What happens under the covers…Chapter One“This will surely go down in the record books as the storm of the century.” The meteorologist’s voice bellowed from the 32 inch flat TV screen. That was the last thing Sarah Sheldon heard before the lights flickered, once…twice, and then everything went dark. Her body stiffened, paralyzed by her fear of storms.“Shit!” she shrieked. “Daddy…? The power’s out!” Of course he would have already figured that one out for himself, but Sarah had been afraid of storms for as long as she could remember and the idea of sitting alone, staring at nothing but darkness, made her petite body shiver. Or was that because along with the lights, the heat had been instantly severed by the blustery weather as well?She reached for the throw blanket d****d across the back of the couch and wrapped it around herself until just her face was sticking out of the soft fleece. “Daddy!” she yelled again.“I’m right here, sweetheart.” Sarah couldn’t see him, only the dim beam of light shooting out from the flashlight he held in one hand, which was quickly consuming its last bit of battery power and looked as those it would die at any second, but his deep, soothing voice resonated from somewhere in the curtain of darkness behind her and instantly eased some of the tension that had coiled itself deep inside her. She hated storms. It was her subconscious mind reminding her of the fiery havoc Mother Nature could injuriously inflict upon them at a moments notice, just as she had done all those years ago when her own mother had been forced to veer off the road to avoid hitting a fallen tree, only to find herself face to face with another much larger, more menacing trunk that she had no hopes of avoiding. It had been the effects of an angry hurricane that had stolen her mother from her that night eight years ago. Her mother, Danielle, had been alone, on her way home from a double shift at the hospital, braving the heavy, vision impairing rain and blustery winds, while a much younger Sarah and her father waited for her at home. In Sarah’s eyes, all storms had the capability of causing the same heart-wrenching devastation, even this one. The power suddenly going out was proof that this was a storm to be reckoned with too.She heard her father’s heavy footsteps as he crossed the room. Her eyes were slowly beginning to adjust to the eerie darkness and the puny beam of light her father carried made it possible to just make out his large silhouette as he stopped in front of the bay window and drew back the curtain.“It looks like everybody is without power.” Michael Sheldon stated calmly. The streets were vacant except for the occasional car that dared to brave the monumental blizzard despite the cute weatherman’s continuous warnings to stay off the treacherous roads. Sarah had been alone, so totally entranced the handsome face and beaming smile on the TV screen that she had become temporarily distracted from her fears. Her body had felt warm and tingly with a sudden, indescribable dampness formulating between her thighs. Her erotic musings had been shattered instantly, however, by the sudden darkness that had engulfed her and its crude reminder of what was going on outside.As a slow moving vehicle crept passed their house, Michael could see just how bad the storm had gotten as the car’s headlights illuminated the heavy snowfall that was quickly transforming their quiet neighborhood into a dangerous blanket of white. He hated storms, perhaps just as much as his young daughter did. The painful memories that always managed to surface during a time like this left him cold and trembling, and it wasn’t due to the temperature. He had lost half of his soul that night eight years ago as his beautiful wife, his best friend and mother to their only c***d, fought exhaustion to get home to them after covering a shift for a co- worker who was unable to make it in because of the storm. Dani had refused to listen when Michael had asked her to stay put, wait out the storm in one of the staff bunkrooms. She had wanted to be home with her family and so ignored his warnings. Now she was lost to him forever. The pain was sometimes just as raw as if it had happened only yesterday, yet Michael had somehow managed to put the pieces of their shattered life back together. For the sake of his daughter, Dani’s daughter, he had no choice, he couldn‘t fail either one of them.Being a single father wasn’t always easy, however. A social life was virtually nonexistent when you have a small life depending on you every second of the day. At least that’s what Michael had repeatedly told himself over the years. Sarah is a teenager now, a beautiful, spirited young lady who willingly takes a great deal of the workload off of his own tired shoulders, leaving him plenty of time for dating, but Michael often chooses not to. Sarah has become his entire world now that her mother is gone and being with her is what makes him happy, keeps him going when he recalls how life has disappointed him.“Do you think the power will be off for long, Daddy” Sarah asked, a shiver trailing up the length of her spine. His daughter’s voice sounded so small coming from the other side of the room and although Michael could barely see her, he didn’t miss the fear that laced her words. It was sometimes hard not to think of her as his little girl. While other times, when she walked through the house in just a T-shirt and tiny pair of panties, just like she was wearing tonight and every other night before bed, he would find himself taking note of all the wonderful changes that has taken shape in his young daughter’s body. Her breast, although not overly large, appeared high and perky with perfectly taut nipples that would often press against the thin fabric of her shirt whenever she was cold, which seemed to be quite often lately. Her ass was perfectly rounded, not too big, not to small. Just the way he likes it.The way he likes it? Why should it matter if his daughter has an ass that he likes? It doesn’t matter; Michael reminded himself quickly, she’s my daughter. She looks more and more like her mother everyday. That’s the only reason he assesses her beauty, takes careful note of the vibrant green eyes that sit in her perfect, heart shaped face and … the sexy little body that she does little to conceal while walking around in front of him.Sexy? Was Sarah, his baby girl… sexy? The same c***d who had refused to let him out of her sight for almost two years following her mother‘s death, gripped by the fear that if he left the house he might never come back, just as she had done. The same fragile youth who oftentimes woke up screaming in the middle of the night, even now, as another nightmare shatters her peaceful slumber. The same selfless young woman who spends little time doing the things that teenagers normally do, and more time taking care of his needs. That Sarah? Was she sexy? Hell yeah, he reluctantly admitted to himself.Since Dani’s death he has always seen Sarah as the sweet, fragile daughter who craves her father’s love and protection, and Michael has been all too happy to give her his complete devotion, but was it possible that his innocent little girl has grown up? That while he fought against the pain, refusing to let go of his dead wife‘s ghost, Sarah has come to need him less and less? Was it possible she no longer needed him as much as he needed her? The thought was daunting. After all, the old Sarah would have climbed onto his lap and clung fiercely to his shirtfront the minute the first light flickered, but the new, older Sarah, was still perched on the sofa, silently enduring the darkness. Michael stared at her for several long minutes. For as long as he could remember it was just him and Sarah. Camping, fishing, weekend dinner dates and movie tickets, everything they did, they did together. Occasionally Michael would chastise himself for monopolizing too much of his teenaged daughter’s time, just to ease his own loneliness, and would force himself to go out on a date, but it usually didn’t amount to anything more than a friendly dinner and a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. He would always promise to call them, but then he rarely ever did. He could probably count the number of times he has had sex, since his wife’s death, on one hand. Of course that doesn’t include the routine jack off sessions his body requires just to achieve a moment of peace, contentment that would last long enough to overlay the haunting memories that made it impossible to fall asleep. He needs a woman in his bed, and not just for sex. The loneliness that consumes his nights was, at times, unbearable. He misses the closeness that he used to share with Dani, her soft voice being the last thing he heard before closing his eyes. None of the women he dated seemed good enough to meet his Sarah. She was so precious to him, so sweet and innocent. He loved being with her, loved making her smile. She had a beautiful smile, perfect white teeth and soft, red lips, the kind that looked as though they would feel and taste amazing.Taste amazing? What the fuck? “Daddy I’m c-cold.”Michael brushed away the disturbing image of him kissing Sarah in a way that was anything but fatherly and rushed over to where his little girl sat shivering on the sofa. He really needed to consider getting laid. He slid beneath the blanket and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his large body. His hands rubbed briskly up and down her arms, over her back, attempting to warm her delicate flesh.She snuggled against him, sighing happily as she soaked up the heat that radiated from his body. “You smell so good, Daddy.” she whispered as she inhaled deeply. Her small hand mindlessly slid inside and up the front of his sweatshirt and lightly stroked the thin patch of hair that covered his hard chest, wanting desperately to crawl inside his skin and be consumed by his warmth.Her father was only 34 and his youthfulness showed in his strong, well maintained physique. She oftentimes found herself checking him out while he mowed the grass in just a pair of shorts, sweat coating every tight inch of his impressive chest and shoulders. Or when the two of them would go camping, forced to endure the close confinement of their four person tent, Sarah, who was supposed to have her back turned to allow him some privacy, would sneak a peek at his firm backside and thick, muscular legs while he changed into his pajamas. That was the first time Sarah had felt the unmistakable dampness that coated her inner thighs and the arousing warmth that fluttered in the pit of her stomach. Since that day she has made it her mission to catch her father unaware, to see his hard naked flesh. The thought disturbed her at first, but her teenaged curiosity soon won out and she accepted the inevitable, she was attracted to her own dad.The feel of Sarah’s fingers, caressing him in a way that was almost intimate sent a mass of tingles straight to his groin. Michael felt his cock twitching beneath his tight jeans. Anger and disgust rose up inside him, sickened by the thought that his body would betray him like this. Michael pushed her hands away and abruptly stood up. His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest as an unwanted wave of desire flowed through him once again. No… No way! Desire and Sarah were two words that did not belong in the same thought!Michael stalked off to the kitchen to fetch a beer. He needed to be alone. He snatched the matches off the back of the stove and lit the two small candles that sat on the table, then turned and opened the refrigerator. Just as he popped the top of his beer can and took one long, deep swallow, Sarah came into the room. He could barely make out her petite figure, standing in the dimly lit doorway, wrapped up tighter than a Christmas gift beneath the blanket. The vision would have been comical if not for the hurt look in his daughter’s eyes.Sarah‘s tiny voice was barely audible beneath the blustery howling of the wind as it rattled the windows. “I’m going to bed now.” That was all that she said before quickly turning and rushing from the room. No hug? No kiss? It had been their nightly routine since Sarah was fresh out of diapers, but tonight, she had looked dejected and sad as she walked away without offering him either one. Michael was shocked by how disappointed he felt. He enjoyed the feel of her soft lips as they caressed his cheek while she held him tight up against her budding breasts.You’re a sick, sick man, Sheldon. Michael whispered in the empty kitchen.