Liam watched the woman who had come to mean the world to him as she floated down the aisle on her father’s arm. She was radiant, her clotted cream-colored gown swirling around her, the long train bringing up the rear. When they came beside her mother, Mrs. Markham stood and walked with them the rest of the way to the altar. They stood there, all four of them, but Liam and Lydia had eyes only for each other. When the minister began to speak, they tore their eyes away from each other reluctantly and listened to his solemn words.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” he asked.

“We do,” her parents said in chorus, and took both her hands and laid them in Liam’s hands. He looked at her for another long moment, and then turned with her to face the man who would say the words to make them husband and wife. The church was packed, with police officers, family, and friends from everywhere, including overseas. Liam and Lydia spoke their vows in clear voices, promising to love and care for each other, to remain friends and lovers, and to grow old together through every season of every year of the rest of their lives. He invited them to put the rings they had for each other on their fingers, and Liam kissed Lydia’s hand and Lydia his, when they placed the token of their love on each other’s ring fingers.

“Liam, I know you’ve been waiting for this moment all morning, so I guess I’d better take you out of your misery.” The minister chuckled merrily. “You may kiss the bride!”

Liam turned and faced Lydia, pulling her slowly into his arms, and when his lips touched hers, the church erupted into cheers and wolf whistles. Liam barely heard it over the roaring in his ears from the thundering of his heart. He fought to keep the kiss light, and promised himself a much better, fuller one later. He smiled into her eyes, and watched her eyes light up as she smiled back at him.

“I love you,” they whispered to each other.

The rest of the day was a blur, from the horse-drawn carriage ride from the church, to the multiple stops for pictures, to the reception line, to the first dance – a snappy tango, of course – to the final goodbyes. Liam only knew he was dying by the end of the day to be alone with Lydia. So when the carriage returned to take them to the yacht, Liam was more than ready to leave the happy crowd of well-wishers, he was eager. He held Lydia’s hand in his, then scooted closer and put his arms around her, holding her as though she were a precious cargo. He pressed light kisses on her cheeks and hair, and even though the ride through the quiet streets to the dock was romantic, with the stars twinkling in a clear sky, and the moon on the rise, Liam knew he needed to feel Lydia under him, on him, and soon. He thanked the carriage driver, and helped Lydia down, pulling her to his side as the horses pulled away.

“Come on, honey,” he whispered in her ear, “let’s go aboard.” He led her along the dock to the large white yacht that was moored at the end, and helped her climb aboard, her long cream-colored dress hiked up around her legs. He went ahead of her, so he could catch her in his arms when she stepped down.

“Welcome aboard the Ladylove,” Liam said. “I’ll give you a full tour in the morning, before we cast off, but for now I need you.” His voice was a thick soup of emotion, rough and warm.

Lydia followed Liam below, to the stateroom. It was hard to believe she was on a yacht not in a hotel room. illegal bahis The room was beautifully appointed in red and gold, but Lydia had no time to admire its lavish beauty before Liam was pulling the tiny buttons at the back of her dress.

“How long did it take you to do up the back of this dress?” he asked laughingly. “It’s certainly taking me a long time to undo them!”

“I don’t remember how long it took,” Lydia replied. “Everything seemed to go incredibly fast this morning, and before I knew it, I was standing next to you.”

Lydia turned as she spoke, and raised her face to his. And Liam could no more resist her silent invitation than he could resist breathing. He lowered his head and kissed her slowly, deeply, his tongue making contact with hers in fuller and fuller passes. She moaned as the kisses grew more fevered, wetter, more drugging. Liam felt his heart thudding in his chest, and he grew harder with every sound that came from her throat. He pressed his thighs against hers, and felt her press back.

“Oh, baby, yeah,” he whispered. He needed to know she wanted him as much as he wanted her. “Hold me tight, baby,” he begged her, and tightened his grip on her.

Liam felt Lydia’s arms wrap around his neck, her hands tangling in his hair. He plunged into her mouth again, sucking and tasting her, fueling his desire with every pass of his mouth over hers.

