Uncontrollable lust for (much) older womenSome ten years ago when i was still a horny hormone filled 22yr old i had the opportunity to experience what most young men dream of, and that was to have hot rampant sex with a much older woman. It happened at a time when i was working as a beach officer at my local resort, i was responsible for letting the resorts beach huts each summer. It was here that i got to know Yvonne and her husband malcolm as they were regular clients and rented a hut every year. It became a standing joke over the years that she would flirt quite brazenly with me in front of her husband and he would tease her that given the chance she would not know what to do with me if she was given the opportunity, just for the laugh i used to return the banter by complimenting her and generally flirting with her to make her feel good. If i am honest Yvonne who was 64yrs old canlı bahis was what i would usually describe as mutton dressed as lamb, she had, as most women of her age tend to have slightly wrinkled skin brought on by the relentless sunbathing she did year after year, her body was beautifully bronzed all over but it did have the look of a woman of senior years, her once pert 34DD breasts, now hung heavily in her bikini top and and her plumpish arse was always visible in her bikini bottoms, she was about a size 14, and liked to wear big hoop gold earrings and other gaudy jewellery but judging by the way she dressed normally she would once upon a time have been seen as the proverbial “trophy wife” for her business director husband. It became so apparent with the way she behaved that behind the joking she was beginning to want to take things further with me. My work colleagues bahis siteleri teased me relentlessly about this, often calling me the granny shagger and such things, i used to take it in my stride and played it cool, but unbeknown to them i had actually begun to fantasise about what it would be like to fuck this woman, the age difference only made it more exciting and appealing, and as time passed i have to admit to having had several mind blowing wanks thinking about what it would be like.The end of the summer arrived and as per usual Yvonne popped in to say her goodbyes for the season and to settle her bill for the followng year, it was then that things began to develop further, for some reason she felt the need to mention that malcolm was away on business the following weekend and proceeded to hand me her phone number just in case i should need it, it seemed odd because i already güvenilir bahis had her details on file anyway and had done for a couple of years, as she smiled and said goodbye i then began to realise that perhaps that her handing me her number was her way of saying she wanted me contact her for more than she was letting on.A few days later as the weekend arrived i decided to bite the bullet and call Yvonne, and as we chatted it became obvious that she wanted me to meet with her and see what happens. That saturday evening safe in knowledge malcolm was away in york, i made my way to their home and tentatively knocked on the door, if im honest all the way there i was doubting if could, when it comes down to it fuck this woman. As the door opened i was greeted by the sight of Yvonne wearing a black lace see-through baby doll outfit, her breasts that until now i had ogled only in her bikini were hanging free and heavy at the top of her stomach, her dark slightly wrinkled areolas clearly visible through the material and her nipples erect and looking ready to be teased.part two to follow shorlty….



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