Watching the Boys Part 5I had a hard time sleeping as I tossed and turned, my mind filled withimages of Bryan and Jamal fucking like rabbits in the spa. Of course I hadseen them fucking like there was no tomorrow all over the house by now. AsI laid in bed my thoughts where racing a mile a minute.”I must be crazy letting Jamal take advantage of my son like that.My son! He was my son!” I thought to myself. “But, I loved watchingmy boy take black cock. I hated to admit it, but I loved watching it. Itmade me so hard. I wanted to see more! I wanted to see him moan and begfor it! God, I’m getting hard thinking about it.” I thought as Istarted to rub my hardening cock.”No! I can’t think this way! What kind of father would I be ifI let him be used and exploited like that. The trip to Maimi will help meget Bryan away from Jamal and his influence. Also it would help me clearmy mind.”Ben should be able to handle himself. He’s older. He`snever showed any signs of being gay or ever being curious about anotherboy. He should be fine with Jamal.” I thought to myself.I continued to reason out my feelings as the sleeping pills I tookfinally started to kick in and I began to drift off to sleep. But as Idreamed, the images of thrusting black hips slapping against young whiteboy flesh filled my dream state. The sounds of boys moaning and matureblack limbs and young boy parts rubbing against each other in a pit ofmoving flesh filled my dreaming mind.Then Bryan appeared standing in front of me, naked and smiling. Hislittle boy cock was rock hard. He turned towards the thrusting, undulatingmixture of man and boy limbs beginning to walk towards it. I tried to callout to him but I realized I didn’t have a mouth and I couldn`t movemy body.Bryan reached the edge of the pit of moaning, heaving limbs andstepped down into it. Big black muscular arms reached out and took hold ofmy boy as he was slowly pulled down into the pit of squirming flesh. Heturned and looked back at me with a look of wild lust as big black handsroamed all over his smooth boy skin.Sinking up to his chest amongst the roaming hands, he closed his eyesas his body started to undulate with the moving flesh. Bryan moaned out inecstasy as his body was stimulated by all the contact he was receiving ashe continued to sink deeper.Then Jamal’s head rose up out of the moving body parts behind myboy. His face grinned with a devilish smile.”He’s my boy now.” said Jamal as he leaned Bryan’s headback. Jamal’s tongue extend out like a snake as Bryan opened his mouthand allowing the snake like tongue to enter his mouth. I watched in shockas Jamal’s tongue worked it’s way down into my boy’s throat,causing it to distend out. Jamal worked his tongue into my boy’s throatuntil they where lip locked with Jamal’s snake like tongue buried downmy son’s throat. Then their faces started merge and melt together as Iwatched them sink down together into the moving hoards of flesh. Justbefore Bryan’s head disappearing from view he let out a long low moanfrom his stuffed throat that was cut short as his head disappeared downinto the flesh.I woke with a start! “BRYAN?!”I glanced around the room and realized I was still in my bedroom. Iwas drenched in sweat. I also noticed that my crotch felt wet. I liftedup the sheets and noticed that I had ejaculated all over myself.”What the hell just happened?” I thought to myself. “Didthat dream make me cum? Fuck, what is wrong with me?!”I glanced over at the clock, it was 8 in the morning. I stumbled outof bed and grabbed a hand towel out of the bathroom to clean myself up. Ineeded a cup of coffee bad. I needed to figure out what the hell ishappening to me and what I was going to tell Ben.I made my way out of the bedroom and down the hall, passing Ben’sroom and then Bryan’s room. Both bedroom doors where open and I glancedinto Bryan’s room and his bed was empty.”Probably already up.” I thought, sounds of cartoons coming fromdownstairs.As I came out onto the second floor landing over looking the diningroom, I could see Bryan sitting on Jamal’s lap as they both watchedsomething on an ipad as they ate bowls of cereal. I groggily made my waydown the stairs and past Jamal and Bryan. Jamal and Bryan looked up fromthe ipad as they both grinned at me.”Morning Frank.” Jamal said cheerfully. Bryan