Watching girlfriend fuck older guyThe night in question was the night of my girlfriends 21st birthday party. She had organised a party for friends and family in a pub in our local town. I better first start by describing my gf. She is 5ft 4″ in height and I must admit she has a great body. A body that gets her lots of attention, especially on nights out when she is all dressed up. She is very pretty with lovely blond hair, fantastic legs, great ass but probably what every guy notices is her large breasts. She really is blessed with very big breasts for her body and they really do draw attention. Its not that she tries to draw attention to them on nights out but its more that they are very hard to conceal so they are probably the focus of attention for red blooded males. Its only since I started going out with her that I have realised the power a young lady has with a body like that, especially with older men. They really do seem to like younger girls, especially ones with a body such as my girlfriend.I must admit, I have always had a fantasy of seeing my wife with another guy, an older guy. I myself am in good shape and look after myself and believe I do a good job in pleasing my gf but I always wondered what it would be like to watch her with an older experienced hung guy who would really make her throb. Little did I know, that on the night of her 21st birthday that this would actually happen. She started getting ready that evening early. Like all young ladies on such a special occasion, they want to look their best and I was particularly taken by her outfit. She wore a red dress just above the knee which really showed off her curves and her large breasts. It was very classy but equally seductive. She had her hair done that morning and her blond shoulder length hair looked great all freshly straightened. I actually watched her get ready so knew exactly what she was wearing. She had new heels which she bought which she said matched her dress. I was taken aback by the size of the heel and asked her “how she would walk in them?” but she told me “she would manage it”. She wore shiny skin colour hold up stockings under the dress to save her time doing her tan. I just love these and find them so seductive, such easy access for me aswel. She had a very tiny thong on under her dress which barely covered her pussy lips which was also red and she finally finished the outfit off by applying bright red lipstick which I was informed I was not allowed get a kiss going out the door as I would smear her lipstick. I thought that was a bit of a tease but since it was her night, I did’nt want to make a fuss and we headed for town. On the drive in, I couldn’t help look over and see how her dress had rode up as she was sitting in the front seat and the stockings looked so good on her legs although I couldn’t just see the stocking tops.When we arrived, the venue was full and all her family and friends had come out in force. It was great to see everyone and everyone was in great spirits. I met up with some of her friends boyfriends and we ended up having lots to drink. My gf would come over to me and tell me to slow down on the drinking or I would be gone home early. I told her I would be fine and continued having fun with the lads. The night wore on and most of her family had started to leave. A few of the lads went outside to have a smoke and I looked out at the dancefloor. It was fairly full and my gf was dancing with a group of her friends. Out of all of them, all girls around the same age, she really did catch the eye. I was really proud she was my gf as I watched her fit body move and her big breasts bounce on the floor. Then, the music changed and an old school jive came on. I must admit, I am a really bad dancer and have two left feet when it comes to all things related to dancing. My gf on the other hand absolutely loves it and that was evident in the amount of time she was spending on the floor. Most of her friends left the floor as my gf pleaded with them to stay and jive with her. I then seen her friend’s father come on the floor and take her hand as if to lead her on a jive. This guy, named Paul was in his early 50s I would imagine and was a neighbour of ours. He started swinging her around the floor and he was well able to move. She seemed to be really enjoying tuzla escort herself and they looked the part out dancing, nearly like professional dance partners you would see on the TV. I was nearly transfixed watching them dance and started to feel a little jealous. After the song finished my gf came over to me and asked me if I enjoyed watching her dance. She said she seen me watching her dance with Paul and asked what I thought. I said that she was really good and she quickly responded by saying he was really good and it was true what I told her before and gave me a wink as she walked off. At this stage of the night she had a few drinks in her aswel and I could see that by her glossy eyes but she was still able to carry herself like a real confident lady. I stopped for a minute and tried to think what she meant when she said “it was true what I had told her before.” I nearly dropped my drink as I realised what it was. Paul is a member of my local gym and pool. I remember meeting him down there a few times but one time in particular stood out. I had seen him up in the gym earlier and I had then went for a swim down below. I was exiting the pool and going into the changing area when I met him coming out of the showers. He stopped for a chat, while fully naked. I was quite embarrassed as I would usually cover up fairly quickly in the changing rooms but he was obviously quite the opposite. He started making small talk about the game on TV the night before, as I awkwardly indulged in conversation. I couldn’t