Was it a dream? Or was I somehow transferred through time and space into your waiting arms? I am swollen from the heated love we just shared, still aching with need to feel more of you. My body feels tingly and excited. I lay in bed, snuggled in my warm covers and again experience this unusual event. The aroma of sexual satisfaction fills the room. I am carried into another world of total enjoyment and excitement, lingering on the verge of exquisite delight.

I found myself hovering above you…straddling you…and then I was kissing your face, each cheek, forehead, and finally your lips. I feel you begin to stir as our lips join in a passionate kiss. My tongue seeks out yours to unite and tease. Then you awakened and looked deep into my eyes. I smiled and said good morning as I allowed you the time to comprehend what is happening. Your hands reached and pulled me closer on your hips as I pushed the covers away. I was naked…so hot…so wet…so lustful this morning… needing you inside of me.

I raised a little as I slid down your legs while illegal bahis I reached for your throbbing cock and began to tease it with my mouth. You moan and begin to move against my mouth. I feel your cock growing even harder as you continue to moan softly. You said, “Baby…turn around.”

Slowly I turned where you could lick me too…taste me while I sucked on your cock. My legs now on each side of your head, and I moaned as I ground my pussy against your face…your tongue devouring me…sucking on my clit… making me tremble with such lust. Then I cum, such a glorious orgasm, moaning, while I continued to suck on you. Your cock swelling even more as my tongue teased. You felt my moans around your cock as my hands held you tight and began to roam lower caressing your balls. Then I am licking and kissing your balls…ahhhh but I enjoyed that. Opening your legs as my fingers teased…kissing the insides of your legs…I remember how much you like that.

Ohhhhh Baby you were so hard. Ahhh I wanted… needed…you to fill my pussy with your glorious illegal bahis siteleri hard cock. I ached… ohhhh how I ached. “Pleaseeeeee Baby,” I whisper hoarsely of my desire. I quickly turned around and straddled your hips plunging your cock deep within me. I gasped at just how deep your cock fills me. And then I rode hard … deep …fast… with an urgency born out of nothing but raw animal instinct…” oooooooo Babyyyyyyyyy” I cried.

I could feel myself clinging to you…tears streaming down my face as I cum hard. The intensity was so wonderful and all consuming as one wave after another claimed me. Still I rode, for you would not allow me to stop as each peak was greater than the one before. Your hands found my breasts and pulled me closer so you could suck on them. The moment your lips found my nipples I knew I could not hold back again. That is when I screamed and moaned…crying out…with the most intense orgasm of my entire life. My wetness began pouring out of me as you grabbed my hips.

“Faster Baby, yessssss ride me…mmmmm.” canlı bahis siteleri Your breathing now labored as mine.

Your words of encouragement kept me on the brink of yet another orgasm as I felt you swelling. You were getting so close but still you held off. Faster…harder.

Through my haze filled mind I heard your hoarse whisper, “Suck me again Baby, oooo Baby pleaseeeeeeeee.” You enjoyed this as much as I did.

I love to suck your delicious cock. I moan as I quickly move to take your cock within my warm wet mouth. I hear your sighs as you thrust your hips higher.

“Yesssss ahhhh Baby, that’s it….take me deep in your mouth again.”

My left hand reaches down to caress you as I take you deep within my mouth. Everything becomes a blur as I move over you, faster and faster. Aaahhhh you are so deep in my throat and I can feel myself close to cumming again.

You can tell from my breathing that I am going to cum with you. I feel your hand reaching for my wetness as you slide one, then two fingers inside. I rock against your fingers for you know just where and how to touch me. You feel me moaning around your cock just as you begin to cum.

Together our voices are lost within each other as we begin to climax and again I felt that spiraling ecstasy.




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