We slept for a while then showered before sending for dinner. We decided to stay in for the evening and watch some T.V. while we discussed what we should do next on our vacation. I told Papi that I had an idea if he was ok with it, and he said to tell him about it. I suggested that we go somewhere very public with lots of people around and get hot and heavy and then fuck there right in front of everyone. He said that he would feel kind of strange about it but that he’d do it for me. I told him to just block everyone and everything out of his mind and let me take control and just follow my lead. He said he would trust me and that it might even be fun because it’s different than anything we had done and some change from the same routine would be nice. Provided we didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure or committing a lewd lascivious act in public or whatever else we could get charged with, he said that he was down for it. He told me that it was all in my hands from here. I had to pick the place and time and all of the particulars before it took place.

“Great,” I said, smiling and throwing my arms around his neck, kissing him deep and soft. “Leave it up to me. It’ll be so fun Papi; trust me. I love you so much!”

“And I love you so much, you crazy woman,” Papi said, laughing.

“Okay then we will start tomorrow early so I can find the perfect place. I’ll wear a short dress and sexy red lace panties with no bra and my 5 inch red stilettos with fish net stockings. And you,” I continued. “You will wear a t-shirt, cut off jeans, no boxers as usual, socks and tennis shoes.”

“Sounds fine to me,” he said. “I love it when you wear your high heels other than the fact that it makes you 2 inches taller than me.”

We watched some T.V., ate dinner and just sat cuddling. Little did Papi know but I was not really watching T.V. just looking at it while the wheels in my mind were busy planning out the next day’s events. I was really excited about having a day with just my Papi and I and having him to fuck alone, without any one else in the picture. That’s not to say that it wasn’t fun being with and being fucked by so many guys in the short time we had been here, because it certainly was an experience I’ll couldn’t or wouldn’t ever forget. It made me soaked just thinking about it, but I just wanted to have my husband to myself. I was going to make it an experience he would never forget. Besides, even if we were arrested for it, it would make it all the more memorable for him and me. I was almost hoping we would get arrested just for that reason. We went to bed at midnight, calling down for an early wake up from the front desk and went to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Morning came quick and we sent for breakfast as we readied for our day. The breakfast came in about 15 minutes, brought by the boy I had slept with twice. He was smiling as he brought in breakfast, asked if I was up for more fun.

Smiling, I gave him a kiss and rubbed his trousers, feeling the rock hard cock that was ready to burst out of them. I told him that I had other plans for today but not to worry because I still had a week and a half left for vacation and we’d see each other again. He looked gravely disappointed as he glumly told me to enjoy my breakfast. To make it worse for him, Papi emerged from the bathroom and said hello. He was speechless as this was the first time he had seen Papi because I was always alone before, or so he thought because Papi was there once before but hiding in the closet. He finally spit out a hello and, another “enjoy your breakfast” before turning to leave.

Before he made it to the door, Papi asked him to come back for a second before leaving. I was as shocked as the boy, trying to figure out why Papi had called him back. The boy said, “yes sir” as Papi motioned him to come closer. The breakfast boy did so, with an erection still noticeably visibly in his tight slacks. Papi pulled a twenty-dollar bill from his pocket and told the boy that it was a tip for the great service I had told him that he had given me since we’d been there, looking down to his bulge and back up again with a smile. Almost trembling, he reached and took the bill, never taking his eyes off Papi, and with a fast thank you he was out the door.

“That was so mean of you, Papi. How could you do that? Couldn’t you see how scared he was?”

“Yes,” Papi said. “I also saw the hard cock he was sporting in his pants and I’m not surprised he didn’t wet them. All you had to do was rub it a few times, Mami, and he would have cum in his pants. Where were you when I was a kid?” he asked me, smiling.

“Well, Papi, I was not even born yet,” I said playfully as he opened his arms to me, wanting a kiss so I came to him and threw my arms around him, kissing him back. ” I love you.”

“I love you too. Now, let’s eat breakfast and you can finish dressing so we can start your crazy adventure.”

“Oh crazy is it?” I said jokingly.

“Well, your outrageous adventure then. Is that a better term for it?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I’d much avcılar elit escort rather you say I was outrageous than crazy, Papi.” “Well, for your information, I wasn’t calling you crazy. I was calling your idea crazy,” he said laughingly.