* * *Michael downed his beer in one last gulp, reached inside the refrigerator for another one and headed up to his own room. There was no telling when the power would be back on so he may as well get under the covers and attempt to stay warm, disappointed that his nightly jack off session would have to be without the aid of his favorite porn video, Daddy’s Love.Daddy’s Love? Of course he knew what the video was about, fathers fucking their on screen daughters, he should know he’s seen it a thousand times, but why was it that, until this very minute, he had never questioned what had motivated him to buy it? Did he subconsciously desire his own daughter? He already admitted to himself that he found her sexy, but did he also want to fuck her, like the men in the movie? Taking their daughter’s innocence and loving them like no father had any business doing?No, No, No! He was horny, who wouldn’t be when they only got laid 2 or 3 times a year, but he wasn’t some sick pervert who dreamt about ravishing his own daughter. Was he? No. Absolutely not!With a cold beer in one hand and a candle in the other, Michael carefully navigated his way through the dark hallway. As he neared his daughter’s door he suddenly stopped. He felt bad about the way he had pushed her away when all she had been doing was trying to soak up some much needed warmth, but if she only knew the lust-filled thoughts that had been running rampant inside his head, while she innocently touched his bare flesh, she’d understand. Not that he intended to ever tell her about the disturbing images.After grabbing an extra blanket from the hall closet and stuffing it under his arm, he quietly opened her door. The room was dark and frigid. The moon streaming through her window offered some visibility as he set his beer on the dresser and moved towards the bed. Sarah was in the fetal position, huddled beneath a mountain of blankets with just her head left uncovered. She was already asleep.Michael just stared down at her for several long seconds, absorbing the beauty of his young daughter. She was no longer a c***d who could be placated with simple words; he had hurt her feelings and would have to make it up to her. Tomorrow. Right now, the aching between his legs told him he needed to get far away from the cause of his i****tuous thoughts, and stroke himself until every lustful image was exorcised from his brain.He gently laid the blanket atop her sleeping body and bent down to kiss the top of her head. Just as his lips were about to brush against her forehead, Sarah lifted and turned her head, his lips found hers instead. Michael was startled but didn’t immediately pull away. Her lips were just as soft as he’d imagined they would be. He moved his lips softly over hers, tentatively, teasing her with quick, innocent kisses, carefully concealing the dangerous fire this simple kiss was igniting in him. When he felt her arms wrap around his neck, pulling him closer, and her tongue traced a path across his bottom lip, he couldn’t help parting his lips for his daughter’s gentle invasion.The first sweep of her tongue inside his mouth was like a thousand tiny firecrackers had been set off inside his pants. His cock instantly swelled and pressed painfully hard against his zipper. Michael dared to deepen the kiss, placing one hand at the nape of her neck and holding her still while he plundered her mouth like a man dying of thirst. His tongue probed deep inside her wet cavern and was met by the hungry flick of his daughter’s tongue.What the hell was he doing? This is Sarah, his baby girl, making him hornier than he had ever felt in his life, yet he was unable to pull away. He had to stop before he did something they’d both come to regret, but as Sarah continuously shoved her tongue deep inside his mouth, he was lost beneath a heavy cloud of lust. The kiss was hot, passionate, and was making his dick hard enough to pound nails with. How far was he willing to let this go before he put an end to it? He couldn’t fuck her…could he? Sarah didn’t seem to be in any hurry to end the taboo kiss. But that was all she wanted…right…a kiss? She’s probably frightened by the ugly memories, the vicious storm outside has created and just wants to be comforted…right? Her kiss was tender, yet filled with passion, not the kiss of an innocent c***d. Is it possible that she’d more experienced than he had first thought? The idea of some other man kissing his beautiful daughter, and maybe more, sent an unexpected jolt of anger and jealously straight to his heart. He wanted to be the one to teach her about sex. The first man to bring about her sweet cries of passion.What the fuck? How could be even be considering having sex with his minor DAUGHTER? Had years of loneliness turned him into some kind of sick predator? Michael abruptly ended the kiss. He stared into Sarah’s confused eyes for a long second before pulling away.“Good night, Sweetheart.” His voice was full of pent up longing, a need that would have to remain unfulfilled. His cock was hard and weeping with disappointment, but his mind reminded him that he had to be the adult here. Wasn’t it his job to protect his daughter from perverts like him? But even as he scolded himself for letting the simple kiss turn into a heated exchange of want and desire, Michael knew that when he got to bed, he would not need to watch Daddy’s Love, his mind was all to eager to conjure up its own erotic images, scenes were he touched, tasted and fucked his little girl with no care as to the consequences.Damn! He was going to burn in hell for this!Chapter TwoMichael downed his last beer in three quick gulps, hoping the cool liquid would help sooth the fiery ache between his legs. It didn’t. The air in his room had turned icy cold with the loss of power and their only heat source, but still he tore his clothes from his body and quickly threw himself beneath the heavy quilt. He groaned as the soft material brushed against his throbbing hardness, causing a heavenly tingle to course through his lower body.His hand immediately found the unruly organ and, not caring that his straining hard-on was caused by his i****tuous thoughts of his 15 year old daughter, began to stroke the engorged flesh. Michael closed his eyes, knowing that when he did images of Sarah’s lips pressed against his, her hand gently caressing his heaving chest, would assail his mind, but he no longer cared. It was all in his head, a fantasy. That couldn’t hurt anybody…right? His hand moved faster, gripping his cock with vise like precision. He could feel the steady ooze of pre-cum as it dripped like a leaky faucet from the head of his cock. Images of Sarah in her tight T shirt and tiny lace panties swam behind his eyes, making his strokes faster, his breathing harsher. Release was within his grasp. His daughter’s name fell quietly, like a gentle caress, from his lips as he threw back the covers, knowing that when he came, it would be an explosive, sticky mess.Just as he bared himself to the cool air, and felt the knowing tightness in his cum-filled balls, his bedroom door flew open.Sarah’s petite figure quickly rushed into the room. Michael had just enough time to throw the covers back over his oozing cock before Sarah slid her trembling body into bed beside him.“W-What are you d-doing?” Michael panted, frustrated by the interruption and his need for completion. “I’m soooo c-cold, Daddy. Please k-keep me warm.” she shivered. Her cool skin against the side of his body was like a cold bucket of water thrown in his face. Michael instantly snapped out of his lusty trance and wrapped his arms around his daughter’s trembling body. Disgust filled his mind as he realized he had been whispering his daughter’s name while he prepared to expel his heavy load. He had to stop thinking of her like that. But even as he scolded himself for his unfatherly behavior, Michael could feel small fingers entwining themselves in his chest hair, a soft yet firm thigh rested atop his bare leg, just inches from his unaffected hard-on. He prayed that his innocent daughter would not feel the puddle of pre-cum that had moments ago dripped down his heavy meat and pooled in the trimmed thatch of pubic hair at the base.What the fuck was he supposed to do now? The object of his inappropriate desire was lying nestled beside him, half naked, innocently stroking his bare flesh in an attempt to share his warmth, and his cock was twitching uncontrollably. He was certain she had to have felt it. Michael knew he should put a little distance between them, but at the same time acknowledged that they needed each other for warmth. Even if that heat was coming from the fire she was unknowingly igniting in his groin. He was an adult; he should be able to ignore it…right? Wrong!His dick seemed to have a mind of its own. As Sarah’s soft lips pressed against the side of her father’s neck she felt his body tense, yet he remained silent. Emboldened by this, Sarah planted innocent kisses along the column of his neck, breathing in his fresh, masculine scent. * * * *Sarah was inexperienced when it came to pleasuring a man, yet she had decided long ago that who better to teach her than the man she loves and trusts the most in the world. All of her friends had already lost their virginity and constantly belittled her for not making the same leap into womanhood. None of the boys at school interested her in the least. She wanted a Man. She wanted her Daddy. At first she had fought against her unnatural attraction, telling herself that a man as handsome and experienced as her father would never want anything sexual with his virginal daughter. She almost convinced herself to give up the absurd idea that he should be her first lover, afraid that his rejection would be humiliating and ruin the wonderful bond that they shared, but as she routinely paraded her newly obtained curves around the house, wearing very little to cover her B cup breasts and tight young ass, she was once again encouraged by his reaction. She had given him a hard-on on more than one occasion…including tonight.Sarah hadn’t missed the hard flesh that had nudged against the side of her thigh when she had boldly kissed her dad while huddled together on the sofa. He hadn’t pushed her away, as she had feared he would, instead he temporarily lost himself in the gentle kiss. For a brief moment he had kissed her back as if he wanted her too. His reaction had been fueled by desire, pent up lust. For her or for any female flesh, she wasn’t certain, but then again did it really matter?She had laid in bed, listening to the walls creak and shake with every angry gust of wind, konak escort and shivering despite