It’s quiet in the woods with just a light breeze stirring the leaves. In spite of the shade its very warm, and the sweat runs down my neck as I walk. I know there’s a stream ahead where I can splash some cool water on my face.

Just before I step into the clearing by the brook, I see a movement on the other side. Stopping in the brush I watch you make your way down the bank to the water. You stoop and splash your face and neck, letting the water run down your blouse. Your shirt is soaked in a moment, and when you stand it clings to your breasts, outlining them perfectly.

You glance around, and seeing no one you climb up onto the rocks into the sun. Finding a flat spot, you stretch out to warm yourself. The hot sun beats on you, and in a moment you sit back up. Looking around again, you peel your blouse over your head. My god, what magnificent breasts!! Huge round globes, with great dark nipples. You lay the shirt out to dry and prop your pack behind your head and lie down. Your breasts fall to either side güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of your chest and seem to shine in the brilliant sun. I watch them rise and fall as you breathe, my own breathing becoming a bit quicker.

You lie still for a few minutes, and I don’t dare move. You look around again, almost as if you know you’re being watched. I’m certain you can’t see or hear me, maybe you’re just nervous. Your hands move to your breasts and you begin to massage them, squeezing them. You tug on your nipples and they swell between your fingers. Your breasts are so full, so soft and white. You rub and squeeze and even from this distance I can hear your moaning.

Your hand slides between your legs and you rub furiously at your cunt. You arch your back and shudder, obviously cumming. My hand is in my crotch, rubbing furiously too. Now you’re unzipping your pants, pushing your hand inside the waistband. I watch as you jerk yourself off, one hand still on your breast, the other in your güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pussy. You push your pants down past your hips to get both hands between your legs. From my spot in the bushes I can see your pussy is bald and shining from your juices. I watch your fingers disappear in your cunt and I can see the expression on your face as you orgasm again. The rock is wet from your cumming.

You lie back on the rock with your eyes closed, panting, your breasts heaving as you catch your breath. I take a deep breath and step out of the bushes. You don’t hear me until I reach the stream and, startled, grab for your top.

“No, no, don’t,” I say, “That was quite a show you put on. I apologize for spying, but you were incredible” You relax, and smile, glancing at the bulge in my pants. “It seems you did enjoy it,” you say, reaching for me. I step closer to you, and you put your hand on my cock. You squeeze it hard, making me groan, and your smile gets bigger. You slide closer to güvenilir bahis şirketleri me and unzip my pants. Pushing them down around my knees you kiss the head of my cock. “I was fantasizing about being watched.” you murmur. “Funny how it worked out.” You suck my cock deep into your mouth, bobbing your head as you fuck your face with it, rolling your tongue around the head, licking the shaft. Your hand slips between your legs again and I can hear the wetness of your pussy as you rub it. “I want to be fucked” you moan between sucks. “Now!”

I pull your pants off, then mine, and kneel on them for a cushion. I grab your ankles and push your legs in the air, spreading you wide. My cock slides easily into your soaking cunt, and my balls slap against your lips. You wrap your legs around me, and push your huge tits into my face. As I’m fucking you I suck and bite your nipples as you feed them to me. Your cunt is so hot and so tight I can’t hold out. I feel your orgasm building, your pussy squeezing me tighter. I cum hard into you, and you squirt all over me.

The woods are very silent now, our moans fading into the trees. We’re suddenly aware of how hard the rock is, how naked we are. We scramble for our clothes and dress quickly. With a quick kiss you head off down the trail in one direction, and I in the other.



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