I am standing in the shower this morning, contemplating the day’s demands as I allow the hot water to stream down over my head. While there is usually a knock on the bathroom door announcing someone’s needs, “Mom, I need… Mom, where is…,” blessedly, I am home alone today. Personal, quiet time is scarce and sacred. I lean my head forward and feel the hot water begin to relax all the muscles down my neck and shoulders.

Tilting my head back with my eyes closed, feeling the hot water drenching my hair and rolling down my body in torrents. I reach back to work shampoo into my shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, my arms raised, hands lathering and scrubbing. My 38DD breasts pulled slightly upwards and gently swaying as I work at rinsing the silky strands of my hair.

I think to myself how nice it would be to have you here with me. As if reading my thoughts, I feel your strong, rough hand caress my shoulder. Startled, my eyes fly open, but your fingers gently caress them closed again. I start to speak, but your mouth covers mine as you pull me close.

“Shhh, just shhh” you breathe into me, taking away my words as you brush gentle kisses over my mouth. Cupping my face in your hands, you skim kisses along my forehead and down to the corner of my eye. I feel a slight shudder as you kiss the corners of my mouth, moving down the line of my jaw to my neck, trailing kisses down along my collarbone. My eyes still closed, your kisses make me feel as though I will melt into you.

As we stand together, the hot water streaming down between our bodies, you reach for my almond scented soap and begin soaping your hands. I love the magic you work on my body, as you begin rubbing and caressing my shoulders and neck. You gently turn me, so my back is to you, and begin working and kneading my muscles. Your soapy slick hands moving along each knotted spot, gliding over my skin, is more than a simple massage. It is erotic to feel your touch, to have you naked here with me. Slowly, ministering to every batıkent escort area with gentle swirls and pressure, you work your way from my neck all the way down to my lower back, your slick fingers exploring those two small dimples just above my seat. Your strong hands slide over my body, moving down my rib cage, to curve in at my waist, caressing along the flare of my hips.

A small moan escapes my lips as your hands slide down and begin to massage my round bottom. Hmm, but you inflict sweet torture, by moving quickly past. You crouch down and continue your sensual massage over every inch of my long legs. As your soapy hands slide back up my legs, you stand, moving in closer. I feel your hard length pressing against me, as you again begin to squeeze and knead my cheeks. Smoothing your soapy hands under and around my bottom, gently pulling, you slide your fingers slowly past my sensitive parts, strong digits gliding along my puckered bud, soaping and rinsing the seams and folds hidden just beyond my now swollen lips. My body responds with a slight shudder. I love how your touch thrills me, excites my mind. How you make my body heat up just from the anticipation.

You press in so close to me now, I can feel your hard cock crushing against me as you reach around in an embrace and begin meticulously washing the front of my body. As your hands make their slow, caressing descent down my abdomen, pausing to play at my belly button for a moment, I lean back into your strong frame. I rub my slick body up and down your length, reaching back to grasp your magnificent cock. Your powerful hands take me by the wrists and place my hands forward, somewhat roughly, against the tile wall. My gasp betrays my excitement. No touching, no peeking, no speaking, your control sends a wave of heat rushing through me, settling between my legs.

As I stand there, eyes closed, leaning forward into the shower wall, you press your body close against mine, and reach around to pay special beşevler escort attention to washing my breasts. The hot water raining down on our bodies has long since washed away our soap, but you continue with your carnal exploration of my body. As you squeeze and knead my large breasts, my nipples harden to tight peaks.

I feel your rigid shaft pressing and sliding between my round cheeks while you pinch and gently pull my hard nipples. I love that rush that you have caused, chasing down through my abdomen, settling in behind my clit. The heat between my legs is burning in anticipation of what is yet to come.

You gently pull me to standing, turning me as your hand presses me back against the cool tile wall of the shower. You begin a sensual assault on my nipples with your mouth, sucking the erect peak between your teeth, gently scraping and nipping. Moans of pleasure escape my lips as your fingers pinch and roll my nipple, your mouth sucking hard on its mate. I feel my juices building, at this rough attention. I want to crush your hair in my hands and hold you to me as you lavish attention on my heaving breasts.

Slowly your splayed hand slides down my abdomen, while your mouth pulls hard at my breast. Your weight has pinned me to the wall. Your hand pressing against my abdomen, inching down to cup my mound, wrenches a gasp from my already hurried breathing. I buck my hips in response to the sensation of your palm grinding against my engorged sex. The power you have over my body is exquisite. Your fingers begin an exploration of my slick folds, finding my clit erect and wantonly protruding from beneath its hood. Your circular massage of my glistening pearl begins to send waves of electricity coursing through my body.

Your long drugging kisses swallow my moans as your fingers find their way into my hot channel, their explorations pushing deep and pulling, spreading hot liquid over my smooth pussy. I wrap my arms around your neck and begin to counter ankara escort your thrusts, taking your fingers deep into my body as the waves begin crashing through me, the force of my climax causing the muscles in my body to clench and my legs to shake. I dig my fingers into your shoulders, barely able to stand as your leg urges mine to the side. Holding my bottom with your strong hands, lifting me slightly against the wall, you press the swollen head of your cock against my slick heat, demanding entrance. I wrap my legs around your waist, opening myself to you. Firmly you move against my slick opening, parting my engorged lips. As my body trembles, hungrily accepting your invasion, you thrust hard and deep. My throaty moan muffled into your shoulder tells you I love your deep penetration.

Then you begin to move. Your hard body driving me to the wall, your strong hands begin kneading and spreading my cheeks, fingertips teasing, brushing against my sensitive puckered bud with each thrust of your thick instrument, sending waves of pleasure through me. You drag my hips into you, controlling the rhythm. Our bodies move against each other, hard and fast, and then slow and deep, every stroke of your cock winding me tighter. Over and over you spear into me, my pleasure increasing with each demanding thrust. You feel me grip you deep within my channel as your pace quickens. My sheath begins to spasm as my second orgasm wracks my body, pulling you over the edge with me. You crush my clit against your pelvic bone as you sink your cock deep into my heated core. The fevered pace relentlessly driving your invasion launches your powerful orgasm. I cry out as you bite my shoulder, locking me to you as you cum hard. I feel you squirting deep inside me, pumping me full of your seed as I shudder, collapsing against you.

As our pace slows, my body is shaking in your arms. Our breath is coming in ragged gasps. The water is beginning to cool as you hold me to you, our bodies unwilling to part for just a moment longer. I raise my face to yours, looking into your eyes. You kiss me tenderly, and run your fingers along my cheek, stopping at my bottom lip. As you turn off the water, and we exit the shower, I feel treasured and loved. Moreover, I wonder how in the world you got into my house.



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