the internal heat that was causing her blood to boil inside her veins. She had let her mind wander down that familiar path, fantasizing about what it would feel like to have her father touch her intimately, as no other man has ever done before. The image of his bare flesh, hard and aroused, flashed in her mind and she had found herself cupping her fingers over her quivering pussy to try and ease the ache. Her fingers had moved under the waistband of her panties and rubbed briskly across her engorged clit, trying fiercely to relieve the building pressure that assaulted her body. It wasn’t enough, she needed more. She needed him.Sarah had had no choice but to pull her fingers out of her damp panties, wrap a blanket around her chilly body and head to her father’s room. As she stopped outside his bedroom door, gathering up the courage needed to seduce him, she could hear a muffled sound coming from the other side of the door. Carefully she turned the knob, knowing that her father never locked his door just incase she had one of her horrible nightmares and needed him. She quietly pushed the door open a crack. When the sounds from inside didn’t stop, she knew her presence had not yet been detected and so she pushed the door open a little further. The room was dark. She could just make out the shape of her father’s large body lying in the center of his bed, but could not make out the details of what she imagined was a magnificent male body. But what she heard was enough to make her pussy tremble.Heavy breathing filled the air. She could hear the soft creaking of bed springs with every movement he made, smell the intoxicating scent of male desire and heard her name escape his lips with a breathless sigh. He was masturbating AND he was thinking of her!! Sarah felt the instant moisture that seeped from her untried pussy and soaked her panties. Encouraged by the sounds of her father pleasuring himself, knowing that her timing was perfect and she would no doubt succeed with her plan, Sarah had pushed the door open and stepped into the room.* * *With his daughter snuggled up against him, her soft thigh d****d over his leg and her warm lips nuzzling the crook of his neck, it was hard not to let the strangled moan escape his lips. Just minutes ago he had been fantasizing about touching her, degrading himself for wondering what it would feel like to be inside her tight, virginal passage, and now…now as her soft curves were pressed firmly against him, the throbbing between his legs was enough to erase all rational thinking from his muddled brain. Michael couldn’t resist sliding his fingers through his daughter’s thick hair and tilting her face upwards. Their lips met for a gentle, experimental kiss. Soft at first, just a sweet brush of his lips to hers, father’s against daughter‘s. Michael made no demands of her, just waited to gauge her reaction. When Sarah suddenly parted her lips and slid her tongue into his mouth, encouraging him to deepen the kiss, Michael couldn’t refuse.The gentle caress of lips soon turned ravenous, hungry. Passion exploded in the air around them as Michael pulled his daughter’s small body on top of him and kissed her passionately.All coherent thought left his brain, melted his conscience as he felt her wet panties slide against his rock hard flesh. The friction between her panty-covered pussy and his hot, naked cock was heaven, but the knowledge that his daughter was wet with desire…for him, nearly pushed him over the edge. His hands cupped her firm ass and pulled her tight against his aching flesh.He tried to grasp at some semblance of restraint, attempted to reign in his demanding lust, and remember who it was that was making his mind swirl with need, his body hum with pent up hunger, but his sweet, sexy daughter made it nearly impossible when she began grinding her pelvis against his erection. The soft mewling sounds she made against his lips were driving him insane. Michael tried to console himself with the rationalization that perhaps if this was all they did; pleasuring each other while at least one of them still had clothes on, it would be okay. But deep down he knew, as sure as he knew the sky was blue, that he would never be satisfied until he was seated deep inside his young daughter’s body.No! I can’t violate my little girl for my own selfish pleasure. She’s a virgin AND she’s my daughter!!But before Michael could ease her off of his trembling body, the dreaded words fell from her lips. “I want you, Daddy.” She stared up at him with bright, clear eyes. “Make love to me, please.”Michael’s heart nearly burst with excitement. Did he really just hear what he thought he heard? His 15 year old baby wants him to fuck her? No, she had said make love. He did love her, more than anything in the world. Would it really be so bad if he showed her that love…physically?His cock swelled to an unbelievable fullness at the sound of her soft, breathless plea. She wants him… and he wants her, more than he’s ever wanted a woman since Dani, and while her small body laid atop him, grinding her pussy against his manhood, kissing him with more passion than a 15 year has the right to display, Michael knew this was meant to be, no matter how wrong it may seem. Sarah is his lifeline, his heart and soul, and tonight…she will become his lover as well.* * *Michael’s large palms gripped Sarah around the waist and rolled her onto her back, their lips never parting. His tongue probed deep inside her mouth, telling her without words how much he wanted her. By the time he released her lips to trail hot kisses across her face, to nibble gently on her earlobe, they were both breathless. Michael yanked her small T-shirt up over her head, exposing two perfectly round, firm breasts. He could see the young, creamy flesh, illuminated by the soft glow of the candle, making him smile in appreciation. His mouth was instantly back on her heated flesh, kissing and licking its way down her neck until his tongue reached one perfectly erect nipple. He licked across the sweet nub and his daughter’s back arched up off the bed with approval. He suckled her for several minutes before moving to the other breast and repeating the same delicious treatment. She smelled so good, like vanilla and spice mixed with the scent of her arousal.He already knew she was wet as she had rubbed her soaked panty-covered crotch against his pulsing dick earlier, but when he finally moved lower on her body, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of her tiny thongs and lowering them down her petite legs, he growled with hunger at the first sight of her glistening wet pussy.He pulled the covers up around him, attempting to keep the chill off of her bare skin. Michael spread his sexy daughter’s legs and settled his face between her thighs. The first gentle lap of his tongue had her instantly whimpering with excitement. He couldn’t suppress the moan that welled up in his chest as his fingers parted her lips and he sank his tongue between the puffy folds, licking softly at her young flesh. When her ass lifted up off the bed, pushing her cunt further into his face, Michael knew his baby girl was already close to reaching that wonderful peak. Her responsiveness drove him on. He hooked his arms around her thighs, urging her back down onto the mattress as his tongue licked up and down her dripping slit. When he found her sensitive nub and sucked it into his mouth, Sarah once again bucked against his face. This time her fingers fisted in his hair and she held him to her, squirming beneath him while he licked and sucked her clit relentlessly.“OH God, Daddy!” Sarah whimpered. “I…I’m…gonna…” her sexy pants egged him on, making him lick faster, suck harder. “Don’t…s-stop…please don’t stop!!!” she begged.Stopping was the last thing on Michael’s mind. His daughter’s pussy was unlike anything he’d ever tasted. So wonderfully sweet and satisfying. He could do this all night, tongue her glistening slit while she thrashed beneath him, crying out with her pleasure. Michael knew the very second it started. When her body tensed and her breathing became raspy and quick, his baby girl was about to have her first orgasm. He couldn’t wait to have her juices covering his face, soaking his tongue and sliding down his throat. He slid one finger into her wet channel, careful not to penetrate her too deeply. She was so tight, so wet. As he gently probed her vaginal walls, slowly moving his finger in and out of her, Sarah dug her fingers into his hair and screamed. She came so hard, and for so long, unlike anything Michael had ever seen before. Her enjoyment made his cock throb, aching to be deep inside her adding to her pleasure. He could feel her tight inner muscles clenching` around his finger.“Yes! Yes! Daddy!” she cried. “Fuck yeah!” Michael had never heard his little girl use vulgar words like that before and the thought of her saying them while he was lapping the cum from her pussy, made him want to shoot his load onto the mattress beneath him. Her body thrashed against his, but Michael fought to hold her down. He wasn’t ready to stop licking the sweet cream that was flowing from between her legs. Every lick from his experienced tongue was like an explosion in his mouth. Michael had never been with a woman that was capable of squirting, but as he pumped his finger in and out of his daughter’s tight passage, pressing upwards to hit that sweet, erogenous spot, cum flowed from her body like a broken water pipe. Michael was all too eager to lick up every drop.He didn’t want to stop. It was like he was entranced by her taste, her moans of ecstasy, but when his torturous caresses became too much for Sarah’s incredibly sensitive flesh to bear, she gently pulled his hair and begged him to stop.Michael quickly slithered up her body until his hips rested between her thighs. His glistening lips captured hers once again and he delved deep inside her mouth, sharing with her the amazing taste that lingered on his tongue. His swollen cock rubbed against her wet pussy, making her quiver with anticipation.Sarah was the first to break the kiss. She sucked in some much needed air and stared into her father’s eyes. Her smile was ravenous as she stroked his hair, the hard muscles of his chest and then lower. Her hand slid between their bodies and for the first time she took her dad’s cock in her hand. Sarah gently caressed his throbbing meat, using the fluid oozing from the slit of his cock head to glide easily up and down his hard shaft. She had never touched a man like this before and the excitement she felt as her father moaned and arched into her caress was empowering. He was so big, so hard. Possibly 8 inches or more, and thick…Holy shit was he thick! A moment of fear washed over her as she thought about having this enormous rod deep inside her virgin body, stretching and filling her, but when her father set his lips to hers once again, gently stoking her inner fire even higher, her apprehension slowly dissipated behind a renewed cloud of lust. The pleasure he had just given her was incredible, better than she could have ever imagined. Love swelled in her heart and all she could think about was returning the favor.Sarah released her father’s cock from her hand and attempted to roll him onto his back. She wanted to taste that wonderfully hard organ, but was suddenly pushed back down onto the bed.Sarah felt a moment’s disappointment and stared at him with confusion.“I want to taste you too, Daddy.” she protested.