Finally getting back to the villa after seeing the kids and Mark’s parents onto the plane, they were all looking forward to a laze around the villa’s private pool in the cooler evening sun. Ewan and Petra went to fix a couple of drinks whilst Laura and Mark started the sauna up.

Mark and Laura had been relaxing in the sauna for about 20 minutes when the sight of Laura laying on the next bench covered in a light sheen of moisture was getting too much Mark. He could see the lips of her cunt outlined through her bikini. As he started to gently stroke his cock through his shorts Laura smiled and said, “Here let me help.” and slid over, removing his shorts and wrapped her lips around his engorged prick.

As her bobbing head moved faster and faster Mark reached around to insert two fingers under her bikini into her cunt. He was close to cumming when the sauna door opened and Ewan walked in. Ewan didn’t realise what was going on for a second, then the steam cleared a bit and a big grin spread across his face, “Is this a private party or can anyone join in?”

Laura nearly bit the head of Mark’s cock off in shock as she stammered, “Sorry Ewan, we just got a bit carried away.”

“Hey don’t apologise, I just wish I hadn’t disturbed you.”

Laura removed Mark’s fingers from her cunt with a big smile on her face. She picked up a towel and went to leave the sauna. As she did she reached into Ewan’s shorts and gave Ewan’s semi hard cock a little tug and said, “It doesn’t look as if you are too embarrassed about it.” She left two guys with stupid grins behind.

“Christ you’re a lucky bastard Mark,” said Ewan, “Look at that gorgeous arse.”

“Hey you’re not too bad off yourself,” Mark said thinking about Petra’s beautiful huge tits. Of all the times they had seen each other semi-naked this was the first time that there was any physical sexual contact between opposite partners. Or at least it was as far as the men knew.

“You don’t think there is any chance of me, you know, getting to know Laura a little better, is there?” asked Ewan.

“Who knows after that?,” said Mark, genuinely a little stunned at what had just happened. “you know, I wouldn’t be against it, but what would Petra do?”

“Now’s our chance to find out,” said Ewan, “We have the rest of the week after all.”

After another 10 minutes or so in the sauna both men went out to the pool, Mark joking to Ewan that it was a pity that Laura hadn’t finished what she was doing as he was sure to get a boner if Petra was sunbathing topless.

Both of them burst out into stunned laughter as, stepping out on to the poolside, both Laura and Petra were nude on the poolside loungers. “You can’t stay if you’re keeping them on.” called Petra. Glancing at each other both men quickly dropped their shorts before walking over. It was only as they pulled up a seat that Mark realised that Petra’s cunt was shaved perfectly smooth.

That was it; any chance of keeping his cool was gone. Both girls just giggled at his expression and the direction of his gaze. “Don’t worry mate,” said Ewan “I had the same reaction when I climbed into bed last night.” To try to calm down he went to fix some drinks, his 7 ½ inches felt like it had become at least 9 as it waved from side to side as he walked to the bar. His hard on gradually subsided as he tried to think of something else.

They chatted away for a while, before the men got dressed to start up the barbecue, “You may laugh,” Mark said to Laura “but you wouldn’t want a certain part of me to get burnt now would you?”

Laura and Petra shared a grin before replying in unison “Hell no!” causing Ewan to spray a mouthful of beer and Mark to drop the BBQ fork. A few hours of risqué conversation, food and alcohol later, they all retired to bed.

Laura and Mark still had enough energy to complete what they had started in the sauna followed by a leisurely fuck. As they were both nearing orgasm a picture of Petra’s shaved pussy provided that final extra bit needed for Mark to send his hot cum shooting into Laura’s cunt, which kicked off her orgasm, her back arching before falling back into the bed. “That was big one honey,” smiled Mark.

“You’re not kidding” she said after a while. “Do you know what made it so hot? Thinking how hot it would be to licking on Pet’s pussy as you came inside her.”

Mark’s eyes flew open, “Really?”

“Hell yes! Her pussy just looks so hot shaved. Would you like me to shave mine? Or maybe get Petra to do it for me?”

“Honey if I wasn’t so tired I’d tell you go and wake Petra and do it now.”

“Well we’ll see what tomorrow brings”. And with that thought they drifted off to sleep

Morning brought a typical Mediteranian day, hot and cloudless. Over breakfast, Ewan and Petra said they were heading for the beach, Mark said they’d follow when his head stopped banging quite so badly.

