Turned by Alan and AmyThis is a harrowing tale for me but one I need to set down for my own sanity. It is a true account of how I switched from being a hetro male to a lustful bisexual.I started to use Cam Zap and Omegle a few months ago and was astonished at some of the poor experiences on there. I started to weary of the routines of it all and there was never any sign of women on there. I don’t know how it happened but one day I started texting a guy on there and next thing my shorts were down and he was dominating me through his lewd suggestions. I admit i was turned on. I ended up ‘displaying’ myself and afterwards died of fright and a sense of shame. I just could not believe that I had indulged in such practices.I left the sites for a week or so but the urges came back and they were strong. I met a guy called Alan. He was 60s and quite handsome. He was also fully dressed which made a change. He was coy at first. I did not let on that I was looking for bisex pleasure and we had a pleasant text chat. I really enjoyed it but how weird talking about holidays on a sex site! Eventually I wished Alan good luck and we parted.Later in the day I went back onto the site and grew more desperate. Eventually I removed all of my clothes and whored myself around but there were no takers. To my surprise and shame Alan sprang up on my screen. He was taken aback at my nudity and I covered up straight away. I felt I had betrayed him somehow. After a while of Alan asking me to show my face he asked how I could undress for the camera but not show my face. I gave him a fleeting glimpse and he approved. He was so kind.We text for some while and then Alan asked my sexuality. I told him that I had a wife but I was feeling more unsure about my ‘direction’. I wanted to remain married and enjoyed women enormously but something was missing. Alan told me that he had had relationships with men before.Stupidly I became horny and displayed my penis to Alan. He wasn’t too affected and remained quite cold. He said I did not have to do that for him and I already had his attention. He text some more and we had such a good time but I felt so base because of what I had done. After a while I asked Alan questions about gay sex and he gave me some advice on how to take a penis in the anus and how to deep throat. However, he was very much a giver and straight acting.We finally ended our texting when Alan gave me his Skype address. He said he wouldn’t bother to call me but I could contact him anytime.The weeks went by and sex with my wife was becoming so dull I didn’t know what to do. I love her but in the bed we just don’t click anymore. I took the plunge and called Alan. It took a few goes but eventually I got through. He was surprised to hear from me and I suspected that he was a bit annoyed at the delay. After a while I said that we could meet but he seemed very aloof and did not warm to the idea. We spoke a while longer and I poured my heart out to him. He was just great at listening. Alan eventually agreed to meet in Harrogate.I cannot describe how I felt that day when I arrived in Harrogate. I was so nervous and did not know what to expect. I groomed myself to perfection and wore a smart suit and overcoat. When I left my car I just didn’t think I could meet Alan but it seemed mean not to. We were so disorganised and hadn’t even swapped numbers but I knew he would be there. However, after ten minutes of sitting alone in our chosen cafe I was feeling stupid. Just as I drunk up he appeared. I called his name and he looked at me oddly. Worse still there was a woman with him. She was in her 60s too and wore canlı bahis black boots and was quite racy dressed for a woman of her age.Alan sat down and introduced his wife! He asked me if it was ok that she was here and I said yes but was really confused and angry. We drank coffee and everything seemed polite when his wife sensed the tension and went to the bathroom. He apologised and said that he had spoken so much of me that his wife wanted to meet me. She was OK with his dalliances and actively encouraged and sometimes but rarely participated.This was not what I expected but I went along. The pair then asked me to lunch. I pretended to make a call with a view to getting out of this but curiosity got the better of me. I came back and agreed. We ate a fabulous lunch and when Alan went to the loo his wife Amy held my hand and said ’it’s OK. Be calm about this. I know everything about you. ‘ She said that she really took to me and found me attractive. I could feel myself blush.When we left the restaurant Alan told me that he was staying at the hotel across the road. He asked me to go there with him. I looked at his wife. She smiled and held my hand. I looked her in the eye and asked if she would come too. Amy was not sure. She joked about doing some shopping but sensed I was at