“Not this time, baby. I’m too close.” he whispered against her lips. Then she felt the head of his cock as it probed her slick entrance. “I need to be inside you.” Sarah smiled and braced herself for the first penetration. She knew it would be painful, but she trusted this man with her life. She nodded and her father slowly slid his cock into her hot channel. Just the head at first and Sarah sighed with relief when she felt no pain, just the wonderful connection of their bodies.Michael’s eyes never strayed from his daughter’s face as he slowly pushed into her body. She was so amazingly wet and TIGHT! He only had the head of his cock inside her yet the muscles gripping his shaft already had his balls screaming for release. How would he ever hold out long enough to fill her completely? He wanted to make her cum again, feel her sweet juices gushing onto his cock as he fucked her to a second orgasm.“Ready?” he groaned.Sarah answered him by wrapping her legs around his waist, urging him to take her. When Michael pushed deeper she moaned. When he buried himself to the hilt, breaking through her womanly barrier, she cried out and dug her nails into his back.“Fuck!” they both shouted in unison.Michael couldn’t believe the incredible pleasure he felt at being deep inside his daughter’s tight pussy. Sarah couldn’t get passed the burning pain that his huge cock had created. She felt as though she had just been ripped in two. They both went still as their bodies adjusted to the unfamiliar sensations rippling through them.He kissed her tenderly, first her lips then her tear-stained cheeks and behind her ears, his gentleness helped to ease some of the agony she felt as her pussy stretched to fit his massive cock. Michael didn’t dare move for fear of hurting her further and because the pleasure was so intense his seed threatened to spill out of him at any second. He lowered his head until he was even with her breast then laved the nipple with his wet tongue causing a tiny whimper to escape her lips. He needed to keep her aroused, stoke the dwindling embers of desire that had been obscured by the pain, rekindle the fire they had created together. At this point he was so aroused by his teenaged daughter there was no way he could stop even if she asked him to. Her pussy was so hot and tight, gripping his dick like a mini vise; making him clench his teeth as he fought to remain still, remain in control. He wanted to move so badly, but he didn’t want to hurt her.The pain was slowly subsiding and in its place a delicious warmth and fulfillment was starting to emerge. Sarah could feel every delightfully alarming inch of his cock as it pulsed deep inside her. She knew her father was forcing himself not to move, not to cause her any more pain, and his willpower was a testament to his love, their love.She rocked her hips, letting him know it was okay to move. And that’s exactly what Michael did. His long, thick cock moved painstakingly slow in and out of her body until he felt the tension drain from her trembling limbs. He watched her face transform from a look of searing pain, to instant pleasure. He smiled down at her as he increased the pace of his thrusts. He still didn’t take her as hard or as fast as he wanted to, instead, as it was her first time, he reminded himself to go slow. There would be a next time, of that he was certain. She felt too good to not have over and over again.“Does that feel good, Baby?” Michael whispered.“Oh Yes, Daddy. It feels amazing.” she sighed. “Faster, Daddy. Please.”Michael picked up the tempo of their love making, thrusting into Sarah’s tight cunt again and again. He would pull his thick cock back until it was almost all the way out of her clenching wetness before plunging back in again, deeper with each thrust, his bulbous head rubbing repeatedly against that special spot buried deep within her tunnel.Sarah was panting and clawing at his back. The same tingling sensation that she had felt earlier, when her father had been eating out her pussy, was slowly spreading across her heated flesh, starting in her toes and moving up her body until it pooled at that wonderful bundle of nerves that was still swollen and super sensitive. Instinct guided her fingers to that tingling nub of flesh and she began to massage it in a gentle, circular motion.“That’s it, sweetheart. Rub your little clit for Daddy. Make yourself cum for me.” Her father hissed. His own climax was hovering a little too close for comfort. He didn’t want this to end yet, it felt too incredible. He wanted to stay inside his little girl forever, pumping in and out of her deliciously tight pussy, feeling her small body rise and fall to meet each demanding stroke of his throbbing cock, but he knew that wasn‘t going to happen. And he was right. Sarah’s fingers were moving frantically across her swollen clit, making her moan and writhe beneath him. He picked up the pace once again, anticipating the joy she would give him when she came all over his pounding cock. She did not disappoint him. With the first wave of ecstasy that passed through her petite body, Sarah’s screams filled the room as she gushed that sweet nectar once again.“Ohmygod… ohmygod…Yes!” Sarah cried. “Faster!”Michael pumped in and out of her soaked cunt, driving his cock in as far as he could get it and still wishing he could be deeper. The feel of his daughter’s young pussy gripping his dick as he hammered in and out of her, the swishing sound of her sloppy cunt as her feminine juices continued to squirt from her climaxing body, was too much to handle. Michael released the restraint that had been almost nonexistent since sinking deep inside Sarah’s warmth. He came harder than he ever remembered cumming before in his life. Even with his wife his orgasms had never been this intense. “I’m cumming, Baby!” he roared.Rope after hot rope of cum shot from the head of his cock to spray the inside of her vaginal walls as he pushed one hard final thrust deep inside his little girl’s pussy.Michael shook uncontrollably as his spent body pressed Sarah into the mattress. He couldn’t catch his breath, couldn’t move as wave after wave of sweet aftershocks sizzled through every nerve in his body. The last thing he remembered before sleep claimed his sated body was Sarah’s soft giggle as she said, “Damn, it got hot in here!”Chapter ThreeMichael awoke with a start, his mind struggling to separate fantasy from reality as a vision of his daughter, whimpering and crying out his name with unhampered bliss, echoed in his ears.Had he really made love with his 15 year old daughter last night?He would have chalked it up as a wonderfully erotic, disturbingly i****tuous dream, if not for the petite body snuggled up next to him in bed. The covers were wrapped tightly around her, hiding her body from his confused stare and no doubt warding off the early morning chill. He didn’t have to look at the alarm clock beside his bed to know that the power was still out; he could see his breath as it hung in the air around him.It took several minutes of contemplation before he decided he’d better brave the cold temperature and get to the bathroom before he pissed himself and would then have to explain to Sarah why he was frozen to the sheets.As Michael disentangled himself from his daughter’s limbs he couldn’t stop thinking about the night before. How had he let things go so far with Sarah? Had it been circumstances; their mutual fear of storms and the unhappy memories one provoked, mixed with the need to share their body heat when the power went out? Perhaps combined with the beer he had consumed and his lack of sex? Michael shook his head, frustrated by his confusion, and slid out of bed. As he made his way towards his adjoining bathroom he stopped to glance out the window. Thankfully it had stopped snowing but the thick white blanket that covered the ground had to be at least 10 inches thick. A layer of ice encrusted the top of the snow and from what he could see, everything else in its path as well. Tree limbs s**ttered the ground and power lines hung dangerously low thanks to the added weight of the ice. The streets were still unplowed, impassable. “Great, doesn’t look like they’ll have the power restored anytime soon.” He thought to himself. They’d have to do something soon or risk freezing to death. The thought brought to mind the incredible heat he and Sarah’s bodies had generated together the night before. She had been so soft, so warm. They had completely forgotten about everything around them but the feel of their bodies entwined beneath the heavy blanket. He felt his cock swell with the intimate memories, yet refused to admit that his hard-on was anything more than typical male morning wood and his immediate need to pee.After using the bathroom and quickly brushing his teeth, Michael headed back to bed. As he lifted the covers, ready to slide in beside his sleeping daughter, he couldn’t help but notice the naked flesh that stared back at him. It had been mostly dark last night when they had made love and he had not been afforded the beautiful view he was getting now. Sarah’s long, dark hair was spread out around her angelic face as she lay flat on her back sleeping peacefully. Her skin was flawless, her teenaged body tight and supple. His eyes scanned over her, really seeing her curvaceous figure for the first time. Her breasts were a little small yet perfectly shaped with taut nipples that instantly puckered when kissed by the brisk air that met her body as he pulled the blanket down lower. He took in his daughter’s flat stomach and long, shapely legs, stopping when his hungry eyes lit on the thin, neatly trimmed thatch of dark curls that covered her mound. He could just make out the small folds of female flesh that lay partially hidden beneath her pubic hair, but he remembered all too clearly how tantalizing they tasted. A taste he was more than eager to sample again…and again. His cock sprang to life despite the incapacitating cold.Michael carefully climbed into bed, wanting desperately to let his little girl remain asleep. He had a better way in mind to wake her up. As he slid in beside her, Michael didn’t stop until his body was completely beneath the blankets. Gently he spread her legs and positioned himself between them, his mouth poised at her opening. He wanted desperately to see the amazing treasure he was about to consume yet knew that the cold air would surely wake his sleeping lover.Lover? Did one night of unbridled sex make his minor daughter his lover now? When he remembered her responsiveness to his touch, her eagerness to please his hungry body, the way no other woman ever had…yes she was his lover now. No other man would be touching or tasting Sarah the way he had, the way he wanted to do again. Right or wrong, he wanted her, needed her.The first flick of his tongue against her tiny clit rewarded him with a soft moan, yet didn’t wake his sleeping beauty. He spread her perfect lips with his fingers and slid his wet tongue up the entire length of her slit. One taste and he was once again entranced by her unique flavor, her erotic essence. Michael tenderly lapped at his daughter’s pussy with his skillful tongue. He had no intention of rushing but instead savored the release of sweet honey that followed each tender lick across her quickly arousing flesh.Another soft moan filled his ears and made him smile. He felt her stirring and gave her pussy another long, drawn out lick. From the crevice between her ass checks to her wonderfully swollen clitoris, he tasted every inch of her. As he sucked the puffy konak escort bayan nub into his mouth, Sarah’s fingers suddenly slid into his thick hair and held him to her.