Later Mark and Laura walked to the beach and looked around for Ewan and Petra but couldn’t see them so they strolled down towards the nudist beach before stripping off bakırköy masöz escort to walk the rest of the way.

As they walked they both checked out the other bodies on display. “Don’t you just love the way sunglasses allow you perv without it being so obvious?” Laura whispered as they spotted Ewan and Petra. They dropped down alongside them and opened the cool box. The day drifted by with Ewan and Mark checking the talent on the beach (as where the girls, just not so obviously) and with Mark checking out Petra’s shaved cunt. They decided to head back to the villa and have a Jacuzzi before deciding what to do that night. Before they headed back up the beach they got dressed again. Ewan blew a whistle as he saw Laura’s new bikini.

“Isn’t it odd that we can spend all day together on the beach naked but I find myself getting a hard on looking at you in that bikini,” said Ewan.

“Blame your wife, she picked it.” said Laura “She wanted it for herself, but the top just wouldn’t hold these.” With that she stepped forward and lifted Petra’s breasts, giving both a good fondle. Both lads eyes widened as the girls headed off back up the beach. When they got back, Petra headed for the shower in their en-suite and Ewan joined her.

Mark and Laura took the chance to have ten minutes lie down.

“You realise that if you let Pet shave you then I am going to get a monster hard on, don’t you?” He said to her.

“That’s ok I’m sure we’ll put it to some use.” She replied.

“What do you mean”, He asked.

“We’ll see” Laura said with a quick stroke of Marks half hard cock. “Now go shower. I’ve got things to do.”

Mark did as he was told, wondering what the hell had the girls had been discussing behind his and Ewan’s backs?

After his shower Mark headed for the Jacuzzi only to find Ewan and Petra had beaten him to it. Petra looked at his half hard on and asked what Laura and he had been up to. He slipped into the Jacuzzi on the other side of Petra “Nothing unfortunately,” he said with a rueful grin, letting the hot water slowly relax him. Not exactly easy when his mind was running through what Laura had hinted at and his best friends’ wife’s glorious tits are almost floating on the surface of a bubbling Jacuzzi!

“Everyone comfortable?” said Laura as she slipped into water on the other side of Ewan.

“I tell you what, we certainly heard you two in the throes of passion last night” said Petra.

“Yeah, somehow the thought of a nice long holiday in the sun always spices up your sex life.” said Laura. “You realize, Pet that Mark can’t decide whether he prefers ogling your tits or your shaved pussy? If I go ahead and do it, what does it feel like?”

“Here give me your hand”. Petra raised her legs to float on the surface and Mark and Ewan saw something they never thought they’d ever see. Laura placed her hand gently on Petra’s cunt, and stroked and felt her way all around her hairless pussy.

Ewans and Marks faces where a picture, their jaws dropped and their eyes riveted to the scene before him.

Petra’s eyes were shut as her legs opened wider and her breathing got faster. “Ooh, I can feel you starting to get moist inside Pet.” said Laura “But then, so am I.”

Both Ewan and Mark had massive erections.

“Here Mark, feel this” Laura said and took his hand and placed it on Petra’s cunt. “So you want me to feel the same?”

“Oh yes” he said as he gently slid his index finger into Petra.

“Ah ah” said Laura, “she’s got work to do.” With that she reached out of the Jacuzzi and got a towel and Mark’s shaving kit, which she had gotten whilst Mark was having a shower. She climbed out of the Jacuzzi and lay back onto the towel, She then spread her legs until she could open them no more, leaving her cunt open for all to see. Petra started with a pair of scissors to trim her already small patch of bush down to stubble first, before starting the delicate task of shaving Laura’s cunt. She took every opportunity to feel and caress her body as she went. By now Petra was ready to start with the razor. She sprayed a little foam onto her fingers and slowly worked it into lather on Laura’s cunt taking far longer than she needed to, before she started to shave the remainder of her pussy hair off.

Within a couple of minutes Laura was panting “Please hurry, I think I’m cumming, Oh God I need a fuck.”

As Petra took the final strokes with the razor, she washed the last traces of soap off her bald cunt and ran her tongue right around Laura’s crack. She screamed with pleasure and came on her face.

“Fuck her now Ewan,” Petra commanded. Ewan didn’t need asking twice. He hauled himself out of the Jacuzzi and plunged his cock into Laura right up to his balls and started pumping for all he was worth.

“C’mon Mark”, said Petra, “I need some of that.”

