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Hey to all yous out there in Literotica Land. This heres Tony again. I hope yous all liked the first couple a chapters of Prom Night. Now heres the finish. Trust your ol paisan Tony, the finish should be a bang.

Finally arriving at the Prom, the couples exited the limo but not after having drank a bit. I knew this group would have a good time. I found a nice place to park and settled in for my quiet time. I placed a few calls, watched some news on the satellite T.V., did some internet surfing on my laptop, and basically relaxed waiting for this portion of the night to end. Then, two hours after dropping the couples off there came a knock on the tinted window.

I hit the power button on the window and it whined down. I was hoping it would be Jeanna or Amber and was surprised by the face that peered in at me. It was Becky Mason, an old classmate of mine and now Vice Principal of the school that was holding the prom.

“Hey there Becky. What can I do ya for?” I responded.

She leaned her pretty face towards the opening, “Oh it’s you Tony. I was just doing a parking lot check, making sure there was nothing going on out here. You know how it is with prom attendees.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah some of ‘em can get pretty wild. But no fear, there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on in this here limo, just me waiting for my clients.” If only she knew what had happened a couple of hours earlier in this very back seat.

She glanced around the limo through the window, checking it out. “So,” she asked questioningly, “you drive this thing for a living?”

I laughed. “No I actually own it.”

“No way.” She laughed too. “That tells you how out of touch I am with my old classmates. Hell it’s been how long?”

“Fifteen years Becky.”

“Wow. Time flies when you get older huh? So you really own this thing?”

“Yep and five other limos. I’ve kept myself busy over the years.” Busy my ass, I thought. When you are born into the family the family takes care of you right? Don’t get me wrong I paid my dues and worked hard at keeping my legit businesses legit but I enjoyed myself too. Becky did not need to know any of that.

“This thing is nice.”

“You want to come sit in it?”

She looked around conspiratorially, as if she would get busted sitting in a limo in the parking lot at the prom. She was a freakin’ teacher for cryin out loud, the Vice Principal. Who gave a shit right? She nodded and I popped the door for her.

She slid into the finely appointed seat, her long skirt riding up her legs a bit. I had to nod approvingly. Fifteen years later and she wasn’t all that bad looking. Back in the day, Becky had always been a jockette and not my type of chick at all. Hell I hardly noticed her and only remembered who she was because I’m observant like that. Uncle Vinny always said to make note of people, where they worked and who they were connected to. You never know when you might need a favor or, better yet, they needed a favor from you that could reap rewards down the road.

Back to Becky. Her brown hair was shorter and curlier than during our younger years and framed her pretty face well. Her green eyes showed the intelligence that I knew lay behind them. She had always been smart in school. Obviously she still kept active because her tall frame was fit and trim. She had rounded out into a pretty decent looking woman. My eyes roved over her body and I slightly nodded my approval at her looks. Should I? I asked myself. Why the hell not, the little devil voice in my brain answered.

“So what do all of these things do?” Becky asked, pointing to the console next to her.

I scooted over on the seat closer to her and started pointing out various controls, having to lean over her a bit to activate a few things. I purposely would brush against her breasts as I did. The next time I moved my hand and “accidentally” brushed her tit, I felt a hard nipple. Bingo! I stopped in mid lean, my face close to hers. Our eyes met for a second and, bada bing! My mouth was on hers. She didn’t pull away and actually pressed her tongue against my lips first. Damn the bitch did want it.

My hand was now cupping one of her firm breasts and she was moaning in my mouth as I teased the nipple through her blouse and bra. Her kisses were a bit frantic and she was panting a bit. She shifted slightly and seemed to pull away. I broke off the kiss. This was moving at warp speed and I was kinda surprised. Time to change tactics. “Becky listen, is this making you uncomfortable? We could…”

She pulled her blouse open revealing her lacy bra covered tits that looked pretty sweet mind you. She then started hiking her skirt up, a devilish smile on her face. This was not the Becky güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I remembered. “Slow down?” she interrupted, “the famous Tony not taking a woman fast and hard? I remember the rumors Tony. The stories of your cheerleader conquests back in the day. I saw that look you gave me. You want to fuck me hard Tony?” Her skirt was around her waist now and she had on these lacy thong panties that barely covered her snatch. Apparently there was more to Becky than met the eye. I recovered quickly. The bitch wanted to get fucked and fucked she would get.