looked up andcopied Jamal’s greeting as well.”Mor’ing Fwank.” my boy said with mouth full of cereal,giggling as he said it.I weakly smiled and grunted as I continued to shuffle past them intothe kitchen. I could still feel the Ambein in my system slowing my minddown. I needed coffee in the worst way. I could smell the freshly brewedcoffee as I went to the cabinet to get a coffee cup. As I poured thecoffee I heard Bryan giggle then give a faint grunt then a low boyish moan.”Oh god, are they at it again?” I thought to myself. I peekedaround the corner into the dining room and could see them sitting at thetable. But this time the scene was far different than what I’d justpast a minute ago.Bryan and Jamal where leaning back in the chair with Bryan’s legsspread over the outside of Jamal’s thighs as Jamal’s hands roamed upand down my boys smooth torso. I realized that they where both nowcompletely naked.Jamal leaned my boy’s head back like in the dream I had and startedto passionately kiss Bryan. But he did it with such ferocious passion thatI thought Jamal was going to eat my boy alive.Then Jamal started to do small upward thrusts into my limp boy makingBryan grunt and moan through his nose as they stayed lip locked together.Bryan’s small thirteen year old arms and legs flailing with each upwardthrust from Jamal’s undulating hips as Jamal continued to stroke myboy`s smooth body. The sounds of sloppy sex and boy moans echoed offthe walls of the cavernous dining room. Jammal’s tongue was jammed downinto Bryan’s mouth as his hard eight inches pounded into my boy’sloose ass.”Shit!, my boy’s being skewered at both ends!” I thought tomyself as I watched man and boy lose themselves in their private world oflust. I was wide awake now, and so was my cock as I started to rub itthrough my still wet pajama bottoms. I was so hypnotized with watchingJamal’s muscular body ravage my boy I didn’t even notice him staringat me.Our eyes met as he continued to kiss and fuck Bryan on his lap. Hiseyes burned into my soul as we stared at each other. Jamal gripped my boyin his muscular arms as he increased his fucking up into his boy’s holewhile still staring at me. Bryan’s muffled moans grew louder and moreintense with the increased speed.I was so hard now. I could feel my cock leaking as Jamal violated myboy, or was he Jamal’s boy, right in front of me. I couldn’t help itany longer as I whipped out my painfully hard cock and started furiouslystroking it. Jamal lifted his mouth off Bryan and smiled. He then grabbedhold of my boy and stood up, placing Bryan on the dining room table. Henever slid out as he did it. Bryan was now face down on the table, hiseyes closed and his mouth open as he moaned loudly from the rapid thrustshe was receiving from Jamal.I continued to stroke my cock as I watched Jamal brace himself over myboy and take him on the dining room table. Jamal grunted with each thrustas the sounds of slapping flesh and Bryan’s moans filled the room. Ihad to admit that watching the two of them fuck was amazing!I noticed Bryan’s eyes had opened slightly and he was looking atme. He had a look of pure bliss on his face as his head bobbed back andforth from the fucking he was getting from Jamal. He smiled at me as hewatched me stroking my cock.”You like daddy’s cock?!” Jamal said in a commanding voice.”AH…UH…Mmmyeah” Bryan finally said as he smiled at methrough half closed eyes. Jamal’s thick, eight inch cock pistoning inand out of Bryan’s smooth boy ass, making my boy drool on the table.”And who’s…” Jamal said as he slammed hard into Bryan andkept it buried balls deep, making Bryan groan.”…your daddy?!” Jamal continued as he drew back and slammedforward again, keeping his large cock still buried to the hilt as bothJamal and Bryan where now looking at me as I stroked my cock.”Aaah…you daddy!” Bryan squeaked out as my former boycontinued watching me as I stroked my cock faster. I was so close tocumming again. Jamal leaned down onto Bryan starting to lick my boy’sear as he started to make short stabbing movements into Bryan. Jamalstarted to mumble into Bryan’s ear.”Yeah, take my cock! You love my cock boy!? You love gettingfucked don’t you son!?” Jamal moaned out as the wet slurping soundsof Jamal’s fucking canlı bahis grew louder in the