They got out of the Jacuzzi, Petra leading Mark by the cock. She knelt down alongside Laura and whilst Mark was still standing took his cock into her mouth and started bakırköy otele gelen escort to suck. “God Laura was right” she said between sucks, “this is lovely.”

Laura was moaning gently as Ewan ploughed into her whilst sucking on her tits. She opened her eyes and smiled at them both, “Is this how you two imagined it?”

Mark couldn’t answer right away as he shot his load of the night down Petra’s throat. He kept cumming as Petra pulled his cock from her mouth to allow his next blast to hit her chin and then leave a trail down to her breasts.

Laura was watching and moaning, she seemed to be alive with one orgasm after another as she gripped Ewan with her cunt and with her legs around his back. Ewan was the next to cum yelling as he did.

“Let me see you cum on her smooth cunt” Petra told Ewan, leaning over Laura to let her lick her husband cum from her tits. With that Laura released her grip and relaxed as Ewan pulled out of her and sent his jism all over her newly shaved cunt.

Petra leaned forward, licked Ewan’s cock and then proceeded to lick Laura’s cunt clean. Both men were stunned. Neither girl had ever even mentioned a desire to do anything like this. This just kept on getting better. Mark’s cock was back in fighting condition, which was just as well as Petra asked him to fuck her hard from behind.

He couldn’t believe how quickly he’d got hard again, but watching Petra’s tongue slide up and down Laura’s cunt in time with the strokes of his cock in her cunt, he was in danger of shooting too quickly again. Ewan was slowly stroking his cock again when Laura leaned over and took him in her mouth. It only took another couple of minutes before Petra and Mark came together. Seconds after that Laura moaned with pleasure partly from her own orgasm from Petra’s tongue and partly from Ewan’s cock as he really went to town fucking her face.

Mark sat back on a poolside lounger watching Laura finally bring Ewan off in her mouth. Petra sat alongside him gently stroking his cock and balls.

“Well, this is going to be some holiday” she said. Petra looked at Laura and they both burst into laughter. Ewan and Mark looked at each other wondering what the joke was.

“It is what you two fantasized about, isn’t it?” She said.

“Hell yes”, said Ewan. “But you could have involved us from the start.”

“Well, we never actually planned for it to happen, so we couldn’t.”

“Does anybody fancy a drink?” Mark asked heading off to the kitchen to get some beer.

He was still half hard as he came back to the Jacuzzi to see Petra was lying on her back holding her cunt lips open for Laura who was on her knees sucking and licking her clit. Meanwhile Ewan is pumping his cock in and out of Laura whilst reaching under her squeeze her breasts. Laura was alternately licking and grunting. “Oh fuck, don’t stop. This feels so good.”

His own cock was now at full mast as he watched his wife lose all her inhibitions and just go for it. He sat down alongside Petra and gently stroked her tits, she opened her eyes and grinned as she reached for his cock. He shuffled up to slip it between her lips for the second time that night. She hadn’t been sucking for more than a minute when she started to cum herself. This made her suck and wank even more strongly but he was determined to hold out a little longer this time.

“Oh God I love the taste of your pussy Pet.” said Laura. Ewan grunted that he was cumming and pulled out of Laura’s cunt and shot hot, steamy, thick cum all over her ass and back. Watching another mans white trail of cum run down between the crack of his wife’s ass and in between her freshly parted cunt lips was almost too much for Mark as he pumped in and out of Petra’s mouth.

Laura smiled at him and whispered “Cum in her mouth for me darling”. With a loud groan, Mark released his own load into Petra’s mouth. The first blast went straight down her throat, the rest splattered over her nose and chin. Laura crawled over to Petra and licked her face before kissing her.

“This could get to be a habit,” Mark said, “but I’m not as young as I used to be and I’m feeling well and truly fucked in more ways than one.”

“Yeah, you and me both,” said Ewan.

“I don’t know, these guys don’t seem to have any stamina these days” said Petra as she gave Ewan’s flaccid cock a playful tug.

“I still have more than enough energy for you”, Ewan replied.

“That’s if we still want you” said Laura reaching over to caress Petra’s left tit.

“Yeah what’s with this,” Mark asked, “you have never expressed any desire to be with another girl before.”

“Well Petra and I were talking on Friday after you left and after half a bottle of vodka, some sex talk and a hot film it seemed pretty natural. We started by just having a cuddle on the sofa and one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew we were both naked. We really didn’t plan it. But we did plan this. That’s when we decided to see if you guys were all mouth and bakırköy rus escort no trousers.”

