, his knob sliding back and forth just over and around your G-spot. You try to hold on to your sanity but its no use and you are totally lost as orgasm after orgasm after orgasm sweep across your body and you feel like you are floating in deep space watching stars explode. And some of the exploding stars are in your head, deep in your pussy, around your G-spot and all over and around you clit. The tingling stretches from your toes to the tips of your ears.

Then he rolls you over so he is lying with his back down and you are on top now. Still tweaking and pulling your nipples and rubbing your clit. You sit up and bend forward to touch your toes and start to slowly bounce up and down and spin on him to face your pleasurer. Your start to kiss him deeply and rise and fall with your pussy twitching like crazy and very slowly another group of sensations start to build …. your clit is on fire and your G-spot buzzing like a nest of angry hornets that you know are going to explode again like Krakatoa ….



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