room. Bryan’s face grimaced asJamal’s cock hammered away at his boy colon. The intense sensationsoverloading his young body.”Iaaaah …yaaagh …aaaah…aaaagh” was all Bryan coulddo to respond. Now lost in a world of overwhelming sensations.”Your’re going to make daddy cum son!” Jamal saidbreathlessly in Bryan’s ear.”You want my load boy!? You want to be filled with my lovefrosting!?” Jamal said with a more urgent tone in his voice. Bryan’sanswer was to arch his ass higher as he intertwined his small boy legsaround Jamal’s powerful legs as he tried to get more of his new daddyinto him.”UUUUGH! FUCK BOY! HERE IT COMES!” Jamal roared as he slammedforward and ground his hips against Bryan’s ass. A shudder went throughJamal as man and boy stayed locked together, their legs tightly interlockedas Jamal emptied his load into his boy.”Fuck yeah son, milk my cock with your ass!” as Jamal stood up,holding Bryan by his hips as he continued to thrust and mash his hipsagainst Bryan’s ass.I stifled a weak moan as I started to shoot my built up load all overthe kitchen floor. I couldn’t imagine a more fantastic sight watchingJamal breed Bryan. But as I came down from my high, I felt guilty andashamed of what I had let happen to my son in my own house. I quicklypulled up my pajama’s and quietly retreated back into the kitchen out ofsight.”Get cleaned up and ready for your brother.” He heard Jamal tellBryan in a fatherly tone. I then heard the sounds of little feet runningup the stairs.I retreated to my office to catch my breath. I realized I had crosseda line with Bryan. He now knows I’ve seen him getting fucked by Jamal,and I don’t think he cares. In fact it was almost like he enjoyed beingwatched by me.”How am I going to deal with this?” I thought to myself as Islumped into my office chair. Jamal was right I did like seeing my son, nocorrect that my former son being fucked by Jamal. I was starting to thinkof Bry like the boys on my pc, but this was up close and even better. Bryloved getting fucked by black dick and couldn’t seem to get enough. “Myaddiction to watching my boy get fucked is definitely my weakness.” Ireasoned with myself. And with Ben coming home today, how will he dealwith this situation? How was I going to deal with this? As dirty, nastyand hot as it was I knew I needed to stop this.What would Ben think of all this? His own father letting his littlebrother being fucked by hot muscular black men. I hoped once Bry was awayfrom Jamal and Dee I could get my boy to think of me as his father again.Ben was strong willed enough I really didn’t there was any problem withJamal being here. Ben would ignore him and hopefully just think Bry wasjust infatuated with the thought of having someone older here to play with.Ben was a typical teenager, anyone over 18 was ancient and to be ignored.I doubted Jamal would try anything with Bry while Ben was here. It would betoo big of a risk that Ben would report him to the police.”Yes, the best thing was to get Bry out of here and then thingswould get back to normal.” I thought to myself as I sipped my now coldcoffee.After stewing in my thoughts for a few more minutes I headed upstairsto shower and get dressed. As I headed back through the house, I noticedit was eerily quiet. As I approached the second floor landing I noticedall the doors to the rooms where closed. I wondered where Bryan and Jamalwere? I’d already had an overwhelming amount of stimulation thismorning, so trying to find them and seeing what they where up to didn’tinterest me at that point. I just wanted to get ready for Ben coming home.I headed back down to my office after showering and getting dressed .Jamal and Bryan were no where to be seen. I stopped in the kitchen andpoured myself a fresh cup of coffee then headed back to my office. I hadto check in with my flight and print out the boarding passes for Bryan andmyself. As well as making sure the airport shuttle had the correct pick uptime. I hope Bryan would have fun on the trip and we could connect againlike a father and son should.After doing what I needed to accomplish for the trip I surfed the web,looking at various Tumblr pages of boys and cute teens. As I checked out anew Tumblr page about boys the door bell rang.”Who can that be? Ben’s not suppose to be home for anotherhour?” I