Weapons of Math Instruction 4: Truth or Dare?WE ENORMOUSLY ENJOY SUBMISSIVE SEX FROM BOTH MOM JENNY & HER HOT TEEN DEAR DODWe’re in Master-slave relations with both neighbour mom Jenny & tasty teasing tiny tit teen dear dirty dod Sara.We’re with Sara in power now, as we can blackmail mom with the video Sara shot of mom’s painful punishment!We promised them a competition for first school holiday, lasting two weeks around Easter: Who is best in bed?We promised them not yet the preceding part of our potent patent of interesting ‘Intimate Inspection & Interview’!We order both to show up together, immediately after sweet sexy seductive slender Sara’s last lesson at school.We order both to fully undress as soon they are inside my place. I lock up their clothes for the coming fortnight.We relax during a light supper of aphrodisiacs like mussels and oysters, such sexy stuff served with white wines.We relax as I tell them the program for first evening: “See it as a sort of Confession at which you can’t lie to me”We lecture them on my invention: ‘Intimate Inspection & Interview’. Both agree it’s proper here Sara shall start. We let her bend over, legs wide and have her spread her cheeks by both hands. Sara looks clean & very wet!We listen to her telling her mom, how we quickly became lovers, even during her first free lecture in math at me.We agree illegal bahis that’s hard to tell, whom seduced whom? As love comes from two sides, often by straight short lines.We ask her out of curiousity, my male intuition, what she can tell us about her biological father, if anything at all?We ask a bit more, but she knows almost nothing. “Mom told me he left. As soon as she was pregnant with me”!We conclude it’s highest time to give the seat in my confession booth to Jenny, who suddenly is very nervous.We start to inspect intimately Jenny’s pretty pussy, for a mom of thirty-three, as she once told me. Sara nods!—————————————————————————————————————————————————–WE WANT TO LEARN FIRST FROM JENNY HOW IT COULD HAPPEN SHE BECOME MOM SO YOUNG?We wonder how it could happen that Jenny got pregnant as a teen from a runaway-lover, as it turned out to be?We wonder which sexy secrets she might hide for so many years, even for her only close relative, sweet Sara!We find her start very fitting our sexy situation: “We had this nice new neighbour boy, only a year older than me.We played a lot together. Not many other teens our age in this small village in the South-West of the ‘Bible-belt’.We discovered spanking asses as punishment after losing illegal bahis siteleri silly games we played. I lost more often. I liked it!We discovered spanking hurts, but the pain is sweetened by arousal, as I got wet and felt his hard-on clearly.We spanked always over the knee. First fully dressed as we were. Soon he started to lift my dress or skirt first.We were spanked next time at bare bottom, which hurts only a bit more my butt! But is ten times more exciting!We came first time ever, once he felt sorry for my tears and caressed my cheeks and along my slit till my clit!We came later more often, also secretly at home. Alone in bed, reliving that ordeal, I discovered masturbation.We won the other day finally again. He lands bare butts over my knee, already sporting an enormous erection.We were both very hot! Luckily I’d lifted my dress to feel his flesh at my bare thighs. Because he came halfway!We were by that time close to discover fucking, based solely on human instincts, as there was no sex-education.We were fucking from start of Summer holiday. We did it every day, except at Sundays, we had spent in church.We were having a painful swollen belly at the end of Summer. Doc told my mom I’m about two months pregnant!We were having a scandal! Soon all village would find out, we’d be expelled from Church, as severest sinners.—————————————————————————————————————————————————–WE canlı bahis siteleri HEAR FROM JENNY ABOUT HER CRYING NEXT & LAST MEETING WITH THE FATHER OF SARAWe were crying next time we met! I told him, I was pregnant. And hell will break out for both of us too real soon! We were having our last meeting, it came out. He either ran away by himself, or his folks found out & expelled?We were ‘taken care of’: Mom withdrew me from school. For long months locked up at home, where I gave birth.We were allowed to go back to finish high-school. While Sara was raised for first years by my maternal granny.”We see Jenny is crying now, asking Sara with a broken voice to please try to understand situations back then.We see it’s time for a break, more wine & some consolation, before we start to ask her more specific questions.We see as well time and place here runs out. High time for another cliffhanger here, this time at Jenny’s big clit!We see dear readers might not believe our promise to let her confess some more secrets in part 5. Up so soon.=====================================================================================ALL RIGHTS at Professor Poet-PETER at ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, Amsterdam, 11-04-18We all three warmly welcome your praise, if you like this part! We are curious for any comments or questions!We wonder ourselves most about the age of Jenny, when all that spanking and resulting pregnancy happened?



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