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Thought I Was Done In Until……..I met with a couple I met on a swingers site anticipating a possible 3sum if the chemistry was there. It turns out it was and soon we were all into a game of strip poker. We were in various stages of undress when a lady friend of theirs dropped in. She was a swinger also who had played with them before and enthusiastically joined in the game. I was the first to left completely naked. We play the version where if the loser of the hand is naked, the others can canlı bahis demand a command performance for the winning audience. Of course I never minded being the first naked because the punishment for losing is usually a win win situation. As the evening progressed, everyone got to lick, suck or fuck something and before long the game was forgotten as we delved into each other secrets places. I came at least twice as both guys wound up enjoying both the ladies and vice verse. The ladies excused bahis siteleri themselves to the washroom while myself and other fella enjoyed a drink and relived the evenings experience. Our dicks hung limply between our legs. We both acknowledged we were done in and had little left to offer the ladies. We were in for a pleasant surprise though. The ladies emerged from the washroom. Apparently they had overheard us and decided to challenge our theory. As we chatted they started to feel güvenilir bahis each other up and wound up embracing and french kissing one another. They proceed from there to assume a 69 position and were soon moaning loudly as they ate out each others pussy. Our eyes were glued to the scene unfolding before us and I suddenly felt my cock stiffen and rise proudly up into the air. I glanced at my buddy to show him how the show was affecting me and saw that he too was sporting a raging boner. We wasted no time putting them to use and soon were doing the ladies doggie style side by side. Something about watching women having sex with each other that just e-ignites my fire. God bless the bi women of this world.



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