Unforgettable Holiday ch 1Unforgettable Holiday Part 1 Id given up on a summer here this year. Id decided to book a late bit of sun to get naked on the beach again once more this year. I booked a week at the famous Maspalomas beach, id heard and see the fun that happens there. Id feel good going into our winter with a nice tan/feel good factor, so i booked a last min deal for the last week in october . Fingers crossed it would be hot for that week , i really needed some sun.I wandered through the dunes , naked except for sunglasses in the hot sunshine, the sand hot to walk on mid afternoon. Such a lovely feeling walking on hot sand, youre in the right place when that happens.Id spotted several younger couples sunbathing , but they had quite an audience already. I wanted to get away from the busy part, walking quite a way down the beach . I wandered back up into the dunes to find a sheltered spot out of the breeze to sun myself. I came across a nice spot, with a sexy couple sunbathing to one end of the scalloped out sandy area . It had enough room for me at the other end in another gap in the pampas grass , keeping me in sight of the sexy couple , and them me, probably about twenty odd feet away. Once id put my towels out , and sat down for the first time, the guy looked over and nodded in a friendly gesture, which put me at ease , noting that he was well hung and semi hard, which alongside his lovely lady , i could understand why. she was closest to me, her legs splayed apart slightly showing her dark trimmed thatch.She had firm breasts that sat up nicely …..with pert nipples stood proud in the hot sun, glistening….. The sun oil made them shine in the brightness , as did her other smooth curves in all the right places, showing her off in the best possible way. Her trimmed pussy shimmered in the sun, catching her true vulva shape , which makes me so horny…… and true to life , my cock had swollen, helped by a cock ring i like to wear. i did think sun cream at that point.The guy was also shining in the sun, his cock trimmed back and swollen , his oiled cock showing he was of good size when hard , admiring how sexy these guys were together, relaxing in the heat. Not seeming bothered by my presence i stood cock slightly swollen, finding my sun cream, massaged my self from one end to the other, ending with my swollen cock , not looking towards the couple , i rubbed my sun cream on quickly, sitting down to notice that the couple had moved round to face me more , we could both see each others parted thighs and the nice view of his swollen cock, and her pussy lips peeping from her trimmed bush , knowing that they could also see my shaven cock , swollen by the cock ring making me excited knowing we had exibitionist streaks which would make it a pleasurable afternoon with a wonderful view.I laid back soaking up the sun, my cock hardening , knowing i was being looked at, was making me feel quite excited lying back with a hardon , i didnt touch it for a while , then i glanced down to the couple. She had raised her knees slightly , which showed off her pussy lips as they traveled downwards, untill they ended disappearing in that secret place…. flanked by soft toned thighs that caught my gaze and thoughts for more than just a moment, enjoying the sexy spectacle. Her painted toes catching my eye , as they buried into the golden sand . Her movements causing her thighs to flex, were her legs working their way apart as she lowered her legs flat revealing that she had, only her painted nails taking my attention away from her mons as they slowly rubbed more sun oil into her sweet venus, her middle finger slipping deeper than the others, making her hidden bud swell along with her puffy folds. The oil making her glisten in the sun showing how wet she was. Her husband was watching her playful mood, stroking his swollen member slowly between his fingers, running the length of his cock and back, his cock head swollen , his cock throbbing , as he lay on his side to observe his wifes antics with this stranger , he had a big cock, it stuck out , his left hand stroking its length and nice girth judging how his hand was holding it.I too massaged some more suncream onto my cock, using the excuse to play with my cock in full view of these strangers sitting so close and illegal bahis yet so far, close enough to see his wifes handmove across to his cock head , her bright red nails folding around his hardness, gripping his cock pulling his foreskin down so his helmet was stretched , pulled tight , he shuddered thrusting into her hand gripping him firmly ,keeping the pressure on grinding her hand into the base of his length, his trimmed pubes ground into her hand. the moment caught his breath , the veins in his cock swollen angry with her touch. Aware that i was watching them made the situation quite electric, we had the beach to ourselves, these experts knew how to play , it felt so free and natural and dam horny seeing her painted nails teasing his swollen helmet. He stroked her skin along her inner thigh , up and down slowing and wandering up in and out towards her venus, close but never touching ..her right hand stroked her boobs for a moment , then snaking its way to her thighs just inside her swollen lips, her painted nails lightly tracing their way towards her swollen folds…… Just then a younger couple in their late thirties walked past in the throes of a holiday upset, their bickering warned us of their approach , killing the moment with heated talk between themselves , seemed he’d had a holiday fling and they’d agreed to play together…..they continued walking past us , stopping their words as they caught sight of us lying in the sun relaxing…….. with slight embarressment they