thought to myself as I glanced at my watch. It was just pasteleven. I didn’t hear anyone coming down from the upstairs to answerthe door.”Where the hell is everyone?” I thought. The door bell rangagain as I gruffly got up to answer it. I opened the door, ready to rebuffwhatever salesman I was about to encounter. But standing in front of mewhere those two beautiful specimens of boy, Jeffy and Jonny.”Hi Mr. Thompson! We’re here!” Jeffy said with a smile.My demeanor changed immediately as these two stunning beautiesoverwhelmed me as they stood before me, wearing only their Speedos andtowels d****d over their shoulders. Both of their small, tight suits wherethe same baby blue color I had seen Jonny wearing yesterday. His youngerbrother had a matching pair that showed off his little boy bulge nicely.My mind slipped back to the day before when I saw these two brothersnaked and hard beside my pool. I wondered how Jeffy would look on Jamal’shard cock. Did Jamal finger my boy’s best friend while they swam and horseplayed in the pool. I had no doubt Bry had been fingered and suspected ifhe had been so was Jeffy. I throbbed at the thought of Jeffy moaning andbegging like Bry for Jamal’s cock in him.Jonny, who I had lusted for so long I knew would feel so good ridingmy cock. He looked so flexible, I just wanted to bend his legs back andpound his sweet little virgin ass. The thoughts of these two brothers mademe ooze pre-cum. I wondered why they were here and dressed is such a sexyway.”Hello?! Mr. Thompson?” Jonny said as his reply broke me out ofmy daydream.”We’re here for the surprise party for Ben?” He said with abemused smile I stood there with a blank look on my face.”What surprise party?” I replied. Then Bryan popped up besideme wearing those revealing white Speedos I’d seen him in last night.”Cool, you’re here!” Bryan said happily as he ushered theboys past me. I was hypnotized watching those two perfect boy asses walkpast me in nothing more than a thin layer of baby blue nylon spandex. Itotally perved out on all three boys as they walked back to the pool area.I overheard the boys talking.”That’s a cool Speedo. Where’s you get it? I`ve alwayswanted one like it.” asked Jonny.”It’s a special gift I got from Jamal.” I heard Bryan reply.” Maybe he’ll let you have one too. He mentioned he thought you werecool when we were playing in the pool yesterday.””Jeffy and I really liked playing with him too.” Jonny replied.”Yeah Daddy J, oops I mean Jamal is a lot of fun to play with.”I heard Bryan giggle as they rounded the corner out of view.My cock was definitely hard from seeing all three boys in their tightlittle suits. I took a deep breath to regain my composure. Remindingmyself that I’m the adult here and needed to show some restraint. Iwent back to my office and continued to surf the web. But a few minuteslater the door bell rang again. I figured the boys where in the backyardso I got up to answer it.As I stood up I saw Bry run past my office door to answer it. He musthave heard the door bell this time. I peeked my head out to see who it wasas Bryan opened the door. Filling up the entire frame of the door with hislarge muscular body was Uncle Dee, wearing a `Kiss the Chef” shirt.Bryan shouted out “Uncle Dee!” as he leapt up into UncleDee’s arms, wrapping his smooth boy body around Dee as the two shared apassionate, tongue dueling kiss. Uncle Dee’s hands cupping Bry’swhite Speedo covered ass as Bry clung to Uncle Dee.They were really getting into it as Uncle Dee slide one of his handsdown inside the back of Bry’s white Speedo followed shortly by a gruntfrom Bry as Uncle Dee found his target. I watched in amazement as UncleDee’s hand moved under the stretched white nylon as he finger fucked Bryright there in the front door of my house. Uncle Dee must have foundBryan’s prostate as the boy started to emit small moans as the bulgecaused by Dee’s hand moved further down into Bryan’s tiny suit.Uncle Dee pulled back from the kiss. “O.K. horny boy, there’s plenty of time fo that later .” hesaid to Bryan as he lowered the boy back down to the ground, removing hishand from my boy’s backside. “Where’s Jamal? I need bahis siteleri to get thegrill ready before the rest of your friends show up.””He’s out back.” Bryan said with a smile as he pulled UncleDee