“I’ll be ready soon,” I said, finishing breakfast and going to finish getting ready.

“Take your time,” he said. “I’m apprehensive about this any way.”

“Good,” I replied. “I want you that way. It assures that this will be a remarkable afternoon, Papi.”

I dressed, put on my makeup and we were ready to go.

“So, what’s the plan, baby?” Papi asked.

“Well, we are going to wander around for a bit until we find the ideal crowed location and take it from there,” I told him. “Just walk with me. I’ll lead the way.”

We took a taxi to the center of town, kissing the whole way, Papi’s hand occasionally slipping up my dress to rub my pussy. It was crowed, but nothing seemed like the right location, so we wandered around a bit more. It was then that I noticed a sight-seeing boat tour. Every single boat was loaded to capacity as it left. It’s perfect! I thought. The boats had two decks, the top deck was a large observation deck and absolutely perfect for what I had planned. Just imagining what we were about to do was making my pussy wet, soaking my panties. I wrapped my arms around Papi’s waist, kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear as I rubbed my body seductively against his.

“Papi,” I said. “I’ve found our place. We are going sight seeing on one of those boats over there.

“Yeah,” Papi said, chuckling. “Those are certainly crowded and fit what you have in mind. Let’s go get some tickets and start our cruise.”


We went to the ticket office to buy tickets and were told that we could choose any available boat that was not yet filled to capacity. We watched as people boarded, trying to board the boat that had the fewest amounted of children since that would be rather improper to carry out my plan in front of their young observant minds. One boat had a fair amount of young kids so we watched and waited. We didn’t have to wait long before a boat filled with tourists, who appeared to be a small group of college kids by the sweat shirts they had on, the youngest which looked about 19 or 20 but they were certainly all over the age of 18. The boat had a capacity of up to 120 people and was filled to102, including us the man taking boarding tickets told us. Absolutely perfect! We boarded and set off for the 3 hour cruise. Our first destination was the bar, located in the lounge on the first deck. It also had a small restaurant with tables around the windows so that passengers could eat and watch the sights as they cruised. But we were not there to eat and watch the sights so we ordered ourselves two large strawberry daiquiris and made our way to the upper observation deck which had lounge chairs for those who wanted.

We picked a couple of lounge chairs near the middle, pulling them closer together until they were side-by-side. We sat for a bit sipping our drinks, killing time and letting us get well out to sea. It was a gorgeous day with a slight breeze, which was very cooling in the hot tropical sun of the islands. I draped my legs over yours, tilting my head back as I sipped at my daiquiri. You lightly ran your fingers up and down my thighs, coming up to the hem of my dress then back down to my ankles. Your touch, combined with the alcohol now spreading through my system, made my body feel like it was on fire and my pussy was aching for your cock. I felt my nipples tingle and harden as I got hornier and hornier, until they were poking through the thin material of my dress. You noticed them and brushed your fingertip over them as you smiled at me.

“It’s your ball now,” Papi said to me. “Like you said, ‘just follow my lead.'”

“Exactly,” I said, shooting him a sexy smile. “I’m going to guide you every inch of the way. Don’t worry, querido.”

About 20 minutes out, we were well away from shore and the deck was filled with nearly half or more of the passengers on the cruise. There were all types, young and old couples, single people who were together but not as couples. Those who we could tell, just by looking at their faces, that they were going to be shocked, to say the least, about what was going to happen. But there were also people who we could tell would be loving the show they were about to see.

“Papi, why don’t you come sit on my chair facing me?” I said as I put my legs down to each side of the lounge chair and patted the spot where I wanted him to sit.

Papi obliged me and straddled the chair sitting between my legs facing me. Lying back in the semi reclined chair, I reached up for Papi and pulled him to me for a kiss, telling him that we’ve now begun and no matter what not to worry or focus about anyone or anything except me. He leaned in to my reaching arms and we started kissing passionately in front of any and every one who may be looking. Some avcılar escort were and were not thinking or caring anything of it. To them, we were just two lovers sharing an intimate kiss.