the cusp of leaving. ‘OK’ she said ‘If it helps you relax’.The hotel was charming and I felt very odd as we walked up together to the room. I prayed that we would not be challenged and we were not. When I got into the room, Alan gave me a robe and asked if I wanted to get changed while he and Amy went out for a while. I thought that this was a leap too far but Amy put her arms around me and kissed me. She whispered to me that she would come back with Alan and everything would be fine. She was really an attractive seductive woman for any age let alone her 60s. As they left I looked at Amy’s legs clad in beautiful sheer hosiery and those patent boots. After fifteen minutes of sitting on the bed in a gown I heard a noise. Alan came through the door with Amy. He went to the bathroom and I heard the shower running. Amy stood before me and led me by the hand to the corner of the room. She drew the curtains and in front of me she removed her skirt, revealing her slender thighs clad in black expensive stockings. Under her black silk blouse I could just see her panties. She undid the buttons on her blouse to reveal a lacy bra. I was trembling by now.Amy held my hand again. She said ‘you are so nervous. Don’t be. I am here to look after you. Alan is such a gent.’ She then undid my gown and removed it. I was naked in front of her and my penis was erect. She smiled and for the first time I sensed she too was aroused. I stood there as she sat down and crossed her legs, sweeping her perfectly cut silver hair from her face. She then stared at my crotch for a while and placed her hand to her mouth, brushing her lips.I had not noticed but Alan was stood behind me. He made me jump as he laid his hand on my shoulder. He was close and I felt his warmth. His hand caressed my back and shoulder. He slowly moved his big hands over my arms.Alan moved closer still. I felt his hairy chest on my back and his penis, which was flaccid, against my buttocks. I closed my eyes in disbelief of what I was doing but Alan then kissed my neck. I don’t know what it was but right there he had turned me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. His penis fell between my buttocks and I felt it becoming harder. I moved my hand behind me and clasped his hip to pull him in. All the while Amy watched and played with her fingers.Repeatedly bahis siteleri Alan kissed me. His hand then wandered down to my groin where he carefully caressed my penis. There was pre-cum seeping from it and he pulled it gently upwards. I groaned. He then slid his fingers under my balls and rubbed me. Alan turned me around and gently pushed me backwards towards where Amy was sat. Her hands clasped my buttocks, massing the toned flesh. Alan told me to close my eyes and when I did he inserted his tongue into my mouth and played with me.This was so surreal for me but went with it as Alan played with my nipples, penis and then back to my balls. He led me to the bed which was wide and quite hard. I knew that I was acquiescing and went naturally onto all fours before I offered up my bum like a whore. Alan’s tongue moved to my anus and circled it many times while I masturbated slowly and purposefully. I felt Amy beside me and she passed him what I believed was lube. Alan carefully smoothed it along my cheeks and into my anal area. He stopped short for replenishment before inserting a finger inside. The lube was cold but Alan was expert in circling it. This is how he told me to prepare when we first text on Omegle. The finger did not hurt at all and felt so good. He asked me if I really was a virgin and I said yes but suddenly I felt tearful. I don’t know what had come over me but the sheer submission was too much perhaps. I looked left and saw Amy sitting down on the bed ahead of me. She was transfixed. I smiled and she smiled back but her hands were now in her panties which were sliding down. She too was masturbating. The heat in the room was unbearable but it added to the tension. Then came the moment. Alan grabbed my hips. I closed my eyes. I could still say ‘no’ but I just let him do what he wanted. He whispered ‘do you want this?’ ‘Yes’ i said and why I then said ‘I love you’ I don’t know but I did. I, a heterosexual male until then was completely in raptures with another man. Alan guided his penis towards my anus. His pushed slightly and the head popped in. I was surprised but relaxed as he pushed again. This time there was resistance and he slowly moved back and forth. Little by little his penis entered me and I was glad but the pain had caused me to tense up. He stopped and applied more lube. Alan reached around and played with my penis that dangled between my legs ready to explode. His movement forward caused me to wince and then he held me steady. I looked up at Amy. She looked strange, as if the pain in my face excited her. She stretched leg