Two wonderful weeks in the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and I was in heaven, I thought to myself, gazing out into a starry sky. I shifted a little and winced in pain. Unfortunately, my first two days had turned me into a lobster! At least…only part of me. Stupidly enough, I’d let myself fall asleep on the wonderfully warm sand, tired from a day of shopping and woke up with one red back! Because of this I also couldn’t sleep too much, so used to laying on my back or side, not my stomach.

With a tired yawn, I decide to take a stroll outside of the condo that a few friends and I had rented. All of them were already fast asleep anyway. One of them had also mentioned that soaking my burns in the hot tub would hurt like hell, but eventually take the sting away.

Draping a light shawl around myself and still wearing my one piece suit, I slip on some flip flops and head out. A short walk to the pool area and I find no one around. I smile and pause, enjoying the silence and the faint sound of the ocean as it gently laps onto the beach not too far off. Eyeing the hot tub, I sigh and slowly move to it. Testing the water with a hand, I find it still quite hot, but thankfully the jets weren’t running, already shut off for the night. Taking off my shawl, I sit on the edge and swing my legs over and gasp in pain. The back of my legs feel on FIRE! Tears fill my eyes, but I force myself to keep them there, holding my breath until the pain subsides.

A little wiser this time, I bend and splash a little on the backs of my thighs before sliding more of my legs into the water. Concentrating on my task, I don’t even notice as you move toward me, quietly watching, “May I help?” you ask in a low, smooth tone. I gasp and jerk my gaze to you.

You smile, “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. I was just about to take a dip myself when I saw you.”

I smile a little nervously, quickly taking in your good looks and charming smile, “I thought I was the only out tonight. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it into this all the way…it hurts too much. Serves me right for trying to tan my stubborn skin!”

You chuckle and slip into the tub, sighing as the warmth caresses your skin…the water like pure silk. You look up at me, finding me quite attractive and having remembered seeing me around the condos with another bunch of people. “So what brings you here?” you ask.

I splash more water on my sore thighs, “Friends. We all decided to come here for a nice long break to relax and have fun. You?”

You shrug casually, “I come here just about every summer.”

I laugh softly, “Must be nice to be able to do that. It’s beautiful here.”

You nod, “So what shall I call you, midnight stranger?” you tease gently.

I glance at my watch, surprised at how late it is and then laugh, “Melissa or Mel for short. How about you?”

You tell me your name, flashing me your best smile and grab one of my feet playfully, tickling my prettily painted toes, “Are you coming in?

I gasp in surprise and wince again, illegal bahis “No, I don’t think so.”

You shake your head, “Come on, let me help you.” With that, you stand and tug me up. I oblige, not sure what to expect, but trusting you enough. You turn me around you can see my sore, red skin, your gaze lingering over my shapely ass before moving on. “We’ll get you in here and then you have to let me give you some ointments that I have to soothe your skin some more.”

I nod reluctantly and bit back a groan as you begin to splash water over my thighs and back, gently patting my skin. Slowly I step deeper into the tub. “Serves you right for trying to gain color to already perfect skin, Mel.” you whisper softly. I shiver, your breath warm and tickling my ear.

Finally you’re able to get me to actually sit down next to you, my skin stinging still, but beginning to feel a little better, “Thank you.”

You pat my leg, feeling the silkiness and wanting to run your hands up my thighs. You were very sure that the rest of me would be that soft. Closing my eyes I sigh and smile, “Mmmmm…this feels MUCH better. Amy was right…it does take the sting away once you’re in.”

“Does it hurt when you touch it?” you ask and run a hand around the back of a leg and just barely to the top of my thigh. Warmth rushed through my veins and I look at you, not answering. Our eyes lock and search until I finally look away.

“Even when you touch,” I reply, a bit breathless, blushing.

You reach up to touch my cheek and turn my face back to you. Your face is now so close, “I’d love to make you burn in so many other ways, Mel…if you let me.”

The attraction is intense and we both can’t explain it. Our hearts beating excitedly as our lips touch…teasing gently. You let your tongue trace my bottom lip and find yourself meeting my own, pleasantly surprised as the kiss depends and you carefully pull me closer.

I moan softly and wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you closer. Your hands slide down to shape my ass, finding nowhere else to touch me and not hurt me. My full breasts press against your bare chest as we kiss and kiss and kiss. Heat courses through our bodies, making our bodies tingle to life. I ache with need as you do, your body hardening with passion and pressing against my thigh.

Finally we break off, staring at each other, almost stunned at what just took place. You’re the first to speak after another brief kiss, “Come to my condo…”

My mind can’t seem to gather any thoughts what so ever, but try to find some control over the situation, my body still burning with need. “I…I don’t think that it would be wise. I mean…well, I don’t know what I mean. This is just surprising.” I stutter out nervously and blush.

You smile and caress my cheek gently, “Please Mel…let me give me the ointment if nothing else. I won’t deny that I find you terribly attractive and the pull I have toward you is amazing, but I promise… I’ll be a gentleman.”

I smile at you and after a illegal bahis siteleri moment, nod, “Alright then, I accept.”

