Tricked by a long time friend!!Last month my wife went on a cruise with her friends for 10 days which left me by myself. The second night they were gone I got a phone call from an old friend from college telling me that he would be in town at the end of the week and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I was a little unsure at first because I knew he was single and we got in alot of trouble in our younger days. I went ahead a told him ok and he said he would call me later to know where he was staying.I got a call on Thursday from Jeff and he told me the hotel he was at and that we could meet around 8. I went to his room and was greated by Jeff wearing nothing but a towel. This a bit surprising since I had not seen him on about 4 years. We started talking as he was getting ready and I started drinking some whiskey and cokes. He was taking his sweet time getting ready coming out of the bathroom from time to time to talk still without any clothes on letting his HUGE cock hang around his mid thigh. I caught myself looking at his cock every time he would step out of the bath room I was hoping he hadn’t noticed when he said “You want to hold it” I quickly said “no” but I could feel my face blush.He finally was ready and I was close to being drunk already I asked what do you want to do. He said have you every been to the porn shop next to the hotel. I replied yes I had me and Trish (my wife) had been a couple of time to buy some porn and some sex toys. He said lets go check it out maybe the arcade and stuff. We walked in the place just looking around at the sex toys and dvds when he said they have a theater lets go check it out. When we walked back to the theater I seen a long hall with many doors on each side and wondered exactly what they were used for. When we got to the theater we both sat down on a couch at the back wall. After watching a few minutes of porn I leaned over and asked Jeff what the doors in the hall were. He said booths he said if you don’t want to jerk off out here you can go in one of them. I was watching the girl on the screen suck a huge cock and was thinking in the back of my mind about Jeff’s cock. I wasn’t quite sure about it but I was really wanting to put his cock in my mouth. I glanced down at his crouch and noticed he had his cock out slowly stroking it. I was watching his cock so much and stroking mine thru my pants I didn’t notice he was looking at me. canlı bahis I looked up at the screen quickly hoping he didn’t see me. He then leaned over and said I am going to the rest room. As he got up another guy sat down next to me I was tryinng to just look at the movie but found that I wanted to check out his cock he was stroking. I finally looked down at it and it was an average cock clean shaved with large balls. I was again stroking my cock looking at this guys cock wanting to taste it when he leaned over and said lets go to a booth. I new Jeff was in the rest room so I decided to go now so he wouldn’t know what I was doing. I got up and went to the 3rd door and walked in. I put some mone in the machine and started watching some porn. i didn’t lock the door hoping the guy was following me in. I looked to the left and noticed a hole in the wall I looked thru the hole and seen the same guy pulling out his cock. I stuck my hand thru the hole and guided his cock thru. I slowly pressed my lips to the head of his cock then sliding my tongue out licking around the tip. I could taste the cum just like mine when I would eat out my wife after cumming in her. I started taking his cock in and out of my mouth getting it wetter each time I soon realized I was taking his cock all the way down letting his balls hit my chin. I was really enjoying this sucking a guys cock like a little cum dump. Really going at it when I felt a hand on my head pushing me further down on the guys cock. I looked up and it was Jeff. I was shocked and instantly tried to get up and he said its ok and directed my head back to the other guys cock. I stopped holding my head and started stroking his cock as he sat in the chair behind me. I kept sucking the other cock but decided to reach up and help Jeff with his huge cock. I had Jeff’s huge cock in my had stroking it and a complete strangers cock in my mouth taking every inch in my mouth with every stroke. I was sucking this cock like I wanted to be sucked myself with no self control just wanting to get him off when it happpened I felt a pulse run down his cock and he exploded in my mouth I kept sucking just letting it run down my chin to the floor. I was still sucking and licking he cock as he pulled it back thru the hole. I turned around and looked at Jeff with his cock still in my hand and he said “I knew you would make a good cocksucker” I then took his cock bahis siteleri in my mouth and started sucking him with the other guys cum still in my mouth and on