Adult Funnies

I have been trying to think of a present for my little brother’s 60th birthday and suddenly remembered what I had given him for his 18th. I didn’t really given it to him, but I was more involved than I expected. I am sure he couldn’t have gotten that present these days, which says when it happened, long before internet and smart phones.

My name is Jessica, Jessie or just Jess. Tommy is four years younger, in his last year of junior high when I went off to college. I guess it was at the end of my sophomore year in college, when I came home and teasingly asked him about girlfriends. He blushed and wobbled his head without saying anything. That wasn’t much of an answer either way. I was camp counselor that summer and away from home until late in August. I asked him again – mean big sister – and didn’t get a better answer, but he didn’t blush at hearing my question a second time.

I should mention that I was a virgin when I started college, but not for long, which was also typical for the era. Perhaps my question was because I was feeling superior on the subject. Oh, only now does it occur to me that maybe subconsciously I was hoping he would ask about my boyfriends. He didn’t.

At Christmas, I asked again, about the first thing I said when we were alone. This time he nodded. At Easter, when I asked, he smiled, nodding again. By then, I had actually sucked a cock, but not all the way – two, in fact. In June, when I returned home and asked, he chuckled with a smug smile. Mean older sister, I asked: “Not a virgin anymore?”

He blushed and shook his head with a very embarrassed expression. I got the same response, when I asked at the end of the summer. And again now it occurs to me to wonder what he thought about my asking that: was I testing his still being a good little brother; or could he have thought that I was expecting that he had already slept with a girl? Of course, he wouldn’t have admitted that.

At Christmas, he just shook his head. At Easter, he shook his head and replied: “No. Well, I guess the correct answer to the question is yes, I still am.”

Had he then smiled wryly, because my question was closer to home? Had he being doing enough with whomever she was, that it could have happened, and he was thinking it might? I liked that he had finally opened his mouth and even recognized the fine grammatical point.

I was, of course, really curious when I returned after graduation, staying home for the summer before going to graduate school. When I asked in June, he shook his head with a rather disappointed expression, but admitting that he had a good girlfriend. His birthday was a couple of weeks later.

I had kept contact with a couple of girls from high school, who had taken jobs, sharing a flat. When I visited them one evening a couple of days later, we had a few beers, comparing experiences with men: our first times – bad – then better, finally snickering, when we all admitted that we had sucked cocks. That must have been after the six-packs were empty, and Sue or Ann had found an open bottle of something stronger. Which of them suddenly asked about Tommy? I chuckled and told about my questioning him and his responses over the years. They laughed, probably more than they would have an hour before. One of them asked how old he was now, and I mentioned that his 18th birthday was coming up.

Did they both suddenly snicker, or only one of them? Doesn’t matter; then they both did, glancing at each other. After a moment, they began to laugh again. I didn’t understand why, until – after another glance at her flatmate. One of them – snickered again and said:

“I saw him recently; he looks grown enough that he should.”

“Should what?” I asked.

“Stop being a virgin,” the other explained, also snickering, glancing at her flatmate.

She nodded with grin and shrug. Apparently they had the same thought, but I didn’t. One of them then asked me:

“Don’t you think so?”

“I guess I do too,” I found myself agreeing, then also snickered and added:

“Wouldn’t want her first time – his too – to be like ours were.”

Ann and Sue nodded vigorously, glancing at each other again with smirks. I still didn’t understand, but then one of them said:

“We could help him.”

“If you can talk him into coming here,” the other added.

They nodded at each other in agreement. What the fuck did they mean, I asked myself, only then realizing from the f-word in my thought that that was what they were suggesting; they wanted to … – couldn’t use that word again! – they wanted make his first time better!

“You don’t mean it! You’re both drunk!” I exclaimed, knowing that I wasn’t less drunk.

They glanced at each other again with shrugs, but smirking, and one replied:

“Maybe, probably, …”

“Both ways,” the other added.

“You want me to talk him in to coming over here, so you can …?!”

“Why not? You said you thought it was good idea, …”

“That he stop illegal bahis being a virgin, have the experience to avoid her first time being like ours.”

