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It was a hot Saturday morning. I headed out to the beach for a swim and a tan. I slipped on a skimpy two-piece bikini which was pretty revealing, grabbed my beach bag and keys and headed out the door. After a quick drive I arrived at the beach. I parked the car and walked down finding a nice spot to lay my towel. I always loved coming here and I had always dreamt about one day owning one of the houses that backed on to the beach. Having this as my back yard would be a dream come true.

I stripped down to my bikini and headed for a swim. The water was so beautiful and refreshing and it didn’t take long to get my whole body wet. After about ten minutes I was ready to bake in the sun. I headed up to my spot and laid down. It felt so good to spend the day at the beach relaxing, and for some reason there wasn’t many people around. There were two girls sunbaking and a couple of guys further up the beach surfing. I notice two older guys sitting on their Balcony drinking and enjoying the view of the beach. The house backed on to the beach with stairs leading down to the sand. I decided to do a little topless sunbaking and removed my bikini top. The sun felt nice on my naked breasts.

After about an hour of topless sunbaking. I noticed the guys on the balcony watching me. It didn’t bother me; it was actually a turn on. I rolled on to my stomach and pulled my bikini bottoms between my arse revealing my butt cheeks. It was a great way to tan out the tan lines. I looked up and noticed the guys still watching. I put my head down and relaxed for a bit before deciding to jump back in the water. I was in the water for about five minutes when I noticed the two guys coming down the stairs with a towel. Still topless, I decided to head up to my spot and do a little more sunbaking. I shook the sand off my towel before laying down on my back.

“Do you mind if we join you?” Said a voice with a strong accent.

“Umm sure.” I said very hesitant.

“I’m Jim and this is Alex.”

“Hi. I’m Toni.” I replied.

“Are you from around here?” I asked.

“No. We are from Germany. We are here on business but just having a few days of relaxing before heading back home.” Alex said.

“Are you renting the holiday home?” I asked.

“Yes, we are.” Said Jim.

“It’s my dream to own a house on the beach having this as a back yard.

“Yes, it would be wonderful. The ocean at night is so beautiful.” Said Alex.

We sat around chatting for a few hours about their work and how they travel a lot for business. They hadn’t seen much of Australia and this was their first break from work on this trip. As we chatted, I reached for my drink bottle which was nearly empty.

“Why don’t you come up to the house and fill your bottle. You can check out the view of the ocean from the balcony.” bahis firmaları Alex said looking at my drink bottle.

“Umm ok. I guess.” I replied.

I put my bikini top on and fixed my bikini bottoms before picking up my things and heading up to the house with Alex and Jim.

When we got to the top of the stairs I was blown away by the view. This was a view you could never get bored with and you could see for miles. After a few minutes we headed inside to the kitchen where Alex washed my water bottle before refilling it.

“I’m going to put some lunch together. Would you like to join us?” Jim said looking in the fridge.

“Sure, if it’s no bother?” I replied.

“Definitely no bother. We would enjoy your company.” Jim Replied.

Jim prepared lunch and we sat out on the balcony chatting, eating and enjoying the view.

“God it’s a beautiful day. Nice and hot.” Alex said as he removed his shirt.

“You guys liking the hot weather?” I asked.

“Hell yes. Up here on the balcony is nice and secluded. Yesterday I spent the day naked enjoying the heat.” Alex said with a laugh.

“That’s my type of balcony.” I replied.

“Well our balcony is your balcony.” Jim said with a smile.

Jim stood up and removed his shirt and shorts leaving his boxer shorts on.

“I may as well take a tan home with me.” Jim said.

“That’s what I say when I tan.” I replied with a giggle.

“Well feel free to get a tan. We don’t bite, and it’s nice and secluded.”

Although I didn’t know these guys, they seemed pretty tame and they made me feel comfortable. I removed my Bikini top revealing my perky tits and I could see both guys taking a perve trying not to get caught.

We sat around for a while continuing to chat as the sun continued beating down. I stood up and pulled my bikini bottoms between my arse for a better tan.

“Feel free to remove them if you like. You take yours off I’ll take mine off.” Jim said.

“Don’t make her feel unfordable Jim. Let her be.” Alex said with a laugh looking at Jim.

“Now now boys. I don’t feel unfordable. You guys are pretty tame. I could handle you both.”

I slowly removed my bikini bottoms and sat down.

“Ok now your turn Jim.” I said looking in suspense.

Jim, definitely not shy, removed his boxer shorts revealing his cock.

“Happy now? ” Jim said standing naked.

“Oh well. Guess it’s my turn.” Alex said as he stood up removing his shorts.

Both guys we’re very well sized for older guys, and were not shy standing naked.

We continued chatting, and I could tell by their cocks they were enjoying my naked company, as I was them as my pussy was very wet.

“I’m glad we decided to take a few days off. The beach, the sun, your naked company.” Alex said with a laugh.

“Well, kaçak iddaa it’s not every day I have two cocks to play with” I replied.

“Oh, you want to play. Well, come on then.” Jim said with a laugh as he took my hand pulling me up on my feet.

