“Tommy” Part 5″Tommy”By GentilePart 5.———It was a long night in that empty bed. I sniffed her pillow, then exchanged it with mine. Then changed it back. I couldn’t stop imagining what they were doing. All manner of sex acts and positions no doubt in my mind, buried deep in my psyche. She liked to be on top. She’d ride it high, purse her lips just at the moment of crisis, then lift just short of out as I’d inject it into her in long streams. “Yeah, like that, boy. Squirt it. Knock me up, you fucker, you.”She’d release her snatch & would drain my stuff into her palm, look into the pool like she was reading taro cards. “You came a lot, youngster, though it’s murky and smells different. You want some?” She’d stick her finger in it.”No, but, I want to eat you, whole, ass end first.” She’d sample it though, occasionally. “Someday we’re not going to block these little guys and I’m going to bear your c***d. And you think I scream loud like I’m going to do after you’ve licked me there, just you wait till we’re in that delivery room. I’m gonna raise the dead, Culburn. I won’t even accept a local. I don’t care if he’s coming out sideways. Nada. Just you, me, and the doctor, brother.”She crawled up, stationed it accurately, dropped it in my face, rotated it and shook the metal roof, what, 20 minutes later? Closer to a half-hour.I pictured Tommy atop her. They were sleeping together as I obsessed & ruminated about them sleeping together. Now I knew precisely what “sleeping together” was all about. Or, did I really? I picked up the phone more times than I care to admit to during that long night. And stopped myself 3 & 4 digits into the turning of that dial. I knew his phone number by heart for Christ sake. Hell, I didn’t even know him 12 fuckin’ hours ago! Never heard of the damn guy.I picked up my keys more times than I care to admit to during that long night and headed for the car. Tommy’s rent receipt clutched in a death hold. Had it turned over one time, but, chickened out. Did I want to stop them, or, did I want to break down door(s) and catch bursa escort them, watch them if only for a second split into a thousand frames of sight until I was either thrown out by this man, or, arrested, Hell, by this exact same man and end up in the same damn hoosegow that I’d been headed to 12 hours and a lifetime ago in the bitter end of this endless day?”Jack off!” I implored myself. I had to know, I had to hear, I had to see thru Girl’s words before I shot my seed upon my belly. Pulling it in anger, in resentment, in rank ignorance caused nary inclination. I never came close…”No!” I spat into Girl’s bathroom mirror. “Cully, you use the other bathroom, and this will be my bathroom. Agreed?””Agreed, angel.”& standing there I began to realize, to specter that some day, God willing, in the far off future, further than I could ever see, after we’d grown old, gray and no longer beautiful one of us would be left to go on without the other. And I remembered on our wedding day finally turned night, when this girl covered that future certainty…”Cully, don’t leave me here.” ———I awoke cursing me every name in the book for gifting that 2nd night.”What the fuck is wrong with you?” I excoriated myself.I was so angry I used Girl’s bathroom to piss—pissed all over the rim and floor. If I got an ounce of urine in that toilet bowl I’m a monkey’s ass. Spent the next hour cleaning the entire bathroom top to bottom with bleach. I love bleach. It’s everything. Sometimes I use too much and my nose bleeds. “Cully!”Finished, I finally braved my first time check. I denied myself upon waking, purposely blurred my vision so I wouldn’t see the bedside alarm clock and restart my clock watching.7:36? My ass. That meant I got up at 6:30. It was after 3AM when I finally conked out to dreamless slumber.I looked at myself in Girl’s mirror. I was the epitome of death warmed over. “They’re probably doing it again to start their day.”I can’t function sexually in the morning. “No, Cully, you’ll rub it raw again, boy. Uh, uh.””Please, it’ll be okay this time, bursa escort bayan Girl. I swear it.””No.”I bet Tommy had no problem cutting the mustard of a morning. At least I knew he couldn’t lick the jar like I could. I’d heard somewhere that black guys didn’t like to lick a jar. “Girl, did he lick your jar?””Oh, God, Cully, did he, and I thought you were the living end at that. Ha.”I checked the phone. Dial tone was still there. I cradled it, then snatched it up fast to see if it really truly was live. “Thank Christ.””How bout driving over there and hiding in that corn field next to his complex.” There had to be a cornfield there. “There’s one every other fuckin’ place.”It never bothered me that I talked to myself before. Now? Now it bothered me.”No, Dale, seriously drive over in Girl’s car so you ain’t so GD conspicuous in that death trap and just watch his cruiser. What else are you going to do today?” I had the answer: “I’ll be sitting over there when she calls, you damn idiot, you.””You’re right.””How bout a walk?””Phone, a-hole.””Oh, yeah.”They were probably going to go somewhere, somewhere special after they showered together. “Where would you like to go, Girl? Anywhere you like is fine with me, Missus.” Yeah, I bet he didn’t call her Missus anymore. (Missus), what the fuck was that all about? Some kind of gentlemanly act I imagined. “Huh?”Serve him right for asking. He’d end up in a museum, or, the zoo. “You never go where I want to go, Cully. It’s not right. It isn’t fair, Cully.” As I was bent over the Atlantis Pinball Table in the Old Market Area.” The mgmt finally banned me for ruining the machine. Said I “corrupted” it.”You were warned, Cully. I don’t feel sorry for you.”After the museum there’d be dinner, a special dinner, probably at Ross’s Steak House. “Don’t do it, Girl, that’s our place. Please I’m begging you.” After all was said & done it was our place; Tommy, Girl, & I.I finally laid down on the couch after I dragged the phone close, the 50 foot line was the first problem I didn’t have and checked the dial tone for escort bursa the umpteenth time. I watched game shows. I got into the “$10,000 Pyramid” to the point where I fell asleep. This time unlike in our bed I dreamed. Dreams of rats haunted me at times and the dreams of that Monday morning had that vermin in generous supply. They were close to me, laying entwined, long, furry & opulent, over fed, over grown, almost like lurid pets. I woke with a start, checked the phone and remembered I hadn’t had my caffeine fix. The headache reminded me. I started up talking to myself again:”If you have a headache that means it’s after 11AM.””11:11. I want to cry.””Go on, it’ll do you good.”But, the tears wouldn’t come. Not even close.”Why the fuck did you give them that 2nd day.””How did this happen?””Did they trick you?””Was Tommy sitting there waiting for you to come by?””If you had it to do it over again would you grant them that 2nd day?””Please, I’ll be lucky to get off the phone today without gifting them a GD 3rd day!”The coffee warmed my cockles. I wolfed down some cold French toast she’d made me just before we went to church a million years ago.”He had his hands on her. She had her hands on him. Thank God we didn’t have a gun. I laughed a bit at her banning that BB gun. I’d never took the sling shot back. Hid it in the shed. Should go over there with it and shoot his cruiser windows out.”Shot the neighbors car window out.”Somebody got me last night, Cully.” I walked him back to his mobile home before big eared Girl heard that news. It had been a bully shot.I pictured her snorkeling him. Her white body kneeling before Tommy. No kneeler like at Church I bet. Both knees on the hard floor, in total supplication. His ebony body with nary an ounce of anything but muscle & sinew. I bet she didn’t catch his stuff in the old palm-a-rooney & read the tarot over it.So lost in my regrets tour I don’t know how many rings had been made, but, I was close, so GD close. “I’d about given up, honey. I was starting to get panicked, whether I should have Tommy drive me over just so I could check on you.””Why the fuck did you pick that fuckin phone up?” I pantomimed to my reflection in the blackened television screen of my pride-&-joy 25″ Magnavox color console television set.



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