I went right at her, one hand pulling at her bra and yanking it off. The other hand to her pussy and feeling the wetness there. Oh she was going to get it alright. I clamped my mouth onto one of her pretty pink nipples and sucked and teased it with my tongue all the while getting her thong out of the way and slipping a finger into her pussy. That elicited a nice groan of desire from her. She reached for my pants. I scooted my hips out of her reach a bit. “You want that cock Becky?” I slid a second finger in her.

“Yes! Fuck me Tony. Fuck the Vice Principal in the parking lot of the prom.”

I grinned and took my fingers from her pussy, a move that caused a different groan, and opened my pants freeing my big cock. Her eyes lit up. “So it is true. Big bad Tony the Italian stud does have a huge cock.” I smiled and went back at her, opening her legs wide, my knees on the floorboards. There was no teasing, no foreplay. I shoved my cock into her wet pussy. She wanted to get fucked and fucked she would get. “Fuckkkkk it’s so biggg!” She cried out. I grunted and shoved a couple more inches of dick in her. She was moaning big time now as I started to bang her.

I reached out and grasped a tit, thumb on the nipple, cock plowing into her. She wasn’t all that bad a fuck. The limo was rocking a bit now as I was really giving it to her. Even with the Hummer’s added suspension I’m sure people outside would notice. Not to mention she was howling like a fucking banshee, sound proof windows or not, heads might be turning. I didn’t really give a shit but she might later.

I put my thumb against her clit, just above where my rod was pounding her pussy and started to rub in circles. She went further over the edge, her hands clasping my forearms as she came in one huge wave. It was fucking incredible. Here was this woman who I always remembered as being bookish and dyke like cumming all over my cock in the back of one of my limos. I couldn’t take it anymore. Her pussy was convulsing all over my prick and I needed to release. I pulled out and was about to shoot on her stomach when she jumped up and clamped her mouth over the big head of my cock. I fired my load and she slurped and sucked taking shot after shot. Not even a small dribble in the corner of her mouth. I leaned back, panting myself and ohhing and ahhing while she milked my tool clean, getting every last drop of my sex juice.

She slumped back into the seat and smiled. I looked down on her and she was a sight. Skirt pushed all over, pussy puffy and wet, hair tousled and makeup a bit blurry. She looked hot and definitely fucked. She spied the clock and her eyes got a bit wide. “Shit, I’ve got to get back, the dance is almost over.” I fell into the seat next to her cock still flopped out of my pants, watching her try to get back in order. Her bra was wrecked so she didn’t even bother with it. She tried to fix her hair and makeup and nearly succeeded. Feeling she was close enough to normal she took one last look and the mirror and turned to me giving my soft cock a small tug. “Again sometime?” She asked.

“I’ll call ya.” I replied.

Then she was out of the car. I sat there shaking my head not believing what just happened. Hell I had no problem with spontaneous sex, but was surprised at who it ended up being with. I stuffed my dick back in my pants and straightened my own clothes. I just finished when the door to the limo opened. It was Jeanna and Trev.

“Was that Ms. Mason coming out of here?” Trev asked.

I just gave him a look.

He shook his head smiling in amazement. “I thought she was a lesbo. Damn Tony you do know how to fuck the ladies.” He was obviously a bit drunk. But I couldn’t help but notice a slightly cross look from Jeanna. Was she jealous? Interesting thought.

I got out of the limo. Standing out there was not only Amber and Nick but another couple as well. “This is Todd and Rachel.” Amber said. “They want to come party with us.”

I had no problem with this as the limo was paid for in pussy from Trev’s hot mom. I told them to all hop in.

Once they were all settled I lowered the screen. “Where to?” I asked.

Jeanna leaned in across the partition, her Prom Princess tiara glittering in the lights. “You know a quiet place we can spend some time?” Her hand went to my shoulder. Ahhh güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sweet Jeanna, the purpose of my evening. I’d fucked her once in the car earlier but now, to have her in a bed and slowly pleasure her and myself. “I know just the place.” I said with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later we were entering a gated community and then driving up the long driveway to my house. The guard back at the main gate didn’t even look twice or note the limos license plate. The security company he worked for was owned by none other than yours truly. I parked the limo in the circular drive near the front door and climbed out. So did the couples.

