A few days later Shiri called. “Hi Jimmy. Could you do me a favor? You know those videos we made? Would you copy them to DVD for me, please?”

“Hi Shiri. I’d be glad to. How many do you have?”

“Well, actually there are several. I didn’t really bring it up after Friday, but we were recording the rest of the weekend as well.”

“Wow, that’s great news! That footage will be priceless.”

“Super! If it’s alright, I’ll have Christine bring them over tonight.”

“OK, that would be fine. I’ll be here.”

“Great! Thanks! Talk to you soon.”


That evening the doorbell rang. I opened the door expecting Christine, and was surprised to see she was not alone. Karen was with her.

“Hi, girls. Come in.”

“Hi Jimmy,” said Christine. Karen echoed her. “I hope you don’t mind that I brought Karen with me.”

“Not at all! It’s nice to see you both.”

Christine was carrying a shoebox filled with tapes. “Here they are.”

“Thanks. Karen, would you like a tour?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

I showed her the ground floor, then we went upstairs, Christine coming with us. When we got to my office, Christine said “Jimmy, Karen is very curious to see those pictures of girls like her. Could we look at some?”

“Sure, that would be fun. I’ll bring a disc back down with us.”

We headed back downstairs to the living room. I said “Make yourselves comfortable. Can I get either of you anything?”

Christine replied, “Maybe just some water. And you,” and she grinned.

Karen said, “I’ll have the same,” also grinning.

“Coming right up!” I fetched glasses of water for everyone, popped in the disc, and I sat down between them on the couch.

“It’s so nice to be with you two again,” I said, putting a hand on a shapely leg to either side.

“The feeling is mutual,” Christine supplied. And they both put hands on my legs.

The images were displaying for several seconds each. As we came to ones featuring females with penises, we all paid closer attention. “Oh, I love these!” Karen exclaimed. Her breathing became heavier. Our hands were all roaming more urgently. My left hand was in Karen’s lap, kneading her growing cock. My right was rubbing Christine’s crotch bahis firmaları through her shorts. Both girls had their hands on my shorts, rubbing, then starting to undo them. I unzipped Christine’s zipper one-handed and pushed my hand down inside her panties to find her wet mound. My left hand was fiddling with Karen’s shorts, and she used her free hand to help with the job. She was now unbuttoned and unzipped. Not wearing any underwear, her glorious cock sprang free. In a jiffy I was stroking it. The girls had my shorts undone, and were pulling them down. Then they got my boxers and jock sliding down, as I lifted up to assist that process. Christine helped me pull down her shorts and panties.

We all were partially unencumbered now, but decided to stand up briefly so we could step out of our shorts and underwear completely. We all pulled off our t-shirts, too. The girls had been braless, so their beautiful breasts were now free. As soon as we had stripped, we stood there embracing. We were French kissing each other. Karen’s dick and mine were bumping and rubbing against each other’s length. She had her finger in Christine’s pussy and I reached around Christine’s perfect ass and found her asshole from behind, rubbing a finger around the sphincter.

After a minute of this warm reunion, we sat back down. The images were still cycling on the screen. At various points, one or another of us would comment on a particular picture, generally how hot we thought it was. My left hand was locked on Karen’s boner, jerking her off. Her right hand was on my dick. Christine also had a hand on my privates, and my right hand was alternately rubbing her wet clit and slipping inside her vagina.

I leaned to my left and started sucking Karen’s right tit. Christine leaned to her left and started sucking the head of my cock, Karen still stroking the shaft. Suddenly my mouth was filled with squirting liquid! Karen’s breast had released a stream of secretion, but it wasn’t breast milk. It tasted like pussy-squirt. I didn’t swallow — instead I kissed Karen, sharing her juice with her. She beamed as she tasted her tit-juice. I then turned toward Christine, who stopped blowing me long enough to raise her head, and I shared some of the tit juice with her as well.

