When Gina Met Tammy… Ch. 18

The girls get ready to go back to Colorado after Keme and Angie’s marriage.

TAMMY: No one is ever going to be able to convince me there’s anything better than waking up next to the one you love. Gina’s body was perfectly molded to mine, and I was content to lay there in her embrace until she woke up. Besides some sightseeing and the wedding rehearsal tonight, there’s nothing on our agenda today to get us out of bed early.

Well, starvation might force us to get up. I giggled a little when my stomach started rumbling. Damn, the way we’ve been eating, and not working out, it probably wouldn’t hurt to skip a meal! I know it’s all in my head, but I feel like I’ve put on about 5 pounds since we got to Connecticut.

The ‘early bird’ in Gina hit her like it had me, and I could tell she was waking up when her fingers started stroking my tummy. She chuckled when another growl greeted her, slapping my belly and saying “Down, you beast!” I turned my head to get my morning kiss, then lay there as she continued her gentle caresses.

My reverie was broken by another roar from my belly, and we both had a giggling fit when her tummy grumbled in response. I said, “I guess we won’t get any peace until we feed these monsters, baby.” She replied, “I reckon yer right, m’dear. ‘Sides, if I don’t get up, this fuckin’ mattress is gonna get soaked.” We got up to pee and brush our teeth, then had a nice shower to get ready for the day.

GINA: Once we’d dressed, we went down and found a place that had a breakfast buffet. Tammy had eggs, toast and some fruit, and I was in heaven because they had biscuits and gravy! She just stared at me when I added a generous amount of Tabasco sauce to my gravy, and said, “God, honey, is your stomach lined with lead or something?” I just smiled, savoring the spiciness and clearing my sinuses at the same time.

Those tiny cups of coffee that the restaurants have just weren’t enough, so we found a Dunkin’ to get some large cups to go. The valet brought the rental car around, and we headed out for Tammy’s childhood home. On the way, Tammy warned me that, while most of her neighbors had been nice, if we saw the crotchety old woman who lived across the street, to just wave and keep going. “Otherwise,” she said, “you’re liable to get an earful of everything that’s wrong with the world.” She giggled and said Mrs. Johnston probably had a conniption when she found out about Keme and Angie getting married, because her views about ‘homos’ were quite Puritan!

The house was a cute little cape style, and we managed to get inside without seeing Mrs. Johnston, even though Tammy said she knew the woman was probably watching us through her windows. Tammy gasped when we went in, seeing how right Keme had been about it being bare. Other than an old couch, the living room was nearly empty except for some scattered junk lying around. She described how it had been laid out when she lived here, and it sounded like it had been cozy, even though it wasn’t that big.

The kitchen had been pretty well cleaned out, except for some old flatware and a slew of plastic containers. Tammy rummaged through those, finding a small bowl and lid that she said she had a use for in a little while. We went upstairs, and there were two bedrooms with a single bathroom between them. The bedrooms were empty as well, except for Tammy’s dresser that was still in her room.

TAMMY: Momma was right — it was a bit of a shock seeing the house this barren. Even though it’s been over 4 years since I really lived here, I was still able to tell Gina how things had been, giving her a glimpse in her mind of where I grew up. Going through the drawers of my dresser, I found some of my old sketch books, groaning at how bad some of my early drawings were. Gina got a kick out of them, though, and said I should take these back with us, so she could look through them later to see just how my talent has grown over the years.

Reluctantly, I agreed, and took the pads downstairs. We’ve already decided we’re going to ship our gowns home after the wedding, along with our new ‘toys’, so these books will just get added to that shipment. The tour finished, I put the pads in the car and we walked a block over, where there was a small playground and park. I told Gina this was where I’d earned most of my skinned knees and elbows, then led her into the woods where there was a small clearing with some logs strewn around for sitting. Explaining that this was where my friends and I would gather to have giggling gossip sessions, then later a place to sneak off to and drink our bootleg wine, I went over to one log I’ll always remember and we sat down.

I told Gina that this spot was where, after sharing a bottle of wine, I’d had my first kiss with a girl and finally realized I was a lesbian. Scooping some of the sand into the bowl I’d picked up, I said if she didn’t mind, this was the sand I wanted to use in our wedding. She smiled pendik escort bayan and kissed me, telling me that was a perfect choice. We walked back to the car, and I saw Mrs. Johnston in her doorway, staring out to see who these intruders were. Smiling sweetly, I waved, getting a small wave in return, and we drove off quickly before she could come out and start ranting.

