Tricked to Serve – Part 2Tricked to Serve – Part 2Following Mistress Alyson’s instructions I walked around the side of the house, walking through the tall wooden gate, and entered the garden at the rear of Mistress Alyson’s home…still not actually believing what I was doing, what I was about to do for a woman I had only met online such a short time ago, and not yet physically met, unless having a phone conversation through a closed window could count as meeting physically. As I closed the gate behind me and made my way to the back of Mistress Alyson’s home a security light came on illuminating the patio area in front of a conservatory, and waiting in the conservatory was Mistress Alyson.Mistress Alyson sat on a chair facing the open conservatory doors……though Mistress Alyson had said she would only open them after I had complete my task of changing into the lingerie. I knew that Mistress Alyson had not made a mistake, but knew me more than myself and that I would do as she instructed, as I had all her instructions in our short online relationship……her legs open as she slowly and idly stroked her shaven sex, as she watched me place my bag on the patio table next to me and look around. I was worried about what the neighbours would be able to see, especially as I was bathed in the brightness of the security light. But my worries were alleviated as Mistress Alyson’s garden was very large, or appeared to be in the darkness beyond the light that showed me to my Mistress. In the gloom of half darkness the garden appeared to be surrounded by a virtual wall of tall trees and I could not make out any buildings that may be able to look onto Mistress Alyson’s garden…or me as I prepared to follow my instructions, my orders. My worry of being seen by others tested Mistress Alyson’s patience.“What are you waiting for bitch!…Get changed now or just fuck off and stop wasting my time.”I opened my bag taking out the contents and then removed all my clothing as Mistress Alyson continued watching me with a pleased grin while slowly stroking her shaven sex, a glorious pussy I hoped I would be allowed to taste and pleasure for Mistress. My normal clothing and phone placed inside the bag as instructed, as I then dressed in my black Basque and fishnet stockings attaching the suspenders before pulling up the black French-knickers, stepping into the heeled ankle boots, securing my wrist & ankle cuffs. Leaving the leather hood with blindfold, nipple-clamps and dildo on the patio table, I zipped up the bag containing my clothes and phone, and waited my next instructions.“Well done bitch….now take your bag and place it at front samsun escort door, then return to stand before me.”Mistress Alyson saw the fear and worry of being seen in my reaction, but if I were to serve Mistress Alyson I knew that I would have to follow every instruction, my position, how I was dressed for Mistress Alyson on our first physical meeting, my willingness to accept her control was arousing me…which was obvious to Mistress Alyson through the black lace French-knickers I was wearing before her, my cock stirring and hardening.“What are you waiting for BITCH….either do as you are told, or fuck off and stop wasting my time!…you are beginning to bore me you useless cunt. Move now!”We both knew despite my worries of being seen dressed in lingerie, leaving a bag containing my normal clothes/phone/car keys leaving me completely at Mistress Alyson’s mercy at her front door…that I would comply with Mistress’s instructions.I lifted my bag and walked cautiously (still not fully used to walking in heels) back to the front door, leaving my bag at the front door…leaving myself, any option to leave Mistress Alyson’s control until she allowed, now left at her front door as I walked back to present myself in front of the open conservatory doors and my wonderful Mistress Alyson.Returning to my position in front of the open doors, illuminated by the security light, standing dressed in lingerie in front of Mistress Alyson…knowing I have no escape now, my clothes/phone/car keys left at the front door. Mistress Alyson ha not moved from her position…perhaps I could change my mind, leave, run picking up my bag as I passed the front door, even dressed as I was. But that thought is very quickly removed… behind Mistress Alyson a door opened and in walked a naked man, well naked apart from wearing a leather hood similar to the one Mistress Alyson had instructed me to bring tonight, initially I did not notice that he was holding my bag in his hand my attention taken by the unsuspected arrival of a naked, hooded other man and his fully erect cock standing proud in front of him.Mistress Alyson brought my focus back, even before my mind could register that this other man could see me as well as Mistress Alyson, bathed in light stood at the open doors, but not in Mistress Alyson’s home, dressed in lingerie my cock hardening even more in my French-knickers at the sight of a naked man with a hard cock.