“God, Daddy, that feels incredible.” she sighed breathlessly, then tore the blanket off of her father so she could see, in the light of day, his strong, chiseled body and watch as his tongue pleasured her wanton flesh.Michael took his time licking and teasing his daughter’s pussy, bringing her to the edge of climax with his flicking tongue, only to gentle his pace at the last minute and keep her orgasm at bay. He was driving her insane and he knew it, adding to his own pleasure while making her body squirm beneath his mouth. He slid one long finger into her slick opening. Her incredible tightness gripped his probing finger and she cried out with shameless bliss. Sarah rocked her body against his hand, riding his glistening digit, while pushing his face deeper into her quivering cunt.“D-Daddy…please!” she mewled.Michael removed his tongue from her wet hole and looked up at her.“Please what?” he asked sinfully, his chin and lips saturated with her sticky dew.Sarah hesitated. Whether from her inability to speak through her state of arousal or a sudden bout of shyness, he wasn’t certain, but he was not going to relent until he heard her say the words. He licked her again then lifted his head.“Please what, Baby?’ he repeated. “I…want…”“What? Tell me what you want Sarah!” his voice was gruff, heavy with desire. He enjoyed teasing her, almost as much as he enjoyed licking her, yet her sudden shyness was disheartening. After what they had shared last night, how could she be shy with him? Michael’s tongue flickered rapidly against her over stimulated nub before trailing a sensual line up and down her juicy slit, stopping once or twice to dip inside her cream filled opening. Her breathing was erratic and she was teetering on the edge, yet still she wouldn’t tell him what she wanted. So he stopped once again.“No…Please. Don’t stop!” she whimpered. Her climax was right there, her body set for explosion. She wiggled her hips in an attempt to rub her hungry pussy against his face, forcing him to finish what he started, but Michael remained steadfast…waiting.“Stop what?” he teased. “Tell me what you want Daddy to do, Sarah, or I am going to roll over and go back to sleep.” He licked her again slowly, then stopped and looked up at her flushed face.“No…you can’t! … I-I… I want…”“Tell me dammit!” Michael demanded. “Eat my pussy, Daddy, please. Make me cum!” Sarah panted, wild with need.Michael gave her his sexiest smile and then lowered his mouth to her writhing body, latching onto her clit with determination. He sucked it into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue while his finger delved deep inside her slick tunnel. He couldn’t wait to feel the orgasmic waterfall that was soon to follow.Sarah raised her hips up off the bed, rocking against his lapping tongue mindlessly as her moans filled the room. She was not shy anymore! The profanities that tore from her teenaged mouth, as Michael pushed her over the preverbal edge of ecstasy, were an unbelievable turn on. His cock was rock hard and dripping onto the bed sheets.“I’m cumming!” Sarah bellowed. “Oh fuck yeah! Eat your baby‘s pussy, Daddy!” The spray of love juice that shot out of her climaxing pussy was incredible. The sticky flow filled his mouth and dripped off of his chin as his daughter came all over his face. Literally!* * *Michael was so turned on by the fact that Sarah had once again squirted while he licked her pussy that he didn’t think he’d even be able to make it inside her before he exploded. He carefully rolled onto his back, intending to cool his body’s ardor a notch before he fucked her thoroughly. But he was no sooner on his back when Sarah pulled her sated body up off the bed and moved down between his outstretched legs. He watched her through passion-filled eyes as she took his cock in hand, curling her small fingers around his massive rod. Michael groaned his approval when his daughter’s tongue began slow, tentative strokes up and down his shaft. But when she leaned forward and swiped her tongue over the wet, throbbing head, his body bucked up off the bed as though he’d been poked with a hot branding iron. Her mouth was scorching hot against his sensitive flesh. She licked around the swollen head several times before gliding her tongue down his impressive length and then back up again. She was obviously a novice at sucking cock, which delighted Michael thoroughly, but the way she teased him with long, slow licks, up and down his swollen dick, just as he had done to her, had him more aroused than if a woman with a lifetime of experience was giving him head. Sarah spent several minutes licking and teasing, enjoying the feel and the taste of her father’s cock throbbing against her tongue, before her own ascending desire forced her to engulf his pulsing cock.“AAAAHHHH! Fuck, Baby! That’s sooooo good!” he hissed.Encouraged by his praise, Sarah sucked him feverishly, enjoying the steady rhythm of his gyrating hips as he fucked his cock in and out of her untried mouth. His large fingers entwined themselves into her thick hair, holding her still while he pumped his shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth. Sarah fought the urge to gag when he hit the back of her throat, but she pushed through it, wanting only to pleasure him the way he had done to her.“I’m going to cum soon, Baby!” Michael growled. “If you’re not ready to take it in your mouth yet, you’d better pull away now!”Sarah made no attempt to let go of his throbbing meat. If anything she sucked him harder and faster than she had been before. Her small hand, still wrapped around the base of his cock, stroked in perfect rhythm with her suckling mouth. Her eyes met his heated gaze, determined to watch his face as he came in her mouth for the first time. “Oh, Sarah, Baby, I’m cumming!” his eyes burned into hers, his heart expanding with love as his daughter prepared to swallow his massive load. He held her head steady as his body thrashed and his cock exploded, cum erupting from its head like a water fountain. Michael watched her throat muscles as she swallowed profusely, determined not to let a single drop of his spunk go to waste and never once breaking eye contact with the lucky recipient. God damn he was one lucky, sick bastard!Chapter FourSarah lay staring at the ceiling, her mind in limbo as she thought back on everything that had happened since the power had gone out the night before, leaving her and her father alone in complete darkness. If it weren’t for the pleasurable ache developing between her legs she would have thought it had all been a dream. She had sex with her father… The realization didn’t leave her feeling disgusted or ashamed as she had once thought it might. Instead she felt more loved and cherished than ever before. He had been so gentle, so loving. Her daddy had ushered her into womanhood with patience, tenderness, and he taught her more about sex in one night than she had learned from a whole year and a half of watching internet porn.What would her best friend, Claire, think if she knew? She always said how handsome she thought her daddy was. Would she be consumed by jealousy, or sickened with disgust? Sarah felt as though she was going to burst with excitement if she didn’t tell someone soon. Just then she felt her father’s arm wrap around her mid section, pulling her tight up against his hot skin. He had been watching her through sleepy eyes, trying to determine what was going on inside her pretty little head. Michael kissed her lips for several tender seconds before pulling away and staring into her deep green eyes.”Regrets?” He asked softly. Pushing an unruly dark curl out of her face and tucking it behind her ear.Sarah stared at him with confusion. “W-What?”“Are you having regrets, about last night,…and this morning?” he waited patiently, his heart in his throat as he prepared himself to face her disappointment, her regrets over giving him the gift of her virginity, the gift that he had taken selfishly yet intended to cherish for the rest of his life. He had no regrets. He had come to terms with his emotions in the wee hours of the morning. He had made love to his daughter, not because he was lonely or demented, although the verdict was still out on the latter analogy, but because he loved her. He was in love with his daughter, his own flesh and blood. The realization should have sickened him, but in reality, the only thing that dampened his emotions was the thought that she may not feel the same way about him.“No!” Sarah finally spoke. “No, Daddy, I don’t regret what we’ve done. D-Do you?” Michael kissed her again. This time with more passion and need than he had earlier and Sarah felt her toes curl beneath the heavy quilt. Relief swam through her as she pulled him tight against her naked flesh, so close that her small breasts were flattened by his muscular chest. The kiss deepened until they were both trembling and gasping for air. Michael rolled over so that his daughter was trapped beneath his hard body.“I want you again, Sarah. Oh god, I can’t seem to get enough of you.” Michael’s enormous erection twitched against his daughter’s belly as if to confirm the truth in his words. He moved his dick up and down, grinning when each back stroke rubbed against her clit and she gasped with surprise. She was already wet. Michael could feel her juices coating his flesh with each slow stroke. He pulled back, teasing her sensitive nub with the head of his cock, but instead of sliding his erection back through her damp curls, as he had done before, he plunged his hungry meat deep inside her slippery cunt. Sarah screamed out in pain.“Oww… shit!” she cried.Michael’s body froze and he stared down at his daughter, wide eyed with concern. “What? What’s wrong, Baby? Does that hurt? “The tears that slid out from the corner of her eyes were all the answer he needed and made him sick with self loathing. Of course it hurt. In his selfish need to have her again, he had thought little about the tenderness she would be feeling today. Until last night she had been a virgin and he had fucked her long and hard, not once but twice! His cock was huge, even by his own standards. Grown woman had oftentimes found it difficult to take all 8.5 inches of his thick male meat, how could he have expected his petite, young daughter to take it a third time without complaint?Michael kissed her tenderly as the pad of his thumb gently wiped the dampness from her cheek. He slowly began to withdraw his deflating cock from inside his daughter’s pussy, but when her legs suddenly wrapped around his waist, he stopped.“No! Don’t you dare stop, Daddy. Just be gentle.”“Are you sure, sweetheart?” Michael brushed his lips against hers again. “I would rather die than hurt you, Sarah.” he whispered.“I know, Daddy, but I want to please you.” Sarah said against his firm lips.Michael suddenly drew his head back and looked at her with amazement. “Please me? Oh, Baby, you please me more than any woman has since your mother.” Michael paused for a brief moment to catch his breath. “I love you, Sarah. Not just as a father loves his daughter. I mean I really love you, as a man loves a woman.”Sarah wiggled her hips against her father’s large, muscular body and smiled when she felt his cock twitch inside her. The more she pressed her pelvis into him, the harder his dick grew until he was once again at his full, impressive size. “I love you too Michael Sheldon!” was all she said as she slid her tongue into his mouth. Their kiss was hot, filled with longing and love. Passion sizzled between them like tiny bolts of electricity zapping their skin every place their naked bodies touched.Michael began to move his renewed erection in and out of his daughter’s wet passage. It was like a wonderfully painful torture, taking her slowly when his body was burning up with lust. His mind was consumed by his love and need of her, but each carefully controlled thrust made his body aware of just how tightly she was gripping his cock, how wet her love tunnel grew each time he slid his shaft deep inside her, pleasures he may not have fully appreciated had he taken her fast and hard like he had originally intended to do.