by the arm as he guided the large black man through the house. Iwatched them both go by as I stayed in the shadows of my office. I heardmy boy whisper to Dee as they passed by.”I hope I get to play with the snake?” Bryan said with a widegrin. Uncle Dee whispered back.”I think we can find a nice quiet place to…” I couldn’thear the rest of the sentence as Uncle Dee and Bryan walked away. I made amental note to keep an eye on those two and see what they get up to later.I went back to my desk and got stuff ready for the emergency meeting Iwas going to have this weekend. As I continued to take care of business inmy office I heard the rest of Bryan and Ben’s friends show up over thenext 30 minutes. They arrived through the side gate so I didn’t have todeal with the front door. I was wrapping up my work when I heard someoneworking keys into the front door lock. I looked at my watch. It must beBen.I quickly headed to the front door and opened it, there stood myoldest son Ben surrounded by his bags. He glanced up at me and smiled.Ben is an extremely handsome boy for a 14 year old, he has brown eyes andlongish brown hair, not quite to his shoulders, but that’s the style nowdays. He was wearing lanky cargos shorts and a tight half t-shirt thatshowed off the beginnings of his washboard stomach. The logo of the swimteam him and Jonny swim on was emblazoned across his chest. Rounding outhis look was a pair of flip flops that showed off his beautiful teen boyfeet.”Hi dad!” he said cheerfully. He then turned and waved at thevan parked out in the street, it quickly drove off after receiving the OKfrom Ben. I grabbed the over sized bag with all his sports gear in it ashe walked into the house with his suitcase.”How was the camp? Did you like playing lacrosse?” I asked him.”Oh hell yeah dad! I learned so much at that camp!” Ben saidenthusiastically. “I might try out for it when I start high school thisyear.” he added as we moved his bags into the foyer.”Well, just to let you know, I hired someone to look after you andBryan while you where away at camp.” I piped up.”What?!” Ben’s demeanor instantly changed. “I don’tneed a babysitter or a nanny anymore dad! I can look out for myself!”Ben said defensively with a bit of anger in his voice.”HEY!” I shouted back at him. “Wow, I do have a backbone?”I thought to myself.”He’s here mainly for Bryan, you don’t have to listen to himif you don’t want to.” I said in a firm tone. Ben huffed at thatre-mark. Then he paused.”You said him?” Ben said with an inquisitive look on his face.”Yes, I said him.” I replied in a came voice. “He’s workedsecurity for a lot of high profile people and he gets along with Bryanreally well.” I said to Ben. I thought to myself, “If only he knewwhat those two have really been up to.” “”You might like him?” I added. Just then we both heard yellingand laughing going on out in the backyard.”What’s going on out there?” Ben said with a bemused look onhis face. Right as he said that I could hear Bryan barge through the backdoor on his way to the kitchen wearing nothing but his white Speedos, whichat this point are practically see through from being wet.”Hey BEN! He says in an excited tone as he spots Ben. He runs fulltilt at Ben and jumps up into his big brothers arms and gives him a bighug.” I missed you!” Bryan says to Ben. He looks up at his bigbrother and plants a big kiss on Ben’s lips. I see Bryan try and Frenchkiss his brother.”Hey!?” Ben say’s as he pulls back from Bryan’s kisslooking confused. “You little horn dog!” Bryan just giggles andslides out of Ben’s arms and pulls him towards the backyard as he startsto talk a mile a minute.”Jamal and I planned a surprise for you out back. But you have tobe surprised! Jamal and I planned the whole thing! You’ll likeJamal. We do everything together! Can’t wait for you to meet him!”as Ben is pulled out back. I quickly follow them out into the backyard.There was so much boy skin on display my cock instantly hardened up. Someboys were in more conventional board shorts, but a lot of them were wearingSpeedo’s. I spotted Jamal in the pool, tossing boys in the air whileother boys splashed and played around him. Uncle Dee was in front of a biggrill cooking massive amounts of food. Some of the boys where waitingaround the grill with hot dog buns