apollogised and heads low left the dunes to the beach to finish their discussion ,,, the moment suddenly passing , the guy rises to his feet, his hard cock slightly softer for our interuption said he was going for a swim , his lady shook her head and lay back to enjoy the sun . He nodded to me as he left walking down across the beach cock hard and him without a care in the world bobbing away naked , towards the sea. I turned back to see his lovely lady had laid right back , with her knees raised i could make out those bright fingertips slipping into her shiney folds, with a mixture of sun oil and her juices , i could hear her fingers slipping in and out of her swollen pussy lips, she looked me straight in the eye as she rubbed her pussy wildly in front of me. My cock was bursting with excitement , i wanked slowly and deeply making my helmet swell bigger , long firm strokes seem to tease me in their own way , not too much to cum , but enough to excite in the nicest way….. Her breaths increased her hips rising to meet her fingers she sped up her rubbing causing her to squirt several times before juddering as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body her hand soaked , wet and spent , her spasms slowing , she jolted a few more times laying back to rest panting. Her fingers soon returned to her wet pussy, wet stains in the sand marking her gushing juices ….i sat watching her , wanking my swollen cock bursting at the sight before me…. she glanced up to watch my cock ,as she sank her fingertips into herself. The moment caught , we were masturbating to each other naked in the hot sun.Movement behind her caught my eye , in amongst the dunes….it was her husband back from his swim, dripping and shiney, cock stood out, stood wanking his cock , watching the ongoing fun i was having with his wife….unbeknown to her .We wanked our cocks as we exchanged looks, he nodded to me to move closer , which was everything… my cock twitched as i stood , watching this sexy lady playing with herself for my viewing….I stood by her, her perfume caught my nostrils , mixed with sun oil, and her pussy was wet , her lips puffed , her fingers circling her love button slowly , her legs wide. looking up to my cock , she beckoned me closer , her hand reaching my hardness, like a shockwave . Her painted nails running the length of my cock before closing around me, her grip pulling me to my knees , so she could wank my cock in a gliding movement firmly yet slowly…..feeling i was already highly excited.I ran my fingers along her inner thighs, teasing her skin towards her molten honeypot, til i felt my fingers slide into her soft folds delicately , her moan giving away her her excitement of this stranger alongside her.Hubby had moved closer in the excitement , but still away from her illegal bahis siteleri gaze behind her, stood with his impressive hardon , wanking , his bulbous helmet disappearing in his grip , before popping out again as he pulled his foreskin down hard….My cock was pulled towards her lips, i could see my reflection in her sunglasses, as i felt her hot tongue touch my cock… I jolted in pleasure , as she sucked my hardness in those sexy lips, the moment was almost too much for me…. i rubbed her wet clit quickly to divert her attention , away from my cock to her pleasure , her breaths short and muffled with my cock in her mouth…as her orgasm approached………… then another hard cock slipped in beside mine to be sucked by his good lady who knew who that cock belonged to. her tongue flicking its way over his helmet she grabbed both our cocks, pulling us together to enjoy us both together.The feeling of this strangers cock alongside mine was horny .His wifes soft lips sucking us both was truely wonderful… my cock twitched in excitement , i backed away from the wonderful sensations to not cum too soon, continuing to give her husbands cock a deep suck , filling her mouth with his hardness , her moans muffled…. only overshadowed by her hand wanking his cock hard . His balls were hard, his pelvis bucking to the rythm of her strokes . Her other hand cupped his balls , massaging them , pulling them downwards, milking his hardness for his cream. He groaned before shooting his cum, that spurt by spurt entered her open lips , wanking his foreskin up and down milking his cock for every drop , sucking him in , then letting his cum covered cock head slip from her sticky lips…cum dripping from the end of his cock… before sucking him back into her mouth , licking his cock clean before letting it slip again from her lips…… He knelt on the towels in front of his wife..they kissed and muttered to each other , id returned to my towel , still hard, wanking my cock whilst taking in what had just happened…He returned to his side of the towels, his cock still swollen , his foreskin peeled back showing his bright red helmet amongst his dark body hair and tanned skin.He reached over to his wifes full shiney breasts , tweaking her hard pointed nipples , sensing i was still watching he teased them making them stand proud. She raised her legs parting them to my gaze, her pussy pronounced by her puffy folds showing proud . her painted nails soon found her swollen bud , her fingers trapping my gaze , my cock swollen hard as this sexy lady toyed with her sex for my full viewing. Noteing thathis cock was swelling to the sight of his wife masturbating to me… . legs apart, grinding her hips to the rythm of her fingers…I need more suncream on my cock, this sexy couple were playing with me, i parted my legs further , allowing their gaze to watch me in return. Long slow strokes , pulling my foreskin tight, imagining it was inside of this sexy lady before me…. He too oiled his cock which by now was throbbing