Up in the Tree house”Into my life on waves of electrical sound, and flashing light she came…” Yeah, just a Country Joe and the Fish song but it will always remind me of the sixties and my brief fling with, you guessed it, Janice. I met her when we were both just teenagers but I knew she liked to smoke pot which most girls back then were just not ready to indulge in.So I got up my nerve and asked her to go to a Jefferson Airplane concert happening that Friday night at the Shrine downtown. She was a big fan and eagerly accepted my invitation. She then looked up at me and moved right up close. Her good sized tits were kinda poking me in the chest and she smiled and said “It’ll be fun!”Well, obviously I hoped it would be fun. We drove down to the exposition hall in my old VW Beetle and listened to the Airplane en route. I hoped later we would be parked somewhere and “Today” or “Comin’ Back to me” or one of those other romantic Airplane songs would come on the tape player and, swept up by the moment, Janice would “Go All The Way!” Well, l could dream, right? We smoked a doobie on the freeway and were both pretty loaded by the time we entered the place. The Shrine Exposition hall was just a big long room that usually housed livestock shows and stuff like that so it wasn’t a particularly romantic place for our first date but whatever. It was the sixties after all.The Airplane played pretty well that night but we both liked an opening act called “Moby G****” even better. I took Beverly Glen home and we shared another smoke while tooling through the canyon. I made a left at Mullholland and we were admiring the view as we drove along. Then, Janice pointed out the little dipper. “Look!” She said excitedly, “Let’s stop for a moment.” I eased my car off into a vacant lot and shut off the lights. We got out to get a better look at the stars and finally the romantic moment I’d hoped for was upon us. We chatted about the stars for a few moments and then it was quiet. I took the initiative and gathered Janice into my arms. She looked up at me and pursed her lips in an unmistakable invitation that I didn’t miss. I kissed her. I kissed her again and again and then she opened her mouth and I slid my tongue into hers and we took that kiss to another level! I was quickly getting hard and decided not to avoid having her feel it. I subtly stepped into Janice’s body and pressed my hard on right into her groin.”Mmmmm!” Was her response! Her eyes opened and she gave me a silly little smile as if she got my message. I slid my hands down to her butt cheeks and gently pressed her into my lower body giving her an even better feel of my erect penis. More thrilling kisses ensued and then she whispered into my ear “I wish you had a station wagon!”Yep. Ain’t that the truth. I guess screwing in a VW is possible but, gee whiz, it was our first date. Anyway, we made out a bit more and then another car pulled off of Mullholland and hesitated, catching us in their headlights. Well, the spell was broken so we climbed back into my little bug and headed off down the road. I know we were both thinking about that wonderfully spontaneous kiss back there under the moon and stars and then Janice slipped her hand over onto my thigh. Now it was my turn to say “Mmmmm!” She continued to sensuously rub my thigh through my slacks and then began to inch up towards my cock! And then, heavens above…she was there! Actually feeling my totally stiff penis right there as we drove along.Well, I’d promised my mother I wouldn’t get in an accident tonight…No, I didn’t do that but I did realize I had to drive the car and this was a major distraction. I began to look for a spot to pull over again but Janice, sensing what I was doing just quietly told me to drive her home. I would have been disappointed but, it was the way she said it that gave me hope. She said to take her home but she implied more would happen when we got there.Janice lived in Porter Ranch which is a hillside neighborhood overlooking the San Fernando Valley. Not nearly as populated as it is now, it was still a tract with home after home and no real private spot for us to resume our make out session. I was driving up Wilbur ave. towards her house when Janice told me to stop the car. There was nothing around but a stand of eucalyptus trees but I pulled over.”C’mon,” She told me and I followed her out of the car and over towards a particularly large eucalyptus. As we approached it, I saw two by fours nailed up on the trunk, like a makeshift ladder. Janice asked me to give her a hand and I lifted her up until she could reach the beginning of the “Ladder.” She began to climb up, çorum escort