in their hands. Other boys wherelounging around on the deck chairs or kicking around a soccer ball out onthe lawn. Bryan cleared his voice and yelled out.”LOOK WHO`S HERE!”A big cheer goes up from all the boys s**ttered around the backyard asthey applaud Ben’s arrival. Ben smiles and slightly blushes from allthe attention as he walks out into the backyard. He is quickly surroundedby Jonny and the rest of his friends as they discuss his time at camp.I see Jamal come out of the pool with Jeffy, laughing as he squirms ontop of Jamal’s shoulders. He walks up to Ben, along with Jonny and someof the other boys, all of them dripping wet. He introduces himself with ahuge smile, as he firmly shakes Ben`s hand.”Hi Ben, I’m Jamal. It`s an honor to finally meet you.”He says in his deep voice, the smile gets as he shakes hands with my oldestboy. I can see Ben is in awe of this hunk of a man. I think I even caughthim check out Jamal`s crotch briefly. Not that you couldn’t miss itin the tight wet boxer trunks he was wearing. I think Jamal was also semihard too.”Bryan has told me so much about you.” He says with a wink and asmile. Ben blushes again and smiles back at Jamal.”Hi Jamal, it’s nice to meet you.” Ben say’s shyly.”Hi Ben!” said the giggling Jeffy, still d****d over Jamal’sshoulders. His cute baby blue covered boy butt sticking up behindJamal’s head.”What are you doing?” piped up Jonny.”Jamal’s all mine now.” Jeffy says as he clings to Jamal’sbody and sticks his tongue out at his brother.”We’ll see about that.” Jonny says with a smile.”It was nice meeting you Ben, I better get wild boy here, back inthe pool.” as he turns and heads back to the pool.”No, I want to go in the spa Jamal.” Jeffy squeaks out as hepoints Jamal in the direction of the bubbling spa.I see Jonny watch Jamal walk away and gives his hardening, Speedocovered cock a subtle rub with his hand. My fantasy boy is definitelyfantasying about Jamal. I couldn’t tell if Ben was getting hard.”He’s so cool, you’ll like him.” Jonny says to Ben stillwatching them as the boy and Jamal jump into the spa.I swear I thought I saw all three boys sigh at the same time as theywatched Jeffy sit on Jamal’s lap and both of them sink down into the spatogether. I realized all four of us where mesmerized by Jamal.”You should change and jump into the pool” Jonny said to Ben asI headed back into the house.”Yeah, go change and swim.” Bryan said enthusiastically to Benas he and Jonny turned, those damn skimpy Speedos hugging their cute boyasses as they ran and jumped into the pool with the other boys. Benfollowed me into the house and headed upstairs to change.I grabbed Ben’s suitcase and headed out to the detached two cargarage where the washer and dryer were located. After getting Ben’slaundry started I pulled out a ladder and climbed up into the rafters toretrieve Bryan’s suitcase for the trip tomorrow. Just as I got up thereI heard the side door to the garage open. I watched a wet Jonny quicklyentered the garage followed by an equally wet Jamal. Jonny quickly closedthe door peeking out the window.”I don’t think anyone saw us.” Jonny said breathlessly.Jamal came up behind the boy, grabbed him by the hips and started to grindhis large man bulge into Jonny’s tight, wet, Speedo covered boy ass.Jonny braced himself against the door and moaned out as he looked back overhis shoulder at Jamal. A look of lust clearly written all over thatboy’s face. My cock became instantly hard as I could easily seeeverything that Jamal was doing to my fantasy boy from my vantage pointhigh up in the rafters.”You’ve been eye-ballin my cock since we first met. Now it’stime for you to meet my pet.” Jamal said huskily as he continued togrind his straining swim suit against Jonny’s wet ass. Jamal grabbedthe boy from behind and carried him over to the washing machine where hebent the boy forward over the noisy machine. Jamal kneeled down behind theboy, pulling down the boy’s baby blue Speedos. Jamal wasn’t gentlewith it either, I could hear the fabric of his suit tearing as he exposedJonny’s güvenilir bahis tight 14 year old ass.Jamal then jammed his face between those perfectly tan orbs as heforced tongue into the boy’s tight sphincter. He did it with such forcethat Jonny’s feet left the ground, forcing the boy`s back