They really agreed, not just nodding at each other, completing the other’s sentence like a pair of identical twins, and wanting me to bring him to their flat so that they could. Where was I going to be? Still there, with them both seducing my brother? In my inebriated state, I thought their offer was a good idea – in principle. Wrong word again, they were suggesting casting all principles aside, especially if they expected that I would be there somewhere!

In an almost sober tone, one of them said:

“Think about it, Jess. Sure, it is a slightly drunken idea, but if we all agreed that it would be good for him, why not?

“He would get over his shock,” the other added, then chuckling and continuing: “We’d take care of that.”

Her flatmate nodded with an almost serious expression. They really meant it! I asked:

“And where would I be, after I got him here?”

Was I agreeing to their plan? One of them shrugged, but then the other one smirked and replied:

“Oh, I bet he’s seen you naked before, like all little brothers do. Mine did.”

“You want me to be naked with him … here?!

“If we are, and he will have to be,” the other “identical twin” added.

“Shit! Fuck! No, wrong words!” I blurted out, adding:

“Time for me to go home, long past it.”

Somehow I did. We parted without further mention of their idea.

On the way home, however, I recalled that Tommy had seen me naked, also when there was more for him to see: pubic hair, boobs. I had known it, that he was peeking through doors that I could have closed. I had peeked at him, too, but there hadn’t been more to see than I had before Mom said we shouldn’t be naked together in the bathroom. Why hadn’t we “played doctor”? I guess he was too much younger. What did he look like now? He was too tall to still be called Tommy, a nickname now only the family used. And the rest of him? He shaved almost daily. Forget it, Jess! You shouldn’t be even curious. Besides, it is not going to happen; it was just a wild, drunken idea of theirs.

In the morning, I was still convincing myself that it had only been a drunken suggestion, also wondering, however, if Ann and Sue didn’t have boyfriends at the moment. It had sounded as though they must have had from the way we had talked about boyfriends. For sure, I wasn’t going to call them about anything to avoid any implication that I was returning to our conversation.

I was relieved by evening that one of them hadn’t called, and the next day there was no call. It wasn’t going to happen. Relieved, confident that it wasn’t, I then did let my imagination roam. How could it have been? Had they considered how? How could two of my friends get him to go along with such a wild proposition? Proposition, proposal, seduction?

I went to bed that night with fantasies about how it could happen. I wasn’t fantasizing about doing anything with him, of course, but envisioning what they could do with him was just as effective. It was better than old fantasies that were losing their tingle, because I knew how they would end. I had never thought that being a voyeur could be so arousing, especially imagining watching two girls with him and what a threesome could do together. It wasn’t going to happen, but it opened up a whole new subject for fantasies, if not variations that hadn’t occur to me that night, then speculation of what two guys could do with one girl.

When the phone rang Saturday morning, I blushed before I could pick it up, and blushed again when I heard Ann greet me, vaguely remembering that she had usually been the one to add a supporting comment, not Sue, who had started the sentence. She asked if I could talk. Uh-oh! I thought, but was relieved that I was alone at home. Mom and Dad were out with Tommy to buy his first suit to have in college. I nodded, then realized that I had to reply. I could imagine her expression, when she said:

That’s good; we’ve been thinking about it, talking about. When is his birthday?”

“Coming Wednesday,” I replied after a moments thought, apprehensive about what she would say:

“Can’t happen on his birthday then. We were thinking about Saturday; both of us have to be home.”

“Thinking what?” I asked, playing dumb. Shit! Fuck! I knew what they were thinking! And they were expecting me to tell him and find an excuse why we should go to their flat!

“You know, like we talked,” Ann replied: “We want to give him a birthday present. Just tell him that, maybe that it is one we can’t bring over.”

It sure was fucking that! I was blushing again, as sound bites of our drunken conversation popped in my mind, especially my asking if they expected me to be there naked with them and my brother. They had, pointing out that he must have already seen me naked. Had I admitted to them that he had, or only illegal bahis siteleri to myself on the way home? When I didn’t reply, she added:

We’ve been talking about it, think we know how we’ll do it. You just get him over here. Hm-hmm! We both got some ideas when we were in bed – not together!”

