I really couldn’t believe what was going on.

Here were Mary and I, only a week and a couple of days from a weekend away, staying in a big house with some wonderful people and what are we doing? Getting ready to indulge in an orgy by the looks of things!

We are both very ordinary folks, we knew what life was about but never before had we experimented with anything like what had happened recently. Group sex, anal, cum swallowing, all these we’d seen on video but never thought they would happen to us!

Preparation for the ‘party’, after our doze, was going well. Here I was settled very comfortably between my wife’s spread thighs with my portable beard trimmer, a bowl of warm soapy water and a razor doing, what shall we say, a little tidying up job.

Mary is quite happy with being trimmed, as long as it’s not too short and it’s a job I am happy to do although in our present circumstances of ‘look but don’t touch’ my erection was causing distinct discomfort in the under pant region.

Mary’s pussy however was getting the attention it required and was getting very ‘dewey’ as I attended to my task. I wiped her off frequently and dallied as long as possible around her clitoris, which was now standing up and taking notice. I couldn’t resist a long sweep of my tongue up her perfect pink slit and this brought forth a long low groan from Mary and the comment, ‘if you don’t stop that in the next ten minutes I shall have to get cross with you!’

I took that as my cue and continued to lick her until a couple of minutes later she pulled me to her and came all over my face. It was delicious and I left her splayed back on the bed as I took myself, and my erection, into the en-suite to clean up.

Having finished my shower and Mary having finished hers we dressed and went down stairs for seven as requested.

Ann and James were standing in their enormous lounge with a drink in their hands and looked absolutely stunning. They were clothed the same as us and also had that very bright sparkle in their eyes as we had in ours.

Ann’s welcome kiss nearly had my thong bursting and I think James was having the same problems, although he did tell me;’ It’s OK George having a semi hard on at the start of the evening impresses the other guests’. Impressing people with James’s size probably wasn’t a real problem but it was going to be a bit different for me!

Anyway with were given a drink and stood chatting until the doorbell rang signalling the arrival of the first guests. Ann opened the door and in came several people all dressed in Roman style and introductions were made.

Now if you think I can remember all the names you are sadly mistaken, but I can tell you the first arrivals were all very, very good looking couples who rapidly put us at our ease as we were new comers.

Over the next three quarters of an hour all the guests arrived and Ann gave Dan special attention. James hadn’t told him of the attire required so Ann took him upstairs and kitted him out. She was gone a surprisingly short time but whispered to Mary on her return ‘you’re right, he is gorgeous, God knows how I kept my hands off him!!’ Mary replied ‘Don’t be too keen I want some more of him as well you know’.

They giggled quietly together as Dan came up to them and greeted Mary with a long kiss hanging on to her hand as if his life depended on it.

After a few more minutes James announced, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, let the evening beylikdüzü ucuz escort entertainment commence and don’t forget the rule, all is allowed if the other partner or partners agree’.

At that two women who had been standing chatting put down their drinks and embarked on a long, deep kiss running their hands up and down each other and in and out of the tunics they both wore. Mind you they didn’t wear them for long and two stunning bodies were revealed to the watching group.

Both women had short hair, one blonde and the other a redhead and both were completely devoid of hair between their thighs. They settled on one of the settees in a classic sixty-nine position licking and sucking as if there was going to be no tomorrow. Other hands were now being employed stroking the exposed breasts and buttocks as the two women wriggled sinuously around each other in a sort of competition to see who could get the other to come first.

Others of course were not interested in the two women but were more intent on finding a partner for themselves. I whispered to Mary,’ will you be all right? Don’t forget you can stop anything you don’t like’ and she smiled at me in a very dreamy way and said ‘don’t worry, I will be fine. Enjoy yourself because I intend to’.

With that she took Dan away to a chair near the fireplace and pushing him into it proceeded to pull off his tunic and pay homage to his beautiful young prick. It didn’t take Ann long to join her and they took it in turns to suck on his meat, occasionally taking first one testicle into their mouths and then the other as they licked and sucked at him.

Ann’s careful insertion of a well wetted finger in his arse brought Dan to his first, but I suspected not last climax, of the night and this was showered in the faces of my wife and her new friend who promptly started to lick it off each other as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Any pretence at order was lost now as Mary and Ann threw off their robes. Pulling Dan onto the floor Ann sat on his face and Mary impaled herself on his never flagging prick.

Much as I wanted to watch these two experts give this young man his first lessons in how to satisfy a woman, my mind was distracted by the approach of what I can only describe as a vision.

She was probably about 38 years old and had removed her robe already to reveal a seriously immaculate set of breasts, probably about 38c but high and firm for all that and a set of legs to die for.

She stood next to me, asked my name and then putting her hand on my thong said in low voice, ‘Take me somewhere and fuck me please.’

She probably told me her name but I forget w hat it was, I was too taken up looking for space in the lounge where there weren’t any other bodies. I decide to stay where I was, dropped to my knees in front of her and putting one of her feet onto the raised fender surrounding the fire, began to lick and nibble at her beautiful pussy.

Her hands went to her nipples and she began to rub and pull them as I sucked at her lips and clitoris that soon sprang into view. Low moans were coming from her mouth as I licked slowly from her arse to her pussy time and time again and then she dropped to the floor and pulling my thong violently down my thighs ripped off my tunic and took my aching cock into her mouth.

