This took place in November 2002. I was in a rural area of West Virginia visiting a buddy of mine from college. He had recently been divorced and needed some cheering up. Being a good friend, I volunteered to come down for the weekend and hang out.

I rolled out of town Friday afternoon and arrived in Hinton, WV late Friday night. My buddy, Steve, was definitely glad to see an old friend. We sat around, smoked some pot, and had a few laughs about our misadventures back in school.

Saturday was no different. Seems Steve just wanted someone to help him drown his troubles, and I was more than happy to help him out.

Two stoned, single men sitting around drinking beer gets old pretty fast so I decided we should head out to the local watering hole and try to find a couple of loose women. I hadn’t been laid in several months and my friend could definitely go for some lovin’…if only for his ego.

“Where to?” I asked.

“The Greenbrier’s the only bar in 20 miles and they have a band tonight, let’s check it out.” Steve said.

So we were off to The Greenbrier, which turned out to be a little dive bar about 10 minutes from his house. The best thing I can say about this joint was that the beer was cheap. The band was lousy and had their amps turned up way, way too loud. To make matters worse, all the women in the place were, uh, heavy.

We had been there about an hour when both of us were on the verge of heading home for the night.

“This sucks,” Steve lamented.

Just then, this girl who was clearly the best looking chick in the place walks in. We both noticed her immediately. I mean…a girl wouldn’t have to be all that cute to be the best looking girl in that bar…but this chick was HOT. She was about 5’6″ with a set of perfect C-cup breasts and an ass that wouldn’t quit. I’m guessing she probably weighed about 120lbs. But the best thing about her were her eyes…call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for a woman with sparkling eyes.

We both watched her make her rounds and when she wandered over in my direction, I made my move. “It’s now or never,” I thought.

“Hi, what’s your name,” I asked her casually.

“Amanda.” She said.

“Tim,” I replied, offering a handshake. “This is my buddy Steve.”

I asked if we could buy her a drink and she enthusiastically agreed. The three of us sat there at the bar talking for a little while and it was quickly obvious she was enjoying herself, chatting up two men who weren’t “regulars”. I was just happy to be spending my time with a beautiful woman.

I asked her to dance and we headed out on the floor for a couple of songs. While we danced, she told me she was 27 and had moved to WV three years before. During one of the slow songs, I let my hands wander down to her ass and began massaging her cheeks. I held her close and could feel her tight body against mine, which was a tremendous turn on. I wondered if she could feel my erection?

When the band took a break, we went back to the bar, where Steve had a fresh round waiting for us.

As our conversation progressed, Amanda mentioned having a boyfriend. I was a bit disappointed in hearing this, since there was an obvious attraction between the two of us.

“What are you guys doing late night?” she asked. “Want to come over to my place and get high?”

“What about your boyfriend?” emek escort I asked, having no idea whether they lived together or not.

“He’s at his own place, feeling under the weather tonight.” Interesting.

It was getting late by then and we were all wasted, so Steve and I agreed to come over to her place for a little while.

West Virginia stores sell beer until 2am, so we picked up another six-pack on the way. I didn’t really think anything would happen between Amanda and me (especially after she said she had a boyfriend) so I didn’t buy any rubbers while I was in the store. I had a pack back at Steve’s place since that’s where I thought we would wind up, but they obviously wouldn’t do any good there.

We got to her house a few minutes later. Amanda was a gracious host, rolling several joints and pouring the beer for the three of us. After all the beer and pot, we were all feeling no pain and had a great time, laughing and telling stories.

I still didn’t think anything would happen between us that night, but when Steve got up to use the bathroom, Amanda turned to me, our eyes met, and we were all over each other. She gave me one of the deepest kisses I’ve ever shared with a woman and was running her hands all over my muscular chest. I was rubbing her breasts through the thin material of her t-shirt. She was moaning as we kissed. We reluctantly ended our make out session when Steve came back into the room.

Being an observant guy, he knew what was going on right away. Since it was obvious that Amanda wasn’t interested in him, he said he was going to head on home.

“You can stay here tonight, if you want,” Amanda said to me.

“Sounds good,” I said. “I’ll just walk out with Steve and be right back.”

Out by his truck, I asked Steve, “Do you have any condoms? I think I might get lucky tonight.”

“Sorry, bro” He said.

“Shit.” I thought. “Maybe she’ll have some.”

We made plans to meet back at his place in the morning, and he was gone. Poor guy…at least one of us was with a woman tonight, I thought.

Back inside, Amanda was clearly ready for more action. She had gone into her bedroom, turned down the covers, and was waiting for me on her bed.

I wasted no time hopping in bed with her. We started to disrobe one another right away. I got her shirt and bra off and saw her perfect boobs for the first time. I had really hit the jackpot tonight. She had some of the nicest tits I’ve ever seen. I sucked her nipples while she moaned loudly into my ear. Obviously she loved the attention I was giving her sensitive breasts.

“Oh God, that feels sooo good,” she cooed.

She unbuckled my belt, reached inside my jeans, and started to stroke my rock hard cock. We both got our pants off and I began massaging her clit and fingering her wet pussy. She was so horny her pussy was as wet as a river.

Both of our hearts were racing…we were ready to fuck. Since no one had brought up protection yet, I figured I would have to say something.

“Amanda…are there any rubbers in the house?”

“No, my boyfriend takes care of that,” she said.

“That sucks…because I don’t have any!”