“Sarah, Baby, you feel incredible! I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock and it’s driving me crazy!” he panted breathlessly.“Yes, Daddy! I feel it too. Your cock is pulsating deep inside me, it’s amazing!”“Cum for me Baby Girl!” Michael picked up the pace, thrusting a little faster, driving a little deeper, as he sensed Sarah nearing climax. She was so wet, so unbelievably tight. Their damp skin slapped together in a steady rhythm as Michael moved in and out of her sweet pussy. He knew in that moment that he was as close to heaven as he would ever get.Sarah’s legs tightened around her father’s hips, holding him firmly against her body, so close that the friction created by his pelvis rubbing against her sensitive clit was swiftly carrying her to brink of release. The tenderness between her legs had long ago been forgotten, overlaid by the incredible pleasure mounting inside her. It was too intense, she couldn’t take it anymore. Every nerve ending in her body was on high alert, over stimulated and making her tingle from head to toe. Like a dam bursting wide open, thick juices gushed from her body and covered her father’s enormous cock.“Uh…Uh… Yes! “Sarah’s breathless sighs echoed in the room. “Uhhhh…Harder, Daddy! I’m cumming!”“Me too, Baby!” her father roared. The pleasure was too much to bear, unlike anything Michael had ever known. So beautiful was their union that even the consequences were not enough to force Michael to pull out of the erotic inferno that held his cock in its grasp. Hot cum pumped from his cock in endless streams and sprayed against his daughter’s womb. Still, he thrust deep inside Sarah’s heavenly body until every last drop had been spent and he collapsed in a shuddering heap atop her.As soon as Michael was able to catch his breath he raised himself up so that he could see Sarah’s face. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He let himself get caught up in the moment, so distracted by the feel of his daughter’s tight pussy clenching around his shaft, as she bathed him in her love juices, that he had allowed himself to cum inside her. What if…? No! He couldn’t even allow himself to contemplate what could happen as a result. Was it not bad enough that he was fucking his teenaged daughter, that he loved every second of their mind-blowing sex and couldn’t wait to do it again? Has he possibly impregnated her as well?Michael looked down at his daughter’s flushed face. The look of love and adoration in her eyes, not to mention the euphoric glow that spread across her cheeks, a look that screams complete sexual satiation, was amazing. Her beauty had the ability to make him forget all rational thought and just marvel at the angelic creature lying beneath him. There was so much he wanted to say to her, but when she gave him that sweet, innocent smile that made his heart thump wildly against his ribcage, Michael could do nothing more than lower his head and kiss her, sealing their unique bond and letting the implications of his actions slip from his mind. Temporarily.Chapter FiveFour days had passed since the unexpected confinement of Sarah and her father during the freak snow storm that had left them powerless, clinging to one another for warmth and security. Their lives had since fallen into a state of domestic bliss. Sarah now shared a bed with her father, falling asleep in his arms each night and waking wrapped in his warmth each morning. Everyday she would reluctantly disentangle herself from her father’s limbs, shower and dress for school, while Michael prepared for another day of loneliness, working in his at home office until her return.Her father had warned her about the importance of keeping their love affair a secret, telling her that outsiders would see their new relationship as vile and perverted, not to mention immoral and i*****l, but Sarah didn’t see it that way. She was in love for the first time in her young life and felt it was a beautiful thing to be proud of. The sex was amazing, as was the contentment she felt afterwards when her father held her exhausted and totally sated body in his arms and whispered his love in her ear. She wanted to shout her joy from the highest rooftop. She didn’t, of course. For days she hid her happiness from the outside world, suppressed the newborn emotions that bubbled up inside her and made her feel as though she would explode into a million tiny pieces. Her best friend, Claire, was not so easily put off, however. She immediately sensed the change in Sarah, witnessed the ravishing glow that crept over her face as she appeared lost in thought, daydreaming about something… or someone? She never saw her with any of the boys from school and Sarah’s unnatural silence only further piqued Claire’s curiosity and, after a lot of constant nagging and prodding, Sarah finally broke down and told Claire everything. The words tumbled out of Sarah’s mouth before she could find the will to stop them. A great sense of relief washed over her following her confession, like a huge weight being lifted from her chest. Although she wasn’t certain how her friend would react to hearing that Sarah had fucked her own father, not once but multiply times, she did not doubt that her secret would remain safe. Claire had not been repulsed by her best friend’s admission, as Sarah had feared, nor did it appear to alter their long standing friendship in anyway. If anything, Claire seemed intrigued, fascinated with the idea of Sarah having hot, sweaty sex with a MAN, the same man whom she herself had lain awake night after night fantasizing about.“Was it good?” Claire whispered as she pushed open the heavy double doors and waited for Sarah to exit Stone Valley High School. Light flurries sprinkled the sky as they silently stood on the front steps, Claire watching her friend expectantly. “Well…?”“Yeah.” Sarah said dreamily. “It was…amazing.” “Is it…big?” Her best friend leaned in and whispered.“What!” Sarah’s jaw dropped with disbelief.“You know…his dick. Is it big?”Sarah knew that Claire was still a virgin. The extent of her sexual experience being much the same as Sarah’s had been not so long ago… internet porn. She couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s innocent curiosity.“Huuugggh!” Sarah blurted out and then giggled uncontrollably. Discussing her father’s cock size with her best friend should have been embarrassing, or at the very least uncomfortable, yet the unexpected jolt of heat that blasted Sarah between the legs, instantly dampening her panties with her aroused heat, caught her by surprise. Sarah thought it was just the topic of their discussion, the reminder of what she had waiting for her at home that had suddenly sparked her desire, until an explicit image of Claire, writhing with pleasure beneath her father’s magnificent body, flashed before her eyes and Sarah felt her knees start to tremble.Holy shit!Why was it that the thought of her father, the man that she was hopelessly in love with, naked and fucking her best friend, was starting to turn her on? She needed to hurry up and get home, her lust-filled mind was definitely working overtime and she needed to find relief.“Oh my god, Sarah! Did it…you know…h-hurt?” Claire asked excitedly as they turned and headed away from school and the risk of being overheard.“Um… a little, at first.” Sarah admitted shyly. “But he was very sweet and gentle.”The far away, dreamy look in Sarah’s eyes as she described, in detail, her sexual trysts with her father, made Claire’s body temp spike dangerously hot with a strange mix of envy and lust. Michael Sheldon was absolutely gorgeous for his age and Claire had often touched herself while imagining it was his hands, his mouth, and his experienced cock that brought her virginal body to one earth-shattering orgasm after another. The fact that Sarah HAD experienced what Claire so often dreamt about left Claire feeling half excited and a lot confused. Should she be jealous that Sarah, who was younger by seven months, had lost her virginity before her? And to a man that she has desired since first discovering that wonderfully “educational” website. Or should she feel elated and hopeful because Michael had proven that he desired young, inexperienced pussy? He was very sweet and gentle. Sarah’s words echoed repeatedly through Claire’s mind.If Sarah could command her father’s desire, then why couldn’t she? Claire smiled as if a green light was suddenly flashing before her eyes, signaling the end to her restlessness, convincing her it was finally time to seek out and seduce the man of her dreams. Sarah had willingly shared everything with her since the third grade, why should this be any different?* * *Sarah barely made it through the front door before throwing down her back pack and kicking off her shoes. She raced through the house in search of her father. She found him in his office talking on the phone. His amazing brown eyes seemed to light up when he saw her standing in the doorway.The unexpected visions of her daddy fucking Claire had lodged themselves in her sexually charged mind and haunted her the whole way home from school. Her panties were soaked and her breathing raspy. She needed to get laid. Now!She pulled her tight pink sweater over her head and tossed in to the floor. When her nimble fingers began to work her little black shirt down her shapely legs, her father’s gasp could be heard from across the room. His voice faltered slightly as he spoke into the phone. Sarah slowly, seductively padded across the carpet wearing nothing but her pink lacy bra and matching panties. Her father’s eyes watched her, entranced by her perfect, lithe body. She stopped directly in front of him, her eyes slithering down his body to where the outline of his enormous erection was sheathed beneath his loose sweatpants. His shirt was unbuttoned to the waist and giving her a glimpse of the soft thatch of curls that covered his chest. Yummy!Sarah licked her lips and instantly dropped to her knees before him. There was no time for the sweet kisses and soft caresses that was a routine prelude to their intense love making. Not today. Sarah was far too horny to require intimate foreplay, she just wanted to fuck.Michael knew that look, the lusty gleam in his daughter’s eyes. As much as he wanted to hang the phone up and bend her over his desk, he knew that wouldn’t go over well with the fuming man on the other end of the line. Jack Spencer, his new boss, was young and hot headed and when he was set off on one of his angry tangents, Michael knew it was best to shut his mouth until the arrogant bastard exhausted himself. It was just one of the downfalls of working at home; all of his boss’ complaining was saved up for one long, drawn out bitch session to be delivered once a week. Unfortunately, today was that day. So when Sarah dropped to her knees, her fingers reaching inside escort konak the waistband of his baggy sweats and fishing out his engorged cock, Michael stiffened and pushed gently at her shoulders.