“Papi, why don’t you unbutton my dress and play with my tits? I can tell you want to,” I said, looking him straight in the eyes to calm his nerves.

He did exactly that, taking a breast in each hand and pulling them gently up and rubbing the nipples as he did. They were erect, sensitive and longing for his touch. I could feel my pussy wetting more and more with each stroke. Now, some heads were starting to turn. The most offended watchers, mostly older couples, gave looks of disgust and scurried below, leaving those that seemed offended but not enough to leave t to just turn their heads away, only to look back at us every minute or two. Of course, there were those who couldn’t tear their eyes away for a second from the scene unfolding in front of them. One younger man with a professional looking camera quickly reached into the bag over his shoulder and grabbed his camera. He switched his lenses to a huge wide angle zoom lens and started shooting pictures of us, which turned me on even more .I decided to make sure to give him plenty of pictures to shoot.

“Papi, suck my right tit and keep rubbing the other,” I whispered in his ear. “Don’t stop to look but we have quite the audience watching us. You’re doing so well.”

He did as I ordered, eliciting a small moan of pleasure from me. I could see a lot of folks now taking up seats that offered a view of us. Others who were standing at the rails were definitely not looking the ocean anymore. The only sight they were looking at now was Papi taking me in my lounge chair. Even the people who were only looking occasionally were looking away much less frequently now. There were still a few people looking disgusted but were still not disgusted enough to leave. The man taking pictures was now on his knees, assuming various positions to get different shots of us. I moaned a bit more as I held Papi’s head to the breast he was nursing.

“Before we go any further, would you lift my dress up around my waist?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair as he suckled my nipples.

He pulled my dress slowly up and around my waist, exposing my red lacy panties as my legs still remained parted over the chair with my red heels planted firmly on the deck. As he did so, he leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, rub my pussy through my panties. His kiss was soft and deep, his hand rubbing lightly up and down with his middle finger pushing through my panties and between the lips of my pussy, the other two fingers rubbing the outside of them. My panties were completely soaked now and I lifted my hips ever so slightly up and down against his hand as we kissed. I opened my eyes for a second to take a look. Every single eye was on us and word must have spread because people were coming from below like a stampede of cattle to watch. Only the faint of heart remained below, which must not have been many because over three quarters of the boat were now standing around us on the upper deck.

The camera man, now only a few feet from us, was standing over me and zooming in on my exposed chest and Papi’s hand stroking my pussy. Seeing him there, I figured this would be a great time for him to get some of those shots that he was obviously wanting and waiting for. I had Papi slide my drenched panties off as I pinched and pulled my nipples. As he leaned up to remove them, the camera man ran behind Papi and, almost touching him with the lens, starting taking rapid shots of my pussy. He was taking advantage of it before it could be covered again. I took my hand and reached down, parting my puffy lips with my fingers for him, exposing just the inside of my sweet hole for him to photograph. I gently slipped my finger inside, first a quarter of it, then half, then three quarters then all the way in. Papi, seeing that he was getting some great shots and that I was eagerly giving them to him, sat back for a moment out of the way to let him shoot as he tossed my panties into the crowd, where they were snatched out of the air by some stranger, never to be seen again.

Wrapping my legs around Papi’s waist, I had him roll over onto his back, so I was straddling his hips. Pulling his shirt up over his head, I tossed it behind me into the crowd, already oblivious to them as I focused on the two of us. I began to kiss down his chest, stopping to lick and gently suck his nipples, making him moan as the camera man and the crowd surrounding us continued to snap pictures. I kissed down Papi’s abdomen until I reached his shorts. A tent was already beginning to form in them, and just the sight of it made my pussy grow even wetter. My swollen pussy lips were covered in my pussy juices as I resisted the urge to rip his pants off and claim him right away. Using my mouth, I unzipped Papi’s pants, releasing his cock from the confining material. His hard erect member sprang up to attention, its swollen avcılar eve gelen escort purple head slick with a helmet of precum.

