Wife Showing OffBonnie has been my wife for 26 years now and I have always loved her massive DD size breasts and pink nipples. Every time I see her I just want to fondle and squeeze them. It never really mattered where we were I just had to play with them.So one day we were down the beach up near Coffs Harbour and while we were walking, she had her bikini top trying to hold her tits in. I reached over and just grabbed her from behind and lifted these beauties up in the air while squeezing her nipples. She loves them being pulled and squeezed, it makes her instantly wet. I heard her moan but also say there were two men coming our way. I took my hands off but it was too late as they applauded the scene. With encouragement to do it again from the guys I lifted them up high once again and this time I squeezed them really hard. While doing that I revealed her breasts to the guys. By this time they were right in front of her and they both reached over to touch them. They took a nipple each and pulled them hard. The skin was stretching and she was moaning with pleasure. They both took a nipple in their mouths and I reached down into her shorts to feel her juices. As I did I found a hand was already on the outside and fingers were working their way up into her pussy. I looked around canlı bahis and the only people I could see were k**s and some adults way down the other end of the beach.I stuck my hand down the back of her pants to work my way to her front and was blocked by a hand working at least three fingers in and out. She was having trouble staying up and was getting very wobbly. That’s when I suggested we go back to our room but to my surprise thy declined as their wives were waiting for them down the other end with their k**s. That’s who I could see in the distance.They said how beautiful she was and how lucky I was as they walked away. One ran into the ocean so his hard on would settle down. Mine was full on and I had to walk like that for a while longer. Bonnie said how great and amazing it felt and she wanted more action as soon as possible. I looked around but could not see anyone else around that may show interest.We walked for another ten minutes and then up into the sand dunes when we heard a voice say, “Wait for us.”The two guys turned up behind us. They told their wives to go back to the rooms as they were going for a run along the beach. They introduced themselves as Doug and Kevin from Canberra. Bonnie suddenly reached down into their board shorts to find erect cocks growing bahis siteleri longer and harder.I watched this view then undid her top and pulled off her pants, revealing her whole body. At that they took off their board shorts; Doug had a long skinny cock with a big head on it and Kevin was fat and shorter. She started to suck on Kevin’s fatty while Doug moved to her ass and slowly pushed into her anus doggy style. She reached over to my pants and pulled them down to show my body off and slowly wanked me.This was beautiful to watch and to be part of. I said to Doug, “Go ahead and fuck her pussy.” He asked, “Is she on the pill.” I said, “It’s cool because after she had our last c***d she had her tubes cut so she’d never get pregnant again.”Once he heard that he pulled out of her anus and was inside her wet cunt so fast she groaned. He kept doing that for the next ten minutes. He came hard and fast filling her up and was still cumming as he pulled out, blowing over her back onto Kevin’s stomach.. They both smiled and she told Kevin to get that big fellow in her fast. I watched as his fat cock pushed her cunt lips apart; once he was in she started to push back and forth onto it.I then moved to her mouth and she gave me one heck of a head job. I blew my load down her throat güvenilir bahis then pulled out and cum got her eyes. Doug and I watched Kevin fuck her. We could see on his face that he wasn’t far from cumming then he pulled out shoved it up her ass and came inside her. With that quick change she squirted her juices onto the sand as she came with the best orgasm ever.We got dressed but she stayed on all fours till she could move again. Her leg muscles were so sore she couldn’t move. We laughed and Doug lent down gave her a huge passionate kiss and thanked her. Kevin said the same thing but gave her a smack that left a red hand print on her ass.When we got back to our motel Bonnie had a long bath to relax her body, so I went for a walk around the motel. Sitting out near the pool were Doug and Kevin with their families. I sat near them to watch their wives. As they came out of the pool I could see that they had done well themselves. Kevin’s wife had a great curvy body with average tits and Doug’s wife was plumper with a great pair of tits. I smiled at the boys to say ‘very nice’. They could see I was getting a good look.Doug’s wife lent down to give him a kiss and as she did he reached up and pulled her top off revealing her breasts. He got a smack for it but I could see he did it for me.Bonnie came out and joined me once again in her skimpy top, and the boys had grins on their faces but their wives gave them both dirty looks. They then all went off to their rooms. Never to be seen again.



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