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Today was going to be our last full day in Bangkok, be both had flights home the next afternoon, but that would still give us a day and a half of time together.

We both woke up about the same time, the sun was streaming through the windows. During the night the cover must have slipped down our bodies. We were both uncovered from the waist up. Karin chest was bathed in sunlight. I loved the way her breasts look as she just laid there, her nipples just barely poking out, not yet awake. We kissed good morning and just laid in each other’s arms. I asked Karin what she wanted to do for the day, as she told me a list of some of the sites she wanted to see around Bangkok, as we were talking, without missing a beat she lowered one of her hands to my cock and slowly started to pump it up and down. She continued to tell me about the different temples she wanted to go to, and then just easily she swung a leg over me and while holding my cock steady in her hand, lowered her pussy down.

Sitting up she gave me a beautiful view of her body. Her nipples had now woken up and were starting to poke out from her tits. I could watch her lips around my cock as she raised and lowered herself on it. I could see her juices starting to cover my shaft. We actually continued our conversation for a couple of minutes as we slowly fucked.

As we got more turned on there were more pauses in the conversation till we finally gave up on talking and focused on fucking. I reach up to play with Karin nipples as she rode my cock. I was being very gentle at first in case her nipples were sore from last night. As we continued fucking I let my finger pinch and rub harder. Karin came first, letting out a several very load moans and collapsing on my chest as she lost control. My cock was still hard and inside her throbbing pussy.

She quickly recovered. She climbed off my cock and slid down my body till she was laying between my legs. She took my shaft in her hand and lick up from my balls to the tip of the head. Then she took the tip in her mouth and started to suck me and her hand pumped up and down my shaft. She didn’t take more than an inch or two into her mouth, but used her hand to pump my shaft. It was a combination blow job hand job and it felt great. With my cock still slick with her juices her hard slid up and down easily.

I just laid my head back and enjoyed the feelings. It didn’t take too long till I got that now familiar feeling of my cum building in my balls. Karin’s other hand was holding and playing with my balls. Suddenly she took her lips off my cock and starting licking my balls. She sucked one into her mouth. Her hand was still pumping my shaft. She had one of my balls in her mouth and was running her tongue over and around it.

I felt my cock stiffen and I sure she could feel it too. She suck my balls harder and tightened her grip on my cock as she pumped. I grunted and let my cum fly. As I started to cum she let my balls go from her mouth and just continued to pump the cum from my cock. My cum flew out, the first blast landing across my chest, and following leaving streaks of cum across my stomach and then just running down my cock and over Karin’s fingers.

Karin moved her head up a bit and took the tip of my cock back in her mouth and licked and sucked out the remaining cum. She then used her tongue down my shaft to follow the streaks and lick them all up. Once she had cleaned me to her satisfaction she slid up my body and we kissed, sharing the remaining cum that was still in her mouth.

After that we got up and took a shower together, washing each other, but nothing more. Neither of us seemed to want to get dressed. We both did all the preparations for the day naked till we finally had nothing left to do but get dressed.

At this point the tour was officially over, though most of the group was still around, we would be spending the entire day on our own. I pulled on a pair of short and a t-shirt, making sure Karin noticed I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Karin pulled on a pair of panties and shorts but when she pulled out a bra, I just gave her a look and a little smile. She understood and dropped it back into her bag, and pulled her shirt over her naked breasts.

As we were walking out, I quietly snuck the nipple clamps into my knapsack. We grabbed a quick breakfast in the hotel, then before heading out, Karin said she needed a minute to check something on one of the hotel’s computers in the lobby. When she was done we headed out to see all the sights on Karin’s list.

We went to a few of the temples on the list, it felt a bit naughty being there knowing my cock was swinging free in my shorts and Karin’s breast from loose behind her shirt. After a few hours of touring, we stopped to grab lunch. After being in the Bangkok heat all morning the cool air in the restaurant felt great, and I could see as we sat was having a great effect on Karin’s nipples. I could see them poking against the fabric of her shirt. It made me think of the clamps waiting esenyurt anal yapan escort in my knapsack. As we ate our lunch I felt Karin’s foot suddenly sliding up my leg and quickly finding my cock. We calmly ate as she was rubbing my cock through my shorts with her toes. As this was going on I was sure her nipples looked harder than before. I wanted to rub her pussy with my feet too, but my shoes were too hard to get off and on without untying them. She would have to wait.