motioning for me to follow. As she climbed, I got clear views of Janice’s white panties beneath her short skirt! This was wildly exciting to me as you might imagine! This sequence of “Stairs” continued to lead us up further and further until I saw a platform up there a ways. Someone had constructed a makeshift treehouse up there in the middle of this big old tree!I was more focused on looking at Janice’s panties than I was on being careful climbing up the tree but soon we were able to make it onto this fairly sturdy platform which had a flimsy but better than nothing railing around it. We were, maybe, forty feet up in this tree. We also had great view of the valley and the hills beyond. We chatted for just a few moments but both of us knew why we were up here and it wasn’t to star gaze! I gathered Janice into my arms and again we kissed like the young lovers that we were as we inhaled the erotic scent of the eucalyptus tree. Our tongues intertwined as we enjoyed a series of soulful french kisses and my arms encircled Janice, pressing her warm young body against mine. I began to slide my hands down to, once again, get a nice feel of her fleshy young buttocks protected only by those white panties I’d seen a little earlier. And then, magically, I was touching those little white panties and sliding my finger all over the tightly closed lips of her hidden vagina!”Oh, Matt…” She gasped, “That feels real good!” Emboldened, I continued to feel Janice’s pussy hoping she would renew her earlier assault on my teen age cock. Sure enough, I soon felt her soft warm fingers moving down further and further until she was massaging my cock through my tight slacks. It was a thrill to be sure but I wanted more! I reached down and pulled down my zipper and unhooked my belt, doing the best I could to give the pretty blonde teenager access to my hard cock. She quickly felt up my stiff penis through my briefs and rubbed me sensuously while I returned my attention to her panties.And so the two of us made out like crazy teenagers which, after all, is what we were. Both eager to explore and, in my case anyway, with very little experience going any further. My cock had been hard for the better part of the evening now and it wouldn’t take much to get it spurting. And so, I began to tease the leg band of Janice’s panties, slyly slipping more and more of my finger beneath the flimsy fabric of her panties. Janice continued to moan in pleasure and then I actually threw caution to the wind and pushed softly under her panties and got my first ever feel of Janice’s pussy! It was so soft and warm and I immediately attempted to shove my finger in there.”Mmmphh!” Janice gasped, “Not so fast Matty. Go a little slower…”Of course I should go slower. I was such an inexperienced young knucklehead! And so I backed off a bit and just continued to kiss Janice and softly caressed her hot young pussy. She began to moan again and I decided to let her take the initiative here tonight and not try to force her.Sure enough, after just a couple of minutes, Janice’s hand returned to my briefs and she reached down through the waistband and began to fondle my cock! Now it was my turn to gasp as Janice’s knowing little hand was stroking me. Slowly. Slowly up and down bringing thrills to my inexperienced young cock while I was doing my best to not just stick my finger all the way into her body. I just touched and stroked her panties and kissed her and nuzzled her ears.And then, Janice whispered “Matty…Go ahead and…take off my panties.” She then laid back against a railing support and demurely lifted her skirt completely exposing her little white panties to my excited gaze! With my hands trembling, I reached for the waistband of her underpants and slowly pulled them down and then off. I paused momentarily when Janice’s pussy came into view and took in that wonderful sight before I finished taking off Janice’s panties.Janice then just leaned back and opened her legs in an unmistakable sexual invitation! Wow! Here she was. Janice Martin, whom I’d lusted after in the school cafeteria. Watching her bounce around with her pony tail swishing behind her. Her gorgeous tits jiggling sensuously, her funny little laugh. And now here she was with her legs open, her teenaged pussy on display and her still warm panties right in my hand!Even a knucklehead with no experience knows what to do now: Take off my pants! Which I fumbled and stumbled but eventually managed to do. And then, naked from the waist down, I laid down next to Janice and we began denizli escort to kiss again with no clothing to impede us any further. I reached for her and she reached for me and the two