Jim walked me down the hallway as Alex followed behind. We entered a bedroom which had a large king-size bed and a pretty big ensuite. Jim pulled me close kissing my lips while Alex started kissing my neck. I could feel my pussy was so wet. I slid my hands down taking hold of their cocks slowly stroking them and It wasn’t long before I found myself on my knees taking their cocks deep in my mouth. I could feel them hitting the back of my throat as they took turns thrusting their cocks in my mouth. I knew these guys were going to fuck me nice and rough which I liked.

Alex pulled me up off my knees and laid me on the bed on my back before spreading my legs.

“Time to fuck your pussy nice and good.” Alex said as I lay with my legs spread.

“God yes fuck me nice and hard.”

Jim moved down between my legs spreading my pussy lips licking me nice and hard with his tongue, while Alex knelt on the bed and started thrusting his cock in my mouth.

“Honey you taste so good.” Jim said as he continued fucking my pussy with his tongue.

It felt so good and I could feel my pussy was so wet. I pressed Jim’s head hard into my pussy feeling his tongue deeper inside me.

I took Alex cock out of my mouth and stroked him as I started to moan.

“Oh God yes yes. I’m cumming” I screamed.

My pussy exploded cumming all over Jim’s lips and tongue.

I lay catching my breath as Alex lay down on the bed. I got up and without a word I mounted his hard cock. I rode him nice and hard as Jim watched on stroking his cock.

“Fuck my arse.” I said looking at Jim.

He moved behind and teased my arse with his tongue before sliding his cock inside me nice and slow. Jim slapped my arse cheek nice and hard before slowly fucking my tight arse.

“Your arse is so tight. You like two hard cocks inside you? ” Jim asked before slapping me again.

“Fuck yeah. That feels so good. Fuck me hard.” I replied.

Jim grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he thrust his cock harder inside me. It felt so good feeling both cocks. After a few intense minutes both guys pulled their cocks out. Alex got up and pulled me up bending me over the bed. He started fucking me hard from behind as Jim lay down in front of me with his hard erect cock. I took him deep in my mouth sucking him hard. Every thrust from Alex drove Jim’s cock deep in my throat. After a few minutes Alex pulled his cock out and slid it hard in my arse. He fucked me over and over and I was ready to cum. I took hold of Jim’s cock and stroked him hard as I felt every inch of Alex kaçak bahis cock in my arse.

“I’m going to cum. God yes.” I screamed as I continued stroking Jim’s hard cock.

Alex continued to fuck me as I moaned over and over. I collapsed on Jim feeling an amazing sensation run through my body.

I stood up as Jim moved up the bed lying on his back. I knelt up on the bed mounting him backwards facing Alex. With Jim’s cock in my pussy he pulled me backwards lying me back on his chest.

“Let’s fill that tight pussy of yours.” Alex said kneeling up between my legs.

I looked down watching the head of Alex’s cock spreading my tight pussy. It felt amazing as he slowly slid inside me. Both cocks started fucking me nice and hard and I was getting so turned on watching both cocks sharing my pussy. As I lay watching, Jim grabbed my hair pulling my head back tight as Alex started to pinch my nipples. The feeling was amazing, and I felt so helpless as both guys took control. I started to moan as both fucked me hard.

“I think she likes being fucked a little rough.” Alex said looking at me with a smile.

“God yes. Do whatever you want to me. Just fuck me.” I replied.

“I want you to feel Jim’s cock in your arse.” Alex said as he pulled his cock out of my pussy sitting me up.

I got up and slid Jim’s cock in my arse sliding him deep inside me, then laid back on Jim as Alex pushed my legs up. He then guided his cock slowly spreading my arse. The feeling of both cock in my arse felt so good and I could feel I was going to cum. As they both fucked me, I started fingering my wet pussy bringing myself closer to cumming.

“Fuck me harder. Fuck my arse. Yes yes.” I screamed as I continued fingering my pussy.

I came hard as I moaned over and over. The orgasm was so intense and felt amazing.

After a minute I caught my breath and started to relax. Alex pulled his cock out of my arse and slid it in my pussy. If felt so good sandwiched between two guys with a cock in my arse and pussy.

“Oh god that feels so good.” I moaned.

Jim grabbed my hair pulling my head back.

“Fuck you feel good. I’m going to fill your arse with my cum.” Jim said as he thrust his cock harder inside me.

My moaning got louder as his cock got harder and the feeling more intense.

“Fuck I’m cumming. Fuck yeah.” Alex screamed as his cock exploded in my pussy.

It felt so good and I could feel Jim’s cock hard inside me and ready to cum.

“Fuck yeah. Oh fuck.” Jim screamed as he came in my arse.

“Yes’ yes, fuck.” I screamed in pleasure as both cocks came inside me at the same time.

Over and over I felt their cocks pulsate as their cum shot deep inside me.

After the guys pulled their cocks out of my pussy and arse, I climbed off Jim and we all collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes, I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I re-joined the guys a little later and threw on my bikini thanking them for an amazing afternoon before heading home.



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