“Well it looks like you are stuck here now Bitch…unless you want to walk home, dressed like the slut you are for everyone to see.”It was then I noticed my bag in the hand of the other antalya escort man, Mistress Alyson turned to the other man, “You can lock that away…I don’t think my little bitch here will be in need of it for some time. Check in on my…our other slut, make sure she is making herself comfortable, before you come back.”The naked hooded man left without comment, as Mistress Alyson’s smile grew, her eyes almost sparkled with delight as she saw the worry, panic, arousal, confusion in my face and body language.“Aw…is my little sub Bitch worried about what is happening?” Mistress Alyson smiling even more, as she continued to stare at her now trapped married prey, still standing outside the patio doors.“I suppose I could explain a few things to you…pick up the rest of your belongings and come inside My Bitch…it is time for you to accept some truths.”Whether it was my current position, dressed in lingerie presenting myself on Mistress Alyson’s patio my clothes/phone/car keys visibly removed from me, or Mistress Alyson’s previous influence/training online and by phone. I responded in the only way I could think of…the only way I wanted to respond.“Yes, Mistress Alyson.” I picked up the leather hood (with blindfold), nipple-clamps and dildo and finally entered Mistress Alyson’s home. As I walked through the open doors they were closed behind me. Instinctively I turned….turning I saw how far I was now in the control of Mistress Alyson…I was instantly filled with panic and submissive arousal. Behind me the patio doors had been closed by another two naked leather-hooded men, their presence had been hidden by the curtains hanging next to the open doors, the curtains now drawn closed, like the doors closed. I expected the men to grab me and make use of their erect cocks… that I couldn’t help noticing were fully erect, with the base of their cocks and balls held in steel rings connected by straps. But they did not move only stood, their hard cocks almost pointing at me as I continued slowly towards Mistress Alyson.“Kneel down Bitch….make use of your tongue.” I knelt between Mistress Alyson’s open legs and tasted for the first time the woman I had craved to pleasure, serve…completing all tasks set and now trapped in her home dressed in lingerie, with two naked men standing behind me, and as my tongue touched Mistress Alyson’s wet lips, gently pushing into the cunt of my Mistress, I wanted to be nowhere else. My tongue continued to pleasure Mistress Alyson, savour the taste, the beautiful taste I had began to crave so much from Mistress Alyson’s expert teasing and control ankara escort of all my sexual desires. Mistress Alyson’s legs raised and then rested on my shoulders, holding me in place, then she gave me some of the truths she had mentioned.“That’s it Bitch lick my pussy….do you really think we met by accident online? You stupid little whore….”, as I paused from my duty as instructed Mistress Alyson continued to provide me with the truths she had promised. “Keep licking BITCH or I’ll have our friends make you follow my instructions.” I followed Mistress Alyson’s instructions, my tongue pleasuring and exploring her wet pussy as she continued to explain.As I licked and savoured Mistress Alyson’s shaven sex, some of what had happened was laid out for me….Mistress Alyson had sought me out on the website we had met on, and had played me expertly, she had known of my desires so had encouraged them, made me crave her every message, follow her every instruction. I did not consider where she had gotten the information of my desires, even now as I was knelt licking her sex, two naked erect men standing behind me and there was the other man, the one I had seen first as he had taken the bag with my clothes/phone/keys away, to what was it Mistress Alyson had said, ‘to check on our other slut’. What was happening, what had I gotten into? Some answers soon came as I continued to serve Mistress Alyson, my tongue licking, probing at her sex as her legs rested over my shoulders.“I’m surprised you didn’t recognise the cocks behind you….you did seem to enjoy sucking them from the video you sent me, like you enjoyed my husband’s cock….that was my husband that took your bag away….so yes that’s right bitch you are stuck here.”Mistress Alyson paused as I took in what she had told me, I thought she might have arranged the cocks I had sucked at the glory-hole now I knew. But I remembered Mistress Alyson telling the naked hooded male, her husband to check on their ‘other slut’ as he took the bag away. As my mind was in turmoil, the other slut, was it Sarah…the ‘other slut’, had she known about my desires but how could she have allowed this.“Time for you to get ready Bitch…bet you are thinking your prim & proper wife is the other slut, I mentioned….you really don’t know anything do you.”With a motion of her hand Mistress Alyson lifted her legs from me as the men behind moved forward, I was lifted and held as Mistress Alyson placed the leather-hood I had brought over my head, securing the lock at the back so I could not remove it without the key, which was in my bag. Standing in front of me, Mistress Alyson applied the nipple-clamps ensuring they were in place fully by pulling on the connecting chain…being clover-leaf clamps this brought a moan of pain….such delicious pain.“Think our bitch is ready to be fucked”A door opened as I was held, expecting Mistress Alyson’s husband and my wife….but …………..



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