This kaçak iddaa turned her own so much that she climbed on top of me, her legs up over the back of the couch behind my head, and lay on me with her head back down by my crotch. She got her mouth around the head of my cock again and resumed pleasuring me there. Her swampy twat was in my face, and I happily took to lapping and tonguing and sucking her pussy.

I had an idea. “Christine, let’s keep this position with one enhancement,” I said, briefly disengaging my mouth from her steaming twat. “Why don’t I sit on Karen’s lap, then you can drape yourself back over me?”

“Sounds great!” she said.

She got up for a moment, and I moved over and up above Karen’s lap. Karen put some goo on her rigid cock and brought it to my anus. I eased onto it and she got herself firmly implanted. We wriggled until she was completely inside, and I leaned back onto her, cushioned by her tits. Christine now clambored back onto me. She had my whole cock to herself now, and deep-throated me with gusto. I had my face securely buried in her cunt. I used my hands to spread her labia, and also to probe her ass while I sucked her clit.

I was afraid we were putting a lot of weight on Karen, so I suggested we switch. We did and now Karen was impaled on my cock while Christine was draped over her. Christine was bobbing up and down, going down on Karen’s boner, and had her legs over Karen’s and my shoulders. Now Karen’s face was in Christine’s snatch. I reached around and played with Karen’s wonderful tits as she squirmed on my pole.

It was time to double penetrate Christine. We disengaged, and Christine sat her ass on Karen’s dong, facing away from Karen, and they lay back. I stood in front of the couch and positioned my dick at Christine’s pussy and pushed in. We arrived at an agreeable rhythm and maintained our dual skewering of Christine for several minutes. Christine was coming repeatedly, her juices pooling on my pubic area.

Christine wanted Karen and me to fuck each other simultaneously again, so we happily obliged her. Karen sat on my cock with her back to me. Then she bent her cock down along her groin and back towards her ass. Christine helped her get it into my ass. A few inches kaçak bahis of her meat were up my hole. Christine worked Karen’s member in and out of my chute, while Karen carefully lifted up and came down with my dick in her.

I came up her ass with a shudder. Her cock felt so good filling my ass. She soon reached orgasm herself, shooting her wad up my tunnel. We both lay down, spent, and Christine curled up with us. Karen lay in my arms, our sticky cocks pushed up against each other. Her upturned puffy tits were pressing into my chest. Christine’s own counterparts were pressing into Karen’s back.

We relaxed, the all-but-forgotten picture disc continuing to play. Karen and Christine turned around so that Karen and I were now spooning, and Christine and Karen were likewise spooning. We were all facing the TV now and began enjoying the latest series of images. I idly played with Karen’s crotch while we watched, fingering her ass and reaching forward to squeeze her cock. My other hand toyed with her tits. She in turn was fingering Christine’s ass and cunt with one hand, the other fondling Christine’s titties.

“Jimmy, is it OK if we stay over,” Christine asked. “We don’t want to impose on you. If it’s not OK, that’s OK.” And she giggled after hearing herself.

“It would be my pleasure, literally and figuratively,” I said. “You sure it’s OK with your mom?”

“Great! Yes, it’s fine with Mom.”

“Whenever you guys are ready to head up to the bedroom, let’s do that.”

“OK. Karen, you ready to go upstairs?” Christine asked her friend.

“Sure, anytime is good.”

“Lead the way, Jimmy.”

“OK, let’s go.” We got up, I turned the TV and lights off, and we made our way up to my spacious bed. We all lay down, resuming the cuddling we had just interrupted. We made sure we had goo and toys handy, just in case. I found myself near enough to Karen’s penis to start sucking her. She grew in my mouth. She found my dick with her mouth and got me going as well.

Christine kneeled next to us, reached a hand around to both of our behinds, and inserted a finger into each of our asses. Her hot tits dangled downward in a hypnotic sway. Karen and I were bucking now, fucking each other’s mouth. We kept up this rhythm for awhile until the pleasure became too much, and greedily drank down each other’s sizzling jism.

We all sprawled across the bed, a tangle of limbs and genitalia, and drifted off into blissful slumber.



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