“Did we pass?” said Ewan with a grin on his face and yet another erection.

“I want it this time” said Petra and dragged him off to their bedroom.

Laura and Mark followed to their room. Mark was still curious about why the girls had decided to go through with this but Laura told him not to look a gift horse in the mouth and climbed into the shower. He crashed out on the bed and was asleep by the time Laura climbed in next to him.

Mark woke up about three in the morning and looked at his with covers thrown back, one hand covering her newly shaved cunt. He couldn’t resist lifting her hand to allow his tongue to slowly trace the crack of her cunt. She opened one eye, giggled and fell promptly back to sleep. Mark awoke about eight O’clock with that truly wonderful sensation of the early morning blow job. As he opened his eyes he found that it was Petra with his cock in her mouth. Not only that but Ewan had the whole thing on camcorder. “Lay back and enjoy it” said Ewan, “Laura is in the shower.”

Mark was rapidly discovering that there is nothing Petra likes better than to suck a cock hard before climbing on board to milk it dry. This time Ewan wasn’t going to give her a chance as he slid his own cock up her cunt and fucked her with a slow steady pace whilst trying to get the whole thing on film.

Laura appeared naked from the shower and just watched as the three of them reached orgasm one at a time. “I guess that’s breakfast taken care of.” said Laura with a laugh. “Are we ready for a day at the beach?”

Within an hour they were ready and headed back to the naturist beach that they were at the day before. Nothing but relaxing in the sun, swimming in the sea and plenty of beer. They had lunch at a small beach café and took in the sights whilst having a few more beers. There were people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Including a couple of young women getting rather intimate for a public place. Mark felt himself getting aroused by their display so took himself off for swim to calm down. 10 minutes later he headed back to the sunbathing spot. Any further thoughts of getting another erection disappeared pretty rapidly as all the others were staring at him and trying not to laugh as he came towards them. “What’s the joke,” he asked as he grabbed a beer.

“The girls had a bet on that you would come out of the water with a hard on” laughed Ewan.

“Poor old Mark” said Laura. “I don’t think he knows what has hit him this last couple of days.”

“Well that makes two of us” said Ewan.

The day wore on and they decided to stay in the villa and have a barbecue at rather go out for dinner.

Back in their bedroom later that afternoon Mark asked Laura if she was really happy about the way things were going. “You have always said that we should be more adventurous darling” she said, “and I am honestly enjoying it but what about you?” They looked at each other and came together and kissed in a way that gave Laura her answer.

Ewan had gone off to the supermarket to grab some food for the barbecue later that night and Mark was topping up the fridge with some beers. Petra meanwhile was looking at the video that Ewan had shot of them earlier that morning and could hardly stop giggling. “Here Mark, look at this” she called. Mark looked at the TV and saw what she was laughing at. Ewan was getting so worked up on the final strokes as he fucked his wife that the video was in between trying to focus on the floor one minute and the ceiling the next.

“This one isn’t going to win any awards is it?” Mark laughed.

“I want to make sure that we get some really good footage of that beautiful cock fucking my pussy tonight.” Said Petra with a wink.

“God I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” Replied Mark.

“Well keep it in your shorts you randy bastard; you’ll need all your energy for tonight if things go the way us girls have planned.”

“Have you been making arrangements behind our backs again?”

“You bet. Now scoot in and ask Laura if she will shave my pussy for me. I know there is only a day’s growth there but I want to be smooth and soft for tonight.”

“What’s wrong with me doing it?” Mark asked.

“No way, you’ll just want to fuck me and you’ll have to wait.” Grinned Petra with an affectionate squeeze of his hardening cock.

Mark went to get Laura and to ask her to help Petra. “Are you sure you want me to?” she asked Petra, “wouldn’t you rather wait for Ewan?”

“No, I like the idea of you doing it.” Replied Petra. Laura went to get some shaving gear together and Petra went into her bedroom and laid a towel on the bed. She stripped off her shorts and lay on the bed in just her t-shirt. Mark watched as she spread her legs and felt the stubble on her own cunt.

“What are you doing just standing there?” asked Laura as she came back into the room, “bugger off and make yourself useful and get the barby ready.” Mark was reluctant to leave but figured obeying would probably work in his favour in the end.

He started to put the charcoal on the barbecue and check the ice in the freezer when Ewan appeared carrying the stuff from the supermarket and started to fill the fridge. He pulled out a couple of beers and asked where the girls were. “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you” Mark replied.



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