Waiter free for all!! part twoWaiter free for all part 2The second and last part of my wife’s going over by the local restaurant’s serving staff!!As Karen lay back on the sofa, spunk all over that pretty face of hers, I could tell that this was something she had been wanting for a long time. We had often talked of her being fucked by a group of men while we were having sex but I thought this was just to spice things up. Little did I think that this fantasy talk of hers would be coming true in our own living room!!The fourth man in the group had been watching all of this going on but had stayed back a little. Now he grabbed my wife’s hand and pulled her up. He led her over to our dining room table witch was just in front of my viewing space. Luckily for me I still had a good view through the serving hatch doors. On closer view I could see that he had a massive cock. Karen squealed with delight as she put her hand on his balls. “You’re a bigun aint ya lad?,not had one this big before!” with that she started to wank him slow. He must have been a good ten inches fully erect, bigger than anything she’d had before. Suddenly pendik escort he spun her round and bent her over the table. “You like it from behind lady? Up your pussy while I slap your arse?” Tim, for that was his name, was only a young lad, but was eager to fuck my fifty year old wife doggy style!! As she was bent over the table with her big arse up in the air he started to spank her over and over. Harder he went till she cried out and her arse was red raw. “Just fuck me now, get it up me!” She was begging for it now, just like the slut I always hoped she was! Tim spat on his cock to grease it up and then started to push it in her arsehole. “no! no! not there, my pussy ,my pussy!! “As hard as I tried to fuck her up the arse the answer had always been no. Tonight though she had no say in the matter. Grabbing her round the waist Tim inched more of his huge cock up her dirt box. Pounding her quicker and quicker he grabbed her hair and pulled her back. “Please, no more its hurting me! Please!” “go on Tim, fuck the slag harder, that what she wants” Tony was in front of Karen looking straight at her. She was pleading escort pendik with him to stop it when he picked up her sodden knickers and stuffed them in her mouth. “Finish her off Tim, no one can hear her now” Tim pulled her head back one more time, letting her big titties bounce as he shot his load up her arse. I didn’t know whether to be aroused or worried. Karen didn’t have time to recover as another cock was rammed up her pussy. Hands round on her tits squeezed her nipples till they were like bullets. More spunk shot up her cunt till they had all fucked her again. Tony pulled the panties out of her mouth as she slid off the table and lay exhausted on the floor. “Did you like that bitch? Like what we had for you? You want more?” Karen looked a sight. Legs open with spunk down her legs, stockings ripped, makeup running with sweat and spunk in her hair she said “ I can fuck any of you all night long you dirty fuckers, this cunt can take anything you’ve got and more!” What a slut my wife had become, I was so proud!! All the men looked at her, then each other and started to laugh. They couldn’t believe their pendik escort bayan luck and neither could I!! Tony, who was obviously the leader kissed my wife while fingering her cunt and told her they would be back at the weekend to finish her off. All got dressed as Karen pulled her dressing gown back on. I slipped out of the kitchen and raced back upstairs. I could hear the front door closing and ten minutes later the shower running. I pretended to be asleep as Karen got into bed. “Everything ok dear?” I said. “Must have dropped off, did you give Tony a drink for his honesty?” Karen smiled and said “Yes love I made sure he was well rewarded, I think he was quite pleased” I bet he was you dirty slag I thought. Karen got into bed and made a grab for my cock. I was already rock hard as her head slipped under the sheets and her tongue started to lick my balls. “Fucking hell girl! Wasn’t expecting this!” I groaned as she deep throated me, not being able to hold back. “Karen, pull it out I’m coming!” She didn’t pull out, the dirty girl; she sucked me clean then let me lick her cunt. I fucked her twice that night and again in the morning. Not once did she mention the night before. Nor her arrangement to meet them all again. I would have to keep an eye on this new slut of a wife of mine. But I think I will enjoy it just as much as her!



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