Wife dates Black BullsLet me start off with the reminder that I’m no writer. Seems a couple of people too offense to that on our previous two post. You may want to read the first two post to get our story. Not sure what you would classify our relationship as, swingers, cheating wife, cuckold? Not sure you can make it that simple. Since my wife started her antics it’s been all about her. She tells me I’m the greatest husband in the world for understanding and letting her have her fun. Since this all started our sex life has really stepped up so why should I complain. I’ve come to rationalize it by comparing it to golf. I like to go out with the guys, play golf and hang out at the 19th hole. This is my thing, not hers. She like to pick up black men and have them fuck her brains out. This is her thing, not mine. She refuses to give me any real details. Just giggles and says stuff like you know…….we were just having fun. I’ve asked for pictures and videos but she continues to shoot me down. I asked her about the webcam episode and she did open up a little telling me it was hot as hell knowing there were hundreds of people bahis siteleri out there watching her be a slut. She said it was difficult to make sure their faces didn’t end up on camera. When I showed her the video I found on Hamster she just gives me that smirky smile and says no, that’s not me. Not too sure I believe her. Pictures of her with one of her bulls is out of the question also, she said she is not looking to be exposed to all her friends and family. She will only allow me to post a few pictures I’ve taken before hand that she edited to hide her face. My wife like to hook up with Black Bulls. She doesn’t have any kind of regulars that I’m aware of. Every once in a while she will let me know when I get home from work she’s going out that night and I have the k**s to myself. It drives me crazy trying to get dinner and homework handled knowing my wife is upstairs preparing herself for sex with a black man. She’ll nonchalantly say good bye to everyone and tell us she is off to see a friend of hers. After getting the young ones to bed I’ll walk to floor like a caged a****l. I usually end up on Hamster jacking canlı bahis off 5 or 6 times looking at other wives fucking black men until my pecker can’t take it anymore. The images of my wife being impaled by a large black tool run through my head. I can just see her hot legs flailing in the air. Wonder what she will look like when she gets home? Craigslist is her choice for finding her bulls. She has told me it’s exciting meeting a stud for the first time. She said the adult dating websites are too complicated. Craigslist is full of the hornie bulls looking for a quick fuck. It’s still had to get my arms around that fact that my wife, a mother and well respected woman of our community likes to go out and have sex with black men she doesn’t even know. She did tell me a couple of times she went to a strip club for lunch on the other side of town. The place is known for catering to black patrons. She said the dancers in there are a mix of black, white and latino. Anyway, both times she went in there she started getting hit on within 5 minutes of sitting at the bar. Guess when a white MILF shows up wearing a mini dress at güvenilir bahis a bar like that for lunch everyone thee knows what she’s there for. Anyway, I didn’t find this out until later. I don’t always know ahead of time of her dates. In fact I’m sure I don’t know about all of them. With her job she works from a home office and travels once or twice a month. I have no doubt in my mind she is hooking up with someone every time she leaves. She has told me a few times that she got fucked during the day when I got time from work so I started watching our security cameras. We have cameras at the entry doors that can be monitored remotely from our iphones. A couple of times I’ve seen her coming or going wearing a particular tight mini dress and cfm pumps. I only have one guess why she would be wearing something like that in the middle of the day. Imagine how hard it is to work when you are sitting at your desk and you just saw your wife dressed like a hooker drive off in the family minivan to fuck some unknown black stud. She doesn’t lie to me. She will tell me that she has fucked a black bull if I ask her but she doesn’t always volunteer the information. Maybe some day she will let me be a part of her escapades but then again I’m not sure I could handle being in the room as some Black Bull my wife doesn’t even know is pounding the shit out of her.



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