Train Journey To PleasureAs I entered the train compartment something caught my attention. It was a girl with great vital statistics. It was an overnight train journey from Delhi to Indore. It happened two years back but memories are as fresh as it happened yesterday. I am Mayank … Mehu is my pet name. This name I got from the girl I am mentioning. I am 25 years old. Two years back I was undergoing MBA from an elite institute located in NCR. I am having an athletic body and have decent looks.Let me tell you about the girl. Her name was Neha. She was in BA first year that time. 19 years old. She was having luscious lips and huge boobs. May be bigger than of her age. She was wearing pink colour suit and was travelling with her father. She came to Delhi to visit some of her relatives and was returning to Indore. Her father settled for the lower birth of the sleeper compartment and she climbed up on the top upper birth. I was having side upper seat, so I could see both – her and her father from my location.It was already 10:30 in the night so people in the compartment started to settle down and preparing to sleep. While climbing to the upper birth her leg got stuck in her salvar and she slipped a little, I was quick to extend helping hand and held her. With that little help she went to her seat and gave me a smile. It happened so quickly that no one else except one aunty in the front seat came to know. I was feeling her warmth on my hands for long.I did not have any hope or intensions of getting this girl in the very same journey. Before this event I had sex only once with one of my MBA course mate Gayatri. But that is a separate story. So let’s come to Neha and experience what I went through that night. After reaching her birth spread her beddings and lied down facing outwards towards the alley. She removed her dupatta, now I could see her cleavage. The lights of compartments were getting switched off and only one blue color night lamp was on. Ache was looking like a mermaid in that light.I was continuously looking at her and she at me, but both did not knew how and when to anadolu yakası escort break the ice. She said something or her lips vibrated. I asked her in soft voice – Did you said something? She said – Thanks for the help. Her voice was good. But at the same time I heard a loud snore, which was coming from her father!!We both laughed .She said – My father snores so loud. My mother complains very often. I said – Has to be.We were talking in soft tone. As someone else may listen or what if her father comes to know that his daughter was talking to a stranger. Looking down I saw that aunty was lying on the lower birth and was giving us a glance. When I saw her she closed her eyes. She asked – Are you not feeling sleepy? I said – No, as such I sleep late. By one or two in the night. Its only 11 now. She said – OK. I am also not sleepy. Cause I had a nap in the afternoon. I said – In that way if you want we can talk but without disturbing others. She said OK.Our conversation starts and it included family details, studies, hobby, interests, friends, movies bla bla bla. After about half an hour of this conversation she asked – Do you have a girlfriend? I said – Not exactly girlfriend but many girls who are close friends. She asked in naughty voice – what kind of closeness you are referring to!!I just smiled as an answer. I asked her about her boy friends. She told since her school days only many boys and even sometimes teachers used to oogle at her. She told I don’t know the reason.Looking at her boobs I told her – But I can see the reason. She said shyly – shut up u dirty mind!! She said there is a competition between two boys for her. And she had a liking for both. I thought no wonder why male get killed for females!! Damn competition. I asked her – are you a virgin? She seemed little shocked on the question but replied calmly – of course yes. I said if you felt bad on my direct question I am sorry. She said – Its OK.There was a pause for a while. She said that she wanted to go the bathroom. I said OK. I waited for her ataşehir escort return. When she came her boobs were shagging more violently. I got to know she must have removed her bra in the loo. I was imagining whether she removed her panty too. I was looking for details of panty line when she was coming up the seat. I could not make out the party line. I smiled. The girl seemed more comfortable with her undergarments out.We were now comfortable in talking with each other. Talks resumed and we became little intimate. I said – Now you must be feeling free and comfortable!! She smiled and said – You have an eye for details. Then she said something which made me believe that I can be lucky with this girl. She saw me with sexy eyes and said – You know, I have a fantasy. With my heartbeat rising I asked – What fantasy.She said – I wanted to lose my virginity in a moving train. Hearing this I thought my pulse will give me a miss. She continued – I liked you ever since I started talking with you. She paused and said although there is a risk but don’t you think it’s worth risking. I was ecstatic. Said – I am a perfect risk taker. This moment will never come again, so let’s make maximum out of it.She whispered – I have checked the bathroom. It’s clean and safe, as people in compartment are sleeping and there is no one sitting near the bathroom. I asked – So what’s the plan? She said – You go to bathroom and I will follow after one minute. Obediently I got down from my seat and proceeded towards bathroom, I could hear snoring of Neha’s father and saw that aunty sleeping.I went to bathroom and did not bolted the latch. In a quick anticipation I removed my jeans and took out my underwear. My limp cock was coming to life. I heard the footsteps and a knock on the door. I opened it and she came in quickly. I bolted the door. I hugged her tight and kissed her passionately. She said softly – Slow my Romeo. I am all yours.I told her to raise her hands. Removed her kurta. Her juicy boobs were inviting me to suck them. I touched my tongue to her tits. ümraniye escort They became hard. As I took her left boob in my mouth ache gave a moan. Her hands were touching my hard cock. She was stroking it gently. I was sucking her boobs as if they were made for me forever. She went on her knee, kissed my cock. Said – I am doing it for the first time, don’t know whether you will like it or not. I told her to go ahead.Her soft lips and warm mouth were doing a magic on me. I thought I will cum immediately. I told her to get up and removed her salvar. She was oozing out bad wet with her vaginal juices. I caught her and raised her legs with my hand. Placed my cock on her pussy lips and gave her a gentle stroke. A cry came from her mouth. I sealed her lips with mine. She had to bear the pain. It was her transformation from a virgin to a woman. My Next stroke was massive with deep thrust. My cock went completely inside her wet pussy. It was heaven of pleasure. I stayed in that position for some time.Then started gentle strokes. She became normal and started co- operating by gyrating her pelvis. I was fondling her boobs, scratching and biting her and fucking her simultaneously. Since we were in the moving train and someone might have suspected we had to do it fast. I made her position in doggy style and entered her cunt from behind. My strokes and her moans were matching. Her body was getting tense and her breathing became heavier, maybe she was at the verge of Cumming, so was I. I asked her – where to put the liquid? She said – Inside me.She wanted to feel every drop of my liquid inside her. With few rapid thrusts I could feel that she climaxed, also I came in inside her. For this experience I could only say one thing – WOW!! I was lucky to fuck this sexy girl. She smiled and kissed me and thanked me for the wonderful experience. We cleaned ourselves and came to our seats one after another. Luckily, no one spotted us. Her father was still snoring. We climbed up our seats and slept.I the morning, she gave her mobile number to me. I was happy and knew there were more encounters of pleasure with her in future. The train reached the destination. We were seeing each other with different looks now. As I got down on the platform, I saw that aunty. She blinked and smiled. I smiled back. This was my first story in ISS. Hope you all liked it. Hope to continue sharing more erotic encounters with you all in future.



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