After walking for almost half a morning, she came accross the most perfect place to sun bathe.

The little cove looked deserted. The sand was marked by the sea and wind only. The wavelets lapped gently at the waters edge. No where were there any signs of recent human habitation.

Thankfully she removed her daypack, putting it in the shade under a rocky overhang. Spreading her towel, she decided to first have a swim before settling down.

Taking another quick look around and still seeing no one, she walked to the water and waded in. The sea was calm and the water deliciously cool. She lazily splashed and dived, marveling at the fishes which swam right up to her.

Coming out of the water, she scanned the beach and the cliffs raising around the cove and not seeing another human, removed her bikini and spread it over a rock to dry.

Before lying down she spread sun screen all over, lingering over her sensitive areas, imagining the fingers belonging to another. With a sigh she eventually lay down to enjoy the sun on her body. Lying down on her back, she could feel the sun warming her body. Stretching her arms above head, she spread her legs to feel the sun all over. With her eyes closed to the sun, it was not long before she fell asleep.

She was not aware illegal bahis of the canoe rounding the cliffs and beaching. Neither was she aware of the man who considered this cove his. He had never before ever encountered anyone there, and at first was very put out to discover that he would be sharing the cove with someone else.

Walking silently closer he took his time to observe the woman lying in the sun, in her sleep she had turned and he admired her neat bottom and long legs. Looking higher up between her legs he felt desire awakening.

Taking off his t-shirt and swimming trunks he settled down to watch her as she slept on, blissfully un-aware of his gaze.

Turning over again, she was unaware of the impact her naked sundrenched body had on him. He gazed with desire, drinking in the way her breasts lay round and firm with nipples erect, her flat, unmarked tummy, his gaze travelling down to her smoothly shaven mound. The lips there swollen in the heat, with the inner lips just just peeking out, calling to be licked and gently sucked.

In her sub-consious she might have felt his gaze, as she slowly lifted a hand and placed it over her mound, her one finger lazily burrowing between the lips.

This being more than he could stand, and with his member now fully illegal bahis siteleri erect and swollen, he walked over to her, gently removing her hand, he lowered his head and gave her the most gentle of kisses. Shocked at his own daring he sat back on his haunches and taking the wetness off the tip of his penis, gently placed it on her.

She moaned slightly in her sleep and arched her back very slightly as if inviting him to continue.

This time he lay down beside her and gently nuzzled and fondled each breast, taking care to make his touch as soft and erotic as possible. Leaving soft kisss all the way down from between her breast to just above her mound, he then gently slid a finger between her lips. Feeling her wetness and finding her swollen clit which he gently massaged.

She moaned and arched her back, very definitely asking for more, but still she slept on. He wondered how far he could go before she woke, thereby deciding to take his time and enhance both’s pleasure.

His erect member was throbbing for attention. Taking some of her wetness he rubbed some over his penis. Gently rubbing himself with one hand, he let his other flutter over her breasts, down to her mound and clit, each time bringing up some of her juices.

She moaned again, arched canlı bahis siteleri her back and then fell down with a suddenness, causing him to look at her face. She had awoken and was looking at him in fright. Leaning towards her, he whispered that he meant no harm and only to give her pleasure. She gave a quick look around and his nakedness and erect manhood, seemed to reassure her.

He took her hand and put it around his erect penis. She felt the velvety hardness of him, using her thumb to use the pre-cum as a lubricant she slowly let her hand slide up and down.

Using his hand he rubbed her clit while sucking and gently biting her breasts. Her nipples were hard in his mouth.

He could hear her breathing change and using a finger inserted it into her, feeling her wetness and her desire. She was now arching her back with more and more regularity, her breath started coming in short gasps and she was gripping his penis, pulling him towards her. He could feel a sudden flooding in his hand and then the grips as she orgasmed. Her body arching and shuddering as her orgasm took over.

He waited until she was spent and looking mutely at her waited for the slightest of nods and feeling her tug at his engorged penis. He lowered himself over her and hesitated just for a second before entering, feeling the hot wetness of her surrond him. She rose to meet him and he was glad that he had pleasured her first as his orgasm exploded very soon after entering. He lay spent over her. Feeling the hot rays of the late afternoon sun.



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