“Who’s house is this?” Rachel asked quizzically.

“Mine.” I replied with pride. The place was my palace. Over 8,000 square feet of luxurious space. Who said that legit business didn’t pay? Well, to be honest it didn’t. It was the front of legit biz that kept me in the style I preferred. I led them in.

“Downstairs and then to the right is the rec room. Bar’s open. I’ll be there in a minute, I need to get outta this suit.” I tossed the keys onto the table in the foyer and headed for the back of the house and my bedroom, undoing my tie as I did. The couples started down the stairs.

I hit the lights and started chucking clothes onto my expansive King sized bed that sat one step higher in the room. In seconds I was in the buff and heading for the large bathroom. I stepped into the huge shower stall and hit the hot water. Minutes later I was clean and refreshed. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and crossed the end of my room heading for my closet. Now closet is a loose term. In most houses this was bigger than the second bedroom. I found a nice sweat suit and t shirt and grabbed them, heading back to my bedroom.

I stopped in my tracks just inside. Sitting on the edge of my bed was Jeanna, naked, her long legs crossed and a smile on her lovely eighteen year old face. “Why the towel?” she said coyly. “Are you shy?”

I dropped the towel.

“Mmmmm. That’s better ,” she cooed.

In six steps I was next to her. She reached out and took my cock and balls in her hand gently caressing them, talking softly. “They’re so big. So nice. I just love this cock.” She kissed the tip. My cock swelled. She opened her mouth and took the head in, swirling her tongue on it. I had to groan.

Reluctantly I took my cock from her mouth and hopped onto the bed and laid back. It was time to get comfortable. She crawled up between my legs and lowered her face to my balls, cupping them in one hand while licking and sucking them. Damn this girl was hot! Her other hand stroked my growing shaft. Her tongue trailed up from my balls to my cock leaving a trail of saliva up all ten inches right to the head which she sucked back into her mouth. She held my cock next to her face and smiled back at me. What a sight. Something I could get very used to. Then she devoured my cock, sliding it into her mouth and out, hr lovely head moving up and down, long dark hair streaming. Jesus fucking A Christ! Then she blew my mind. My cock slid into her throat. And she wasn’t gagging. I was in love.

After a couple of minutes of this she released my cock from her incredible mouth, the shaft glistening with pre-cum and her saliva. “Lay back.” I ordered.

She went onto her back and lay down, opening her legs. Oh what a pussy. I had gotten a glimpse in the car earlier but to have it open in all its glory right in front of me. It was perfect in shape, lips just slightly puffy from the earlier fucking I had given her, the small trimmed bit of hair an arrow pointing to her clit. Oh I loved prom Princess pussy. My mouth went to her pussy. She tasted sweet, her juices already flowing. I toyed with her at first, bringing small moans from her lips. Then I hammered her clit and she cried out, her hands going to my hair. A finger eased into her and curled, hitting that spot deep inside her. She convulsed on the bed screaming, cumming in a rush. It was time to fuck her. I had to.

Up onto my knees quickly cock in hand I teased her, running the swollen head over her clit, her pussy lips, getting it wet. Then I eased in. So tight. So awesome. Our eyes met and I slowly started to fuck her giving us both the most amount of pleasure possible. My long hard cock slid in an out of her tight prom princess pussy. Her nails clawed my back, she moaned and called out my name.

We rolled around on the bed for ten more minutes, changing positions several times. She seemed to like getting it from behind, when my cock drove in the deepest. We ended up back in missionary as she was wracked by her third orgasm. I had to blow. I pulled my cock out and stroked it. Then BAM! I shot once, twice, three, Christ! Four times, onto her smooth stomach. I fell onto the be next to her and we lay there, catching our breath and gently güvenilir bahis şirketleri stroking arms, legs, tits. We needed to get up and join the others.

I slid my sweats on and Jeanna came out of the bathroom wearing my big fluffy robe. She smiled and kissed me. We headed for the rec room and I knew the party had turned when we were not even halfway down the stairs. I heard moans.

This “room” takes up more than half the foot print of my house. It has a pool table, theater like area with a 72″ plasma and full surround, a dance floor, full bar, sitting area, couches. It’s a place where I love to entertain. Tonight it was being used well.