Together we stand and step out of the hot tub. Picking up my shawl, you drape it around my wet shoulders and take my hand. I can’t even recall being ever this happy and excited before! You intrigued and fascinated me beyond belief. As we walk, I can’t help but tease you a little, nervous and anxious, “I bet you do this to every woman you meet at night.”

You chuckle, but I see the honesty in your eyes as you look at me, “No…this is a first for me.”

It isn’t long before we reach your condo. Letting go of my hand, you open the door and usher me in. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back with what you need!” you say and disappear into a bedroom.

I drop my shawl over a chair and eyes my surroundings. The place looked just like ours, but had subtle differences. The kitchen was joined with the living room and gave us a beautiful view of the ocean in the mornings and day. You patio doors were shut though, so the room was rather quiet apart from the soft sound of music…from a radio I gather. Nothing big, nothing too fancy, but real nice. I wanted to sit, but I really didn’t want to wet the couch or take a chance of hurting myself.

Finally you re-appear, smiling happily and holding a bottle of light green liquid. “Here we go…this feels great on burns.”

I shift, suddenly feeling rather exposed in the light and to your wandering gaze. Then again, I was doing some of my own gazing and quickly caught myself. “Thank you.” I reply, reaching for the bottle. Our hands brush and I pause, holding my breath as I realize I really don’t want to leave. “I really – “

“Don’t try to explain anything,” you interrupt, your voice sending thrills through my body. Tugging me to you, our lips meet again. This time our kiss is slow and sensual, making me knees weak.

You guide me to your room and I whimper as you shape my ass with your hands again and press me against your hard body…your desire pressing intimately between us. Wetness seeps through my bathing suit and I moan again, rubbing my breasts against your chest and sliding my hands over your back. “Please…I ache so badly it almost hurts!” I whisper urgently, my nails digging into your lower back.

“I know Mel…I feel it too…” But you make me wait and pull away, turning my body around and helping me out of suit. I shiver in delight, all fears gone. “Let me put this on you first so you don’t hurt so badly.” I feel your warm hands touch my shoulders and neck…so gently and sigh, closing my eyes. The ointment and your touch are both heavenly against my hot skin and you take your sweet time. Teasing me, you slide your hands over my bank, caressing and soothing… skip over my ass and kneel down move over my thighs and legs. I gasp as you massage my inner thighs and fight the urge to move into your touch.

“Please!” I beg breathlessly. Still kneeling, you turn me around and I thread my fingers canlı bahis siteleri through your hair, “Hurts…aches!” I whimper.

Gently you push me back so that I sit on the edge of the bed. Boldly you lift my legs up and over your shoulders. I can only watch you, wide eyes and panting with excitement as you slide your fingers through my soft, dark curls and over my slick folds. Your eyes lock with mine as you part my sex and delve one…then two fingers within me. Pleasure consumes me and I cry out, arching my body and quivering. “Yeeees!! OOOOHH!”

You watch me, enjoying the sight of my beautiful breasts, so smooth and creamy, my pink nipples hard and excited and my wet pussy hot for you! God you needed me! Feeling as though you could explode right then and there, but you wanted to bring me pleasure first and then both of us pleasure together. That you did…gripping your head I hold you to me, lost in a seas of bliss as you drop your mouth down on me. Your tongue flicks over my tender clit, making my body jerks and then trembles. I cry out your name, my thighs tensing, toes curling. Before you know it, the first orgasm hits me and you feel my sweet muscles grip your fingers as you hold me on the edge.

Pre-cum already wets your rock hard cock as you slide up my body and kiss me deeply. Sucking in your tongue, I reach down and cup your balls, caressing them and stroking your with another hand. Now it’s your turn to moan, breaking the kiss off and burying your face against my neck, your hands now cupping my firm, but soft breasts. Rubbing you against my wetness I purr out sexily, “I want you in me.”

You gasp, hand squeezing you and then releasing as you move to lay back on the bed. I smile and crawl to you like a cat. I kiss your chest and lick my way down your body until I can like up your salty juices and suck you into my hot mouth. “MEL!” You warm, your voice husky as you try to restrain yourself. Reluctantly I stop, but suck you hard before letting go. Carefully I move my body over yours and guide you into my body. Grasping my hips, you pull me down almost roughly and grunt as you thrust upward. Panting and slick with sweat already, I arch back and spread my thighs widely.

Our rhythm begins…slowly I roll my hips and take you. You moan and match up with me. I grip the sheets and pick up the pace, squeezing you inside as we move…thrusting, bucking, rolling together. Our breaths ragged, our bodies singing with pleasure as we feel the pressure building, building and I can’t stop, can’t think. Neither can you…your control breaks and moan again deeply. Our bodies shudder and I whimper helplessly and then throw my head back and scream as you feel me convulses and spasm around you. Pulling me down you grab my ass and pump into me hard and fast, not being able to stop yourself until it starts and you shoot your load into me. Pleasure courses through us like electricity and I cling to you.

What seems like ages we lay there, locked together until I finally slide myself off move to lay next to you. “I hope I didn’t hurt you,” you say and I shake my head, kissing you softly.

“I’m just fine…I’m more than fine, I’m wonderful! Thank you!”

You pull me close and kiss me again before letting us peacefully fall asleep…



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