I planted a kiss on the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around it to remove his precum. Licking my lips to moisten them, I slipped them slowly over the head of his cock and the first inch of his shaft and began to slide my mouth up and down, teasing him. Papi’s hand tangled itself in my hair as he tried to force my head down all the way onto his throbbing cock. Taking my time as people snapped away, I began to bob my head up and down on his cock, each downward motion taking more of him in my mouth. I would come up until his cock was almost out of my mouth before sucking him back inside the wet pussy-like lair of my mouth, ensnaring him inside as he moaned. Papi’s head was tilted back, eyes closed, as he lost himself in the pleasure emanating through his body from his cock, forgetting about the crowd and the camera man surrounding us.

Without warning, I deep-throated him, taking his shaft all the way in up to the base until his cock was in my throat. This made him groan and buck up against my face, his hands holding my head steady. After pausing for several seconds in that position, I began to suck his cock like it was a Popsicle, massaging and licking his balls as I did so. There were shouts and whistles coming from the crowd, but I was too lost in giving my Papi fellatio that they became lost as I focused solely on giving him pleasure. I would bring him close to edge then back down, building and building up his desire and his pleasure. As I bobbed my head up and down, I began to massage my clit then began to finger myself with first one finger then two, making me moan around his cock. The vibrations from my moaning was making Papi groan in pleasure as his grip on my hair tightened. Not wanting him to cum unless it was in my pussy, I removed my mouth as straddled him.

Lowering my pussy until just the head of Papi’s cock was inside me, I paused and slowly strip teased my dress off, swiveling my hips with the head of his cock still inside me. I dropped the dress onto the ground, so that I was wearing just my stilettos. Leaning over, I kissed Papi deeply, slipping my tongue into his mouth as I slid my pussy onto his cock all the way down to the base. He let out a moan of surprise and pleasure that was muffled by my mouth on his. His strong hands reached up and grasped my hips firmly as I began to slide up and down his hard pole, twisting my hips slightly, knowing how much that motion drove him crazy. I alternated between taking him deep and teasing him by just taking the first few inches of his cock inside me, even taking him almost all the way out, only to bury his hard cock in my tight wet pussy. With each stroke, my swollen pussy lips gripped around his cock and his hips bucked up to meet my every downward thrust. The crowd was going wild but we had already forgotten all about them, lost in our world of passionate love-making as cameras snapped all around us.

I could feel the heat pulsing through my body as the pleasure built up inside me. Without pausing, I switched positions so that I was facing away from Papi, riding him reverse-cowgirl. He and I both loved this position because the angle sent him deeper into me and his cock rubbed even more against my g-spot with every stroke. I began to pick up my pace, rubbing my clit with one hand as I used the other to balance myself. His hands were clenching my hips, pushing and pulling me up and down, our bodies moving in perfect rhythm. My tits were bouncing up and down in time with our fucking as I ground my pussy against his groin with each downward thrust that buried his rock-hard throbbing cock in my tight wet shaved pussy. We were both moaning and making other sounds of pleasure, oblivious to the throng of people surrounding us and watching our every move. It wasn’t long before both of us were nearly to the edge.

It was then that Papi lost his fear of fucking in public as he forcefully grabbed even tighter on my hips and began pumping me up and down on his cock, grunting and groaning as we both went full force. Our pace quickened as we lost ourselves in our wild, animal-like fucking; our bodies crashed together as we plunged towards the edge.

“Oh gods, Papi! Yes, yes, coje me! Ay, Papi!” I screamed as I lost control and my pussy exploded, my sweet juices enveloping Papi’s cock as I lost myself in the most intense orgasm of my life.

My cumming sent Papi over the edge and his throbbing cock began spewing his hot salty seed deep into my pussy, flooding my insides. His hands were clasping my hips so tightly that bruises formed as he lost control and joined me in my orgasmic oblivion.

“Oh, baby! My Mami! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” he yelled, completely blind and deaf to the mobs of people around us.

My pussy spasmed and clenched around Papi’s pulsing cock, milking every last drop of cum from him. I collapsed onto Papi’s legs, my body shaking uncontrollably, as I panted and tried to catch my breath. Our mixed cum trickled out of my pussy from around Papi’s softening cock and onto our legs. We both lay there, trying to regain control over our bodies. Someone handed us each a bottle of water, jolting us back to reality. A sea of shocked and amazed faces stared back at us. I turned my head over my shoulder and smiled at you.



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