“Give me a minute, Baby!” he whispered.Sarah paid no attention to his soft plea; her tongue darted out from between her lips and licked the head of his oozing shaft. He tasted so good. Her wet mouth slid up and down the entire length of his dick, tasting and teasing his throbbing flesh with her little tongue. She felt his entire body go rigid and the hand that had been pushing at her shoulder was now digging hard into her delicate flesh. Sarah briefly winced in pain but refused to stop. She opened her mouth and covered the wet, bulbous head of his cock. He slid easily between her moist lips and the deep growl of approval that tore from his lips was impossible to disguise.The man on the other end of the phone must have heard it too. Michael forced himself to concentrate on slowing down his breathing, closed his eyes and fought to ignore the young beauty kneeling at his feet, licking and sucking the pre-cum from his turgid shaft.“Yeah…J-Jack! I’m…fine!” Michael lied.Michael felt like a million tiny electrical sparks were pulsing mercilessly up and down his cock. Cum began to churn in his nut sac, making it impossible to pretend like he wasn’t getting one hell of a blow job from his teenaged daughter. When he made the mistake of opening his eyes to peer down at his lap, he was a goner. The sight was just too erotic to dismiss. Sarah was perched on her knees, taking his huge cock into her mouth like the sweet little whore she had become. He had fantasized about just such a thing all day long while she was at school. The reality was even more amazing than he had envisioned, making him want to explode instantly. He fought back the urge, however, not only to prolong the immense pleasure his little girl’s mouth was giving him, but also because he didn’t want to alert the rambling asshole on the phone that he had better things to be doing at the moment.Sarah sucked him furiously. Michael’s fingers were tangled in her thick curls, gently guiding her bobbing head. Whether he was encouraging her to suck him harder, or attempting to make her slow her pace, he wasn’t sure. He wanted to cum so bad he was trembling.“Yes, Jack. I …I under…stand.” Michael suddenly stammered into the phone. Sarah couldn’t suppress her giggle. Her father’s obvious “discomfort” was a huge turn on. The thought of him shooting his hot cum into her mouth while he attempted to hold up his end of the conversation, as if everything were normal, was Sarah’s greatest aphrodisiac, adding to the lust already tingling through her aroused body.Sarah abruptly tore her lips from her father’s pulsing cock and stood up. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her slender thighs, exposing her cum soaked pussy. Michael’s heated gaze watched intently, his wet cock throbbing against his belly in anticipation of what was to come. Sarah turned around so that her back was facing her daddy, her pussy hovering over his long, hard shaft. Slowly, she eased herself down, her glistening folds opening and stretching over his swollen cock head. Inch by inch she slid down his length, gasping at the intense jolt of pleasure that shot through her aching pussy. She cried out, dug her nails into his muscular thighs and began to ride him with complete lack of restraint.Michael was panting, his breathing hot and heavy into the phone that was now dangling loosely from the palm of his hand. He no longer cared who was on the phone, what the man was mumbling on and on about, or if he knew what Michael was really doing while technically still on “company time“. All that mattered at the moment was the feel of his little girl’s tight pussy, sucking his cock deeper and deeper into her scorching heat each time she raised herself up and then lowered herself back down onto his thrusting meat. He arched his hips and drove himself up inside her, again and again, creeping closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy with each glorious stroke.Sarah’s body began to tremble, clenching him with her tight cunt muscles. Her husky whimpers filled the air, mixing with her daddy’s deep guttural moans. She was so close, ready to soak her daddy with her thick juices. “Oh Fuck!” she mewled. “You feel so good!”Michael‘s hand slipped off the receiver and the phone tumbled onto the soft carpet. He wrapped his long fingers around Sarah‘s waist and hammered in and out of her with maddening speed. “I know, baby. You feel amazing too!” He grunted.“Yes! Yes!” Sarah panted. “I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, daddy. I’m cumming!” Her muscles gripped his cock with fierce determination, milking his shaft until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Hot, womanly cum sprayed against his cock just as his balls tightened up and his own juices filled her tight passage.“S-Sarahhh!” Michael roared.Sarah’s limp body laid back against her father’s heaving chest, both struggling to catch their breath. Several long minutes passed before Michael’s mind was clear enough to recognize the annoying buzzing sound emanating from somewhere at his feet. He looked down and swore under his breath when he saw his phone lying on the floor.Shit! Jack!Chapter SixMichael had a pounding headache. Not only was he wracked with worry over how much Jack Spencer had been able to hear of him fucking his minor daughter, and her crying out his name while in the throes of climax, but once again his a****l lust had made him negligent. He had been so caught of guard by his sexy daughter’s raw desire that he had forgotten about his duty to protect her. After the monumental snowfall last week, when his young daughter had become his lover, he had vowed to himself that as soon as the roads were clear he would make a trip to the nearest pharmacy and buy the biggest box of condoms they carried. And that’s exactly what he did. Although Sarah found the latex irritating and complained that their intimacy was marred by the annoying barrier, Michael’s need to protect his daughter from an unwanted pregnancy overruled a little discomfort. Today, stopping to go upstairs to retrieve a condom from the drawer of his nightstand had been the furthest thing from his mind when Sarah had directed her sexy ass at him and then sat her dripping pussy down on his aching cock. He came so hard and so deep inside her that it would take an act of God to prevent an undesirable conception. Michael had the distinct feeling that his i****tuous behavior would guarantee he was not at the top of God’s “deserving of a miracle” list. His worrying was for his daughter’s benefit alone. She was so young. Pregnancy at her age would change her life forever. And not necessarily in a good way. Her future choices would be limited due to early motherhood and Michael would never forgive himself as a lover, and more importantly, as a father, if his little girl became pregnant because of his selfishness. Selfish because if he were to be honest with himself he would admit that the idea of having a c***d with Sarah, a little girl that was a spitting image of Sarah and his lost love, Dani, would make him the happiest man in the world.* * * Sarah had just informed him that she had invited her best friend, Claire, over for dinner tonight and Michael had no idea what there was in the house to eat. He hadn’t been shopping since the power outage that had eventually spoiled every bit of food he had in the refrigerator, forcing them to maintain a diet of chips, cold spaghetti O’s, and cookies. They really hadn’t complained at the time. As long as they ate enough to keep up their sexual stamina, that was all that had mattered to the new lovers.His daughter didn’t bring her friend’s around too often. Except for Claire he had only met Amy and some shy, skinny girl with a face full of acne, whose name he couldn’t seem to recall right now. He liked Claire, however. See was tall and slim, full breasts and chocolate brown eyes and matching waist length hair. While Sarah was a natural beauty, Claire‘s looks were enhanced by make up and wearing short, tight clothing. Not that Michael was complaining. Any day that he was in the position to watch a tight, young ass beneath an even tighter skirt, was a good day in his book. Not that Michael made it a habit to check out Sarah’s friends, in a sexual kind of way, but hey, if she was going to flaunt it, he was not about to look the other way. It didn’t mean he had to jump every sweet ass he saw and Claire Thomas certainly had a sweet ass!Michael’s mind suddenly jolted from his perverted musings, startled back to reality by the dinging of the doorbell. Sarah came bolting down the stairs, nearly tackling her father to the floor, and then breaking out into a fit of girlish laughter.“Wait!” she breathed heavily. Before Michael could open his mouth, Sarah was in his arms, kissing him deeply. Her tongue slid impatiently between his lips. Her hands stroked his solid chest and rippled abs lovingly and then made a quick pass over the bulge in the front of his pants. Too soon for his liking, Sarah suddenly broke away from his grasp and stepped back. Her eyes were alight with desire, making Michael want to sweep her up in his arms and carry her off to his bedroom. The hell with entertaining Sarah’s friend, his cock was threatening to pop a button any second now.“Fuck, baby girl! What are you trying to do to me!” he groaned as he watched her long, beautiful legs saunter over to the door. She wore a tight yellow dress that barely reached the middle of her thighs and pushed her breasts up into two enticing peaks of female perfection.Sarah glanced back at him over her shoulder, giving him that sweet, sexy smile that made him feel like his legs were melting into two piles of useless, gooey flesh. She lifted up the hem of her short dress, showing off the smooth silky flesh that lay bare underneath, No panties! “Just reminding you who you belong to!” she answered sassily as she quickly dropped her racy garment and reached for the door knob.* * *Claire stood in the doorway looking anxious and excited, yet noticeably nervous. Sarah couldn’t remember ever seeing her best friend look so frazzled or so…beautiful. Her long brown hair hung around her face in soft, wavy tresses, framing a face that was made up to perfection. Thou Claire was not that much older and certainly not yet as womanly, Sarah couldn’t help but feel like the ugly step sister in comparison. After a quick hug, her best friend walked into the room with a pretense of confidence. Sarah wasn’t sure why Claire was acting so strange. It wasn’t as if she had never met her father before. She’d been here hundreds of times.When Sarah entered the living room behind her friend, she was starkly aware of the tension that suddenly sizzled in the air. Her father and Claire had locked gazes and were silently, yet quite noticeably, assessing one another. Sarah felt a strange fluttering in her belly and couldn’t decide if she was comfortable with the drastic hike in temperature that made the room suddenly seem too hot and her body feel claustrophobic. Claire gracefully moved across the room and wrapped her arms around Michael‘s neck. The gesture would have seemed innocent enough; just a polite gesture to thank her host for the dinner invitation, but when Claire pressed herself into Michael’s hard body and kissed him lingeringly on the check, Sarah sensed that there was something else motivating her beautiful friend’s unusual forwardness.