Now I don’t mean just her mouth, she took me down right into her beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort throat and sucked like a vacuum cleaner! I couldn’t last that sort of treatment and was relieved when she released me from those heavenly depths and started to flutter her tongue up and down my shaft, alternating with little nips of the head and sucks just at the top, my God this woman knew how to suck cock!

She turned and, resting her elbows on the fender, presented her perfect arse to me. I was captivated and slid my aching prick straight into her well-lubricated pussy. She was growling now wanting me to fuck her faster and harder, demanding ‘Fuck my brains out, make me cum!’ and surprisingly I did! Her pussy walls were rippling around my cock, and I could feel the juices gushing from her as I unloaded mine into her yearning gash.

I stayed behind her for a while until a very good looking older gentleman, about 60 I would guess, tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Mind if I take over Old Boy?’ which of course I didn’t and as soon as I moved away he spread a finger full of our mingled juices from her and spreading it round her rosebud slid into her arse as smoothly as you like.

I heard not a word of complaint from her and indeed her enthusiastic pushing back onto his prick assured me she was positively enjoying the attention.

Ann and Mary were still taking care of Dan. By this time Mary was being eaten out by Ann who was enjoying Dan fucking her arse, how quickly people learn I mused as I continued my gaze around the room.

James was being fellated by two ladies, one youngish and the other definitely well over 50, but in extremely good order for her age.

I couldn’t resist and nestling down behind her I started playing with her very lovely tits and fingering her very soggy pussy. The little mewing sounds that started to come from her told me that my attentions where appreciated and summing up a little more courage I started to occasionally play with her buttocks. I slipped my finger further into her crack every now and then to feel a marked pushing back of herself every time I went near her rectum. A small amount of moisture was all I needed and then my finger slipped into her very gently, to groaning now rather than mewing.

James looked at me and signalled for me to lay on my back which I did and the lady immediately spread copious amounts of her juices on my prick and thrust herself down so I entered her arse in one easy movement. She was facing away from me still but laying back on her elbows her pussy was available and the younger woman soon started to lick and suck at her while James thrust his huge prick into her from behind.

This amazing action went on for some minutes until the young woman stood astride the older so she could be licked and at that James pressed his prick into the older woman’s pussy.

James and I had done this with Ann before but with positions reversed and I found it extraordinary still to feel his prick going in and out on the other side of a very thin divide.

Surprisingly James came first and I could feel his cum spurting into her, something which triggered off my own climax and the woman’s who was literally trembling with the spasms ripping through her.

What an evening, two orgasms and the party had only been going an hour or so! My wife Mary had not been idle whilst James and I had been sharing beyoğlu escort this lovely mature woman; she seemed to have exhausted Dan with the help of Ann and was now looking for some more attention.

The lounge had a large, low coffee table in the middle and all the odds on it had been removed and some gentlemen were placing Mary on the table.

One was laying between her outstretched thighs and was kissing and licking her pussy while another was sat astride her chest with his prick sliding in and out of her mouth. Yet another was knelt by the side of the table sucking at her breasts and a fourth was stood next to her so that she could play with his cock and balls.

I could not believe some of the things I was seeing but this was incredible. My normally very reserved wife doing all this and in front of all these people, more of whom were gathering to watch as the moments went by.

Two other men now joined in, one on her other breast, the other in her other hand and when she looked at me her face had a look of sheer delight on it to which I could only reply with a smile.

More men were getting closer in to the action and I had to do the same so I could see the constant changing of positions that were going on; one moment one man in her pussy and then a few moments later another and so on. It was an incredibly erotic scene; certainly many of the watchers found it so. Most of the men now had a woman standing next to or behind them playing with their pricks and I was no exception as Ann had found me and was giving my cock a wonderful stroking action.

Mary was writhing with pleasure and ordering her admirers to greater efforts as she climaxed almost continuously it seemed, and as soon as one, say in her hand, came all over her another was put in his place. This couldn’t last for long and as the man presently between her thighs came so did the man astride her chest and as they exploded their juices all over Mary’s chest and stomach so did most of the other men around her playing an enormous amount of semen onto her body still trembling and quivering from her last orgasm.

I wanted to make my offering to her as well but Ann had other ideas. She was so attuned she knew I was about to cum. She dropped to her knees taking my prick into her mouth and sucking me just at the right time so I could do nothing else but cum into her welcoming mouth.

The feeling was exquisite and as she milked me dry I watched Mary being licked clean by four eager ladies, two of whom who had started off the evenings revels it seemed so long ago.

That was it for Mary and me for a while. We sat on a settee cuddling and watching some of the other activities as we were both worn out.

Dan was popular with the ladies we noticed and not surprisingly so. He seemed to have an erection on all the time and was able to cum almost at will. At one time four ladies were ministering to him, including the ever eager Ann, and Mary swore that the stream of cum they got from him was as big then as the one her and Ann has teased from him earlier in the evening.

I suspected that Dan might be a very regular attendee at future parties!

Things quietened down a bit fairly soon and Mary having stroked my cock to attention again was sitting on it with us both watching my ‘Vision’ of earlier being taken by a man we hadn’t noticed before. I am surprised in some ways we hadn’t because of the size of his prick but then with it being so large I expect a lot of ladies were hiding it from our view!

I thought James was large but this chap had at least two more inches in length and about another two in girth! Certainly the ‘Vision’ was enjoying him immensely and as Mary brought me to yet another draining orgasm she said ‘I think I’d like to try him sometime’.





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