This was a definite mood killer. I didn’t really want to fuck this strange girl bareback. After all, I had only met her a couple of hours before. eryaman escort Who knows where she had been.

After a few uncomfortable minutes, we decided we shouldn’t have unprotected sex together.

“I’m not on birth control and my boyfriend and I just use condoms,” she further explained.

“That’s OK,” I said. “We can still make out and cuddle tonight. It would be nice to spend the night with you.” I was proud of myself for making a rational decision even through the pot and alcohol clouding my mind.

“You’re so sweet. I think it would feel really nice to spend tonight with you too, even if we don’t have sex. It feels really good when you hold me.”

Both of us still naked, we slowly resumed kissing and touching.

She got under the covers and took my still hard cock into her warm mouth. If I wasn’t going to get any pussy tonight, this was a close second. She sucked my boner like a champ, occasionally stopping to gently lick and caress my hairy balls. I had been worked up for so long that I blew my load very quickly. I tensed up and fired my cum into her mouth. She didn’t swallow, but afterward she did get a warm cloth and lovingly cleaned my dick.

The sun was almost up by then and we drifted into an easy sleep, holding each others’ nude bodies very close.

We both woke up about the same time later that morning.

It was as if the desire from the night before hadn’t diminished at all. She rolled to me and we were on each other with a passion that could only be called “feverish”.

She was wet, I was hard, and we both knew what was going to happen.

Amanda got on top of me and without a word being spoken, I guided my uncovered cock into her wet pussy. She was ready for me and I slipped inside her effortlessly.

It felt great to have my cock inside a warm, moist vagina with being constrained by a rubber. Momentarily I thought having unsafe sex with her probably wasn’t a good idea, but I really didn’t care by that point. I’d take my chances.

She started riding me for all she was worth. Up and down, up and down, she pumped herself onto me. I could feel her pussy get tight around me, she started to shake, and I knew she was having an orgasm. My balls were getting tight, and I knew also that I wouldn’t be far behind her.

“Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh” she cried out.

As she came down from her orgasm, I flipped her over onto her back. As I moved between her wide spread thighs, she looked into my eyes, inviting me back into her body.

I pushed my dick balls deep inside her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Her pussy felt even better around my cock in this position. I looked down and watched myself moving in and out of her. My dick was shiny with her juices.

“You feel so good baby,” I said to her between thrusts.

“Oh Tim…keep fucking me, keep fucking me.”

Amanda wrapped her legs around my ass as I balled her. I love it when a woman does that, it’s almost like they’re trying to get more of you inside them.

Her breasts were moving back and forth as I fucked her. I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth, causing her moan even louder than before.

I was on the verge of cumming, but I wanted this to last, so I pulled out of her and gave her a deep soul kiss. I just needed to cool down a little…my dick was so ankara escort hard it almost hurt, but the feeling of her pussy around my bare cock was too good to finished too quickly.

After I had cooled down enough, I got back on top of her and used my hands to spread her legs. She was still very wet and as I began pumping her again, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

After a few short minutes of pumping her, my balls again got tight and I felt that familiar tingling that told me I was about to explode. Amanda had both of her hands on my chest, but suddenly she reached down with one and started to rub her own clit. Her eyes were closed very tightly and her body was getting tense…she was going to cum. We were about to cum together!

When I knew I couldn’t hold out, I asked her, “I’m gonna cum…where do you want me to cum?”

“Put it on me, on my tits” she gasped.

I had another idea.

Amanda was working her clit very fast now and started to shake and moan with her own orgasm. At that exact moment, I pushed my cock as far inside her as I could, my balls flexed, and I exploded inside her fertile womb. I groaned as I squirted my seed deep into her spasming pussy.

Amanda’s eyes flew open when she realized what I was doing. She was still in the throws of her own orgasm and didn’t say a word as I finished pumping my seed inside her body. After my balls were drained of their baby juice, I relaxed on top of her. My cock still inside her vagina, we held each other for a few minutes and kissed passionately.

I thought she was going to throw a fit about me coming inside her unprotected pussy, but she just got up without a word and went to the bathroom. As she walked away, I could see my cum running down the inside of her thigh.

It was some of the hottest sex I’d ever had.

We both cleaned up and talked for a little while before she drove me back to Steve’s place. The whole way there, I kept thinking that my sperm was now swimming inside her womb possibly making her pregnant. She may have already been pregnant from our illicit fuck. She was probably thinking about it too, but never said a thing.

We both knew this was a one-time thing as we kissed goodbye in Steve’s driveway. She drove off and I figured I’d never see her again.

Steve was still sound asleep when I walked in and I crashed on the couch for a few hours since I was so tired for the previous night’s activities.

Later on, Steve gave me a hard time about me getting laid when he was the one who needed cheering up. He took it in stride though. I never did tell him I fucked her without a condom. I invited him to visit me in NYC where I was sure we could both find some eligible women to party with.

On the long ride home that afternoon, I kept thinking about how stupid I was to bone Amanda bareback.


About a year after my trip to West Virginia, my pal Steve did come up to New York to visit. He brought his new girlfriend, and by that time I was seeing a woman as well. The four of use spent the week together, showing Steve and his lady around the city.

One afternoon while the ladies were in some boutique, Steve takes me aside.

“Remember that chick Amanda?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Well I saw her and her husband in the store the other day. They’ve got a three month old baby boy.”

I realized then I probably did knock up Amanda that night and some guy was raising my son.

About that time, the girls came out of the store.

“What’s up guys?”

“Oh nothing much, sweetie.”

The End.



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