to arch.Jonny was hanging on to the washer for dear life, his eyes tightly shut,his mouth wide open in a silent wail as Jamal`s tongue assaulted theboy`s ass. My cock was throbbing in my sweat pants as I watched Jamaleat out Jonny’s ass like there was no tomorrow.Jamal quickly stood up and pulled out a small plastic container thenpushed down his swim suit. His thick eight inch cock sprang up fromit’s release. Jamal popped open the container and tapped out one ofthose white nuggets in his hand. He then placed the white crystal likerock against the boys ass and pushed it in. The bent over boy squirmed atthe intrusion, but then let out a long moan as Jamal jammed his thick indexfinger into the boys rectum. Burying it to the hilt and pushing the nuggetof fun further up the boy`s colon.”Uuuugh…Jamal…it burns a bit…FUCK!” Jonny protested asJamal continued to work his finger around the inside of Jonny’s warmteen boy ass as the nugget melted inside him. Thankfully the noise fromthe washing machine was drowning out most of the sounds Jonny was making.Jamal’s finger play lasted a few more minutes as the burningsensations started to subside and an overwhelming urge to fuck came overJonny. Jamal could feel Jonny start to push back on his finger.”You ready for me now boy?” Jamal growled. Jonny could only letout a low boyish moan as I watched Jamal’s hand start to rotate. Jonnyhad braced himself holding onto the washing machine as he pushed backagainst Jamal’s probing finger. Jamal leaned over the boy, I could justmake out what he was saying to Jonny over the noise from the washingmachine”Your brother Jeffy just earned his pair of white Speedos. I tookhis ass in the spa just now. How does that make you feel boy?” Jamalasked as he continued moving his finger inside the moaning Jonny. Jonnydidn’t answer right away.”Answer me boy!” Jamal said with authority as he jammed a secondfinger in.”AAAAAGH! Uuuunnng! I want a pair too sir!” Jonny blurted out.”Oh, you do boy? Well, you’ll have to earn it like a man. Likeyour younger brother did.” Jamal growled as he quickly removed hisfingers from the boy’s ass. He then started to rub his thick cock upand down the teen’s perfect crack. Trails of Jamal’s pre-cum leavingsticky wet spots up and down the boys ass.”Stick your finger in you ass boy.” Jamal commanded. Jonnyreached back with one of his hands and felt around his abused hole. Hethen slowly pushed in one of his fingers, Jamal watched as it easilyslipped in.”More.” commanded Jamal. Jonny moaned as he slipped a secondfinger inside.”Now work your hole, get it ready for me.” Jamal grunted out.We both watched the boy work his ass with his two fingers, stretching andmanipulating it. Such a sight, to see a teen boy work his ass. Jamal wasreally getting the boy worked up good.”You want my cock?” asked Jamal as he started to slap his hardcock against the boy’s tan cheeks.”Yeees!” replied the fingering Jonny.”You promise to do anything I ask boy?” Jamal said as hecontinued to slap his hard cock against those delicious boy buns.”Yeees! Anything you want! Jonny pleaded.”Show me your hole boy!” Jamal says in an excited tone, I watchas Jonny removes his fingers from his dilated hole. Then he brings backhis other hand and obscenely spreads his ass showing Jamal his inflamed 14year old boy sphincter as he rests his upper body on the vibrating washingmachine.”Anything?” Jamal emphasizes as he nudges his bulbous cock headagainst the constricting boy sphincter. The sight of Jamal’s plumbsized head pressing against Jonny’s tight entrance is impressive.Jamal’s pre-cum has Jonny’s ass crack nice and gooey.”I promise Jamal! Anything! I want it so bad!” Jonny begs, ashe looks back over his shoulder. Jamal smiles as he applies some pressureagainst Jonny’s sphincter.”You will help me fuck Ben.” Jamal say’s in low lusty tone.”Yessss… I’ll help you! Fuck, I want him too!” Jonnyblurts out. Hearing that surprises me, I guess Ben and Jonny never havedone anything together. But it also means that Jamal has eyes for Ben too.”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Jonny screams out as Jamal thrusts histhick eight inch cock into Jonny without warning.”Yeah take my cock boy!””OH FUCK!…SO DAMN…BIG! