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We both used spit to clean his cum.I know it.s a taboo subject, but hell it happened, age for us is a number generated by law, but today’s girls, considered young, want to fuck, and we do, as figures show with the number of teenage pregnancies, girl meeting old men online and school teachers, men and women, fucking each other.This is Brits and mine story, two girls within that category, the day Brit lost her virginity, ass first, but a wondrous moment for her, and out bisexual awakening, something that has lasted right up to today, 20 years on.Please read this true account, by both of us, and enjoy our awakening, we will both check back to see if our indulgences into sex, has excited you, please comment, and we might indulge more into how girl can be real sex objects in early life.Love, Mariel and Britney. ‘I dont know how to do it’.Brittney looked like a little lost girl, despite the fact she was a little lost girl, flat chested, bald pussy and a neat slit between her legs, devoid of a developed clitoris.’Listen Brit, you’re prime meat for these old man, most of them cant get it up, so dont worry about it, just play with them, and make sure they pay you first’.’But what do you do’?Brit looked genuinely nervous, mind you, feeling a man’s cock can be daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time.’Go in and sit opposite, show a little leg, and when the look down, make sure you smile when they look up at you, let them know your up for it, lick your lips and bat your eyes, they will get the message’.We were on the way to school on the 07:15 commuter, and older carriage with a corridor and separate compartments, one of which we were standing outside, and eyeing up a prospective p**o, men who are into young girls.While I proffered my sound advice I noted he had shifted his gaze and now stared at us, canlı bahis I smiled at him, and he immediately returned my open invitation. simply acknowledging our presence, in the corridor.I turned away and looked out at the speeding countryside as we thundered along the tracks, ‘He’s clocking us Brit’, and she immediately turned to look at him. ‘Smile at him’, I whispered from the side of my mouth, and as I spoke she smiled. I turned and looked at him again, adding my own smile, and suspiciously, a hand signal, whilst taking note that no one else could see me do a wanking gesture to him.’When he comes out just go into the toilet with him and do it’. I studied Brits face as we waited for him to move, a mixture of trepidation and wondrous curiosity, she was a virgin in everything, even basic hand-jobs, and today, within minutes she would be in a small cubical giving one to an old man.’He’s coming’, she whispered nervously, tinged with excitement. ‘Lets hope you say that in a few minutes’, I added sarcastically, ‘now go and get ready’, and Brit moved down the corridor and went into the toilet compartment as he closed the door behind him to the compartment he had just left.’Where’, he asked me as he stood beside me. ‘Money’, I said with a hand outstretched.He looked left and right in the near deserted corridor, ‘How much’, he asked as his wallet came into view, £10, for a wank, £15, for a blow, £25 for a fuck, £50 up the ass. I spoke with clarity and definition, adding she was a novice, meaning a virgin.He looked at me, obviously noting the difference in body shape, but still young enough to enjoy a good fuck with an u******e.’What about you’? I looked at him and smiled warmly, I liked being proposition like that, it did wonders for my ego, ‘I cost double, in everything’, I wanted to make sure he knew bahis siteleri I was game for whatever or wherever he wanted to put his cock.I could see he was keen on the idea, but I needed Brit to get her first one out of the way, ‘Look it’s her first time, I be here tomorrow, if you need some more’.The thought of toying with a small teen virgin was written all over his face, and as he fished inside his wallet, my heart leapt as he withdrew a Fifty.I took it knowing Brit was in for a shock, and as I pocketed it we both moved down to the toilet cubical, where I knocked on the door and she opened it, a little surprised to see me and not him.’He wants to fuck your arse’, I said, my voice tinged with excitement, and as I said it I could see some soap in the washbasin. ‘Lather him up first’, I said as I indicated the soap in the wash basin, ‘it will slid in easier’, and as I said it I stepped aside and let him go into the cubical with her.I could her the water run momentarily then her yelp, and him grunt, as he fucked her.The imagery of him in her ass thrilled me and I slid my hand inside my zipper and felt my own wet pussy, and as the train thundered over the tracks, I masturbated to the sounds of my friend Britney being ass fucked for the first time, not to mention how easy it was to earn fifty quid, while she learned the trade, ten of which I would give her for the thrill she was giving him.The brakes were being applied and I looked at my watch, we were arriving at our station and she was still humping, ‘Brit we’re here’, I said in a hushed voice. There was silence then the door opened and she came out, with a shocked expression and ashen faced.As she pushed past me I slipped my arm around her waist and steadied her off the train and walked with her as we made our way out of the station.’You Ok’? I was güvenilir bahis a little concerned at her demeanor. She looked at me, then her face broke into a huge smile, ‘I fucking did it’, she babbled excitedly, then she stopped and faced me, ‘up my fucking arse too’, her excitement spilling over to me, ‘In the deep end’ I said, implying that taking it up the bum was the penultimate shag a girl could offer, and yes she did it.Brit walked ahead of me and I could see the whitish stain from sperm on her dress, ‘Brit you have cum on your skirt’, and she stopped and looked at it, and together we laughed as we both used spit to clean his testicular deposit.Of course I was keen to learn what he did, a blow by blow account, I mean after all, he might require me tomorrow and have a repeat ass fucking of an u******e girl.’I never felt him’, she added anxiously, he stood behind me and pulled my head back, kept kissing me on the mouth, as he moved in and out’.That was enough, all I needed to know, my confidence was high, all I needed to do was buy some cream, part of which would come from her £10, after all she would be up for it as we developed our schoolgirl commuter services. After classes I suggested she stay over with me that night, our heads filled with the untold wealth we could generate selling our services to lonely men looking for company and sex, especially with girls fresh and untouched, well we were young enough to be virgins, even though we were not.We lay in bed that night and discussed it, and as we started to doze off, Brit turned and put her lag between mine, cuddling up hard against me, minutes passed, then she slid on top of me and we started kissing, soon we were naked and going down on each other, paving way to us performing a lesbian act as an additional perversion to offer.We have bedded many men as lovers, earning top money, with out love for each other, genuine orgasms that only woman experience with each other, now shared to men amazed as they watch a lesbians dark secrets in bringing each other pleasure.



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