True story of one summer camp experience I hadI told this to a friend and he said I should publish it here cause it got him hard for some reason. Funny camp story growing up about a wet dream though. I was in a 6 week summer camp when I was 15. Bunked in a tent with those wood floors, flaps for doors, and cots and such. I slept naked and sometimes woke up with an erection. I woke up once without covers to discover my bunkmate and a camp counselor standing over me staring and laughing. I had a grand erection for all to see. My bunkmate had apparently fetched the camp counselor after he saw it. The councilors were not more than 4 or 5 years older than the campers. But he was very mature about it saying it was normal, healthy, and nothing to be ashamed of. He agreed to switch me to his tent.The first morning I woke up in his tent to discover my blanket had fallen off again and I had cold cum all over my stomach and canlı bahis chest. It was so embarrassing and I started to panic! The councilor woke up then and saw my dilemma. He was so understanding. Instead of laughing at me, he complimented me and helped me clean up.He said though he did not wish to want to constantly wake up to this and that if I masturbated after each lunch, during our nap/free time, it would stop and then he would not need to report me. He admitted he masturbated and that most did it around then. He gave me vaseline and napkins and I did every day after that and rather enjoyed it. Then I woke up one morning and to again discover I had cum all over myself. So much cum also and we both could not believe it.The next dawn I slowly awoke, half in a dream, and saw a shadow over. It was slowly stroking my cock and sucking. It was the counselor and I froze. I did not want to confront him by letting bahis siteleri him know I was awake so I kept pretending to sleep. It did fell very good, after all. I could feel my cum rising but then was not sure how I would handle it if I was asleep. Should I move and moan like I do when I’m or make no signs at all. As I began ejaculating I could not restrain myself and began thrusting my hips, shaking, and moaning. I felt the thick streams of my warm cum spurt onto my chest and continue shooting onto my stomach until my ejaculation subsided and I regained control. I got completely still again and turned my head as if I was still sleeping. I was relieved that had fooled him.I could feel the wet cum gradually getting cold on me but he still stood there. Moments later I felt a load of warm cum pouring onto my chest and stomach. It was light I cracked open my eyes and could see him shaking to control himself, güvenilir bahis eyes rolled back, face contorted. It seemed so satisfying for him.I could not move for at least another 15 minutes after that, thinking about how to handle it. He was up then and getting dressed. I pretended to wake up after he and we both expressed pretend surprise. I decided I had nothing to gain confronting him about it, since it felt good, and I could possibly make things worse since he might get angry or tell about my masturbation. I guess I wanted him to make me cum like that again. He asked me about my dream and I made up some story about some girl. He asked me how it felt. I admitted it felt so good and I wished I have a dream like every night. I admitted to him that I really liked ejaculating now and he just lit up.He complimented my cock and encouraged me to keep it up, that it would get even better.We sort of had a silent agreement from then on. I continued to masturbate after lunch and ejaculate again in the morning, with his help. I’ve been hooked on masturbating ever since and whenever I remember back to this it always makes me cum hard.



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