what happened at workI don’t use bad language as a rule in these stories but occasionally it becomes essential. One or more of the characters takes on a life of their own and uses profanity with gay abandon. So just accept that in the following tale there may well be more smutty words than you might usually expect from me…..How could this be possible she thought? If you would have told her a few days ago the position she found herself in today she would have laughed at you. But here she was naked from the waist down, skirt pushed up around her waist, tights torn at the crotch, knickers totally cut off with scissors leaving her delightful charms totally exposed and available. Her top was pushed up high and her bra scrunched up above her breasts.She was bent over the boss’s desk legs wide apart.How was this possible? She had hardly had many lovers before she married none since; she was usually very much unavailable to most men. Yet here she was about to have her sweet love tunnel invaded by her new boss.S he could have stopped him, all she had to say was no, please don’t but she remained bent over,100% submissive, and he took full advantage and unceremoniously slammed his rigid tool as deep as he could into her sweet delicate body.She should stop him, but she didn’t and then he inflicted another unexpected indignity upon her.‘Look into the camera in front of you.’What? What did he mean camera? She couldn’t see a camera, and she certainly didn’t want to be photographed in this position. She looked round behind her at him as best she could, ‘what do you mean?’‘Fucking, look straight into the camera that is fuckin’ well straight türkçe bahis in front of you slut.’ His statement was not of the sort that could be easily disobeyed. He was the boss and had the kind of persona that somehow meant people did exactly as he told them, without question.She complied; she looked straight ahead, and he started slamming in and out of her with an a****listic brutality. She had never been taken so clinically or savagely and yet she didn’t tell him to stop or even try to get away. Worse, she was sort of enjoying being so compliant in a perverse sort of way.And he barked another instruction at her, just as he had when she first entered his office so few moments before.‘Tell the camera your name.’‘What do you mean’ she stuttered.‘Fukin’ hell are you thick or something? Look into the camera and tell it your sodding name bitch!’And in a very quiet voice she stammered her name. To tell the truth with the brutal ‘seeing too’ he was administering from behind, and the whole suddenness of the situation she could barely remember anything as simple as her name.And he went mental, ‘no that’s your old name, you won’t be called that anymore! I want you to use your new name bitch.’He continued slamming into her, more top see if he could hurt her on the corner of the desk and to get her to yelp in pain. He was hoping that she would ask or better still beg, him to be more gentle, which he had no intention of being by the way. She explained as best she could that she didn’t know her new name….‘I see he said well your new name is Fuckmycunt,’ (author’s note: I told you there would be bad language and it’s this youwin man’s fault not mine. He is a really nasty piece of work, I don’t like him at all and she really was foolish to allow him to get away with this total liberty).‘I can’t’ say words like that’ she said. She had been brought up nicely and rarely used profanity, she felt it distasteful.‘You can and will use ‘slut language’ and you better say it fuckin’ quick or I will get very cross, and you don’t want that do you? So say ‘my name is ‘Fuckmycunt’ quickly, into the camera like I told you, or I will start to lose my temper.’What could she do? She had submitted her body to him without the slightest resistance. In fact when he had instructed her to raise her skirt and then tear the crotch of her own tights so that he could have access to ‘your dirty little cunt’ (his words not mine) she did exactly as he said. She was totally compliant. She was trained as a senior PA to CEOs and knew to follow instruction without question. So when he said jump, she did. He cut the pants off himself, using the executive scissors!So she looked forward and whilst he continued his savage driving in and out of her most precious region she uttered the profanity as instructed. She announced her new name to the world.In front of her was also an executive TV screen, where commercial presentations were presented. He told her to repeat the words he now just illuminated on a screen in front of her; degradation by power point so to speak. She didn’t want to say what was written but he had commanded her….‘My name is Fuckmycunt and I am to be the company whore and slut. Whilst I youwin giriş work here I am to make all my holes available to whoever wants to use them. When I go home at night my mouth and cunt will have been drenched in mens cum and womens love juices too. I will also let anyone photograph and video me when I am fuckin or fingering myself or inserting objects into my cunt hole.’ She cringed at the use of the filthy words he made her use, as do I. Such vulgarity really isn’t necessary at all.‘Good girl’ he said. ‘I will get one of the girls to teach you how to suck cock properly and how to wank a man and keep him on the edge of cumming until he begs you to finish him off.’‘The actual job I want you to help me with is dealing with our difficult clients. That’s your real job, you will be my personal company slut. I want you to learn how to fuck like a professional and groan and moan when you are on your back with your legs wide apart being abused by a customer and make him think he is the best lover you ever had. Do you understand?’Actually she didn’t but being taken from behind, degraded and generally humiliated like this left her not knowing what day of the week it was, but she nodded she understood.Now look into the camera and beg me to cum inside your dirty whore’s cunt.’And she did as he said yet again. And she became the company slut/whore. And together they won lots of new business.But here is the thing, the biter became the bitten.She was so popular with the clients that it ended up that without her charms on offer they would not place any more orders. It didn’t take her long to realise that it was she that actually wielded the power and so within very little time she was able to take over her bosses job, and she had him sacked, unceremoniously.She then went back to a normal life. Well nearly normal, because she was now the CEO herself!



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