Amber was on one of the recliners, naked, Todd’s face buried in her pussy. Amber was definitely hot and if it were not for Jeanna would easily be the best looking girl here. Rachel was also naked kneeling in front of one of the sofas, Trev and Nick standing to either side of her. Nick’s cock was being sucked and Trev’s stroked. I looked at Jeanna, “It seems your friends are having as much fun as we just did.” She kissed me again, ran her hand over my crotch and then went over to where Amber and Todd were.

Amber couldn’t help but notice that Jeanna was in my robe. “Well Iguess you got yours babe.”

Jeanna nodded and reached out to stroke one of Amber’s nipples. “How’s he?” she gestured towards the top of Todd’s head, his face buried in Ambers pussy.”

“Not bad. Nicks betterwith his fingers but this guy has energy.But nothing like you sweetie.”

Did I just hear right. ‘Nothing like you sweetie’? Jeanna and Amber? Now that would be hot. My question was answered a moment later when Jeanna leaned in and kissed Amber deeply on the lips. Fuckin A! Jeanna looked back at me after finishing the kiss and smiled. She curled her finger, gesturing me to them.

“Want to fuck her?” she angled her head toward Amber.

“Hell yes!” I replied quickly.

Jeanna reached out and pulled my sweat pants down and grasped my semi hard cock in her hand stroking it once and then taking it into her mouth.

“Ohhhh my goddd!” Amber called out. I’m not sure if it was in reaction to my dick or something Todd did. Then she answered my wondering. “I need that cock in me!”

Jeanna popped my now hard cock from her mouth and rose, leading me by my throbbing dick to between Amber’s legs. She tapped Todd on the shoulder who looked back and stood up, getting out of the way. He glanced over in the direction of his girlfriend Rachel and saw she was having a good time. At this point she was kneeling on the couch getting fucked from behind by Nick. All the while she slurped on Trev’s rather ample cock. She looked like she was having fun.

Amber, not wanting to leave Todd out and in payment for nibbling on her clit, reached out and took his cock into her mouth. Todd threw his head back in pleasure. But it’s what Jeanna did that made me groan. She buried her pretty face into Ambers pussy. Amber cried out the loudest she had all night so far at that moment. “Ohhhhhh yessss babe! You suck my clit soooo fucking good. The besssst!”

Jeanna pulled away from Amber’s rather wet pussy and stood up. She tilted her head and kissed me. Her tongue played over mine and I could taste Amber’s sweet nectar. Jeanna fondled my cock, stroking it’s hardness. She broke off the kiss. We both knelt. Jeanna positioned herself so she could guide my cock into Amber’s pussy. The head of my cock entered Amber’s tight pussy. Damn it was hot. Jeanna pulled me forward into Amber and I was buried deep in. Amber moaned around the mouthful of Todd’s cock.

I grabbed Ambers legs behind the knees and lifted them up, supporting them, and started driving my cock into her with long smooth strokes. My third different pussy of the night. I was on a roll. I glanced over and saw that Trev and Nick had swapped positions, Jeanna’s former boyfriend now plugging Rachel hard from behind. If things went right Rachel would be my fourth pussy and third prom princess. Fuckin A!

I concentrated back onto Amber and giving her the fucking of her 18 year old life. She gasped and moaned and then took a big load of cum from Todd right on the lips. Nice. Jeanna knelt next to me caressing my ass, my shoulders, kissing me and occasionally reaching down and rubbing Amber’s clit driving her girlfriend crazy. Amber shuddered and screamed through two orgasms before I finally shot my heavy cum load onto her smooth stomach, Jeanna doing the stroking of my cock to assist. Moments earlier Trev and Nick had both cum all over Rachel and the three were sitting on the couch. Everyone seemed sexually satisfied. For the moment.

Before the night was over I did end up fucking Rachel but something even better happened. Jeanna curled up in my bed and we slept for awhile and then had an incredible slow lovemaking session as the sun came up, light streaming through my huge bedroom windows.

Jeanna and I became an item and over the next few weeks and spent an awful lot of time together. More incredibly though, Nick, Amber, Trev and sometimes Todd and Rachel, became regulars at my place and through many adventures during the coming months. Adventures yous will all hear about soon.



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