“Lydia, baby, I need to feel you, honey, now!” he said hoarsely. He pulled the dress down her arms, and watched her full breasts burst from their restraints. He inhaled deeply, and passed trembling hands over them, clad in black lace. He bent his head and sucked on the taut nipples through the lace, then blew on them, making Lydia shiver. He raised his head and looked at her.

“Okay, so far?” he wondered, waiting anxiously for her answer.

“Yes,” she breathed, barely able to think past the feelings that were engulfing her, feelings she had never had, not even in her first year with David. “I’ve…I’ve never felt like this before, and it’s wonderful and…” she stopped, not wanting to spoil the moment.

“And what, baby?” Liam asked, caressing her through the lace.

“Scary,” she whispered, hiding her face in his chest. “I feel so vulnerable,” she confessed.

Liam raised her face to his. “Darling, I will never knowingly hurt you, and if I do without knowing it, I want you to promise to tell me. Okay?”

“Okay,” she promised. “I do love you, Liam,” she added.

He smiled at her, and kissed her shoulders, sliding the bra straps off as he did, and bending once more to her heavy breasts, now exposed to his view without the covering of lace. The areoles were dark and silky to the touch, and the nipples stood at attention stiffly, waiting for his touch, wanting it. He licked and sucked them, caressing them with his hands when he kissed his way back up her throat to her shoulders, then to her cheeks, before settling on her mouth. Tongues, as hearts, met in passionate connection, and Liam groaned with desperate longing.

“Help me get this off, babe,” he begged her, puling off his suit jacket and beginning to unbutton his shirt. Frantic hands undressed him, and he kicked aside shoes, socks, pants, boxer briefs, before taking her trembling hands and placing them on the evidence of his need for her.

“Feel what you do to me, every time you touch me, every time I think about you, every time we kiss,” he said passionately. illegal bahis siteleri “I will always love you, honey, with every part of me, all the time, everywhere.” His voice grew thicker with each word, and he swallowed before continuing,

“The first time I saw you, I knew you were special. And when you didn’t look at me, I knew we were going to become more than friends.” He raised her hands to his lips, kissing them and pulling her into him.

“Did I ever tell you that I dreamt about you the first time I met you?” he asked. “We were a couple, and you were waking me up with coffee. Your smile was so brilliant, and so full of love, it blew me away.” He kissed her gently on the cheeks.

“I’ve been wanting to get inside you since that first day,” he admitted, “although I didn’t admit that to myself for a while. Now, I can make that dream come true.” He paused, looking deeply into her eyes. “But I don’t want to scare you, and I want to erase every hurtful thing Daniel King ever did to you.”

He dropped to his knees before her, pushed up the dress, and removed the stockings from the garter straps, then rolled them down her legs.

“Lift up, honey,” he said, and when she lifted each foot he rolled the stocking off.

“Hold this up,” he said, pushing the gown into her hands.

Liam bowed before her, kissing her ankles and moving slowly up her leg, till he was at the apex of her thighs. Lydia’s legs were trembling, but Liam held her steady, kissing her mound and groaning. When she couldn’t stand it any more, she moaned and Liam looked up at her. What he saw in her face told him she would not reject him. He pushed her legs apart and kissed her in that most intimate and sacred of places, and Lydia cried out his name.

“Liam!” He licked her, once, twice, again, and then plunged a finger inside her, making her come in a crashing explosion of feeling.

“Liam!” she cried out again, and her legs gave way beneath her.

Liam caught her and pulled her down to her knees in front of him. He hugged her and rocked her, kissing her face and smoothing her hair, waiting for her tremors to subside.

“Oh God,” she said, tears seeping under her closed lids, ” that was incredible!”

Liam smiled in triumph, and stood with her, stripping the dress from her before lifting her and taking her to the large bed. The yacht rocked gently as he placed her in the center and sank down beside her.