help but notice that he was extremely well endowed, I mean really big. I engaged in the chat and tried not to let him know I noticed and made an excuse to head over to my locker. I walked over to my locker realising that his placid hanging cock was actually bigger than my cock when erect. He was probably even bigger than those big black guys I had seen in porn movies and it was so thick. God help his wife I thought with a giggle. I went home after the gym and actually told my gf what had happened and we both had a laugh about it. I had forgotten I had told her and this was obviously what she was referring to. With all the dancing and moving to the music on the dancefloor, she must have felt it rub off her body. This made me really jealous, especially in the bold way she said it to me by winking and quickly walking off. Although, I was jealous, I was extremely horny and was really looking forward to taking that thong off her and eating that bald pussy of hers when I got home. Just as my mind wandered on how much I was looking forward to this, the lads came back with loads of drinks from the bar. I was thinking I am going to be really drunk after all of this. Shortly after, one of the main guys I was drinking with got really drunk and his gf had to take him home. This was in-fact Pauls daughters bf so I presumed Paul would be gone aswel. The other lightweights had gone home earlier so this pretty much left me on my own with my drink. The DJ wished my gf a happy birthday again and asked everyone out on the floor for the final few dances. I said I better make the effort if I wanted to get some pussy later so made my way out on the floor. The first song was a good rock song which I liked so it was fun to dance to. I was jumping around and my gf actually gave out to me for being too drunk and lacking rhythm. I thought she was a bit of a bitch to berate me in front of the remainder of people left but I said nothing as I really wanted to fuck her later and also being the night that was in it. Just at that, the DJ said he was playing the last song of the night. As my gf loved old style music it happened to be an old time jive. My gf came over to me and said “I presume your too drunk for this?” and I didn’t bother arguing. I was afraid if I tried dancing to it, I might trip her up and embarrass her so I said nothing. She disappeared for a minute and came back leading Paul by the hand onto the dancefloor. I was shocked as I presumed he had gone home with his daughter and boyfriend. This time the music was even faster and he had her really swinging around, he would swing her and then pull her close into his body. They both looked really into the dance and I couldn’t help get aroused watching it. Maybe it was the combination of the alcohol and my jealous nature tuzla escort bayan but there was something so raw about watching my just gone 21 year old gf dancing so sensually with a man in his 50,s and her enjoying it so much. My mind was all over the place and I kept flashing back to what I had seen in the gym that day and started thinking, if this guy can dance like that, what could he actually do to my gf with that weapon of his and the rhythm he has. I wondered if her little red thong under that dress was getting wet being lead around the dancefloor by such a dominant masculine older guy. The song ended after what seemed like an eternity and my head was really spinning. We said our thank-you’s and good-byes to our remaining friends and we headed out of the pub. I presumed we would be getting a taxi but my GF surprised me by saying Paul offered to bring us home. Just as Paul’s car pulled up, I felt really sick and threw up on the street. Paul got out as my gf was giving out to me for drinking so much and embarrassing her in front of her friends father. Paul was a gentleman about it and helped me into the car. He suggested I should get in to the back seat and lie down as it would be better for my head and I agreed as I thought this might be the best idea. I was nearly dead weight but he lifted me into the back seat with his strong arms with ease and I lay down on the back seat. My eyes shut for a minute but I remember my gf getting into the front passengers seat. Although I was very drunk, I remember everything that happened after vividly. We live about a 15 minute drive from town and my gf and Paul chatted on the way. I was able to see right into the front and could hear their chat also. I noticed my gf was giggling and rubbing her hair which was unusual and giggling lots to Pauls jokes, This was unusual as she would do this when she is flirting and I remember her doing this with me when we started going out initially. Her dress had rode up quite a lot at this stage after getting in to the car and I could tell she was a little drunk herself. I thought about the view she had given me on the drive into town and this was now the view that Paul was getting and it made me very jealous. Paul asked how I was feeling and my gf looked back but for some reason, I pretended to be asleep and acted as if I was passed out. I was quite enjoying what was happened for some deranged perverted reason and wanted to see what would happen next. I heard my gf say that when I get like this, I go into a deep sleep and would be out for hours. She then shocked me by saying that she was so annoyed and upset at me for getting so drunk on her big night. I couldn’t believe she was saying this to Paul and embarrassing me like that but I stayed silent and just listened. She was running her hands over her stocking clad legs and I could see her red finger nail painted hands rubbing her hair. She thanked Paul so much for bringing us home and complimented his dancing. She said that I could never dance like that and she always craved a dance partner