Valentine’s DateValentine’s DateValentine’s Day, the day that love is in the air. When couples go out of their way to show how special the other is. Trill and Minami were no different. Trill had planned an elegant Valentine’s Day dinner for Minami. He told her to dress very elegantly for the dinner. Trill was wearing khaki slacks and black suit jacket. He wore a black dress shirt with a red vest and red tie. Minami did not disappoint Trill. She was wearing a purple, floor length, satin gown. They had a wonderful dinner together that included dessert. Trill paid the check and together they headed home. Trill opens the door the house and they both walk in together. Trill says to Minami, “You look so beautiful tonight, just like you do every night.” And he leans in and kisses Minami. Trill pulls Minami closer to him and Minami throws her arms around Trill’s neck. “Thank you so much for the evening tonight.” Minami says to Trill. “But the night is not over yet.” Minami walks slowly toward the bedroom bed holding Trill by the hand. Trill takes off his coat and walks into the bedroom. He closes the door and sees Minami standing in front of him. Minami looking right at Trill slowly starts to unzip her dress. Minami’s dress falls to the floor. Minami is wearing a purple strapless bra and matching purple thong. She spins around slowly saying, “Do you like?” Trill is speechless. He just stares that the beautiful sight that is in front of him. He then says, “Very much.” Minami says, “Why don’t you come over here and help me take off the rest.” with a bursa escort smile on her face. Trill walks over to Minami and wraps his arms around her. Minami starts unbuttoning Trill’s vest and slides that off of him. She undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt. Trill reaches around and unclasps Minami’s bra which falls to the ground. They both hold each other close. Skin to skin feeling the warmth of each other against their skin. Minami gets on her knees in front of Trill. She unbuckles his belt and unbuttons his pants. She slides his pants and boxers down revealing his black cock right in front of her lips. Minami takes her tongue and licks the head of Trill’s cock. Then without any hesitation, she take all of his cock inside her mouth. Trill moans with the feeling of Minami mouth around his entire cock. She moves her mouth up and down the shaft of Trill’s cock. Trill’s cock begins to harden more and more as Minami stroke his cock with her hands and her mouth. “That feels so good, baby.” Trill says. Minami spreads her knees and slips her hand into her panties. She can already feel the dampness between her legs. She begins to slowly rub her pussy while she continues to suck on Trill’s cock. After a few more minutes, Trill stands Minami up and has her lay on the bed. He walks over to her and grabs the waistband of her panties. Slowly, he slides them off, revealing Minami smooth pussy. Trill spreads Minami and places his hands under Minami’s ass. His tongue gently licks Minami’s clit. Minami’s lets out a small moan. Trill takes his tongue and presses bursa escort bayan it against the bottom of Minami’s pussy. He slowly begins to licking up her pussy toward her clit. “Ahhhh…” Minami lets out. Trill continues to gently lick Minami pussy up and down. Minami grabs the bed the sheets with her hands and arches her back. Trill begins to kiss up her stomach. With his tongue, Trill makes small circles around Minami left nipple. Trill then takes her left nipple into his mouth and gently suck on it. Minami softly moans just as Trill switches to her right nipple gently sucks her right nipple into his mouth. Minami sits up on the bed and kisses Trill. Minami swings her right leg over Trill. Minami straddles Trill. She guides the head Trill’s black cock up to the entrance of her pussy. Minami slowly lowers herself down. She can feel Trill’s cock filling her pussy inch by inch. Both of them let of small moans with the pleasure that both are receiving from each other. Minami feels like velvet around Trill’s cock. Minami lowers herself all the way down onto Trill’s cock. She can feel his balls right up against her ass. Trill sits up and wraps his around Minami holding her close to him. Minami wraps her legs around Trill’s waist and begins to move her hips forward and back. Trill kisses Minami lips. Their tongues intertwine. Minami lets out a moan as she continues to rock her hips back and forth. Trill kisses down Minami neck as he holds Minami’s waist with his hands. Trill’s tongue moves in small circles around Minami’s nipple. He then escort bursa sucks her nipple into his mouth. He gently sucks on her nipple. “That feels so good Trill.” Minami says under a moan. Trill lays back down as Minami start to move her hips faster. Trill puts his hands on Minami’s waist holding her steady as she rides Trill’s cock. Minami grasps her breasts with both hands and pinch her nipples. Trill moans with the feeling of Minami tight pussy griping his cock. He can feel Minami’s juice coating his cock and running down to his balls. Trill can feel his balls starting to tighten. He is not going to last much longer. But, Minami is not going to last much longer either. Trill says, “You are going to make me cum, baby”. Minami smiles back and says, “I am going to cum too.” “I want to cum with you so tell me when you are going to cum”, she says to Trill. Trill smiles back at her and says, “Okay.” Minami is moving her hips faster and faster getting as much of Trill’s cock as she can inside her. Minami yells out, “I can’t hold it any longer! I am cummming, baby!” With that she arches her back as waves of pleasure move from her pussy and spread throughout her body. Her body starts twitching and shaking. This pushes Trill over the edge. Trill yells out, “I going to cum!” He holds Minami waist and pushes his cock deep into Minami’s pussy and lets go. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out of his cock and into Minami pussy splashing up against the walls of her pussy. As Minami’s orgasm subsides, she collapses down onto Trill’s chest. Trill wraps his arms around Minami. Both of them say, “I love you.” Trill says, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Minami”. Minami smiles back and replies, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Trill. They both drift off to sleep holding each other close.



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