After we finished, Karin said she had to stop in the lady’s room. I waited for her outside the door. She came out a couple of minutes later. She took my hand to walk out and I felt something in hers. It took me a second to realize it was her panties rolled up in her hand. I took them from her and put them in my pocket.

We walked around and saw a few more sights, it was pretty hot, so we found a quiet area with a bench along the Chao Phraya River. We sat just watching the boat and the water for a few minutes, till we just spontaneously turned towards each other and started kissing. After a few minutes of kissing my hands started exploring her body. Knowing she was naked under her clothes excited me even more. I started rubbing her nipples through her shirt. I wanted to find a way to get the clamps on her to wear under her shirt. Karin started rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples as I was hers. I wanted to take her right there on the bench, but I also didn’t want to end up in a Thai prison.

We continued kissing and touching, our hands drifting lower, rubbing each other through our shorts. We both knew if we didn’t stop soon it would be impossible too. We reluctantly separated, I asked if she wanted to go back to the hotel, she said not yet, there were still 2 more stops on her list.

While we were at the last site of the day, I pretended to need something from my bag, and while I was digging through it I detached the chain of the clit clamp from the nipple clamp chain and slipped the nipple clamps into my pocket. As we were walking to it from the main street I noticed a small alley way that looked quiet and empty. As we walked past it on our way back out, I pulled her in it. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hard. I am sure she thought I wanted to fuck her in the alley. I did but wasn’t planning too. As our tongues tickled the other’s I slid my hands up her sides lifting her shirt. I push it over her breasts, we weren’t that from the street, that if someone passed that would probably see us there. I pulled my lips off of hers and lowered my head to her nipple. I grabbed it between my teeth, and flicked it with the tip of my tongue.

Then like a starving man I grab her tit with my hand squeezing it, I took as much of it as I could in my mouth sucking on it as hard as I could. My hand was on her other tit squeezing and pulling on it. I looked up and Karin had her head back and eyes closed enjoying what I was doing to her. She had one hand rubbing my cock stroking my hard-on through my shorts. When I felt her trying to find my zipper I knew I had to act fast or I would end up fucking her in the alley.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the clamps. I moved my mouth to her other breast. I had one clamp in each hand ready. I pulled my mouth off and quickly clamped both her nipples at the same time. As soon as the clamps bit into her nipples, her hand dropped from my zipper and her eyes shot open wide in surprise. I think she realized what I had done a split second before she looked down and saw her nipples in the clamps. I stepped back to look at her, standing in a dingy Bangkok alley, her shirt pushed up around her neck, tits exposed and clamps on her nipples.

She was still breathing hard looking shocked, when I stepped back kissed her again and as I did I lowered her shirt back down then took her hand and started leading her out of the alley. “You are full of surprises aren’t you?” she said to me. You could clearly see there was something going on under her shirt. As we walked to the main street to get a taxi Karin kept giving my hand little squeezes I was sure it was from the pleasure her nipples were feeling from the chain swinging with each step she took.

We had to wait a couple of minutes to find and empty cab. I few people definitely took a second glance at Karin’s tits as they walked by, trying to figure out what was going on under her shirt. We got in a cab and cuddled up in the back seat. The ride to the hotel was only about 10 minutes, but each bump of the road caused the chains to pull on her nipples. We arrived at the hotel and climbed out of the cab. Karin quickly pulled me through the lobby to the elevator, she was holding her bag in front of her chest. We got in the elevator with a few other people and just rode up calmly to our floor. We got out and after the elevator door closed I asked Karin to take off her shirt and walk to the room topless.

She stood there considering it for a few esenyurt escort seconds. I could see her mind calculating how far the room was, and the chances of bumping into anyone especially anyone from our group. Then without a word she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head in one motion then tossed it to me.