“I’m going to kiss you everywhere,” he announced, and proceeded to suit action to his words. Lydia squirmed and writhed under his sensual assault, and wished she could make him feel what she was feeling.

“Liam, I want …” she paused, not sure how to do what she wanted to.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked, pressing wet kisses around her navel, licking his way up her belly to her breasts.

“I want to touch you, too,” she said, “to make you crazy like you’re making me.” Her eyes widened at the lust that flared out at her when he looked at her.

“Anytime you’re ready, babe, go for it!” he encouraged her, rolling to her side and pulling her on top of him.

Lydia looked down at the big broad body under hers, and watched the dimple in his cheek grow deeper as he smiled at her. She felt suddenly shy, and knew he knew it when he took her hand and placed it on his twitching erection. She gasped, looking at it for the first time, and wondering how she would ever accommodate him. canlı bahis siteleri It felt so good to touch him, and she smoothed her hands up and down, then circled it, then tightened her grip and repeated the motion. She felt Liam stiffening under her hands, and watched his face to see what he was feeling. His eyes had drifted shut, and his cheekbones were flushed with color. He swallowed when she tightened her grip again, and she suddenly felt the urge to taste him, as he had her. She bent her head and let her tongue touch the head of his penis gently. Liam almost shot off the bed, but he smothered the sound he made, fisting his hands in the bedcovers. She touched him again this time with her open mouth, and watched him squirm. She licked him up and down the impressive length, and then she sucked again on the very tip.

“Lydia!” he growled, opening his eyes and looking straight into hers. “Baby, don’t do this to me,” he groaned. “Let me come inside you,” he begged.

“I’m not done yet,” she answered, feeling the awesome power of love that she held over this man who was hers as surely as she was his.

“Yes, you are,” he gritted out, catching her off guard and flipping her over. “I can’t wait another minute,” he said in a rough voice. “I’ve got to have you now!” He turned her over onto her belly, and pulled the pillows under her, so that her luscious bottom was raised to him, and then he plunged inside her.

Lydia gasped at how he filled her up completely, leaving no space untouched by him. She swallowed, and Liam pulled out slowly.

“No!” she whimpered, needing all of him back inside her.

“Yeah!” he growled, and plunged back in. They both cried out at the intensity of feeling, and then Liam pulled out again.

“Liam, stop teasing,” Lydia begged him.

“It’s killing me, too, babe, but doesn’t it feel like heaven?” Liam’s voice was scarred with need. He plunged in a third time, then withdrew and plunged in again. Lydia thought her heart would burst from the feelings welling up inside her. She followed his lead, matching every thrust with a push backward, keeping pace with his increasing rhythm. She could feel her climax rushing to meet her and she said,

“Liam, I want to see you when I come!”

“Baby, yeah,” he answered and turned her over, leaving the pillows under her. He plunged in again and Lydia came, crying out uncontrollably, feeling the waves wash over her. She felt Liam pushing inside her, and incredibly, she came again, as he fell over the ragged edge and joined her in heaven. He could not seem to stop himself from plunging into her sweet depths, and he brought them both to another climax, the yacht’s gentle rocking adding to the sensations soaring through them. He fell into her arms panting, his body slickened with sweat, his heart thundering like wild horses stampeding in his chest.

“Honey, I love you so much,” he whispered. “You’ll never be rid of me now. I know what you’ve got to give.” He pressed wet kisses on her dampened skin, and finally took her mouth, loving the feel of her tongue on his. He groaned as he felt himself growing hard again. He hugged her tighter and pushed against her.

“God, I want to fuck you so hard…” He stopped, unable to explain the strength of his need. “You make me ache for you,” he said, his voice hoarse. Everywhere you touch me, I burn. Babe…”

His words made Lydia’s heart quake, and she felt her body responding to them, felt the pull of desire in that space between her thighs, felt it grow wet with need.

“Liam,” she breathed against his neck, “I burn for you, too.” She sniffed. “Thank you, darling!” she whispered, pushing up against him, moaning with desire…



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