right leg and the sharp heel of her boot caught my arm. She pressed it harder and because I yelped she did the same with the left boot. I felt the weight of Alan’s large body upon me. His movement was considerate and careful but through his breathing I sensed he was more excited now. His hands rubbed up and down my sides and he kissed my back before one more push that took him deep into me. My mouth involuntarily dropped open as the pain caused my breath to hold. Amy rubbed herself more and this time moved the thin band of her panties to expose her dark vulva. She pressed the heel of her boots deeper onto my arm and then smiled as she had done throughout my penetration. I just could not fathom this out but was too far in ecstasy to really bother.After Alan had thrust several times I realised that he was about to cum inside of me. I pleaded ‘please cum in me Alan. I want it. Fuck me’ but instead he slowly withdrew. This time the pain was gut wrenching and when his penis finally popped out I felt my anus contract rapidly güvenilir bahis followed by another spasm of agony. Amy moved forward after releasing the pressure on my arms. She kissied me heavily on the lips. I could smell her scent on her fingers which rapidly switched back into her panties. Alan resumed a position next to me, his penis was hard and slimy, glistening in the half light. I knew what was expected; another first! I closed my eyes and Amy inserted her musky scented wet fingers between my lips to prise open my mouth. She whispered ‘you dirty fucking slut’ before she gripped my neck and turned my head. Alan slid his penis into my mouth. The sensation of that pulpy organ was better than I could have expected but he then removed it. I opened my eyes. Alan was wanking his penis really hard. I could smell him. Amy held my lower jaw open and pinched my nose. It seemed to take ages before Alan let out a deep a****listic groan and the sticky sweet cum ejaculated into my mouth. The first shot hit the roof of my mouth and then sank down onto my tongue where the remainder of his load was deposited. He continued to wank hard and then a second load seemed to spring from his swollen gland. Amy closed my mouth before sinking a heavy kiss on my lips. She held me tight and I could feel her long hard nipples pushing against my chest. I was even more excited than when I was being penetrated and I started to wank myself but she struck my hand hard and it was replaced by Alan’s vice like grip. Amy continued to swirl her tongue inside my mouth whisking Alan’s cum which remained where he had dumped it. She then held my nose and put a hand across my mouth. I knew what she wanted so I gulped down Alan’s seed.It was just too much. I placed my head on Amy’s shoulder and she hugged me like a son. She continued to play with her clitoris as Alan roughly tugged my penis. There was no point in holding back anymore. I started to come. I felt better than ever before and I filled Alan’s hand. He removed it and moved behind me. In an instance he inserted his soiled finger into my anus and began fucking me using my own cum. His handling was now quite rough and quickly, before he lost his erection, he pushed his penis inside me again. I heard him grunt as though he had cum again. Was that possible? Amy continued to nurse me in her arms as Alan really pushed into me. ‘Fuck him darling. Can’t you see he wants you’ she said. ‘That’s right cuddle up’ she said to me. Amongst the impossible scene I don’t know if Amy even came but Alan pulled out of me again and wiped his penis on my buttocks. I felt soiled and maybe even used. Amy sank back and just stared at me. Her nipples were still hard and protruding from her bra. Alan turned me around and made me sink to my knees on the bed. He pushed his penis into my mouth again and I felt Amy’s fingers slowly pushing at my anus. Her long finger nails scratched at my buttocks before she plunged two fingers deep inside and curled them around to ensure that I felt the scratching as she tore at my anal canal. Repeatedly she wriggled her fingers to cause me more pain until I had to let Alan’s penis flop from my mouth and scream ‘no, stop.’ She did so and pulled her fingers out with such malevolence that it felt as though my anal ring was ruined. Our meeting ended as it began; civilly and with goodwill on both sides. I got showered and changed. When I entered the bedroom Alan and Amy were kissing. It was as if I did not matter. They stood up and we sort of hugged but it seemed so false and forced. ‘Speak soon‘ was all that Alan could say. Amy kissed her fingers and placed them on my lips as if to say hush. Was that a symbol?That episode has not changed my life as I thought. My confusion is now total. How I long for them both but I doubt they will ever answer my calls again.



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