my chin. I was sucking him trying to take his cock which was atleast 9 inches hard all the way but could get it all but I had most of it down my throat. I was really getting more relaxed taking his cock a little deeper each time when he grabbed my head and said you have another customer. I lloked at the gloryhole to find another cock sticking threw the hole. I got down in the floor and started gobbling on that cock. Jeff the whole time was behind me saying thats right suck that cock you cum whore. As I was sucking this cock Jeff reach down and unbuttoned my pants I stood up and let him pull them down. he reach down and started stroking my cock and rubbing my ass. I was still sucking the other cock again wanting some more cum when Jeff put some lube on his finger and started fingering my ass. I was a little surprised at first but it wasn’t new my wife had fingered me before and I had fucked her vibrators while jacking off before. He first did 1 finger but he quickly had 2 then 3 and I was enjoying it just as much as sucking cock. I was getting more and more intense on the other guys cock when he starting cumming again I never stopped just kept on sucking letting the cum flow down my chin. I stood up and found Jeff sitting kinda laid back with his rock hard cock standing up like a rocket ready to blast off. He put some lube in his hand and stroked his cock a few time then said turn around, I turned around and he grabbed my hips and slowly pulled me back on to his cock. At first I could fell some discomfort but he added some more lube and it felt like my wifes huge black dildo which I have fucked several times before. He was guiding me up and down as I was getting use to him but soon I was working up and down on his cock. He told me to suck another cock I looked down at the hole to find another cock sticking thru the hole got off his and bent over to start sucking the cock and Jeff stood behind me and started to fuck my ass. I was in cum slut heaven I had 2 hot loads of cum already in my mouth and I am sucking for another and getting fucked for another. I was groaning a little as Jeff began to fuck me harder and harder I could feel his balls slapping my balls harder and harder. He was getting rough forcing my face further güvenilir bahis into the other cock making me take the ither cock down my throat. He then began pulling out and ramming my ass making me moan and thrusting my mouth to go deeper on the cock. The cock I was sucking quickly pulled back thru the hole leaving me wanting more. As I looked thru the hole I seen the pulling his pants down to his ankles. He leaned down and looked thru the hole and said “Jeff will he rim and Jeff said yeah he is a little slut” The guy then puded his ass up against the hole and pushed his cock and balls thru the hole. I had ass, balls, and cock all in front of me I started to suck his cock again when Jeff grabbed my head and puched it in his ass and said eat it like your wifes pussy I was licking his ass and balls sticking my tongue in his ass and I could hear him saying “thats right eat my ass bitch” Jeff kept moving me from ass to cock making me take care of the other guy while he was fucking me like a whore. The other guy quickly turned around feeding me his cock again when he finally released a huge load in my mouth the first squirts hit my lips and Jeff forced me down on his cock letting the next 2 squirt fly down my throat I was a little choked but kept sucking the best I could. Jeff then said taste you ass you whore and quickly grabbed me turning me around to take his cock in my mouth. Before I could even prepare myself he shot a load that had the force of a high pressure hose making cum go down my thorat out my mouth and every where. I was in the floor looking up at a long time friend that had just fucked me and cummed in my mouth. I stood up and he said “your secret is safe”. I gathered my pants up and got dressed and went out to the theater with Jeff he said you want to go back to the hotel and get cleaned up I replied “yes”. When we got back to the hotel Jeff asked me if I enjoyed being treated like a slut? I said yes it was kinda fun I have always watched porn wanting to be the girl taking care of the cock getting the treat of hot cum at the end. I then asked him how the last guy knew his name. Thats when I learned about the whole thing. He said they work with me we all travel together and try to find someone in each town to have fun with. I was shocked and asked why he thought I would he said I remember in college you would always get hard in the ymca shower looking at all the cocks and you loved porn so I knoew you would be freaky. He said we are going to be in town for 4 more days you want to come over tomorrow night for some Group fun with you being the “center of attention”. to be continued….



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