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! UUUuuuuuuuungh!Mmmmmaaaaaaah!”Jamal doesn’t even wait for Jonny to get use to his massive memberand starts to thrust in and out of the teen boy with out mercy. Jonny ismoaning uncontrollably from the fucking that Jamal is giving him. I watchin amazement as more and more of Jamal’s thickness is fucked into theboy until Jamal’s crotch and heavy balls are slapping against theboy’s ass.”Buried deep in you now boy!” Jamal says huskily.”Aaaaaaaagh! Oh god! Aaaagggh! Jonny can only grunt and moan inresponse as he’s slammed against the washing machine.”Wanted to fuck your nice teen ass ever since I first saw you inthe tight blue Speedo.” Jamal said to the panting teen as he continueshis assault on the boy. “I knew you wanted me when I fingered your assin the pool that night.””You didn’t mind, did you boy?” as Jamal started to make longdeep thrusts into and out of the boy.”OOOH FUCK JAMAL! I WANTED YOUR COCK SO BAD!” Jonny blurtsout as he arches his ass up.”Yeah you like my black cock don’t you boy?” as Jamal thrustsforward and keeps his cock buried to the hilt inside the 14 year old’sass. His black body contrasting against Jonny’s tan skin as Jamalgrinds his hips up against the boy`s butt.”You like that booty bump don’t you?” as Jamal makes littlejabs in and out.”FUCK YEAH! I want you to fuck me so hard.” Jonny whimpers.Suddenly the washing machine clicks off and the room is silent asJamal and Jonny stop, joined at the hips with eight inches of Jamal cockburied deep inside the 14 year old teen neighbor.But the silence is brief as the washing machine starts up again withthe spin cycle. Jamal starts to make small fucking motions in the boy.Jonny’s moans start up again.”Yeah, want you to help me fuck your friend. You’d like thatwouldn’t you boy?” Jamal says to the moaning Jonny.”Oooh yyyeah, Jamal. I wanna help…mmmmmm!””Call me daddy from now on boy! I’m your daddy!” Jamal saysas he picks up the pace of his thrusts.”Fuck…yes daaadddy! Anything for you daddy!” Jonnyimmediately replies.”Good son!” as Jamal starts to pummel the boy’s ass. Thesound of slapping flesh, grunt, moans and wet squishy noises mixed in withthe sounds of the washing machine fill the garage.”Oh SHIT! aaaaaagh!… aaaAAAGH!…AAAAAGH!” Jonny moansout louder and louder as Jamal hips become a rapid blur.Then I see Jamal’s head fling back as he slams balls deep into theboy letting out a loud grunt as he starts to empty his seed into the shakyteen.”Take it boy! Take my love frosting boy!” Jamal pants out as hecontinues to pump his load into the boy.”That was great son. I think you earned your Speedo.” Jamalsaid to Jonny as he leaned down and kissed the bent over boy.Jamal let the boy up and I could see where Jonny had cum on thewashing machine, without even touching himself.”Look no hands!” the wobbly teen said to Jamal pointing at thepuddle of cum on the washing machine.Jamal slowly slid out of the boy making Jonny grunt. He turned theboy around and they shared a passionate kiss together as Jamal ran hishands up and down the boy.”We better get back to the party, they might start to wonder whathappen to us.” Jamal said with a laugh.”What am I going to wear now?” Jonny said as he picked up historn baby blue Speedos.”You could wear nothing at all, but some boys out there might notbe ready for that yet, but soon.” snickered Jamal.”Take this towel and wrap it around yourself and meet me in mybedroom upstairs. I’ll give you your white Speedo that you earned sowell.” Jamal said lustfully to the boy. They kissed one last time, withtongue’s dueling, then Jonny wrapped the beach towel around his waistand then exited the garage.Jamal stood there and watched the boy exit. Then he said out loud.”I hope you enjoyed the show. I’ll soon have all your boys.”Jamal then glanced up to where I was hiding ,smiled and left the garage. Iwas so overcharged with lust that all I could do was collapse on my backand furiously jack off to all the images I had just seen as Jamal fucked myfantasy boy right in front of me.And he was going to go after Ben too? That got me even harder forsome reason. I think I wanted it to happen now. I think I wanted to seeBen get fucked. And how was Jonny going to fit into all this.”Oh Shit!” I thought as I ejaculated all over myself.



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