Wife’s flirting for meOne evening out on the town after spending most of it drinking, I noticed the bartender was trying very hard to see my wife’s breasts. So I mentioned it to her, and she answered she had noticed him too. What do you think?, I asked her. He does seem nice, why?, she replied. Oh I thought that maybe you’d like to help his view and open a few buttons, I answered. My wife was silent for several minutes and looked at me.Do you want me to let him see my tits?, she asked. I thought a couple of buttons would be ok, I replied. How many buttons,honey, she asked. What or how much do you want him to see of me? How about two buttons, I answerd. Two buttons will show him most of my breasts, she answered. Is that what you want me to do? I think that two buttons will be fine, I replied.My wife then went to the ladies room, and returned several minutes later with her blouse unbuttoned. She sat in her chair, faced me, and leaned slightly so her blouse fell open, and asked, is this what you want him to see? I looked to see that her blouse fell nicely open, showing most of her breasts, but not down to her nipples. Yes , Thats fine honey, I said.Her nipples were showing nicely at that moment. Ok sweetheart, she said, as she called for another drink. He came over with her drink, and noticed the new view immediately. Of course she then leaned over slightly to show him most of her naked tits. With a smile, he said to her as he took in the sight, with a view like that, drinks are going to be free.After several more rounds, and the bartender paying close attention adana escort bayan to my wife’s tits, I said to her, open the third button for him now. He’ll see everything then, nipples and all, she told me, it will almost make me topless, she finished. So open it ,I said. She undid the third button, which opened below her breasts, making them in full view, uncovered. The bartender was there is a minute, looking at her naked tits, her nipples got even harder then.After awhile, she went to the ladies room, and was gone for quite a while. When she returned, I asked her where she was. Greg, oh thats his name honey, was coming from the mens room as I walked down the hall, so he stopped for a minute and we talked . Talked?, I said, for this long?. Well, my breasts were uncovered in front of him, and he started to feel them, she told me. You let him feel you up in the hall?, I asked. Yes honey, he played with them, and sucked my nipples for some time too, she told me. You didn’t try to stop him?, I asked. No darling, I didn’t think you’d mind after telling me to open my blouse for him.Anything else happen?, I asked. Well, only that he kissed me hard, and I did return the kiss I could feel his cock rising against me too, she added. Then you stopped?, I asked. Not exactually, she told me, he did rub his cock against my pussy. And?, I asked her. I rubbed back against him too, his cock was fully hard then, so I could really feel him against me, she answered. Is your pussy wet now, I asked. Yes it is, very hot and wet, my wife answered.We then left adana escort and drove towards home. All the way I was thinking of my wife being felt up and feeling the hard cock of a stranger against her. I was really hard just thinking of it.I suddenly noticed an adult theatre, so I pulled in the lot. Why are we stopping here?, my wife asked. Thought we’d take in a late show, I replied. Ok, I better buttonup then, she said. Don’t bother to button honey, I said. You want me to go in like this, showing my tits?, she asked me. Its an adult theatre, I replied. So we went in, she was slightly holding her blouse closed as we paid for the tickets.We sat alone for sometime until we were joined by a young man, who sat next to my wife, looking at her uncovered breasts with hard showing nipples. It took him awhile to get bold enough, but then he reached over and caressed one breast. My wife looked to me, but didn’t stop him. Soon, he was caressing both tits and sucking the nipples as she began to moan. He was now sure of himself, and he started to caress her thigh. He was stroking her thighs completely now, my wife’s moans were now more intense, she looked over to me. Spread for him, I said. She couldn’t answer since he was kissing her, so she just let him part her legs. He then immediately moved his hand under her mini skirt and started to feel her pussy. My wife gasped at his touch, in delight?.He was rubbing and feeling her pussy completely now, she was very short of breath as she spread her legs more for him. He reached for her panties, I nodded ok, and my escort adana wife let him remove them. Now he was finger fucking her, bringing her close to cumming. He took his hard cock out for her, and she slowly stroked it. She looked to me as she continued to play with his cock. He now spread her legs wider, and got between them. No, she said, I don’t know she moaned, He was rubbing his hard cock against her pussy now. Oh my God, she moaned.He opened her legs more, and started to push his cock into her pussy. Honey, she said, he’s going to fuck me, do you want him to stop?. Do you want me to fuck him?, right here?. Do you like it, I asked her. Oh yes, she moaned. I looked to him and said, fuck her then.With a quick thrust, he was in my wife’s pussy and fucking her slowly. She was moaning as she put her legs around him, don’t cum in me she said, please don’t. He was fucking her harder now, she was quitely moaning with each thrust of his hard cock. She was cumming for the second time, when he gasped, I’m almost there now. he was screwing her harder now, she was still cumming, fuck me, she moaned, oh fuck me hard. I can’t wait any longer, I’m going to cum, he gasped No, she said, but he pushed completely in her pussy, and started to cum into my wife. He shot many hot streams of baby making cream directly into her pussy. She moaned loudly as he came in her, and he pushed in deeper, to get to her womb, with his hot cum. Oh my God, she gasped, he did cum in me darling. He stayed in my wife’s pussy until he softened and then slid out of her. There was a pool of cream on the seat, but most of it was in her pussy.After several minutes, he left. My wife put her panty back on and we left for our car. I did love watching my wife with her legs spread and another mans cock in her pussy fucking her.



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