Earlier in the week I spoke with Steve on the phone about Kim and me going to visit him and Pam at their home near Orlando. I have written a few stories about when we met a while back at Haulover Beach. We all of have been pretty busy and haven’t been able to find time to get together since Haulover. Finally, we made time and planned to spend the weekend at their place.

Kim and I took off work early on Friday and made the hour plus drive from our Tampa area home to theirs. As we left the interstate and drove through the rural roads my mind began to wander and think about what might happen over the weekend between the four of us. The few days we spent together in Miami were certainly memorable. We finally arrived at their home, which sits on about 10 acres of land. As we drove down the long driveway, we saw Pam and Steve come out to welcome us. As I stopped the car Pam opened Kim’s door and almost jumped in the car to hug her. The two have become pretty good friends, albeit by phone, email, and text. As the girls gabbed, Steve and I took our bags from the car to their guest room.

As we entered the guest room, I commented on it being a pretty damn nice guest room. It was more of junior master bedroom with its own large bathroom.

Steve said they had this room built for when they had guests for extended stays.

Pam brought us a couple of beers and we all went out to the screened lanai. Since it was getting close to dinner, Steve got the grill fired up and made dinner for us. The four of us chatted away like we hung out every day. Steve’s culinary skills on the grill were pretty impressive, as we enjoyed the meal. After we finished eating, we all pitched in to clean up from dinner and returned to the lanai for more drinks and talking.

It was a beautiful Florida spring evening, the weather was perfect and the only sounds were our conversation and some tunes playing in the background. After a while Pam asked if we wanted refills on our drinks. All of us were ready for another round. When Pam returned with our drinks, she said that she was ready to get into the hot tub and asked if we wanted to join her.

Kim said “That sounds good.”

Steve and I both agreed.

Pam said “Let’s go” and in a swift motion pulled her sundress over her head and laid it over the back of her chair, slipped off her panties and dropped them on the same chair. As she turned and started walking towards the hot tub, she said “Y’all better get naked and get in the tub.”

As I took in the view of Pam’s cute ass cheeks jiggling as she walked to the tub, Kim, Steve, and I got up and took our clothes off and walked over to the hot tub. As we got to the tub, Steve and I let Kim go up the steps before us. I watched, as I am sure Steve did too, Kim’s ass as she went up the steps and caught a glimpse of her pussy as she stepped over the edge of the tub. Steve and I joined the ladies and sat next to our spouses.

The water felt great, not too warm or too cool. After about 10 minutes of bakırköy üniversiteli escort sitting and talking in the hot tub we heard the doorbell ring.

Steve said “I wonder who the heck that is” and got out of the tub, quickly dried off and wrapped himself in a towel.

Pam said “It had to be someone we know, we don’t get solicitors out here.”

We heard Steve and another male voice in the house coming to the lanai. Steve came out and introduced us to Jerry. Steve said “Jerry is a very good friend of mine and Pam’s.”

Pam enthusiastically welcomed Jerry and said “It is great to see you and glad you came over.”

Jerry said he was out with no plans for a Friday night and thought he’d stop by for a few minutes.

Steve said “We were just having a few drinks and chillin.” He asked Kim and me if we minded if Jerry hung out with us.

Kim and I said “No, not at all.”

Pam said “Well Jerry grab a beer, get your ass naked and come on in.”

Steve dropped his towel and got back in the tub.

Jerry wasn’t shy about his nudity and quickly joined us in the tub.

Pam filled us in on Jerry by saying that Jerry and his ex-wife Madeline have been close friends of theirs for many years. She went on to say that they divorced about six months ago and Madeline moved to Atlanta for her job. She said they have taken vacations together and remains friends with both of them.

Steve said “We play golf and pal around together.”

Pam said “I’m getting waterlogged, let’s take this inside.” She got out first rinsed off under the shower, got a towel from a closet on the lanai and dried off while pointing us to the closet for towels. She said “Dry off with one and use another for a wrap if you want to.”

We all followed suit by showering, drying off and went inside to the den were we sat and continued our conversation. Jerry, Kim and I sat on a large sectional, Steve and Pam sat across from us on a sofa.

Jerry asked if we lived in the area.

I told Jerry we lived near Tampa.

He asked how we met.

Pam jumped in and said “We met at Haulover Beach during a little vacation and we all hit it off great and ended up spending some time together.” She asked if anyone wanted a refill.

Jerry said “I’m ready.”

A minute or so Pam returned with Jerry’s beer. What she did after she handed Jerry his beer really threw me. She let her towel drop to the floor, knelt down in front of Jerry, opened his towel, took his cock in her mouth, and began sucking on him.

Steve said “Pam failed to tell you that we are very, very good friends with Jerry and Madeline.”

Now I was pretty sure that some sort of action between us would happen over the weekend, but this was a surprise.

As Pam was bringing Jerry’s soldier to attention, she removed it from her mouth and looked toward us and said “I hope no one minds if help Jerry out in his time of marital transition.”

