Wife Swap IVEleven years into a marriage and I managed to unleash the uninhibited sexual desires of Danny, mybeautiful blonde wife. In the process, I learned a lot about myself that I didn’t think was possible.Danny, short for Daniela – a name she hated – had managed to come out of her heterosexual monogamous shell, primarily at my urging. I wanted us to find a fulfillment in new adventures and so it was we embarked on this journey into the unknown.Danny had hooked up with Bob, our next door neighbor, and in return I was allowed to hook up with Betty, Bob’s very gregarious and over-sexed wife. I say “allowed” because Danny and I had set boundaries before we decided to do anything.Danny’s friendship with Betty grew stronger, to the point that the two of them ended up sharing an intimate experience with me playing along as a third partner. It was a sexual experience like no other. Then, the two of them brought in a third person, a divorcee desperately in need of some special attention. Again, I couldn’t believe the experiences really happened.Throughout the entire time during which we experimented with additional sexual partners, we remained true to each other and more attentive than ever to each other’s needs.In bed one night, Danny confided that she got extremely turned on whenever a guy, any guy, would stare at her.“You don’t find it unsettling or rude?” I asked.“No. In fact, I’d love to just once fuck the crap out of a total stranger.”Danny’s revelation came as a small surprise to me. This prompted a long discussion about sexual fantasies.“You know,” Danny said after a bit, “we should try and see who can make the other’s fantasy come true first.”It was a daunting challenge, but one I was willing to embark upon.Danny and I started going out more and more, mainly to night clubs where we would survey the clientele in hope so of spotting a willing participant or two. The first couple of clubs we went to, were mainly singles, looking for one night hookups. We tried other clubs, but most of the customers were older guys or women looking for the same thing as the younger people.We thought about a swinger’s club, but Danny quickly nixed the idea.Then we happened upon the Triple Seven Club in an upscale part of Dallas. The club was really hopping and had a good mix of older and younger patrons. I valet parked and we walked into the club. We shared a few drinks and took to the dance floor. Danny wore a tight, one piece cocktail-like dress that showed off her figure very well. It was very short and showed off plenty of her booty.It seemed like every guy in the place locked eyes on Danny as we danced. I knew instantly just how very horny Danny was becoming as she dirty danced very close to me, grinding up against me. I knew that even if we didn’t hook up, the night cap would be fantastic.I stepped off the dance floor and told Danny I would be right back. Four drinks had to come out of me. When I returned and approached the booth where Danny sat, she had managed to snag a couple – a couple about our age, in the early thirties. Both looked like they may have come off the cover of a fashion magazine.The man sat and his female bursa escort companion sat either side of Danny. “Does anyone need a drink?” I ask.“This is Sam and Heidi,” Danny announced. “They live in Tanglewood Bluffs right around the corner from us.”Heidi smiled and stretched out her hand.“I see you out jogging all the time,” she said. Sam stood and offered his hand. “Are you a member of the Country Club?” he asked as we shook hands. “Yes,” I replied, “but I try to keep it a secret.”Sam chuckled. “I know what you mean.”He looked at Danny and then back at me.“Do you mind?” he asked, without finishing his question. “No, go ahead,” I replied, stepping to the side to allow Danny and Sam out on to the dance floor.I looked at Heidi. “What about you?” I asked. She smiled as she stood and stepped between the tables. Heidi had on a white cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that barely contained her large breasts, probably 38DD I assessed. Like Danny’s dress, it was short and cute and showed off everycurve of her luscious and bodacious body.The four of us made our way to the dance floor. Almost immediately, I knew what I wanted. Oh my God! Heidi had a killer body. She was about the same size as Danny, only a little more compact. Her light pink lipstick begged to be removed. I took a deep breath and exhaled.As luck would have it, the DJ slowed the beat considerably after a couple of really fast selections that had our heartbeat way up there. I looked at Danny and she proffered an approving wink in my direction. I slipped my hand around Heidi’s soft waist and instinctively she moved in close to me.“Oh my gosh,” Heidi breathlessly whispered. “My feelings exactly,” I whispered back. “Can we take a seat.”“Sure,” I replied, feeling a little let down at not being able to press my body up against hers. As we sat in the dark booth, Heidi slipped off her shoes and curled her feet up under herself and she leaned in close to me.“I think Sam likes your wife.” We watched Danny and Sam slow dance. “I think it’s a mutual thing,” I replied.Heidi rested her hand on my thigh. “It’s definitely a mutual thing,” she whispered. “So,” I asked, haltingly, “do you guys play?”Heidi looked at me, speechless. “Why that question?” “I’m just curious.”“Well, do you guys swing?”“Not officially,” I replied. “We have talked about it, but not really done anything.” “Why not?”“Haven’t found the right people willing to do it with.”Heidi stayed quiet while we watched Sam put a hand on to Danny’s ass and raise her dress, exposing her bare ass. Danny, in turn, pressed herself up against Sam as they worked their way to the corner of the dance floor. I could see only one of Danny’s hands and imagined where her other was located.I slipped my arm around Heidi and my other hand on to hers, on my thigh. Heidi looked at me. We were almost face to face. The kiss was inevitable. I placed finger-tips under her chin and guided her lips to mine. As I pressed my lips to hers, softy and gently, I fully expected to be met with some type of push back or rejection. Instead, she slipped her hand straight to my crotch, feeling for my manhood.I slid my hand on to Heidi’s bursa escort bayan bare thigh and up under her very short cocktail dress. I didn’t make it very far and she grabbed my arm.