hard as he was earlier…… his hand masturbating his hardness , watching his wife and me play , by the way his head kept switching from me to his wife….he did seem to linger on my cock, pulling his foreskin down at the same time as me , mimicking my movements, as if he were doing it for me i thought…. which i found quite horny….Just then she snapped her legs closed, spun round, checking we were still on our own, she knelt down away from us before kneeling , pushing her ass up , face down into her towel , she resumed her playing, this time running her hands across her rounded cheeks to her honey pot, drawing our gaze , following her fingertips as they brushed the soft most folds , before dipping into her wetness.I was totally mesmerised by this lady, she knew how to tease , my cock was bursting at the sight before me……she wiggled her ass grinding into her busy fingers, her fingers wet with her juices that were clearly running down her inner thighs….wow how hot….!Her fingers left their play….transfixed by her fingers watched her fingers beckon me to her…. i glanced to her husband , who acknowleged my look with a nod, without stopping wanking his cock blatentely for my eyes im sure , which i found sexy..adding to this heady canlı bahis siteleri situation unfolding before me with this sexy couple.I quickly knelt behind this beautiful lady , her ass cheeks before me, following her crease down to her wet pussy , her perfume , the sun oil everything jangling my senses, in a heady head spinning way. He moved back towards me to massage his wifes ass cheeks, pulling them apart before closing them in a provocative way , showing her rose bud and glistening pussy…so ripe and wanton, her smell was heady as i moved to lick her wetness , his hands holding her cheeks apart, my flicking tongue her tight puckered hole, just brushing her softness with the merest hint of touch, she shuddered, pressing her ass out for more contact……..i moved out with her, to tease the moment, not letting her have the pleasure she demanded…. then pushing my tongue into her softness, flicking its way she moaned loudly, as her husband pulled her cheeks tighter for my eager tongue to explore her loveliness…sensing her urgency , i moved to her soaking furnace, her sex smelt divine, spinning my mind , i wanted to eat her all up , i plunged my tongue and face into her wanton sex, filling my nostrils , rubbing my face across her swollen pussy , tasting her sweet nectar for the first time…. her moans were gaining urgency ..her breaths rapid and sharp… i ground into her wetness…. encountering the odd hubby finger already deep inside her.I couldnt take any more of this, i had to slide my cock deep into her ripeness, i wanted this woman so much,.I ran the tip of my cock up and down her soft crease, past her rose bud , following the warmth, of her soaked pussy . i rubbed my helmet against her swollen bud , causing her to gasp , pushing her ass out , willing my cock to her wanton pussy.Her hubbies fingers pulled her lips apart, and at last my cock felt her warmth and wetness… sinking into her tightness ,,,slowly deeper on every thrust, i held her hips, slowly gliding in and out of her furnace…noting that hubbies fingers still kept her pussy lips pulled apart, almost touching my cock as i thrust deep into his wife, i could feel them pressing into my groin , which was new but interesting , and seemed to be doing the trick for his wife , who pushed her ass out to meet my quickening pace, before stopping for a moment deep inside of her tightness, enjoying that lovely moment of having my cock deep inside of this sexy stranger…..i felt movement around the base of my cock, hubbies fingers were massaging his wifes pussy against my hard cock slid inside of her…… it felt good , i couldnt help but wonder who that was meant for, but my cock stiffened and i was nearly cumming, i slowed my self down, long hard thrusts into this sexy woman, waiting for her wave to roll through her body in this wild moment naked all together playing….. i felt her spasm , that was it, i could hold on any longer, her ass jammed out meeting my thrusts, her pussy gripping my hardness as wave after wave crashed through us both, i spurted hard and for so long, deep into her tightness,,,, filling her with a huge cum, my spunk dripping from her pussy as i thrust deeper, i dont think ive ever cum so hard in my life….. we collapsed down , I pulled out from her , my cock dripping with cum, followed by a trail of sticky cum rolling from her still gaping hole where my cock had just filled her..Hubby had his cock up kneeling behind his wife wanking his cock into our juices mixed together before sliding deep into his wifes wanton pussy, taking his thrusts which didnt look like was going to be too long…. she met his quickening thrusts as they both came together , his pelvis thrusting , pumping his seed deep into his wife…..both were gasping and moaning untill they collapsed in a heap giggling with delight and pleasure the hot sun had brought to them…… he rolled from her , his cock shiny with our cum… our spunk stuck to his cock, did make me want to hold it. feel how slippery it was…but thought better of it , his finger tips rubbing my cock as i took his wife , did add to the pleasure… fairplay i thought , new thrills is what i thrive on , so theres always plenty to learn it seems to my delight. she pulled her bikini bottoms on taking care to place them under her pussy to capture our cum , wow, kinky i thought….!They were Bob and Liz, i found out, they invited me to dinner with them later , so waving goodbye , i lay there, head still spinning from these new friends id just met….. Chapter 2 to follow



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