of us were mutually masturbating up in that tree house for all we were worth. I slowly pushed my finger into Janice’s now well lubricated pussy hole and she responded by opening her legs even further. Meanwhile, her fingers encircled my big bloated hard on and she softly squeezed me and then slid her hand salaciously up and down, as if trying to draw out my sperm prematurely.”Do you…do you have any…any protection?” She then asked.Oh goddam it! No, I didn’t have a rubber. We were way beyond any place I expected to be tonight. This was beyond my wildest dreams! But I couldn’t just give up. I just couldn’t.”Well…no.” I admitted. “But we can do something can’t we? I mean, I could, you know, pull out or…or…”I think Janice, like all women, know that they are holding most of the cards when they get to this point of an encounter. In my case, she was holding ALL of the cards. So I listened quietly as Janice spoke.”Listen, I don’t want to get in trouble so…so how about this: I’ll get on my belly and you can rub it in my butt cheeks until you…finish up.”That’s all she said. But I heard loud and clear.”Here…” I offered, I’ll lay my clothes down cause the floor is kinda cruddy.” I used my pants and took off my shirt to come up with some kind of makeshift blanket for her to lay upon.”Good idea!” She responded. And, with that, she pulled off her sweater and then her bra leaving my date for the evening completely nude! And what it thrill it was to see Janice’s full ripe breasts swaying softly side to side in the moonlight up in that tree house! She had a patch of reddish hair covering her pussy and, gosh! She was something! I wished there was more light but I also knew the mood was being enhanced by this crazy location. I don’t know if Janice would have just stripped and showed me all of her considerable teenage charms if we were in the school gymnasium. And then we were lying together and making out and getting all sauced up and ready for this lewd encounter. I was going to basically jerk off into Janice’s wonderful butt cheeks that I’d been admiring for weeks now at school. Her panties that had provoked my cock into rigid hardness were now in my pocket…uh…just so I didn’t lose them! Ha Ha!Finally, Janice began to roll over onto her belly as she’d promised. But the pretty blonde had one more surprise for me that night: She climbed up onto her hands and knees offering all of her well developed body to me. I took in the sight of Janice’s tight little pink asshole and, just below, the smooth vertical division of her tight young pussy! I leaned forward and helped myself to a feel of Janice’s womanly tits and she cooed in appreciation. My cock was now in that deep valley between her rear cheeks and it was taking on a mind of it’s own. The simple nearness of Janice’s pussy was almost too much to resist! I mean, all I had to do was shove real hard and I could take her for mine!But, gentleman that I was and am, I resisted that temptation and began to slowly slide my prick into the soft but supple cheeks of Janice’s ass. And it felt real sexy too. Back and forth…slowly back and forth, I enjoyed her sweet young flesh.”You can…you can push my butt together a bit if you want.” Janice whispered back to me. “It’ll make it tighter.”Oh, just what I needed! Tighter? Heck, I was ready to blow just from everything we’d already done tonight! Here I was with my new girlfriend naked before me. Kneeling submissively and allowing me to dry fuck her ass and now she invites me to squeeze my hot dog with her bun so it will feel even better?Instead, I reached down between Janice’s legs and slowly began to stroke her pussy, hoping to acquire a bit more lubrication. I had plenty of experience with jerking off back then. Plenty. And “Tighter” wasn’t what I needed. “Slippery” was what was necessary and as much of that as I could muster.So I stroked Janice’s Pussy, occasionally penetrating her, and then moving the moisture up over her asshole into the groove of her butt cheeks. And Janice was digging it! “Oh, do that some more!” she suddenly gasped. She turned to face me and I noticed her eyes were heavy lidded and she was panting softly. I responded by slowly but surely teasing her now rapidly awakening vagina with my slippery fingers. It was stroke…stroke…stroke…and then soft penetration of her tight little hole. And each time I entered her, she gasped and moaned in pleasure. düzce escort Stroke…stroke…stroke, then soft penetration.”Oh…Matty, oh that’s real good baby…oh, just do it like that some more!” She moaned.I was eager to comply and pretty soon I’d managed to have her entire rear quarters well lubricated. Feeling it was time, I