Gina was laughing as we drove away, and I said, “Baby, believe me. You DON’T want to get her wound up! I can’t imagine how bad it would set her off if she knew I was one of ‘that kind’!”

GINA: Tammy asked if I wanted to go to the coast, and I told her it really doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. Personally, I don’t understand what the attraction is all about. You go stand on a beach that smells like dead fish, and look out over…nothing. Big whoop!

I said, “Anyway, honey, a month from now we’re gonna get plenty o’ th’ ocean in th’ Bahamas.” She grinned and said she saw my point. We ended up driving around the area, with Tammy showing me places she’d been and things she’d done while growing up.

There was a little roadside diner that Tammy said she remembered as being good, so we stopped there for dinner. While we ate, Tammy laughed and said, “Shit, babe, I can’t think of anything else nearby to show you. My life as a kid wasn’t anything like yours. While you were out having fireworks fights, I was probably just holed up in my room drawing or doing some other boring thing,”

I reached over the table and took her hand, and said, “Darlin’, I ain’t complainin’. From where I’m sittin’, ya turned out just fine.” Stopping to kiss her ring, I continued “Ya just gotta ‘member that it was yer drawin’ that brought ya t’ me!” She smiled and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I think I got the best end of that deal, though!”

We drove back to the hotel and went up to our suite. Tammy got a text from Keme saying they were about to leave Angie’s to check into their suite, and for us to stop by a little before 5:00 so we could all go downstairs for the rehearsal. I was standing behind Tammy, my chin on her shoulder as we read the text. Somehow, my hand had snaked its way under her T shirt and was currently filled with her titty, and I murmured “Mmmm, that means we can have some playtime, babe.”

TAMMY: Gina pulled my shirt over my head slowly, kissing my neck and shoulders before tossing the shirt aside and pushing me down on the couch. She took off my shoes, licking each toe, then worked her way up my legs. I could feel my lust already building when I raised my hips to let her slide my shorts and panties off.

She bent my legs and put my feet on the couch cushions, opening my thighs enough to give her room to kneel between them. Blood was already rushing to fill my labia as she alternated sides kissing my thighs from the knees towards my center until she reached my throbbing pussy. With slow, deliberate licks, her tongue ran up and down my slit, pushing deeper with each pass. I was panting while she slurped and sucked my engorged lips, feeling the familiar tingle beginning to grow in my core.

Gina’s hands roamed over my tits while she ate me, her fingers teasing my excited nipples with twists and tugs. I stroked her blonde hair with one hand, having to use my other hand to cover my mouth when the uncontrollable moaning started. Looking in my eyes while she probed my inner pinkness, she pulled her head away long enough to sexily wet a middle finger with spit and start playing with my puckered asshole.

Involuntary spasms rocked me when she plunged her finger in my butt and her tongue deep inside my cunt at the same time. Her tongue slid upwards until it found my clit, and I yipped when she started flicking the pearl between her lips. With one hand on my breasts, her finger in my butt, and her tongue caressing my love nub, I felt the fiery messages from the three points begin converging in my belly.

I bucked up when I came, releasing my orgasmic flow into her mouth. My legs wrapped around her head while she sucked the cum, nearly suffocating her with the contractions of my muscles. Tremor after tremor coursed through me from her tongue digging deep to pull the juices out. I released my leg lock on her and collapsed back on the couch, my eyes closed and my own mouth breaking into a big smile when the climax peaked and I slowly glided back to earth.

Gina got up and sat beside me, leaning over to give me a kiss and let me taste the remnants of my cum. We kissed for several minutes while I gathered my senses, not in a hurry to leave this plateau I was on. When I finally came together, I realized she was still wearing her clothes, and I grinned and whispered “Well, this will never do!” Our tongues remained locked in loving combat while I began sliding her T shirt up, determined to return the pleasure she’d given me.

GINA: I love making my darling cum, and was eager with anticipation because I could tell from her kisses that I was about maltepe escort to receive her payback. Tammy inched my shirt up until she had to break our kiss to pull the shirt over my head, then she started nuzzling my neck, working her way down to kiss and suck my nipples while she unbuttoned my shorts. Her hand slipped under my panties, stroking my slit before starting to slide my clothes off.