Kim bakırköy bdsm escort and I stayed silent as we watched them. I was starting to feel a familiar stirring in my groin. I looked past Kim at the two, as Kim sat between Jerry and me. As I watched them, I noticed Kim was watching them intently. I began lightly rubbing her back and kissing her shoulder. With my free hand I caressed her left breast over her towel. As I did this she continued watching Pam & Jerry and seemed OK with my advances. I pulled on her towel so it would open and I would have access to her breasts. As I opened the towel, she lifted her arm and I opened the towel completely exposing the front of her body.

Steve was still sitting across from us with his towel open slowly stroking himself as he watched his wife fellate his friend.

Jerry was now at full staff, sporting what looked like about an eight incher. As he received Pam’s oral appreciation, he ran his fingers through her hair and was looking at Kim’s body. Pam released Jerry from her mouth and climbed up his chest were she found his mouth and began kissing him. Without breaking their kiss, Pam adjusted herself so her legs straddled Jerry’s legs as she squatted over his erect cock. She reached between her legs to grasp Jerry’s cock and held it, lining it up with the entrance to her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto Jerry accepting each inch of him until she was completely impaled. They broke their kiss as Pam put her hands on Jerry’s shoulders and gyrated her hips into Jerry.

Kim was mesmerized watching the pair fuck just a foot away from her. I don’t think she took her eyes off of them. She was leaning back on the sofa with her left leg resting over my right leg. My hand was now was rubbing the top of her slit. As I moved my hand down further she opened her legs more to give me access. As I reached a little further my finger reached her soaking wet pussy. I easily slid a finger into her. She gasped as I moved my finger around in her pussy.

I looked over to see Mike still stroking himself as he alternately watched his wife rise and fall on Jerry’s cock and my fingers explore Kim’s pussy.

Pam rose off of Jerry and pulled a nearby large ottoman towards the sectional. She then got on all fours on the ottoman with her butt facing Jerry. From our position on the sectional, her pussy and butt hole was fully exposed. Pam looked back at Jerry and gave herself a light smack on her left ass cheek, giving Jerry the signal to mount up. Jerry got behind her, lined up his cock with her pussy and pushed into her. He grabbed her hips and began to slowly fuck her.

Pam called over to Mike to “Bring you’re your dick to me baby.”

Mike stood in front of Pam where she hungrily took his dick in her mouth and started sucking him while Jerry was fucking her a little faster.

I told Kim to lay down on her stomach on the sectional. As she adjusted herself on the cushions she laid her head down so bakırköy elit escort she was looking directly at Jerry’s ass and balls going back and forth as he fucked Pam. As I spread her legs, I could see where her pussy juice had been running down her seam and made a shinny coating on her asshole. I positioned myself over her and pointed my rock hard dick at her pussy and lowered myself until I found her wetness. Without resistance, my cock easily penetrated her pussy lips. It was an unbelievable feeling. She was so wet and hot. I got it in as far as I could and just held it there. She started moving her ass around so my dick was touching the inner parts of her pussy that she made her writhe and moan. The whole time she kept her eyes on the fucking that was taking place right in front of her.

I looked over at our three friends and it looked and sounded like Mike was getting ready to blow his load. Pam pulled away from Mike’s cock and moved forward so Jerry fell out of her pussy. She flipped over onto her back, lifted and spread her legs wide open. Jerry quickly got back inside of her, held onto her knees and started fucking her. Mike stood above her and lowered his dick down to her mouth where she quickly started sucking him again.

When Pam got on her back and Jerry entered her, Kim’s hand moved to her clit and started masturbating while I fucked her. I wonder if the view of Pam being wide open and seeing Jerry’s cock going in and out of that pussy and his balls bounding off of her ass at a rapid pace was the reason she was so hot and wet.

I heard Mike starting to grunt and when I looked at him he was jerking himself over Pam’s tits. In a few seconds he was spurting his load all over her tits. Jerry was now fucking her fast and hard. The sounds of his balls smacking her ass, Pam crying out in pleasure, her tits bouncing back and forth on her chest and the feeling of Kim’s pussy wrapped around my dick was getting me close, but I wanted to hold on.

Jerry said “Here it comes” as he kept pumping away. He let out a loud groan and pumped his load into Pam’s pussy. As his balls emptied, his pace slowed until he finally paused buried all with way in her pussy.

I kept fucking Kim as she diddled her clit. Both of us were fixated on Jerry’s dick that was hidden inside of Pam. Both of us we making cries of passion as we watched. Jerry withdrew from Pam and turned around and watched us. Pam’s legs were still apart and we could see her lips were gaping from Jerry’s thickness. Kim was now starting to cum and loudly screamed as she orgasmed. As she was cumming, I could see Jerry’s seaman start to run out of Pam’s pussy and down her butt crack and over her butthole. That was it for me, I erupted into Kim’s pussy as pumped for all I was worth. It was definitely one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I collapsed onto Kim’s back and laid there for a minute.

As I sat up to catch my breath, I saw our friends sitting on the ottoman looking at us. Kim sat up and leaned back on the sectional.

I pointed out that four of the five of us had glistening private parts.

We all laughed.

Pam said “We’d better get cleaned up, girls in our bathroom and boys in the guest bathroom.”

After we all cleaned up we met back in the den.

The night didn’t end there. More details of that night are in the next chapter.



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