laid my overstimulated prick into the artificial Vagina I was to use and softly closed her butt cheeks upon it. I then began to slide my cock over her puckered little asshole until my balls lightly touched her pussy lips. Over and over I repeated this. Stimulating her forbidden little back hole and letting my balls lightly slap into the desire swollen lips of her pussy. And she was moaning and offering encouragement all the while.”Oh, that’s it Matty!” She swooned, “Nice and smooth! Oh, you’re so nasty! Rubbing it all over my…my asshole!”I grunted when she said it and began to pick up speed. I reached down beneath her and lifted her hips up until I was able to slide my big cock all over the slippery lips of Janice’s pussy which again elicited more excited cries from her lips.And then. Then I felt Janice little fingers reaching back to encircle my big thick penis. She tentatively grasped me and then hesitated for a moment as if unsure as to what to do. And then, she dragged my cock head to the tight warm opening of her pussy! She didn’t have to speak now. No, she’d said all that needed to be said with her actions. I took a deep breath and slowly drove all of my manhood right into Janice’s frustrated little pussy! It wasn’t frustrated for long, though. Janice gave out a deep sigh and then began to move back to meet me as I thrust into her body repeatedly, giving her all the cock I had and it was plenty!Now I was fucking Janice good and hard and she was excited and with me every step of the way. I felt such power now. Janice was kneeling before me and was all naked and willingly taking all of my cock in her tight young pussy. I revisited her little asshole and she gasped and moaned in appreciation when she felt me touching her nasty little hole.On and on I plunged into the little blonde’s no longer teasing pussy, thrilling to each and every thrust. I knew I couldn’t last too long after all I’d been through, not to mention the over the top salaciousness of the situation. I was wondering about what to do when I did feel the sperm beginning to rise. I knew she didn’t want to get pregnant.But Janice had thought of that too apparently. We both heard my balls slapping repeatedly into Janice’s horny young pussy and, knowing what was soon to come, She reached back and took hold of my come striving prick and dragged it up to the forbidden little hole above her pussy. This was, like, 1967, and I’d honestly never even heard of anal sex but I guess she had. I was following her lead and it only took me a minute to realize this wasn’t a mistake. She held my cock head right there…right at the tight little pink hole of her anus until I got the hint and began to apply pressure. With all the oily lubrication I’d managed to acquire earlier, I had only minor trouble penetrating her rear hole. Then, I gave up and just shoved all of my prick into Janice’s asshole! She gasped and moaned and I was hoping to provide more thrills for her but the ridiculously tight confines of her ass was just too much for me and I immediately began to ejaculate. Jolt after jolt of raw pleasure overtook me then as I filled her butthole with my sperm. It seemed to go on for quite a while compared to my usual jerk off orgasm. Finally, with a lewd “Pop” I pulled my penis from Janice’s ass and flopped back against the railing. In the moonlight I could see my copious emission beginning to leak out of Janice’s well fucked asshole and down onto her pussy just below. What an unforgettable sight! And Janice hesitated there for a few moments allowing me to view the incredibly nasty sight right there before me: My new girlfriend kneeling there naked before me with my come drizzling out of her asshole and coating her pussy lips!We laid together for a while, watching the stars and returning to a state of sanity. We used Janice’s panties to wipe my sperm off of her pussy and I stuck them back into my pocket. I still have them by the way. It was more nerve wracking getting down from the tree house than it was getting up but we made it.Yeah. Janice and I had a fling that lasted most of that Summer Of Love and we went to a bunch of concerts together too. I eventually came to realize that we really didn’t love each other in the classic sense of the word. No, it was more of a physical attraction that seemed to be spurred by smoking herb. We’d be out on a more or less normal “Date” and then, after we took a few hits, Janice would start fubbing my leg with hers and we would be looking for someplace private There’s a class reunion coming up next year and I’m planning to go. And I’m bringing a doobie too!



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