You stand there in the shower hard, full of lust and desiring more. But you reluctantly step back and let the water run over you body, as you finish you beer and steamy shower. You step out and take a towel and dry off partly. You reach and grab another beer, crack it open and then pick up the black silk boxers, where you find another note.

This one says.

“I want you, I need you, I long for you, come find me.”

What you don’t know is that my fingers have been buried in my tight wet pussy for the last fifteen minutes thinking about your thick, long, hard cock slamming into me.

You think for a second pondering if you should even waste the time putting them on. Then you quickly step into them reach over and splash on some cologne. You then turn back around grab you beer and head out of the bathroom.

The scent in the living room hits your nose again. It makes you long to be next to me. As you step out of the bathroom you see that the rose petals have thickened and notice that over on the floor of the living room floor is a bed. But not just any bed. It is wrapped in satin sheets and beside it lays all kinds of wonders. There batıkent escort are rose petals lying all over the room. And you like to center piece in the middle of the bed. There I lay. With my black garter belt on, thigh high stockings, black high heals and a very naughty bra. I slowly turn and crawl on my hands and knees to the end of the foam mattress. Then I sit up on my knees, and with one finger motion for you to come here.

I can see you are full of desire. You slowly walk over to me, and I run my hands up your thighs. Starting on the outside till I get to your boxers. Where I let my hands slide inside them and caress your buttocks. I lay my head up against you hard thick throbbing cock. And then bring my hands back around your hips to the inside of your thighs. Where I caress the inside of your thighs with my hands and just let my thumbs run over you balls. You let out a small sigh. So then I lift my head back and kiss your cock through the silk boxers.

I slowly reach up and you grab my hands and stand me up. You are so turned on by what I have on. You turn me around and pull me to you. You slowly beşevler escort run your hands around my stomach and then up to my breast and then up to my neck and through my hair. You start to move your hands down and kiss me on the neck and shoulders as your hands wander down to move over my butt and back of my thighs. You then slowly start to bend me over with your body as you move your hands to the front of my thighs. Then to the inside of my thighs to my hot wet pussy where you stick your fingers on my clit and rub them around.

Then you stick your finger in my pussy. Just a couple of times to make sure the desire is mounting. Then you slowly stand up and with one hand rub my back and butt, while with the other hand you take your cock out of your silk boxers and rub it on my butt. “Oh my, you are so big and hard right now”

You so want to stick your hot throbbing cock inside me. You slowly pull your hips back enough that you can feel your cock touch my wet hot pussy. You start to slide him in. as you slide my feet further apart. You moan with excitement and the feeling of my tight pussy around your cock.

“Oh ankara escort you feel so good. So big .. So deep .. So hard ..” I think out loud to you.

You start thrusting yourself in and out, faster and then slower. You can feel your self starting to climax. So you pull out and rub it on my butt. But we both desire to go further. So you reach around and start playing with my clit. You get me almost ready to cum when you stick you hard throbbing cock back in me.

With a couple of thrust, that does it. It sends me over the end. I start to moan and get louder as the pleasure overwhelms me. You can’t hold back so you grab my hips and thrust hard into me, in and out, in and out.

“Oh my gosh”. I yell, as your big cock drives into my womb.

“Here it comes … hold on … YES!”

“That is it!”

“ummmm .. aahhhh .. “

You finally release your load, but as you start to you pull it out and cum on my butt crack and back, I have a very deviant thought. It is such a turn on, to think about that hard cock trying to get in my ass.

We both stand there for a minute, but we both know it is not over. There is more to come. So I walk over to grab a towel. Still in my sexy little outfit and you grab your beer and lay down on the bed. As I walk out of the bathroom. I smile and ask you if you’re ready for round two. You just smile and wiggle your finger for me to come hither. … …

to be continued…



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