I raised my hips to let her tug my shorts, thong and shoes off in one swift motion, tossing them aside. She told me to stand up, and she laid down on the couch, beckoning me with her finger to sit on her face. I straddled her, looking down into her green eyes as she slowly licked my butthole, taint, and up my aching pussy lips. A shiver ran through me when she began probing my depths, her tongue searching for the fluids inside me.

The tip of her tongue flicked across my clitoral hood and I felt two fingers slip inside my cunt, wetting them with pre-cum before moving down to tickle my pucker. Her mouth moved down to lick my outer and inner lips, and first one, then two fingers began poking my asshole open, stretching it while they wiggled in the abyss. Her free hand was switching back and forth on my nipples, rolling the swollen buds between her fingers. I had to grab one of the throw pillows to muffle my yelps when the fires in me were ignited.

A tremendous shudder shook both of us when my climax unleashed into her hungry mouth. I watched her swallow my cum, and seeing that caused another contraction to pulse through me, pouring more nectar out to be consumed. Tammy kept slurping when I threw my head back, letting go of a final scream into the pillow.

With the orgasm subsiding, I slid down, feeling Tammy’s fingers pop out of my rectum as I moved. I left a trail of leftover cum and saliva down her body until I was lying on top of her, kissing her to taste my ecstasy on her lips. Our hips ground together while we kissed, giving us both little flutters from our inflamed labia. I paused long enough to whisper, “Sweetheart, we’re just too damned good together,” making her giggle as we resumed our kissing.

When I was finally able to, I sat up and pulled Tammy up to a sitting position. She went to get a washcloth to wipe the sweat and leaks from the couch, then we got in the shower to scrub away the leftovers of our tryst. After drying off and tousling our hair back into shape, we got dressed in jeans and blouses, not wanting to look too shabby for the rehearsal.

TAMMY: We took the elevator to the floor where Momma and Angie’s suite was, and Angie let us in, saying Momma was finishing up her makeup. They were dressed similar to us, and I was glad we’d decided to ‘dress up’ a little. We went down to the banquet hall where the ceremony will be, and saw that the tables had already been set up, leaving two aisles where we’d be walking in when the wedding started.

The minister came in a few minutes later, and introduced herself as Marie. She explained that, while she was ordained by the Episcopalian church, the wedding ceremony itself was going to be non-denominational. Andrew had recorded the opening song on a CD that we could play, and after the first walk-through, we decided that we wouldn’t walk down the aisles until Gina started on the first chorus. That would put us up on the small stage/dance floor while Gina was finishing up the last chorus, and then Marie would start.

Momma showed us the capelets they’d be wearing when we walked in, and Marie said when we reached the front, Gina and I would remove the capes and then place the white blanket over Momma and Angie’s shoulders and start the ceremony. She said that after she gave us the wrap to put around their shoulders, she would give a short talk explaining the significance of the blanket ceremony. Momma and Angie would then recite their vows. The whole practice session only took about 45 minutes, and the five of us left to go to dinner. Since Gina wouldn’t have any family present, and Momma was my only family, we hadn’t planned a rehearsal dinner. We ended up choosing to go to a ‘Surf and Turf’ restaurant located nearby.

The meal was excellent, and we all enjoyed talking with Marie. She and her husband have travelled to places I’ve never heard of, and she had some hilarious stories to tell. We were in that restaurant having a great time for over 2 hours, until Marie said she had to get home. Her youngest daughter is going to college in Florida now, and Marie said they talked nearly every day so she had to go get ready for the call.

GINA: After we ate and bid good-night to Marie, we went up to Angie and Keme’s suite. Tammy and I were snickering at the pre-wedding jitters they were having. While she was making us all Scotch and rocks to drink, Angie snorted “Just wait, you two will find out what this feeling is in a couple of months!” That was enough to ALMOST quiet us down.

Keme brought the garment bag with our gowns out, then we sat around the living area going over tomorrow’s details. Keme said kartal escort we had appointments for 10:00 AM to get manicures and pedicures. After dinner, we’ll go to get our hair done, and then they’re going to have a makeup artist come by their suite. Angie said that we needed to be downstairs and ready by 5:30 in the ‘waiting room’, before the guests started arriving.

