Veronica’s Story

I was laying face down and naked on the massage table in the aviary, and Andre was working on something kinky on my shoulder. Frank was pacing, holding his cellphone on the tips of his fingers like a serving dish with the speaker on.

“Listen up. Buy 1,000 shares of Norfolk something spineless-Donald had no sense of. Yes, he was an expensive bauble, and needed to be discarded. His mewling and cowering bored me at the end. And his cock? Well, it just didn’t measure up.

Not … filling…like Frank’s.

“And, sell the Lang Dong International stock. It’s cyclic and sputtering, so put it into cash.” ordered Frank to his phone. “Got it?” he added and after a confirmation on the speaker, he stabbed the screen and dropped the call.

The other benefit Frank brought is his market genius. With daddy’s money, he’s managed to grow the trust portfolio 17% in the last year even with the flagging economy. Better than the market and much better than the stodgy old firm who charged me so much for so little return.

I settled my body a little more comfortably into the padded table and closed my eyes, listening to the persistent drone of Andre’s machine in my ear.


“Leave us.” Frank commanded. A few moments later, I could hear Andre’s curious shuffle as he headed for the main part of the house. I pushed myself up onto my elbows and glanced over to Frank, who held a ceramic mug, it’s steam rising in the dappled sunlight.

“Oh, is that for me, bahis firmaları darling?” I asked.

Frank grinned and said, “Of course, my dear,” as he held out the mug.

I swung my legs down off the table and tilted upright. My boobs have always attracted attention, but I love watching Frank’s eyes widen now as my newly starred tits and ringed nipples swing into view.

I giggled, took the mug from his hand, and said, “Thank you, sweetheart.” I took a small sip of tea and made sure he was watching as I turned slowly and walked to a shadier area of the enclosure.

“Frank,” I asked, “Is he doing a satisfactory job?”

“Andre?” he replied, “Definitely! He is doing beautiful work. As always.”

I turned slightly and see Frank, squirting out some lotion into his hand from a bottle on Andre’s cart. He moved behind me and I flinched a little as he spread warmed antiseptic on my shoulder. It was tender.

The tattoo? What it is, I don’t know yet. Frank always picks the designs and placement. He is very definite about what he wants and where he wants it. When he first suggested tattooing me, it was frightening because the idea of permanently marking my skin I found abhorrent. Now, I lust for the sexual hunger that comes with every inch of new ink. He wanted my commitment and he got it; I don’t for a moment regret giving it.

Frank’s phone chimed. He mumbled an apology, wiped his hand on a towel and stabbed the phone with his forefinger as he walked away. I put on a kaçak iddaa silk robe and left it open for a few seconds to examine my body. ‘Ah, Daddy, what would you think of your baby girl now?’ I thought to myself.


“Now, where were we?” said Frank pleasantly as he returned.

I was leaning against the massage table, sipping my cooling tea. Frank took my mug gently from my hands and placed it on Andre’s cart. He kissed me lightly on the lips and pulled open my sash. He nibbled and kissed my neck as my robe fell open. His hand held me behind my neck while his tongue teased mine. As my robe slipped from my shoulders and fell to the ground, he pressed against me till I could clearly feel his beating heart.

Frank gently lifted me onto the massage table and spread my legs apart to expose my pussy in the open air; and stepped back to strip. I watched with great satisfaction as his shirt opened and dropped. His unbuckled pants were removed with a bend at the waist and one elegant sweep of his strong arms. And, ahhh! His cock bobbed like a prize fighter, pointed at me.

He pulled me to the edge of the table and pushed my legs further apart, and we both watched as he inserted the head of his penis into me. The woodland animals on my thigh seemed frozen in awe as it slid in slowly, inch by precious inch. His eyes held mine after that as he began pumping. Adrenaline surged through my body as he picked up the pace, and I found myself canting and pressing my hips into his with each kaçak bahis thrust.

Abruptly, Frank pulled out and grabbed my by the waist. He pulled me off the massage table and turned me around. His strong arms pressed me down, bent over onto the the table. I gripped the edge of the padding as his cock slid smoothly back into my pussy from behind and he fucked me slowly and rhythmically. My body convulsed involuntarily as the first wave of orgasm hit. Then there was a second as my skin flushed and moistened. My heart was hammering in my chest.

Frank slowed and slipped his cock out of my pussy. I wondered if he had cum- but his cock was still hard and warm against the inside of my thigh. Then I realized he was lightly touching the small of my back as he examined the tattoo work that now graced my ass from side to side and then traced the pattern’s lines with his fingers to where they terminated at …

Oh! OH! …



At a Greyhound stop half-way across Kansas a thick young woman with a pleasant face and purple streaked, blond hair re-boarded the westbound bus, carrying a purse and a large brocaded duffel. She pushed her bag into an overhead, and nabbed a seat in an empty row near the back.

She sighed and pulled a cell phone from her purse and powered it up. The text messages, each more desperate and forlorn than the last, had petered out a few months ago. She thumbed through all of them absently one last time.

“Awe, Donald,” She said to herself. “I am so sorry.”

With that, she erased the phone, pulled the SIM card from the back and snapped it in half. She settled into her seat, gazed blankly out at the sun-baked street and waited for the bus to leave.



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