“No,” she said, stopping my advance. “Not here.”I reached into my pocket and took out my cell phone. I texted Danny:“Heidi is going with me.”I saw the faint glow of Danny’s cell phone in her clutch, on the table in front of us. I took Heidi by the hand as I stood.“Come on,” I said, “grab your shoes.”“Where are we going?” Heidi asked, grabbing her shoes and small purse.“We’re getting out of here,” I said, holding on to Heidi’s hand and pulling her towards the dance floor. As we approached Sam and Danny, I looked at Sam.“Where y’all going?” he asked.“We’re going outside for a bit,” I replied. I winked at Danny. Sam smiled, stuck out his hand and said, “Have fun.”We shook hands and I patted Sam on the shoulder. “You have fun as well.”I handed my parking ticket to the valet as Heidi put on her shoes. I put my hand on her waist, just like I would have done for Danny.Heidi didn’t speak.The valet opened the car door and Heidi climbed in. I gave the valet a ten and, within seconds, wewere on our way.Heidi didn’t waste time getting comfortable. She kicked off her heels again and put her bare feet up on the dash of our SUV. The mix of her sweet perfume and the musty smell of her horniness quickly filled the car. Heidi arched her butt off the bucket seat, hiked up her dress and eased her white thong down her well-toned legs and past her ankles. She hung it on to the review-mirror.Under the glow of the street lights, I caught a glimpse of her womanhood, a small patch of closely- cropped pubic hair leading the way towards her pussy. Heidi slipped a lone finger between her legs into her pubic area.She took in deep breath and exhaled.“Oh my gawd,” she exclaimed, “I am so freaking horny.”I put my hand on to Heidi’s thigh, close to her pussy. It was my first foray into her erogenous zone. Heidi did not hesitate to move my hand to where it needed to be. I poked my middle finger into her pussy and worked it back and forth while holding on to the steering wheel with my other hand.It didn’t take much before Heidi was clinching her fists, shaking and trembling as one of many orgasms rocked her body. I prayed there wasn’t any cops anywhere nearby and I did my best to drive steadily and safely.Heidi grabbed at my manhood. I was rock hard. She begged for me to pull over and stop. We were only a few minutes from the house. “Hang on,” I said.Heidi unfastened her seat belt, arched her back and then stripped out of her cocktail dress. She had one of the most gorgeous bodies I had seen in quite a while.“Come on, baby,” Heidi extolled, “I need it.”She pinched her nipples as she pleaded with me. “Hang on,” I repeated, turning into the alleyway that led to where Danny and I lived. I punched thegarage door opener and drove into the garage. I hit the “close” button, even as Heidi was unbuckling my belt and unzipping my trousers. I grabbed at her angelic face and pushed my lips against hers.Our tongues intertwined, probing each other’s mouth. She was on fire escort bursa and unstoppable.Somehow, we managed to make our way into the house, leaving a trail of clothes between the garage and the master bedroom.Heidi spreadeagled on the bed as I hovered over her naked and tight cheerleader-like body.“Put it in me,” she begged.I held my ten inch, cut cock close to her pussy and Heidi closed her eyes as I fed it into her warm and moist pussy. The walls of her pussy clamped down on me like a vice. She was tight but, after a couple of quick strokes, she loosened up. Our pubic bones met and she locked her legs around my waist, her arms around my torso, scratching at my back with her well-manicured nails.She trembled and then, as I unloaded deep inside of her, her entire body stiffened as she shook uncontrollably and gasped for breath.“Oh… oh… oh,” she cried out as I filled her with my cum. Her eyes rolled as an intense orgasm rocked her body.I turned over on to my back, pulling Heidi with me. I was still in her and Heidi took the lead, gyrating and rotating on my lap, her hands pushing down on my chest. It didn’t take much and she was in the throes of another massive orgasm. She tensed and then collapsed on to my chest.Heidi rolled off of me and we lay beside each other, recovering. Finally, she rolled on to her side, facing me, and we kissed for the longest time. We cuddled and I told her how wonderful a lover she was. She liked the compliment.“I have never done anything like this before,” she said. “I don’t know what came over me.” I told her to not feel bad, that it was a one-time thing.“Oh hell no. We have to do it again.”I told her that would depend on Sam’s approval.“Fuck Sam,” Heidi said. “He’ll be okay. If your wife fucks half as good as you do, he’ll be in heaven.” “Well,” I replied, “Danny does have a way of getting the best out of her partner.”“Do you guys do this often?”I told Heidi that, while we had talked about doing something like it, this was our first adventure into anything remotely like the wife swapping adventures we had previously engaged in. Heidi was curious and wanted details, but I told her that I couldn’t reveal them because they were private. Heidi was curious as to how we had reached a point where we felt secure enough to trust each other withour lust and desires. I assured her it was a work in progress.Heidi planted a light kiss on my shoulder. “Well, I like a work in progress,” she remarked.At some point, we fell asleep. I woke at 3am and Heidi’s hand was resting on my stiff cock. It didn’t take much and were at it again.Next, sunlight peeping through the window blinds woke me. Heidi was every bit as beautiful in the morning as she had been in the night club. I kissed her bare shoulder and her eyelids fluttered open. She looked around for a brief few seconds, before rolling over and putting her hand on to my chest.“Good morning my love.” Her voice was sincere and pleasant. Our lips met in a short kiss and then, more passionately. Once again, we found ourselves giving into the lust for each other.About ten, I looked at my phone. There were three text messages from Danny. “Are you okay?”“How was it?”“I’ll be home on Sunday.”I showed the messages to Heidi. She smiled, took my phone and sat it on the bedside table. She pulled a sheet over her head and worked her way down my body with sensual kisses. I closed my eyes…



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