“Hi, C-Claire…” Michael stammered, unsure if he should continue to enjoy the feel of this incredibly hot body pressed intimately close to him, or push her away and risk Sarah witnessing the massive erection he was now sporting. Not entirely caused by Claire’s sweet curves either. A sudden image of being surrounded by two hot, young, naked teenagers, sucking and fucking him right here on the living room floor, had not helped his situation any. A moment of guilt washed over him. He loves Sarah, wants to be with her more than he wants to breathe, so why was he fantasizing about being the meat in their teenaged sandwich? Had fucking one sexy teenager suddenly turned him into a sick and twisted p*******e? “Uh…Sarah?” Michael pulled himself away from the other girl’s tantalizing embrace and turned guiltily towards his daughter. “I don‘t…I mean we … don’t have much here… How about I take you two out to dinner?” He stammered, forcing his hands to remain at his side when all he really wanted to do was pull her into his arms and remind her of how much he loved her.Sarah’s wide eyes lingered on the front of her father’s pants for several seconds. He has a hard-on … for Claire? She should be angry, or at the very least jealous, but for some reason, just like earlier in the day, her body became overheated, aroused by the erotic thoughts that once again occupied her depraved mind. A vision of naked bodies, slick with sweat and entwined in a sexually charged trio, took root in her mind and made her pussy drip it‘s approval. Sarah could feel the blush that crept across her face and steered her hungry gaze away from her father’s engorged cock and back to Claire. Her friend shrugged and headed towards the door. “Sounds good to me.” she looked over her shoulder, scanning over the entire length of Michael’s body and giving him a sexy smile. “I call shot gun!”* * *Sitting in the backseat while her father and best friend sat intimately close in the front of his compact car, should have pissed Sarah off, and maybe in some little way it did, but with no longer having her mother and never having siblings, these two people meant more to her than anything else in the world, and that love made it easy for Sarah to see past her little stint of jealousy. Her father had been obviously turned on by Claire’s body. His cock had been so impressively hard he probably could have penetrated her from across the room, but it was just physical lust, Sarah reminded herself. The memories of all the pleasure she has received from that beautifully stiff organ made her pussy quiver with desire. Was it so wrong to want to watch her father fuck Claire, take her virginity gently, patiently, unlike the useless boys of their own generation were likely to do, and pleasure her in all the same ways he has done to her? It wouldn’t mean that he loves her any less. Right? Sarah had seen the love in her father’s eyes when he looked at her, the tenderness in his touch when he made love to her. There was no doubt that she was the one who solely owned his heart, and she would settle for nothing less, but his body…now THAT she might be willing to share! * * *Lorenzo’s has been Sarah’s favorite restaurant for as long as she could remember. It had become even more special after her mother’s death, when her father refused to learn how to cook and started bringing her here nearly three nights a week. It had been the only constant in Sarah and her father’s turbulent life. They were treated kindly by the staff and came to know them all my name. Since then her father has become a fabulous cook, even though it was Sarah you pleaded for the title of cook in their household, needing to feel, even at a young age, as though she were contributing to their shared work load.Tonight, however, was the first time they would dine here as lovers. Of course, they weren’t alone to share the intimacy, but still, the joy in Sarah’s heart was enough to make her pulse soar.They were directed towards a round table in the back of the quiet, nearly empty restaurant, knowing that the Sheldon‘s liked their privacy. Michael slid into the half moon shaped booth and a moment of perverse pleasure shot through him when he suddenly found himself sandwiched between two barely clothed female bodies as one girl slid in on either side of him.The waiter had just taken their dinner orders when Michael felt a small hand slide up his left thigh. He didn’t want to draw any obvious attention to himself, not sure how Sarah would feel about her best friend trying to feel him up under the table, but when the hand came to rest on his semi-hard cock, he nearly jumped up out of his seat. Soft fingers boldly slid up the length of his dick, making him harder with each passing stroke. Michael closed his eyes, desperately struggling to stifle the moan that was fighting its way out of his throat.Oh, fuck!He felt his zipper being lowered. Felt cool fingers slip inside his pants and fish out his now very erect cock. Michael squirmed restlessly on the vinyl seat, wishing he could just relax and let Claire jerk his cock until he shot his cum all over her pretty little hand, but Sarah, his daughter, his lover, his heart, was seated right beside him and he was not going to lose her because of a desperately needed hand job.All of his fears were suddenly laid to rest, however, when another hand, this one gliding across his right thigh, joined in with the fun. Michael turned his startled gaze to Sarah and almost forgot to breathe when he saw the intense look of love and lust in his daughter’s beautiful eyes. But that wasn’t all he saw…approval? Was she trying to tell him it was okay? Giving him the green light? Was the lust he saw in her eyes a result of watching her best friend fondle his shaft?Fuck me! I’ve died and gone to heaven!The fear of discovery only added to the excitement of two hot hands stroking his pre-cum dripping cock. Michael slid his own hand up under Sarah’s short dress and growled when his fingers met her bare pussy. Her very WET, bare pussy. He nudged her thighs apart and slid one long finger deep inside her blazing heat.Sarah wasn’t as good at keeping her moans to herself. If any other patrons had been seated around them, they would certainly have known what was going on underneath their table. Her father’s thick finger was moving in and out of her sodden pussy. She was so wet she could feel the sticky juices running down the cleft between her ass checks, creating a puddle on the seat beneath her. Her eyes darted over to Claire and she couldn’t help but smile at the wild look of lust that glinted in her best friend‘s eyes. Claire watched intently as Sarah was finger fucked by her father, while at the same time the two young girls pumped their hands up and down his oozing shaft.Claire couldn’t believe the enormity of the male flesh she was holding between her fingers. Sarah wasn’t exaggerating when she said her father’s cock was huge! She slid her hand up and down his entire length, amazed by how velvety smooth something so incredibly HARD could feel. Just this morning she hadn’t even seen a real cock before, except of course in the porn she sometimes watched on her laptop, but now… now she had a thick, hard cock in the palm of her hand, growing deliciously longer with every firm stroke. How much bigger could it possibly get? She could feel her body responding with a sudden gush of sweet cream from her virgin pussy.There was something perversely exciting about Michael’s very own daughter helping her jerk him off. Their combined hands fit perfectly over his impressive length. Claire was fondling the sensitive head while Sarah lovingly stroked from the base of his shaft down to his swollen balls. In perfectly synced movements the two girls pumped the engorged flesh that pulsed between them. Michael’s breathing was growing deep and ragged and Claire knew, even in her nearly non-existent experience, that he was getting close to cumming. Michael’s hips were arching up off the seat to meet the steady rhythm of their hands, oblivious to anything else but the feel of ten soft fingers working his throbbing cock closer and closer to climax. It didn’t matter that they were seated in a public restaurant, that both girls were u******e and he was risking a lot by allowing this to continue. It didn’t even matter that one of the minors was his own daughter, all that penetrated Michael’s lust-encrusted mind was that Sarah was allowing, even participating, in this amazing hand job that was soon going to have him blowing his load all over the underside of the table.Just when Michael couldn’t hold back one more second, their waiter sauntered up to their secluded table with a tray full of food. Michael growled with frustration and his cock jerked as if to express its own objection to the untimely interruption. He quickly slid his finger out of his daughter’s pussy.The waiter’s presence, however, did nothing to deter the two young girls’ from their united goal. They continued to stroke him even as the ignorant man piled their table full of steaming hot pasta dishes. Michael struggled to keep his face void of emotion, watching the man intently for any sign that would indicate he knew what was happening under the table. When the young man just smiled and asked, “Is there anything else I can get you folks?”, Michael almost shot his load right then and there. Instead he shook his head and lowered his eyes to the unappealing food. All that he had an appetite for right now was the orgasm that seemed to be just out of reach.When they were alone once again, Michael turned his head towards his daughter and was shocked when she planted her lips firmly against his. Her small tongue slithered into his mouth and engaged a slow, sensual dance with his own eager tongue. Then she pulled away and brought her lips to his ear, nibbling gently, her hot breath driving him wild. The she whispered softly, “Do you like that Daddy? Both of us stroking your big cock at the same time?” Not giving him a chance to answer and not really expecting a response anyways, Sarah continued on. “Isn’t Claire beautiful, Daddy? I bet it would feel incredible to be inside her tight, virgin pussy.” Michael groaned unabashedly, his lust spiraling out of control, his dick throbbing painfully hard beneath the pumping fists of his two teenaged vixens. “You wanna fuck her don’t you, Daddy?” That was all that Michael needed to push him over the edge.An orgasm, so intense his entire body shook as though he were having a violent seizure, racked his body in wave after wave of euphoric bliss. Cum shot out of his cock like a geyser and he ground his mouth against Sarah‘s to stifle the moan that he knew would have caused the earth to shake. Claire shrieked as endless streams of hot cum erupted into the palm of her hand. Amazed by the sight, her eyes grew wide and her hand continued to pump until every last drop of the sticky goo had been milked from his twitching shaft. She pressed her thighs together in hopes of relieving some of the pressure that had been mounting between her legs. She lifted her gaze from her cum-filled hand and watched as father and daughter shared a beautiful, sensual kiss. Claire was happy for her best friend, even if to most it was a forbidden, taboo love affair, Claire could see that it was so much more than that.Michael was reluctant to end the toe curling kiss he was sharing with his stunning daughter, but when his head finally cleared from the lust-induced fog that had momentarily robbed him of his senses, he remembered where they were and pulled away. Sarah’s smile was ravishing, her eyes twinkling with love and desire. God, she’s amazing! He was certain his beautiful daughter was fresh out of surprises, but when she looked mischievously at Claire and then back at him, he held his breath and waited.“Daddy, I think Claire will be spending the night tonight!”Oh Fuck!!!



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