I had to chuckle, imagining that they had been doing what I was with fantasies about what two girls could do with him. Ann took my chuckle as agreement, saying:

“So you will? Oh, don’t worry, we’ll have our clothes on, and you can tell him and your parents that you are invited for lunch and the afternoon. Does he drink beer?”

“Probably, must have.”

“Maybe we should start with lunch and beers – and talk. Have to start with talk, better with a little alcohol, if only an excuse. You don’t have to say anything, can be a little surprised, but try not to interrupt us.”

“You really want to?!”

“Yeah, we think so. Like we said, we think he should …, well, know more about it, what’s good for girls, for his girlfriend.”

“Fuck! You really do!” I blurted, hearing Ann’s loud snicker, before she replied:

“I didn’t want to say it like that, but since you did.”

“Fuck?!” I repeated more softly as a questioning expletive.

“You don’t have to, of course, just let us.”

“Let you seduce my little brother?”

“Yeah, I guess you could put it that way, but we all thought it would be good for him. Hm-hmm! A birthday present he will always appreciate.”

“He sure would,” I found myself agreeing.

“He will; just get him over here at noon for lunch, can tell him – and the folks – that we all want to take him – you both – somewhere in the afternoon – the surprise, so you don’t know and don’t have explain.”

I managed not to repeat “fuck.” How I responded wasn’t much better:

“Shit! You really want to, got it all planned out.”

“Have to play it by hear, but we hope so, just get yourselves over here next Saturday.”

Ann hung up. I was still holding the phone, shaking my head. They really wanted to, and knew how they wanted to! And I was supposed to be there and watch them do what I envisioned in myfantasy? Also naked? What all had they been envisioning they would do with him, what he should do with them? Everything we girls had talked about guys doing with us and what we did with them?!

I hung up the receiver, suddenly questioning: fantasies coming true, theirs – and mine? If I was there watching them, naked or not, I would also want to do something. Damned sure I would, at least what I had done in bed. But it was still a week off, time to think about it and find an excuse why it wouldn’t happen. Was I really, however, not wanting it to? We had really agreed that he should with them, and I still thought so.

That night my fantasies were wilder, after I imagined how the whole thing could start. Before I had just envisioned both of them fucking him, now I let them suck his cock. That did the job; he had a very nice cock in my fantasy, one that my fingers were trying emulate, as I conveniently forgot that it was my brother’s.

Sunday night, it occurred to me that Ann and Sue would obviously want him to learn about licking pussies, as an alternative, if his girlfriend wasn’t yet ready to go all the way. She might be a little reluctant, if she was worried that he wanted her to suck his cock, but she could tell him that. The girls could advise him that a young girl probably wouldn’t want to. Hell, I could tell him that, just a bit of big sisterly advice. Sue and Ann would make sure that he learned that all girls really loved to have their pussies licked. In my fantasy, someone was licking mine. Had it been my brother? If I didn’t want it to be him, then it must have been one of the girls, but Ann had said that they didn’t do that. Of course, they didn’t; I had never considered that they would. That was, however, the first time I even thought about girls doing anything with each other. Ann had, however, thought it necessary to explain that she and Sue had not been in bed together, implying that she thought that I could have thought they had been, so that possibility must have occurred to her.

Still in bed Monday morning, recalling all my fantasies, I admitted to myself that I was just too curious to know what could happen, if I could get Tommy to join us in their flat. I think that I blended out thoughts about my also being there. That’s when it occurred to me that they should call him on his birthday, congratulating him and inviting him and me for lunch and the afternoon on Saturday. That would relieve me of having to tell him. It was all their idea; they should. I only knew how to contact Sue at work. I got through the company’s operator to her and quickly told her. Her hum and snicker were probably very soft, because someone could overhear her in the office. She agreed.

I knew that he would be very surprised, and that I would have to find a way both to be pleasantly canlı bahis siteleri surprised, but also support their invitation. I thought more about that Monday and Tuesday night than I did about what could happen. Which of them would call; would he remember her; what would I say, when he looked at me with his large brown eyes?

