All day at work, I kept seeing scenes from my erotic dream. I could almost reach out and touch my fantasy lover… but I knew he was only a dream. Dream or not, he made me creamy. I couldn’t wait to fall back asleep to continue our play.

Work dragged on, and on, and on. As interesting as I usually found my co-workers, I couldn’t concentrate on the conversations we were having. I quickly dismissed it to them as a “lack of sleep issue,” although lack of sleep was far from the issue. I wanted my fantasy lover to be real so I could perform everything in my dreams on his incredibly sexy body.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity at work, 5 pm rolled around. A couple of guys asked me to have a drink with them, but I politely refused telling them I have a hot date to get to. Besides, they weren’t nearly as attractive as my dream lover.

As I let myself into my apartment building, I started to let down my hair. Standing 5’6″ (5’8″ in heels) I don’t think of myself as a “hottie”, but more of a “home grown” girl. Running my fingers through my long blonde hair I let myself into my apartment, lock the door, and proceed to undress. I imagine that my lover is standing in my apartment waiting for me, so I put on a teasing show for him.

I start by slowly unbuttoning my shirt, taking great care to captivate his attention. I love to be the only person my lover can think kızılay escort of. Button by button my shirt slowly reveals my womanhood and the black lacy bra that holds me in. Reaching behind myself, I inch the zipper to my pencil skirt down. As the zipper reaches it’s end, I gyrate my hips to wiggle free of it. Standing in my kitchen in nothing but my black lacy bra and thong, I signal my lover to follow me to my bathroom.

Once in my bathroom, I again reach behind me and unhook my bra. Teasingly I slide my straps over my shoulders and let my bra land on the floor. I then hook my thumbs on either side of my thong and wiggle out of it letting it lay on the floor next to my bra.

I turn on the shower, adjusting it to a very hot steamy temperature and step in. I beckon my lover into the shower with me. With the lusciously hot water cascading down my face and body, I start to lather my body. The water feels like a lovers hands roaming all over my body. I am so turned on by this I shudder in response.

I quickly finish lathering and rinsing myself, and climb into bed wet and naked. My Egyptian cotton sheets feel like silk on my skin and I quickly fall into a restless sleep where I quickly pick up where I left off…

I take him deeper and deeper into my mouth, as far as I can take him, I “swallow” him and he sighs… I’ve always enjoyed making kolej escort a man feel completely powerless and powerful at the same time. Sliding up and down his shaft, moving very fast then tapering off to a snail’s pace, nibbling him up and down, running my tongue ring around and around his manhood; I know he’s in ecstasy because his hands are wrapped in my long blonde hair and his breathing is incredibly ragged.

I remove myself from his cock and climb up his body. I kiss him hotly, deeply, passionately. I nibble his earlobes while stroking him. I feel his excitement on my palm… he is gently thrusting against me while I am lightly stroking and kissing him.

He reaches down to stroke my cleft. A moan escapes my full lips. I do enjoy being played with, especially my clit… but this is his time, so I gently push his hand away from me so I can concentrate. I grab my silk scarves from my toy box and tie his hands to two corners of my four post bed to make sure he does not distract me again. I then grab a blindfold and place it over his eyes. I don’t want him to know what I’ve got planned next.

I get up from my bed, walk across the room to the roses I have on my mantle. Plucking one from the vase, walk back over to the bed. I love roses… and candles. I bring the rose up to his nose for him to smell, so I don’t startle him. I then trace the ankara escort rose petals across his lips, down his neck, over his chest… I run the rose from nipple to nipple, gently circling each and running the rose across each peak. After torturing each nipple, I continue my downward trail.

I run the rose over each taught ab muscle, this man has an absolutely incredible body, tracing each and continuing downward. I reach his lower abs, to the place that makes him uniquely male, and lightly run the rose from the tip of his cock down to the base then circle his sac.

I then turn my attention to his legs. Running the rose from his heel to his toes, in a slow circlular pattern, I crest his toes and start tracing the top of his foot. I start running the rose up his leg, he moans with the torture I am putting him through, up his calves, across his knees, up his thighs… Again, I am at his core.

I breathe a long warm breath on his throbbing cock then lick his pre-cum from his tip. My tongue ring applying the perfect amount of pressure to make him moan. I lick him like a lollypop from base to tip, tip to base. I love his manly taste. I wrap my lips around his dick and inch him into my mouth and down my throat. Humming, I slide up and down his cock. I flick my tongue very fast on the underside of the tip of his cock.


“We have GOT to stop meeting like this!!” I say to my alarm clock. “Just once, could you PLEASE let me finish my dream!! It was just getting GOOD!!”

Dragging myself out of bed, I prepare myself for the day. I cannot wait for the weekend, where I can spend all day in bed with my dream lover.



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