who had those skills. I was getting more shocked with every word that came out of her mouth and struggled to believe that she was actually flirting with him. I could also see that Paul was glancing over at her legs more and more. My gf then asked Paul a question, “Do you think I look attractive tonight Paul?” she said. Paul looked over at her and said, “why do you ask that?.” She replied by saying well I made all this effort to look good and my bf had more interest in the bar and his next beer. I feel a little neglected if im honest. The only excitement I got all night was that time you danced with me. I was getting very anxious at this point as I awaited his response. I suddenly heard the indicator on the car and wondered what was going on as there was no turn on this road. Paul said nothing as the car started driving slowly and getting bumpy. I soon realised we were driving down an disused road by a local wood. The car stopped and Paul turned off the ignition. He turned to my gf and said, “you look absolutely amazing tonight, you caught my eye as soon as you entered the room and I haven’t taken my eye off you yet.” My gf then said ” Oh Paul that is just what I needed to hear, your’re so good.” “I have always wanted to be with an escort tuzla older experienced man, would you make my fantasy come true tonight, no one will ever have to know and my bf is out cold, it is my birthday after all and I think I deserve some attention.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my cock was rock hard in my pants but I was powerless. It was like an out of body experience. I closed my eyes for a minute wondering was this a dream or perhaps a nightmare. Then I heard buttons opening, my gf’s red nails were unbuttoning Paul’s jeans. I quietly repositioned myself so I could get a better view. Suddenly his cock sprung free from his jeans and stood upright in the air. I could not believe what I was seeing, it was far bigger than I remember from the gym and it was so thick. My gf, just went “wow, oh fuck that is massive.” She then leaned over and started to kiss it. I watched as her lips engulfed the tip of it and she slowly worked down the shaft as she gagged. She then came up for a breath and I could see her rep lipstick all over the tip of his cock. I thought how unfair is this, I wasn’t even allowed a kiss going out the door as I would smudge her lipstick and now look where her lipstick was. She then leaned over further and started kissing him as she stroked his cock. I watched as his hand slipped up her dress and he started to rub her pussy lips. She started to moan as they kissed and pleasured each other. After a few minutes of what felt like a lifetime, she pulled away and I thought she might stop and say “this is wrong, what about my bf?” etc or even check on me, but no, she said, “I can’t let this opportunity slip, I want that cock in my young bald pussy.”I gasped, I just couldn’t believe it. My jealousy was at bursting point but I have never been so aroused in all my life. I lay there and watched what happened next. Paul said, “I don’t have any condoms” but my gf responded that she was on the pill. I thought, what a bitch, she is going to cheat on me with that fat older cock and not even use a condom. She climbed over on top of him on the driver’s seat sat right up on him. She opened the top few buttons of her dress and her big breasts came spilling out. Paul buried his head in them and started kissing and biting them. What happened next was probably the naughtiest thing I have ever seen. She reached down, slipped her thong aside and slid his fat experienced cock into her pussy. I could see her painted nails around his cock as it disappeared into her pussy. She started moaning so loud, and was so vocal. I have never seen or heard her like this. She said, “Paul your cock is so big, fuck, it’s so much bigger than Dave’s.” She said “do you like my big tits?.” Dave released his mouth from her breasts to say her big tits always caught his eye and they were even bigger in reality. My breathing was getting heavier as she bounced so high up and down on his cock. This went on for so long and she was just screaming her head off about how good it felt. My breathing was getting heavier as I watched and never experienced such a feeling of vulnerability, watching my young gf who I love being satisfied by a massive older experienced cock. She must have been so wet because the sloshing noise every time she bounced on him was unbearable. He obviously knew what he was doing aswel because I then heard her say, “im cumming, im squirting, your making me fucking squirt.” I have been with her for 6 years and have never made her squirt or knew she had the capability. This was torture to watch but so amazing at the same time. It was such a secluded wooded lane that no one would ever hear the noises coming from the fogged up windows of the car. The same process happened another 3 times and went on for most of the night on the faithful night of her 21st birthday. When they had eventually finished, Paul drove us home and pulled outside our house. I still pretended to be asleep and had to be carried in to the house by Paul and dropped on the couch.My gf thanked him again at the door for the best night of her life and gave him a lingering kiss. As he went and shut the door, I pretended to slowly come through and apologised to my gf for the night and getting so drunk. I was thinking why should I apologise after what she has done but I went with it as I was absolutely gagging for some of her pussy. She told me she was annoyed with me for treating her so bad on her big night and I wasn’t getting a fuck because of that. She let me eat her pussy though and I duly obliged.



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