I caught the shirt and looked at her standing in the hotel hallway topless with clamps on her nipples and the chain hanging between her firm breasts. I took her hand as we walked to the room. I could tell Karin wanted to walk faster, but I was holding back her pace. We only had to walk 30 or 40 feet down the hall but I wanted it to last as long as possible.

We pasted the room the 2 girls we staying in, and were almost at our door, when we heard the elevator chime and the door open. We got to our door and I was taking the key out of my pocket. Karin was standing on the far side of me, I am sure she was hoping the people would be going to the opposite end of the hall and not notice her naked breasts. But like a prayer being answered I turned and looked and saw it was the two English girls walking towards their room.

They saw us and said Hi, I turned to them, Karin was standing on the far side of me so I didn’t think they could see she was topless. I saw they were carrying a few shopping bags returning from their day around the city. I turned to face them and could feel Karin moving to stay behind me. They asked what we had done during the day we made the usual small talk. They reached their door, one of them was digging in her purse for their room key, and the other was standing behind her waiting. I guess from her angle she was able to see Karin behind me and could tell something was amiss. So while Hari was digging for the key, her roommate kept up the conversation and started walking closer to us. Karin could see it too. She put her hand on mine that had the key in the door but not opening it trying to get me to turn it in the lock.

Our conversation continued as she walked the few feet that separated our doors, when she stopped in mid-sentence with a gasp, noticing Karin’s lack of shirt and gave a second slightly louder gasp when she noticed the clamps hanging from her nipples. Just as this was happening, Hari walked over still looking down into her purse for the key, heard the break in the conversation and looked up to see Karin standing there and could only say “OH”.

Karin at this point had nothing to hide and between being Germany and being used to being topless, and being just plain kinky, stepped out from behind me. Hari stood there with her mouth agap. Her friend Mary raised her eyebrows and said, “nice! When we heard you last night I didn’t realize you guys were so kinky “staring directly at Karin’s breasts. She looked up a Karin and asked “do those hurt?” “a little,” Karin answered “but more pleasure than pain” and then like she was in a trance Mary reached up and touched the clamp on Karin’s left nipple. Lifting it then letting it back down, then running her fingers part way down the chain. Karin seemed to push her tits towards Mary’s hand. When she pulled her hand off of the clamp she unconsciously brought it to her own breast and rubbed it.

I knew the wild Karin had replaced the shy one when I heard her ask, “do you want to try them?” With that question my cock jumped thinking what could happen next. I saw Mary hesitating to answer. Karin cupped her left breast in the palm of her hand and pulled on clamped nipple twisting it slightly and moaning slightly, offering it to Mary. Why don’t you both come in and see what they feel like. When I heard that my hand, still on the key, turned it, pushing open the door.

Time seemed to freeze at that point. Karin’s eyes were locked on Mary’s, Hari was still standing there frozen her mouth still open, staring at Karin’s nipples. Then to the surprise of all of us, Karin took her hand from her on breast and put it on Mary’s. Her fingers quickly finding Mary’s nipple through her clothes and rolling it between her thumb and index finger. As soon as Karin’s fingers found her nipple, Mary took in a deep breath in reaction. Karin dragger her fingers across Mary’s breast as she removed her hand then took her hands and grabbed both clamps and pulled on them, then turned and pulled me into the room.

Standing in view of the doorway, facing each other Karin had one hand on her breast and the other cupping my cock through my shorts. After a kiss she turned to the door and said “either come in and join us or close the door so we can fuck”. That brought the two girls out of their trance. I still wasn’t sure if either of both were going to come in.

From what I could see of them in the hall they both looked at each other, seemingly waiting to see what to do. When Mary turned and came into the room. I couldn’t see but I could guess the Hari must have said “fuck it” and followed her in and closed the door behind her.

Karin walked up to Mary and esenyurt eve gelen escort the stood at the foot of the bed, they were very close to each other, I was standing by the window and Hari on the other side of them. They were staring into each other’s eyes Karin put both her hands onto Mary’s tits. Mary had long dark hair that was pulled back, she was a couple of inched taller than Karin’s 5’3″ and though not a “big” girl was bigger than Karin was. Hari was about the same height as Mary with strawberry blond curls, she was a bit curvier than Mary was.

