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This is my first instalment of erotic literature so I hope you like it. The story is part fictional, based on a real life exchange and so consists of two narratives of our encounter; my perspective and hers. Enjoy.



I have been waiting patiently for you to finish work and come home.

The moment you entered through the front door, I could not allow you to take a step further. I missed you so much that I embrace you in my arms, welcoming you with a long awaited kiss as I shut the door behind you. I immediately begin to peel your black trousers along with your satin black knickers down to your ankles, before swiftly turning you to the side. You drop your bag and place your hands up against the wall to maintain your balance whilst I take a sharp stab at you from behind with my hardness, entering you in one swift motion.

“Someone’s missed me!” you say and with that you slowly begin to rock your hips back and forth. I sense you are tired after a long day at work but I am bursting full of the energy I have built up waiting for you. My right hand grabs your right leg, lifting your thigh. I pin you hard against the wall as I enjoy the depth of your pussy. “Ghosh you’re so tight!” I pull out slightly and thrust back into you sharply. I keep doing this repeatedly until I fill you with that warm feeling you so love.

After that violent eruption, my thighs are left shaking, almost too weak to stand. I pause a moment to regulate my breath, “I so needed that” I whisper internet casino to you. Once I regain my breath, I help remove your jacket whilst still inside you, I then start to unbutton your fitted white blouse. I remember telling you how you looking super hot in your uniform as you got ready for work earlier on the day. You look even sexier now with your black bra exposed.

While I kiss the back of your neck and shoulders, I pull on your bra straps with my teeth. Your skin so smooth, you’re almost edible. I caress the tops of your bosom as you kick your shoes off, followed by your trousers. You move your hips forward allowing my by-now flaccid cock to pop out. Dropping your blouse, you turn to kiss me on the lips with your arms around my shoulder, hands caressing the back of my head and neck.

“Sorry hun”, I whispered in your ear. “That was rather selfish of me, getting off on quick deep thrusts, depositing my jizz deep inside you.”

“Mmm… no apologies for getting yourself off as soon as I walked in. I was ready for your throbbing cock, as always, ready for you to fill me up with your creamy cum.”

“Still I really am sorry, I was a little rough on you and I had not given you the attention you deserved. I had the sudden urge to be a little rough on you. Needed to get it out of my system. Besides, I wanted you to know just how much you were missed.”

“I was swollen and slippery just from thinking about coming home to you. My drive home was rather uncomfortable as canlı poker oyna I was wet with anticipation at the thought of your throbbing cock just waiting for me.”

You start to kiss one of my ears, taking the earlobe into your mouth as played ran your fingers through my hair, whispering, “I actually wanted it a little rough this evening, so I am glad you read my mind. You know you can have my pussy whenever and however you want don’t you?”

After our brief exchange of words, we continue to kiss passionately. You break away from our embrace to kiss my neck. Then you slide your tongue down my body, kissing and biting my neck as you do. A brief suck of one of my nipples as you resume your way down licking and kissing my skin until you come close enough to smell that familiar sweet scent of your pussy mixed with that of fresh cum.

You immediately take my cock into your mouth, sucking it delicately, savouring it our love. The sensation of your tongue on my cock causes my whole body to stiffen and with that my cock immediately stands to attention. You allow my hardness to slide back and forth, deep throating a couple of times, just enough to bring me close to another orgasm but you stop all of a sudden. You’re such a tease, how can you do this to me I thought to myself.

You stand and grab my now aching cock with your left hand and pull me along as you head in the direction of our room and into the shower.


Hand still on your throbbing cock, I lead poker oyna you to the bathroom, my thumb sliding along the tip spreading the sticky precum. I look back at you a couple of times on the way, a small smile on my lips as I see the lust in your eyes.

Opening the bathroom door, hand releasing your cock as I stumble over to turn the shower on. Just before the two of us step under the warm spray of water I bring my thumb between our lips as we kiss for us to taste you. Me moaning against your lips as we do.

Before I get lost in your kiss, I bite your bottom lip softly and whisper “It’s your turn now” and you know exactly what I mean. Your lips moving their way down my neck now. Down to my breasts, warm and wet, nipples jutting out.

My hand holding onto your shoulders, nails digging in slightly and my head leaning against the wall as you suck my nipples into your mouth hard, biting and suckling on them. One of your legs pushing in between my thighs. God you know my swelling pussy is aching for your touch.

You move your way further down my body, kneeling now. My thighs apart and you dip your head between them, tongue reaching out to taste me, and as soon as it flicks against my clit I know I need more than your tongue right now. I need your hard cock to pound me again.

I need you on the mat of the bathroom floor. You laying with me straddling you, my hands on your thighs pushing my breasts out, bouncing with each thrust. Your fingers working my slit just like you had texted me they would. Let me use your cock to cum this time, let’s do it together.

I hope you have enjoyed my first submission here. Do comment to let me know if you are interested in what happened next. Happy to share further encounters.



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