Wife meets a stranger after drinkingMy wife likes a little drink every now and then and when she does she gets a little out of control…she confessed earlier what she was up to at the weekend when she came in late, drunk and very horny.We live in the penthouse suite, 15 floors up and I decided to go to bed before midnight as the wife was out for a few drinks with some girlfriends. She had been out with the girls drinking wine and spirits, dressed up with a black n white figure hugging dress, white stilleto’s, black stockings underneath and a black bra which encased her ample 36DD cleavage. She hadn’t planned to walk home but minicabs were at a premium and she decided to take the stroll from the local bars and make her way home.She realised while walking she was a more drunk than she thought, her feet were hurting as she had been dancing and teasing the men on the dancefloor – although with no intention of securing anything more than a free drink. She kicked of her heels for the last few hundred metres and tried to collect her thoughts.As she turned into our apartment block street, she noticed one of the block neighbours was some metres behind, she only knew him as CeeBee (CB) – he was tall, of black perhaps african or carribean origin and looked as though he worked out in an athletic way not a weight lifting build. She was drunk and even although he waved she ignored him, she was in a weird mood and couldn’t be bothered with pleasantries.As she got into the apartment block she made her way for the lift, by which time CB had caught her slow drunk meandering walk, she got in the lift and he managed to just get in saving himself a 7 or 8 storey climb on the stairs. At first she didn’t even make eye contact, her glazed eyes fading and her body slumped against the button wall, the lift started halkalı escort to rise, up a few floors and then it shuddered between floors…it had halted.CB tried a few buttons and the lift caller, the service was on night duty standby and advised they would be around an hour, my wife slumped to the floor of the lift laying her back against the wall and her legs outstretched flat (shoes back on) and sighed. CB spoke and said don’t worry help is on it’s way.My wife looked over and by accident raised her knees up and said ok but I just want home. She rested her head face down into her knees unknowingly displaying her great legs but also her stockings and black see through knickers.CB couldn’t help but look, her bald clean shaven cunt was on full display even if she didnt mean it, her legs looked smooth and he started to feel aroused and slightly embarressed. He gently said excuse me but I can see things I shouldn’t… my wife replied mind your own business but out of the corner of her eye noticed the bulge in his jeans at the crotch, she could almost make out the head of a cock.The lights started to dim as the lift went into emergency power, she couldnt shake off the drunk effect and with that couldn’t stop glancing at the bulge…with this she started to naturally get wet and her see through panties started to soak. She turned to the side and slipped a finger onto her cunt which was lubed nicely she thought CB could not see her.CB could see her and with this his cock became semi erect by now which was impossible to hide, he undid his zip and pulled out his big black cock ad started stroking it from base to tip. It was a good 7 inches semi erect and by now my wife was driving her fingers deep into her wet taksim escort hole while flicking her clit which was aroused like a bean. CB went over and told her to get up, she stood to her feet he whipped her dress above her waist, her stocking clad legs were on full display, he pulled her soaking pants down to her heels and turned her round face against the lift wall.He undid the dress and threw it in the corner, he grabbed her bra rippign it off and exposing her huge breasts with fully erect juicy pink nipples. He clasped her breast and his cock went rock hard.She quickly turned round she grabbed his cock in an aggressive way squeezing his balls and cock tightly as if to say no, what the fuck are you doing…but the cock was so big she liked what she felt, she yanked of his jeans and unleashed his whopper of a cock. She then sunk to her knees and started sucking furiously on it she couldn’t deep throat it but was spitting on it then wanking it hard, pulling the foreskin right back to expose the giant black head. By now she was so wet she was almost discharging she grabbed his hands, stood up and put his fingers to her throbbing clit. CB was in his element, he rubbed his hands up and down her thighs grabbing her buttocks and squeezing her cunt in against his massive cock almost teasing, almost entering. Then he slumped to the floor of the lift lying on his back with what could only be a fully aroused 9 or 10 inch hard black cock.My wife decided to be smart, she made for his cock but again with her mouth, and at the same time flicked her legs round and sat on his face. She was dripping and CB started flicking his tongue in and out of her cunt as she sucked and spat on his cock lubing it up, she then moved forward, grabbed her bag and pulled out a condom. şişli escort She quickly unwrapped it and managed to basically fit it over the head and half way down CB’s cock.She slipped on slowly at first but then held his knees and went up and down the entire length, she could feel his cock pulsating as she tightened her grip on his cock head. CB was aroused, he knew he wouldn’t last my wife’s huge breasts, stocking clad legs and soaking cunt were seeing to that, he turned up the pace and started to fucking her with all his might, she had never been fucked so deeply, her breathing was heavy and she was moaning, her juices were spilling over CB’s cock and the next thing she knew she felt the rush, she instantly cupped one breast and flicked her clit with her fingers and let out a gush of an orgasm. As this happened CB pulled out his dick, flew off the condom and lunged his dick into her mouth. she took it out and pinned him to the wall she then pulled his foreskin right back and wanked him harder and faster than he’d ever masterbated before, the next thing he knew he was spraying spunk everywhere…Suddenly the lift moved and went up a floor, my wife got up put her dress on and got out stating she’d prefer to take the stairs, CB was left amazed in the lift and the next thing I knew my wife walked into the apartment and into the bedroom, she was flushed from only minutes before fucking rigourosuly in the lift, she kicked off her heels, threw off her dress and climbed into bed. I embraced her in bed, horny myself and started feeling her nipples – they were fully aroused – stated it was cold outside! I then slipped my fingers down to her clit hoping to get lucky, I could feel it was soaking wet and I asked what she’d been up to – this time she said she had been dancing lots and was overhot down there. She then grabbed my cock and wanked me into a fully aroused state before asking me to fuck her, as I fucked her she kept telling me to fuck her harder and deeper, I came within minutes as I was sliding in her more easily than normal…little did I know this was her second fuck of the night ;)Thanks for reading



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