What happened next …My nerves deserted me and i reached out to open the door but before i could touch the handle the door was already being opened from the other side. I stood and looked at the middle aged man who was standing there, he smiled and i’m not sure what the expression on my face was but it certainly didn’t resemble a smile ! The smile went from his face and i was asked if i was alright, i nodded and said that i was just about to leave, his smile returned and he said but what about our fun ? I explained that it had been a mistake and i was sorry that i had given him the impression that i was interested in having fun, but i really didn’t want to be there. He moved further into the cubicle and i was forced to move backwards, he pushed the door to behind him and leaned against it. One hand reached out and brushed against the front of my trousers, i wasn’t erect and he could feel it, or rather he couldn’t feel it ! His other hand was rubbing against his own trouser front and i could see that he was already aroused, he smiled again and started to undo his belt, his trousers soon dropped to the floor and then canlı bahis he pushed down his underpants exposing his stiff cock. It was bigger than mine and uncut and i stared at it as he stroked it and eased back the foreskin showing the head. My own cock was still flaccid then he held out a hand towards me i moved my own hand towards his, he took it and placed it on his cock, i gripped it and started to stroke it as he leaned back against the door enjoying the feeling of being stroked. I moved a little closer to him and he looked at me and placed his hands on my shoulders, a gentle pressure told me that he wanted me on my knees before him and as i knelt i thought of what i was doing and how wrong it was, but then he moved his hips to push his cock towards my face and then the moment that i had thought about for ages happened, his cock was in my mouth and i was sucking it. the feeling was amazing, the feeling of doing something many would find disgusting and here i was on my knees in a dirty toilet block sucking a strangers cock. I cupped his balls and sucked and nibbled and soon his hands were on the back of my head bahis siteleri as he thrust his stiffness into my mouth, again and again he moved in and out of my mouth, his strong hands allowing me no room to escape. i gagged as his cock touched the back of my throat and still he carried on, he began to moan and his thrusts became faster and harder and soon i felt his cock empty itself into my mouth as his hands held my head as he spasmed his cum into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow some of it and as he hands released my head i moved back allowing his cock to spring free from my mouth. I was coughing and some of his cum had finished up on my face, he smiled down at me and handed me a folded handkerchief which i took and wiped his cum from my face. He was looking down at me and his cock was growing limp but it still had cum dripping from it, he held it in his hand and squeezed it forcing the last of the cum from it. Thank you he said, and i stood and felt awful at what i had just allowed to happen, i told him that i wanted to leave and he asked me if i didn’t want some relief before i left. i told him that güvenilir bahis no i didn’t and moved towards the door, he edged to one side and let me pass. I left the toilets and made my way home feeling sick, and hating the taste that his cum had left in my mouth. As soon as i got home i brushed my teeth to get rid of the taste, and then bathed and went to bed. As soon as i lay down images of what i had done flashed through my head, i was disgusted with myself, how could i allow a stranger to put his cock in my mouth and then let him cum as well. i remembered his handkerchief and getting out of bed went to my coat and found it in one of the pockets. I opened it and found that although most of it had dried there was still a patch of of that was still sticky, i returned to bed and lay down again and as the images again flashed through my head, my hand was already stroking my growing cock. I was soon masturbating as i remembered how it felt to kneel and open my mouth for a cock, my hand moved faster and i bought his handkerchief to my nose and sniffed it and then without thinking i licked it again tasting his cum, but this time it didn’t taste quite as bad and as i licked and felt my orgasm approaching i moved his handkerchief to catch my cum and knew that i would be going back to that toilet block as soon as i could. … More to come.



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