It was too easy. One of them called; Tommy was very surprised, but before I had to say anything, Mom did, when he explained the invitation:

“Oh! That’s very nice of them. Jessie, I guess you told them about Tommy’s birthday.”

“Yes, but I didn’t know they would want to do anything. It will be fun.”

“I guess so,” Tommy agreed, but smiled, then asking me:

“You know what they’ve planned?”

“No, a surprise, for me too, else she would have told you. Just remember to shave Saturday morning, since you’re going out with three older girls.”

He smiled wryly, nodding and rubbing his freshly shaven cheek. It suddenly occurred to me that my remark had been appropriate, since he probably wouldn’t have, shaving on Friday and then on Sunday.

That evening there was a party for him, and I met his girlfriend. She was quite comfortable with our parents, even giving him a kiss in their presence after congratulating him. He looked less comfortable about that, but Dad remarked: “Sure, why not. Don’t think we didn’t at your age.”

He got a good smile from her. It was a good party, dancing on the patio. We danced with our parents, and Tommy even danced with me. If he had known what thoughts I had, when I held him a little closer, my boobs and then stiff nipples brushing his chest! He and his girlfriend danced a lot closer, of course. At the end of the party, he walked her home. It was an extra half an hour before he returned, after we had cleaned up everything. He thanked us for the party, and I told him that his girlfriend was very nice. Mom and Dad nodded with smiles, and we all went to bed.

That night, I wasn’t just thinking about him with Sue and Ann, wondering what he and his girlfriend could do on their walk. From experience at that age, not enough to satisfy my arousal, but my fingers were going to try to now. His girlfriend must be too, also my brother. I suddenly remembered a couple of times like that, that my friend’s cock had been so big and stiff in his pants, locked between our hips. He had rocked his, and I felt it surge, but then he had retrieved his tongue from my mouth, and held his hips still, murmuring: “Shit! I came.”

I had been so pleased that he had, that I could help him, but envious that he could, but that I couldn’t. I fixed that in bed that night, better than times before. In college, that didn’t happen again, not without my hand finding its way in his fly to hold his cock. After that, we had had our clothes off before it got that arousing.

I asked myself if I was fantasizing about what Tommy’s cock could do in his girlfriend’s pussy – or was I imagining that it was in mine? That thought wasn’t as bothering now, I admitted, as my shock had been at Sue’s and Ann’s suggesting that I would also be naked with them and Tommy. Why not, if he had already seen me naked, and I now could admit that I had wanted him to, wanting someone to see my growing boobs, even if it was only my little brother. I held one, arousing my nipple, and chuckled that back then I hadn’t discovered yet that that felt arousing.

Thursday and Friday dragged on. I had agreed to their project. Resigned myself to it would have been the wrong expression. After all my fantasies, I wanted them to happen – in the flesh. That expression seemed so appropriate now. When had I last seen Ann and Sue “in the flesh”? After gym in school, of course, but once when we had been in the changing room of the town’s swimming pool after my freshman year in college. Crap! That time we had even brushed our fingers over each other’s nipples, feeling them stiffen and snickering. Did they remember that? Was that one of their thoughts that had led to their suggesting we could do this? We, not just they do it?

After breakfast Saturday morning, Mom told Tommy to put on clean clothes. He did, returning and looking very nice. I hoped he had clean shorts on, wondering if he still wore jockey shorts or now boxer shorts – better for letting his girlfriend hold his cock, if she did. When both Mom and Dad wished us a delightful day, I had trouble hiding my blush. Then we were out of the house.

On the way to their flat, Tommy asked me again if I knew what we were going to do. Luckily, he hadn’t glanced over at me. I hoped that I had managed to reply in the right tone that I was just as curious as he was. He could have seen my nipples pop out.

We were both a little apprehensive when we rang the doorbell, for very different reasons. At least, I knew it would start with lunch and beer and that Ann and Sue would be in charge. They both opened the door, smiling at us and congratulating Tommy for his birthday. But then one of them said: “Like in France.”

Sue immediately half embraced me with cheek rubbing left and right. Ann started to the same with Tommy, but he only accepted the gesture after he had seen Sue and me. He looked surprised but not displeased, then asking:



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