Keme had three envelopes that she put on the coffee table, and said, “Now, girls, these are your responsibility tomorrow. One envelope has our wedding bands, one is our marriage license, and the third is the payment for Marie. If these don’t make it down to the ceremony, I will promise you a slow and tortured death!” We laughed, and promised that we’d make sure they got there.

We had another drink and sat around chatting until around 10:30 PM. Angie yawned, setting off a chain reaction, then said, “I think we need to go try and get some sleep. We’ll probably fail, but right now, I can hardly keep my eyes open.” After hugs and kisses good-night, Tammy and I went back to our suite, taking our gowns and the envelopes.

I admit we were both tired as well, so after stripping and taking care of bathroom business, we got in bed. We each took a couple of hits from the vape pen Tammy had got from Shelby, and that relaxed us even more. I kissed Tammy good-night, then turned on my side and pulled her up tight against my back. Whispering “I love you” to each other, we both slipped into a THC fueled sleep.


TAMMY: A gentle tugging sensation was leading me out of my dream state. Awareness started taking over, and I realized what the source of the pull was. Gina had the Womanizer placed on my clitoris and the infernal device was rhythmically sucking on the nerve bundle. My eyes were still closed as I laid there enjoying the warm feeling that was spreading across my body.

Gina was doing what I had done to her the other day — letting the toy gently suck on low speed instead of the bone-jarring higher settings. Then I started feeling the butterfly touches of her lips along my inner thighs and labia. When I opened my eyes, she was staring at my face while she kissed the flesh, pausing long enough to say, “Told ya I’d get ya back!” I just smiled and lay back, closing my eyes again to savor the gently building climax.

Keeping the Womanizer firmly on my button, Gina kissed her way up my body. My orgasm let go as she kissed my mouth, and I moaned while her tongue tangled with mine. Turning the toy off, she pulled back slightly and whispered, “Good mornin’, darlin’. Hope ya don’t mind me playin’ a little.” I chuckled and told her she could play anytime, anywhere.

We lay there kissing for a few minutes, then I said, “My love, as much as I’d like to stay here all day, we’ve got a wedding to get ready for!” Gina sighed, then we got up to pee, brush our teeth, and get in the shower. She shaved me first, being gentle when she ran the razor over my still tender crotch. Then I shaved her, getting some payback when the clipper buzzed her pussy and gave her a small climax.

GINA: After my little orgasm subsided, we scrubbed each other clean then got out to dry off. We got dressed and Tammy called Keme, to see if they wanted to join us for breakfast. Keme said they’d just gotten up after a restless night, and were too jittery to eat. Tammy laughed and told her we were going downstairs, and they could meet us in the café when they got ready.

It was over an hour before Angie and Keme showed up, not looking very jittery at all. I nudged Tammy and sort of nodded in their direction, and she had to cover her mouth to conceal her grin. It took a lot for me to hold back from saying they looked like they’d found a way to relieve their tension since our phone call.

We all had a couple of cups of coffee before striking out for the nail salon. One good thing about this resort is they have all kinds of services on-site, from hair and nail salons to a full gym setup. Tammy and I have been letting our nails grow a little, so it was nice to have them shaped and polished. Because of my guitar playing, I won’t let mine get too long, but just a little length is okay. (And a side benefit — nails lightly dragging on tender flesh feels SO good!).

After our mani/pedis were done, we went to a salad bar for lunch. That was all any of us thought we could handle, since the pre-wedding jitters were starting to build. I mentioned that, after we were made up and dressed, we should all probably have a stiff drink before the ceremony. Angie smiled and said she was way ahead of me, and that’s exactly what they planned to do.

TAMMY: After we ate, we went to the hair salon. Since Gina and I have short hair, we didn’t need much styling other than a light trim and split-end removal. Angie had her hair done up in a soft French twist, with a red (silk) flower on the side the same color as their gowns. Momma had decided to wear her hair in a loose, single braid down her back, with leather thongs holding the braid together from the bottom to about her shoulders. She also had a circlet of white baby’s breath woven in on top, and a few strands of loose hair framed her face. When Gina and I saw the finished styles on them, we both agreed they looked fabulous.



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