Karin put both her hands onto Mary’s breasts and were rubbing them through her shirt. “you want to feel the pleasure pain can bring you? You want to feel the weight on your nipples?” Mary just nodded. Karin kneaded her tits for a bit longer, Hari and I just standing aside watching. Then Karin lowered her hands to the hem of Mary’s shirt and started lifting it, Mary obediently raised her arms so Karin could take her shirt off. Under it she was wearing a plain tan bra, which as soon as her shirt was off she reached behind her back and unhooked and let slide down her arms to the floor.

Her tits were magnificent, larger and fuller than Karin’s easily D cups. Karin’s hands went right back to work on them. I could see Mary’s nipples starting to poke out from her dark pink areolas. Karin lowered her head and took Mary’s left nipple into her mouth. I couldn’t see what her mouth was doing but could tell from the sounds that Mary was enjoying it. Karin moved her mouth to Mary’s other nipple. Mary had a hand on the back of Karin’s head holding her to her breast.

Karin held Mary’s nipple between her teeth and pulled back, smiling around it. Mary had her head back and her eyes closed. While this was going on in front of me I moved around to be next to Hari. I led her to the small vinyl covered couch that was opposite the bed she was so entranced by what was going on in front of her that I had to take the bags from her hands myself to put them down. By the time I pushed some of our bags aside and sat us down, Karin had managed to drop her pants and was standing in just her sandals and was still sucking on Mary’s nipples.

I sat on the couch so I was partially behind Hari. As we both watched Karin ravishing Mary’s nipples. I put my hand on her back as a test to see if we would be voyeurs or participants. She jumps slightly to my touch but didn’t pull away. With that I leaned in and kissed the back of her neck.

Karin took her mouth off Mary’s nipples, from where we sat we could see how hard they were. Glinting in the sunlight from the wetness of Karin’s saliva rising and falling with each deep breath. Hari and I just sat watching at this point, just my hands rubbing her back at this point, with occasional kisses to her neck. Karin broke the silence. She took a deep breath and pushed her tits out, cupping them both with her hands and asked Mary “do you want to feel pleasure and pain?” Mary answered in barely a whisper “yes please”. “Are you going to be my good English slut” again she answered “yes”.

“Good now I want you take the clamps off my nipples and see how hard they are”. Mary reached up and put her hands on the clamps. Mary looked at Karin and Karin just nodded. Mary gripped the clamps and removed both at the same time. I saw Karin’s reaction, it looked like she almost collapsed from the intense feeling pulsing through her nipples. By now the clamps had been on her nipples about 30 minutes. Her nipples were long thick and very red. They are sore from the clamps, I want you to sooth them with your tongue. Mary leaned her head down and took Karin’s right nipple between her lips, almost like she was kissing it. She then took it fully into her mouth and from what I could tell was working it with her tongue.

I reached around Hari and started rubbing her tits through the dress she was wearing. I pulled the zipped down the back and slid it off her shoulders exposing her bra encased tits. I slid the bra straps off her shoulders exposing Hari’s nipples to my touch. I was kissing her neck from behind and started rolling her nipples between my fingers.

Mary was definitely “soothing” Karin’s nipples. Karin pulled herself back and told Mary to give her the clamps that she was still holding. She handed them to Karin. “Hold your tits for me” was Karin’s next instruction to Mary. Mary cup her tits up for Karin, her tits overflowed her hands. Karin reached up, at first she teased Mary’s nipple with the clamp, running the cold metal over it.

Both Hari and I watch Karin open the clamp with her fingers and move it to Mary’s extended nipple. As I watch the clamp close over the nipple, I gave Hari’s nipple a hard pinch. The pain on Mary’s face was quickly replaced by the pleasure her nipple was feeling. Karin quickly repeated and clamped Mary’s other nipple.

I slipped my hand down Hari’s dress till I felt her panties and slipped my hand under the waistband and in. I found her bush, it felt trimmed, as I ran my fingers down to the top of her slit. When my fingers found her clit, she inhaled sharply and pushed back into me. I was working her pussy with my fingers I felt her wetness starting to ooze out, as I slipped a finger into her. My thumb was on her clit as I finger fucked her with one hand and was still playing with her tits with my other.



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